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correct abbreviation for millicuries please

Posted By: cornfused on 2008-01-04
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Subject: correct abbreviation for millicuries please


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correct abbreviation for metastasis?
Subject: correct abbreviation for metastasis?

NP states "Mets to brain".  Should this be mets, metz, or should I spell it out?
Hip ASIS and "ISIS?" Is ISIS a correct abbreviation?
I know ASIS is correct, but I cannot find ISIS abbreviation for the hip anywhere.  He is very clear with saying "ISIS" too.  Thanks!
As q. day is a dangerous abbreviation, the correct format is p.o. daily...:)...nm
Subject: As q. day is a dangerous abbreviation, the correct format is p.o. daily...:)...nm

Personally, I would spell out, but the correct abbreviation would be mets (metastases).
Subject: Personally, I would spell out, but the correct abbreviation would be mets (metastases).

Subject: millicuries

millicuries - nm
Subject: millicuries - nm

oops, millicuries should be mCi (little i)
Subject: oops, millicuries should be mCi (little i)

abbreviation help
Subject: abbreviation help

I am typing a report that requires diagnosis abbreviations be expanded.  In all my years working I have never expaned "ST" could use some guidance.

The diagnosis is  ST elevated myocaridal infarction. 

TO my knowledge I have always thought it to be S-wave and T-wave?  any advice.

Abbreviation CO2
Subject: Abbreviation CO2

Do we expand this?  Someone was telling me that we are supposed to not use the abbreviation but I am having a hard time documenting this. 
another abbreviation that might fit is CTS
Subject: another abbreviation that might fit is CTS

Abbreviation help please....
Subject: Abbreviation help please....

Calculated cardiac index was 1.9 meters per minute per meter squared.

1.9 m/min/MSQ ???

Or just write it out?  TIA!

Abbreviation help
Subject: Abbreviation help

If the doctor starts a sentence with an abbreviation, is it o.k. to use the abbreviation to start the sentence?  thanks
Abbreviation TOT
Subject: Abbreviation TOT

TOT = total?  Does TOT stand fo something else too? 

Thank you. 


Does anyone know if b.i.d. and q.d. have been acceptably changed to BID and qday? I have a doc making abbreviations for everything ( I think to save money), but these are 2 that I am not aware of...thanks!

Subject: abbreviation

Doc dictates he has no previous hx of PTV.  Does anyone know what PTV stands for?

Subject: abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for milliamp?  (sp)





abbreviation help - TGA
Subject: abbreviation help - TGA

She is saying "TGA" for a diagnosis.  Patient with memory loss episode.

I thought she meant TIA which fits the patient's symptoms but she says it a few times in the report.  What is TGA ??    I'm stumped.

Abbreviation WDA/WTA??? sm
Subject: Abbreviation WDA/WTA??? sm

Listed as a discharge diagnosis and sounds like "history of WDA" or "WTA."

Patient has an IV drug abuse history, bipolar, hep C positive, and acute renal failure.


Subject: Abbreviation

Anyone know what PUND stands for, or am I misunderstanding the letters?  It is in a Narrative report for L&D.  She says, Diagnosis:  PUND with painful contractions....

Subject: Abbreviation

Patient was scheduled for epidural steroid injection but left the SPU or FPU without having the procedure due to anxiety.
Subject: Abbreviation

Ok, patient had TNA as a child.  Cannot find TNA meaning. 
Subject: abbreviation

Some contusions, secondary to his s/l mba, nba ?

abbreviation help
Subject: abbreviation help

ESI - epidural steroid injection???????
ID abbreviation
Subject: ID abbreviation

Hi, all.  When you abbreviate ID for Infectious Diseases, do you type it as ID or I.D.?  Thanks!  Happy early New Year!
re: abbreviation
Subject: re: abbreviation

Typing verbatim if allowed is best as it takes the liability off of your shoulders and places it on the doctor's shoulders if there is ever a doubt.
abbreviation help
Subject: abbreviation help

Patient has asthma, bradycardia and PAS. What could 'PAS' be an abbreviation for?
Subject: Abbreviation

Humulin R ??
Subject: abbreviation

Doc dictates "b.d" instead of b.i.d.  Has anyone heard of this?  I'm not sure what to transcribe.


I am fairly new working MT and have a question for you.  I know that you expand abbreviations that are part of a diagnosis.  What about CVA?  Would you leave it CVA since it could mean cerebrovascular accident, cardiovascular accident, costovertebral angle, etc.?
abbreviation sm
Subject: abbreviation sm

I would probably change it to "never had an echocardiogram" if it is not a verbatim account.
help with abbreviation
Subject: help with abbreviation

ECC EOU - It is in the past medical history.
Subject: abbreviation

how do I expand CK-MB on account that expands all abbreviations? Thanks.
OK is not the abbreviation for okay. I
Subject: OK is not the abbreviation for okay. I

googled OK versus okay and it really is fascinating all the different view points on how this even came into being.
Abbreviation BNT, B&T or BMT?? Help!
I am stuck again.  Working on cardiology report and the dictator is talking about a complete blood count (CBC), no problems there,  but she refers to the CBC and talks about the either BNT (can't find), BMT (not a bone marrow transplant) or B&T (also cannot find); it has to be one of these 3.  Refers to sodium count when talking about this?  Any suggestions??
OB/GYN abbreviation MLL?

MD dictates, "there was a second-degree MLL repair with 3-0 Vicryl."

In 20 years, I've never heard this, anyone know what MLL stands for?  Maybe it's just the resident making up her own shorthand????  Help!

Abbreviation help?
Subject: Abbreviation help?

This is under the Eyes heading.  It sounds like the doctor is saying "PRL UMI".  I cannot find anything on this.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

APR abbreviation in OR
Subject: APR abbreviation in OR

POSTOP DX:  Nonviable ostomy status post APR, status post revision of ostomy.

Is this a legal abbreviation in an OR report?  Where can I find rules on what is and is not acceptable in each type of report, i.e. H&P, PN, OR, DS, etc.


Help! Abbreviation question
Subject: Help! Abbreviation question

When a doctor refers to the cervical spine in a report as a c-spine, should it be expanded or should it be left alone (not in diagnosis), and should the "c" be capitalized or lowercase?  I have researched and I am seeing it both ways.

Also, does a physician place a patient "on a cervical collar" or "in a cervical collar"? Physician states "on" which makes sense, like they are placing them on a medication, but it just looks weird.

Abbreviation site
Subject: Abbreviation site

That's not a combination I'm familiar with, but with context you can probably figure them out at this abbreviation website:

nm is telling you that ST is not an abbreviation sm
Subject: nm is telling you that ST is not an abbreviation sm

in this case. ST is an electrocardiographic wave segment.
could someone help on abbreviation board please?
Subject: could someone help on abbreviation board please?

thank you very much
GYN abbreviation - CAN2?-Help
Subject: GYN abbreviation - CAN2?-Help

is there an abbreviation for a diagnosis UC?
Subject: is there an abbreviation for a diagnosis UC?

the diagnosis is UC; I looked up the abbreviation and it is for uterine contractions. Well it can't be that, b/c the patient is male..!! Dr. must be using it for something else...maybe stands for Urinary something....???  TIA
Abbreviation Format

Hi... Can someone tell me the correct format for what comes after this med in a dictation:  "Zarontin 250 mg 500 500 250 500?"  Is this 500 am, 500 mid-am, 250 afternoon, 500 bedtime?


Abbreviation Format
Subject: Abbreviation Format

Thanks!  I thought that would be a mega-dose as well, but that's what she said.  I did "slash" them though. 
difference between abbreviation and
Subject: difference between abbreviation and

When in doubt, I refer to Stedman's Abbreviation book.  For example, I have always hated typing "afib" for atrial fibrillation, so I looked it up.  In this book, the proper way to abbreviate it is AFib.  As far as cc versus mL, that is a Joint Commission requirement, not a BOS issue.  Another example is sed rate.  There is no approved abbreviation that sounds like sed rate, but the book shows sed rt, which is something I wouldn't use.  Sed is truncated, not abbreviated, so I expand to sedimentation rate.

I work for 2 companies with slightly different approaches to a couple of BOS issues, both being very reputable MTSOs, so I have to keep them straight in my head.  One wants me to use platelets if that is what is said in the CBC dictation; the other wants me to use platelet count.

You will have to decide what path you need to take.

abbreviation/lab test
Subject: abbreviation/lab test

An ESL doctor says: Stool for ''FSYC'' or ''SSYC''--cannot find anywhere. Thanks very much for any help.
abbreviation in ER report
Subject: abbreviation in ER report

Patient is being admitted to the s/l SIB, SIP, FIB, FIP service.

(patient with chest pain in the ER). 

An abbreviation link for you.
Subject: An abbreviation link for you.

abbreviation - AMNO
Subject: abbreviation - AMNO

Any idea what this stands for?
Ortho Abbreviation Help Please
Subject: Ortho Abbreviation Help Please

I have a new dictator and it s/l he is saying DLUJ -- any clues as to what this would stand for?  It would be in an evaluation for a wrist.  I'm stumped.