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Posted By: Joanne Sears on 2009-01-09
In Reply to: Could be gastrocsoleus complex or contractures. sm - JLH

Subject: gastroc-soleus

I took out my trusty Stedman's Ortho book and see that it is in there as "gastroc-soleus" I hope this helps.

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gastroc soleus
Subject: gastroc soleus

S/l "gastroc soleus equinus"--I know there is a gastrocnemius & have searched for gastrocsoleus.  Should it be typed as two words? Thanks so much for any help. 
gastroc wouldn't normally show up on
Subject: gastroc wouldn't normally show up on

x-ray, would it?
Medial gastroc "pie"?
Subject: Medial gastroc "pie"?

"She is very tender on her medial gastroc "pie" at the musculotendinous junction".  Thanks!
soleus? nm
Subject: soleus? nm

may be soleus vein?
Subject: may be soleus vein?

soleus tendinitis - nm
Subject: soleus tendinitis - nm

Believe this is referring to a soleus -sm
Subject: Believe this is referring to a soleus -sm

soleus and obturator sign...sm
Subject: soleus and obturator sign...sm

referring to being negative for appendicitis...thanks
psoas? soleus? gracilis? nm
Subject: psoas? soleus? gracilis? nm

gastrocnemius and soleus - 2 words
Subject: gastrocnemius and soleus - 2 words