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Posted By: Pammie on 2009-01-29
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Subject: labs

Patient has a normocytic-normochromic anemia, normal white cells and platelets, normal sugar, slightly decreased glomerular filtration rate.  Normal (s/l eli clides), liver profile, elevated triglycerides.  HELP!

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Subject: labs

BMP could also be BNP. If the patient has any indication of congestive heart failure, I'd go with BNP. Perhaps T3 and T4? ANCA. Anti-GBM, rather than N? Cryoglobulins. , hepatitis B and C. Don't know urine REM, but urine protein electrophoresis is correct.
Subject: Labs

Hemogram notable for a white blood cell count of 14. He does have a left shift with a (S/L bandemia) of 27%.   Any suggestions?


need help with labs
Subject: need help with labs

ESL doc is dictating lab data.  Bilateral pleural fluids - s/l ammonia 96.  Is ammonia correct?  The value of 96 doesn't seem to fit.
MI 1 labs
Subject: MI 1 labs

It sounds like MI 1 (one) labs.  Anyone hear of this?
pro B and P? (labs) ??
Subject: pro B and P? (labs) ??

He said "Check laboratory studies including pro B and P and PT/INR. 

What is "pro B and P"  ????

Subject: labs

Not sure about the answer to your question, but I am including a website that I use a lot for lab questions. Hope it helps.


Help with labs
Subject: Help with labs

Dictator says: WBC: 'long fortude' 19.

I cannot reference 'long fortude'.

Please help.
Subject: labs?

He rattles off a bunch of labs, UA, "cloudy sample, pH of 5, S/L reflex is pending. 
Could someone help me with labs?

Could someone clarify the way that labs are grouped together (as in when which labs stand alone).  I have looked online and some labs fall in one category, but can be in another.  I am confused:)  Please help!

Need help with labs
Subject: Need help with labs

Patient with low-grade fever, burning with urination.

A/P: Dysuria. s/l "g c" Chlamydia by urine obtained, urine C&S was obtained.
Subject: labs

DIAGNOSTIC: Labs: (ABC) 9.5, hematocrit 33.7, hemoglobin 10.8, (BA) creatinine 42 and 2.6, troponin was negative
Subject: Labs

Patient with many diagnoses, but mainly severe anasarca, severe hypoalbuminemia, and maldigestion syndrome on TPN.

check on Mondays and Thursdays s/l RFP, magnesium, kinase, calcium, and H&H



Need help with labs please sm
Subject: Need help with labs please sm

New to typing labs. Does this look correct:

UA reveals 2+ ketones, greater than 1.030 specific gravity, 0 glucose. Micro reveals 0 to 1 WBCs, 1 to 2 RBC, rare bacteria, 2 to 4 epithelials with 1+ s/l muc (she may cut off at end, hard to tell).

Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
Subject: LABS

I've always found it helpful to have a lab sheet in front of me when doing these. You know, the actual printed form that docs check off when they send patient for tests? They usually dictate right from the results sheet and the tests are in alphabetical order within groupings. If your dictator can't supply one, just get one from your own doc -- they're pretty much the same from one lab to the next. I'm still using one I got from a hospital lab back in the Dark Ages when we worked in hospitals.


Subject: labs

Portable chest x-ray shows a ??________ film but no acute infiltrates noted. 


It sounds like rotator or rotated?


Thank you!

He just comes in for f/u of HTN and labs. sm
Subject: He just comes in for f/u of HTN and labs. sm

In the assessment, she has HTN, GERD, and morbid obesity. Here are the whole labs:
Laboratory, 06/25/08: Glucose of 90, hemoglobin A1c of 6.2. Total protein a little bit high at 8.2. Remainder of chemistry panel within normal limits. CBC was within normal limits, except for a slightly elevated red cell distribution width. Total cholesterol is high at 235, HDL is very low at 24, making a total to HDL ratio of 9.8. An LDL-cholesterol is 169, triglycerides 211. BDL leads 42, troponin 0.02.

He is a young guy, 32, really no other problems. Thanks again.
I see- labs
Subject: I see- labs

I have always put indices normal or whatever the case may be. Maybe I am wrong. If you do a search on the word board, it brings up some info.
Subject: Labs



Subject: labs

I'm not sure if it should be a period or comma between all these labs.  My first guess is commas, except maybe a period after hematocrit. ?

Sodium is 120, potassium is 4.3, CO2 is 24, calcium 6.7, hemoglobin 11.8, hematocrit 31.3, white count is 11,500, platelet count 99,000.


Can EKG go under LABS?
Subject: Can EKG go under LABS?

Can EKG go under LABS:? or should it go under CARDIOVASCULAR?
Subject: labs

On lab report, sounds like "sierum" full leg 11.9.

Subject: labs

Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC), and chlamydia, caused by Chlamydia trachomatis (CT)

Could someone help with labs - thank you - sm
Subject: Could someone help with labs - thank you - sm

Will get sed rate, parvo, IgG, IgM, Epstein-Barr, and s/l acute panel or Q panel. ??

Thanks :)

Subject: LABS

I am new and I always get confused with the labs.  Can someone please break down which labs go together.  I know the CBC. 
Subject: Labs

There is an LDH-lactate dehydrogenase, or LH-luteinizing hormone.
Help with labs please see inside
Subject: Help with labs please see inside

We will continue IV fluids, as well as await results of hepatitis profile.  Also added was a CMD and Epstein-Barr IgG and IgM antibodies, Ceriloporazim and an antinuclear antibiotic chest. 


I don't know what the cmd is or how to spell the s/l ceril oh porazim  THANKS 

immunologic labs
Subject: immunologic labs

Strep and *s/l pneumo-seri types were redrawn today.

Thank you for any help

Question on labs...
Subject: Question on labs...

Stroke victim.

...sodium 137, potassium 4.0, chloride 104, CO2 24, s/l NIgap 9, calcium 9.0,...

...TSH was normal.  s/l Sevrate was elevated at 55, B12 was 325, folic acid 19.5 ...


Labs question
Subject: Labs question

I will also obtain an SPAP, UPAP, and immunoglobulin.  Haven't heard of SPAP and UPAP. Is this correct? Thanks
What are we testing for? Other labs? nm
Subject: What are we testing for? Other labs? nm

See Inside for Labs
Subject: See Inside for Labs

hemoglobin A1c and BMP is how I transcribe it.   Cat 

Labs. S/l MCV1...
Subject: Labs. S/l MCV1...

That's all I can think of too, but the labs were not dictated.
Subject: That's all I can think of too, but the labs were not dictated.

labs - check TSH and s/l CDP
Subject: labs - check TSH and s/l CDP

Have no clue what these labs are
Subject: Have no clue what these labs are

HIV RNA PCR was 40,920 on August 14, 2008. Blood cultures showed no growth on August 14, 2008. Histoplasmosis antibody on this was negative. ?? s/l astrogilous fimagatus ?? was negative. ?? s/l astrogilous suavous ?? was negative. ?? s/l astrogilous niger ?? was negative.
labs: s/l sodaproetin?
Subject: labs: s/l sodaproetin?

I would use a period as these labs
Subject: I would use a period as these labs

are not related to each other.
EKG-cardio or labs?
Subject: EKG-cardio or labs?

He dictated the EKG after saying all the labs. Can I put it under LABS or should I put it up under CARDIOVASCULAR?

Sorry Nevermind - LABS
Subject: Sorry Nevermind - LABS

I'm putting it under labs.

Nothing you can do with mumblers if there is no other info in report that tells you info BUT you can get a laboratory value sheet from the hospital lab you're transcribing for, or even get one from your own doc. That will give you a rough idea of normals for that lab. Maybe available on line too, but I'm so old I still look at books.

labs - she is doing an RPR and "FTAB." ?? help:) thanks!
Subject: labs - she is doing an RPR and "FTAB." ?? help:) thanks!

Patient is in for labs - sm
Subject: Patient is in for labs - sm

Patient is in for labs for s/l compass - actually sounds more like COMPUS and wondering if it could be an acronym.

Any help appreciated.
labs...s/l "polymox 85%"
Subject: labs...s/l "polymox 85%"

Normally you do not type out labs.
Subject: Normally you do not type out labs.

Labs-- puritan 163?
Subject: Labs-- puritan 163?

I'm not recognizing this one.....it's right after iron and iron binding capacity.  Puritan or theer a tin.
Labs: SGAIC n/m
Subject: Labs: SGAIC n/m

Punctuation for prenatal labs
Subject: Punctuation for prenatal labs


Can someone tell me a good site to reference the punctuation for prenatal labs??? I'm not sure if they should be all seperated by commas, periods, or semicolons. Also, would number of pregnancies, deliveries, and due date be seperated by these labs with a period????? Doctor just rattled them off all together, and I'm not sure the correct punctuation........ especially because the last lab value in the series requires a comma in itself (Pap smear abnormal, class II)

ty ahead of time

Here's a great site for labs.....
Subject: Here's a great site for labs.....


Labs: IKON or ICON
Subject: Labs: IKON or ICON

Can't find this anywhere!
Were any labs mildly out of whack?
Subject: Were any labs mildly out of whack?

That would be the necessary clue to check.
I don't type enough labs to say specifically, but
Subject: I don't type enough labs to say specifically, but

Stedman's ABREV has URED - unable to read (lab result). Could that be what he's saying? Hope someone can verify one way or another, as I'm sure I'll have it eventually.