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melenic versus melanotic

Posted By: gg on 2007-11-19
In Reply to: If pertains to stool, melenic nm - M.A.

Subject: melenic versus melanotic

melanotic is a proper word, as in melanotic urine when a patient has melanoma....but it should be melenic when pertaining to stool.

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melenic or melanotic
Subject: melenic or melanotic

I believe that is not correct. It is melenic stools. look at the definition. melanotic refers to the skin, melenic refers to black, tarry.

hmmm melanotic or melenic???
Subject: hmmm melanotic or melenic???

they are saying melanotic stools.. is that right??
melanotic nm
Subject: melanotic nm

melanotic stool?
Subject: melanotic stool?

Can stool be melanotic or is this always melenic?

Thanks for your help!

yes, melanotic stools nm
Subject: yes, melanotic stools nm

all MDs say melanotic and they're wrong..regarding
Subject: all MDs say melanotic and they're wrong..regarding

yep, they make up their own words........good thing we are all researchers....oh and if MDs spell a drug?  95% they are spelling them incorrectly.....as a matter of fact, IF an MD spells a drug that I don't know, I AUTOMATICALLY look it up.....like a knee-jerk reflex....*lol*
It is melenic.
Subject: It is melenic.

Melanotic is a word but it pertains to melanin or skin pigment. Melenic pertains to melena or black stool. Note the As and Es. Many doctors use this term incorrectly, and many MTs too! I always change it.
Subject: melenic

"Melanotic - referring to the presence of melanin. Often confused with melenic. Melenic stools, not melanotic stools." Vera Pyle Eighth edition
Subject: melenic

melenic stools
I always go with melenic...
Subject: I always go with melenic...

there is no melanotic, as far as I know, as much as doctors seem to wish there were.
melenic, as per Sted's GI/GU 3rd edition. nm
Subject: melenic, as per Sted's GI/GU 3rd edition. nm

If pertains to stool, melenic nm
Subject: If pertains to stool, melenic nm

Referring to stool, melenic NM
Subject: Referring to stool, melenic NM

lay versus lie
Subject: lay versus lie

Use "lied down" for self, but "layed down" when putting something down. "Lied" takes no object in the sentence, but "layed" takes an object, like "layed a book down". Got this from an English grammar discussion group.
lay versus lie
Subject: lay versus lie

Use "lied down" for self, but "layed down" when putting something down. "Lied" takes no object in the sentence, but "layed" takes an object, like "layed a book down". Got this from an English grammar discussion group.
4 versus four?
Subject: 4 versus four?

cc versus mL
Subject: cc versus mL

Have worked on 3 accounts that want it changed. Only one account wanted it to be typed cc as dictated. Think it is per account specific requirements. Most want mL.
was versus were
Subject: was versus were

I believe "was" is correct in this case, as it also would be for medication dosages, i.e., 10 mg was given.
was versus were
Subject: was versus were

Can someone please clarify the correct word - Approximately 10 cc of fluid were/was aspirated.  Thanks!
was versus were
Subject: was versus were

un versus non
Subject: un versus non

As QA staff, I would not correct that.  It's okay either way...unlikely the client would notice/care about something so minute as that.  QA sometimes gets narrowed thinking, so much detail work.  Have to see/QA outside the box.
2x versus x2?
Subject: 2x versus x2?

Not sure of the BOS stance on this, but QA has told me that x2 is acceptable but 2x is not.  I would think they would basically be the same, but had my hand slapped for typing 2x.
use of MD versus Dr.
Subject: use of MD versus Dr.

How would you correctly type this sentence?

Dr. John Smith / John Smith, MD performed an appendectomy following the first procedure.
EMG versus ENG
Subject: EMG versus ENG

Pt with leg paresthesias. Doctor is ordering either EMG or ENG and s/l CS. Which would it be, and what would the CS stand for? TIA
CT versus CAT
I remember seeing something in the BOS regarding a preference to use CT versus CAT even if CAT is dictated.  Does any one know which BOS and on what page or where this information is coming from?  Thank you.
IM versus I.M. versus i.m.
Subject: IM versus I.M. versus i.m.

I've always used IM but Stedmans has it as I.M. or i.m.

What's the right way?

g versus gm
Subject: g versus gm

g versus gm are both correct, but agree with other post that accounts may prevail. I type for an account who wants it as simply g
whom versus who
Subject: whom versus who

Recast the sentence to determine the correct usage.

This is a patient whom I have been seeing. I have been seeing him (so you would use whom).

This is a patient who came to see me. He came to see me (so you would use who).
cc versus mL
Subject: cc versus mL

According to the AAMT Book of Style, cc is a dangerous abbreviation and should always be changed to mL. That being said, whichever abbreviation you choose to use should never be made plural by adding the letter "s" to it.
Looks like saying Sjogren's versus etc. sm
Subject: Looks like saying Sjogren's versus etc. sm

What is the next phrase?  Hx of Sjogren's versus  ------?


The Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation
Information about the foundation and its membership as well as explanation of
this disease, links and news and events.
www.sjogrens.org/ - 23k - Cached - Similar pages

MedlinePlus: Sjogren's Syndrome
Related Issues; Sjogren's Syndrome and Lupus (Lupus Foundation of America).
Clinical Trials; ClinicalTrials.gov: Sjogren's Syndrome (National Institutes of ...
www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/sjogrenssyndrome.html - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

Sjogren's syndrome (autoimmune disease) - causes, symptoms and ...
Learn about Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease with symptoms of dry eyes,
dry mouth and rheumatoid arthritis.
www.medicinenet.com/sjogrens_syndrome/article.htm - 48k - Cached - Similar pages

Picc versus PIC, sm
Subject: Picc versus PIC, sm

Actually they are two different things, according to my sources.  The PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) is inserted to the vena cava, thus it is "central."  The PIC (peripherally inserted catheter) is inserted locally, not to the vena cava.  I actually had one of these, it was in my AC space.  PICC is the term that is used unless they specify local.  If anyone has any other info I would be interested to hear it.  Thanks.
LowDye versus Low-Dye (sm)
Subject: LowDye versus Low-Dye (sm)

I have a fellow MT who has Low-Dye orthotics in her new version (2005) of the Stedman's Ortho book.  I just downloaded the free trial of the CD version of the same book and found it as LowDye orthotics.  It is also LowDye in my SmartType dictionary.  Does anyone else have another source that can help us solve this puzzle?  I can't find a definitive answer on Google. 
CKMB versus CK-MB
I thought QASAR had been disabled for a couple of weeks.  QA just added a marker, 0.25 points off because I put CKMB they put CK-MB.  Anyone know which is correct, I find it both ways.
cc's versus ccs of fluid?
Subject: cc's versus ccs of fluid?

Need info on x3 versus x 3
Subject: Need info on x3 versus x 3


Me again.  Need to know which edition of the AAMT Book of Style specifically has information regarding the "x" symbol?  Currently in a conflict about whether there is a space between "oriented x 3 versus oriented x3."  I don't add the space, but I guess some people do. 

cor versus core
Subject: cor versus core

Doctor dictates heading "core measures." Should that be cor or core? Under the heading she says "No MI, TIA, CHF, CAP." Thank you.
KCl versus Kay Ciel
Subject: KCl versus Kay Ciel

It has been my understanding that KCl is used for intravenous dosing and Kay Ciel for oral.  Please verify this or let me know if I am wrong.
g versus gram
Subject: g versus gram

Agree with Elderberry. G for gram is correct, although I have run across it in account specifics wanting it spelled out or not spelled out.
Gotten versus changing to got
Subject: Gotten versus changing to got

How many out there think when the doctor says gotten increasing large that replacing got for gotten sure looks better.  Does anyone know off hand if there is an official grammar rule here.  I think it looks bad!
Versus cup for hip replacement?
Subject: Versus cup for hip replacement?

Sounds like Versus, but can't confirm that anywhere.
KCl versus Kay Ciel?
Subject: KCl versus Kay Ciel?

Is there a rule of thumb when transcribing KCl for potassium chloride versus the brand name of Kay Ciel? I typically just transcribe it as KCl, but didn't know what others do.
obstructed versus obstructive
Subject: obstructed versus obstructive

In a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, I very often hear chronic "obstructed" tonsils and adenoids.  One of my MT's thinks it should be obstructive instead of obstructed.  While I have always used obstructed and it may be incorrect, I have never been instructed otherwise.  Does anyone know the answer??

Thank you for your input in advance!!


tympanic versus tympanitic
Subject: tympanic versus tympanitic

Many of our doctors use tympanic when describing the abdomen, and my co-workers and I are not in complete agreement on whether to change it. Can an abdomen be "tympanic" or should it be changed to "tympanitic."
Mucus versus mucous
Subject: Mucus versus mucous

I had a doc tell me when I first starting transcribing years ago that MUCUS is the noun  (Dorlands calls it the 'free slime  of the mucous  membrane ) and mucous  is the adjective (Dorlands again - pertaining or relating to mucus.
evening recasting needs 4 versus four, right?
Subject: evening recasting needs 4 versus four, right?

shrivelling versus shriveling
Subject: shrivelling versus shriveling

Okay, I'm am not even being rude here.....but, you are "editing" a report and you do not own a Webster's dictionary? Editing as in you are proofing a report that someone else typed?
Just to help out this time in case you are in a hurry, both ways are corrects. It's an either/or type situation.
effect versus affect
Subject: effect versus affect

Affect is a verb meaning to influence; a noun meaning an expressed or observed emotion or feeling.  The treatment affected the symptoms.  The patient displayed a flat affect.

Effect:  A verb meaning to bring about; a noun meaning result.  The medication effected relief.  The effect of the treatment was pronounced. 

Kay Ciel versus KCl info
Subject: Kay Ciel versus KCl info

FYI info:  Kay Ciel is in the oral form and KCl is in the used in an IV. 
grammar help when using versus in a series
Subject: grammar help when using versus in a series

Can someone answer if you use a comma if a dictator is dictating versus so and so, versus so and so, versus so and so, etc? i.e. the mole  is blue versus black versus brown versus green and so on.  Thank you.

generic versus brand name
Subject: generic versus brand name

Generic Name : Gentamicin

Pronunciation : Jen-ta-my-sin

TradeName : Biogaracin, Gentaswift, G-mycin, Gerocin, Gentamycin, Mycin

This is what I found - it is a generic.
Skeletalized versus skeletonized
Subject: Skeletalized versus skeletonized

infundibulopelvic ligament was skeletonized?   OR  skeletalized?  Which is correct?