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Posted By: Kim on 2007-01-12
In Reply to: meniscoscopy or meniscopy?? - sm

Subject: meniscectomy

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two op questions. medial meniscectomy
Subject: two op questions. medial meniscectomy

Diagnostic surgical arthroscopy, left knee, with medial    meniscectomy.


Medial meniscectomy *push horn* was accomplished with a shaver and baskets.  Trimming of the anterior middle third junction was performed through the *cameramelian* instruments laterally.  The knee was injected with a Celestone and Marcaine solution. 

Knee arthroscopy/meniscectomy procedure (sm)
Subject: Knee arthroscopy/meniscectomy procedure (sm)

There were noted to be grade 2 changes over the patella and grade 3 to 4 changes over the trochlear groove.  __________ (s/l full rate of susector) was made through a medial portal and abrasion chondroplasty was performed over the patella and abrasion arthroplasty performed over the trochlear groove.  

A biter was placed laterally in order to incise the plica and then a _______________ (s/l full rate of susector) was then taken to excise the remainder of the plica.  T

There was noted to be a small degenerative tear posteromedially, which was removed using the ___________ (s/l full rate of susector).

He says this many times, but I can't catch exactly what it is.  Thanks.

does it sound like partial medial meniscectomy?
Subject: does it sound like partial medial meniscectomy?