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pre air on CT scan

Posted By: nn on 2005-08-04
In Reply to:

CT scan revealed some minimal pre air, though no abscess.

Not sure what the pre air is.

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Also reviewed were bone scan, white cell scan and s/l solfar coag scan. Thanks
Subject: Also reviewed were bone scan, white cell scan and s/l solfar coag scan. Thanks

CT SCAN cannt figure out part of scan Pls see message

Reveals abnormal hypermetabolism in the lymph nodes in the neck, more right than left including ?factitious learning of the thyroid?, in the anterior mediastinum as well large expansile right rib lesion.  Bone scan reveals uptake in the right lateral 7th and 8th ribs. 

...or liver-spleen scan or radionuclide scan. nm
liver scan s/l betascab scan
his last s/l betascab scan showe that his liver lesion has decreased in size.
maybe tech HIDA scan? (technetium HIDA scan) NM
Subject: maybe tech HIDA scan? (technetium HIDA scan) NM

pet scan
CT or CAT scan
Subject: CT or CAT scan

I have been transcribing for quite a few years and have always used CT scan rather than CAT scan.  This is a verbatim account.  Which one would you go with?
CT or CAT scan
Subject: CT or CAT scan

Always go verbatim on a verbatim account. Transcribe either CT or CAT scan as he dictates.
V/Q scan
Subject: V/Q scan

CT scan
Subject: CT scan

pt has abdominal pain.

pt underwent CT scan of abdomen and pelvis with p.o. contrast only secondary to his sl-leutemia.

CT scan
Subject: CT scan

CT scan was performed which shows a lot of sl-fat straining.

man with acute pancreatitis.

Help with scan
Subject: Help with scan

Has anyone heard of Shanz scan or Shantz?  Supposely like the Lodox.  Would appreciate any help as this started coming up on an acct last night and have heard it again today.  B
Subject: Scan

Could it be a Statscan? This is a type of scanner produced by the Lodox company.

Just a thought...
Subject: Scan

Thanks Dee, I do think that is what I am hearing now. B
CAT scan ?
Subject: CAT scan ?

The CAT scan did not __________ any abnormalities in his kidneys.

The word s/l common or comment..

ever hear this?

CAT Scan ...sm
Subject: CAT Scan ...sm

At this time, the patient had a CAT scan, which was negative despite the_____circle, so I recommend checking a PET scan.


Sounds like vicious

Please help with PET scan . . .
Subject: Please help with PET scan . . .

PET scan showed metabolic activity in mediastinal lymph nodes s/l and porter cable chain 


Thank you!

ct scan help
Subject: ct scan help

She is stumbling over this word:

Head CT revealed ventriculomegaly and s/l transappendymal edema . . .

MAN scan
Subject: MAN scan

To help anyone else out that hears this phrase, I just got back the result from QA and they are telling me it is a MAN scan - not sure where they found this to reference, because I looked everywhere, but if they say so. Thanks to anyone who helped!
may be Tc scan. sm
Subject: may be Tc scan. sm

This is to test the bone density etc. Just a guess here.




technetium (Tc)


An artificial radioactive element, atomic no. 43, atomic wt. 99, produced in 1937 by bombardment of molybdenum by deuterons; also a product of the fission of 235U; used extensively as a radiographic tracer in imaging studies of internal organs.




or maybe this:


MDCT is Better Than Plain Film in Diagnosing Hip Replacement ...

Multidetector CT (MDCT) is superior to plain film x-rays for detecting problems that occur in patients who have undergone hip replacements, ...
www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?newsid=7989 - 41k - Cached - Similar pages

Could it be CT scan? nm
Subject: Could it be CT scan? nm


by CT scan? by MRI? nm
Subject: by CT scan? by MRI? nm

PET scan???
Subject: PET scan???

XI scan...nm
Subject: XI scan...nm

s/l Zi scan
Subject: s/l Zi scan

orthopedic dication syndesmotic screw removal.  S/L Zi scan used to view the screws.  Any help, thanks!!!
s/l pan scan
Subject: s/l pan scan

Sentence, "Due to mechanism, the patient was s/l pan scanned."  I found pan and scan for the movies but not for medical terminology!! Help!

CT scan?
Subject: CT scan?

Subject: scan

doc talks about myonuclear scan. Is there a scan by this name?
Are they seeing this on a scan, x-ray, or in the urine? nm
Head CT scan.
Subject: Head CT scan.

Head CT scan per verbal report from the radiologist is that the patient has very large subdurals bilaterally. The largest component of these are chronic subdurals. Some small, newer, subdurals are also seen. This is causing some effacement of the __________ (s/l girye)


Subject: PIPIDA scan

There is PIPIDA scan, hepatobiliary scan etc.
gallbladder scan
Subject: gallbladder scan

Could be DISIDA scan. Reference source, Stedman's Gastroenterology Words.
There is also DISIDA scan. nm
Subject: There is also DISIDA scan. nm

HIDA scan?
Subject: HIDA scan?

But I don't know about the titer thing.
octreotide scan
Subject: octreotide scan

The patient subsequently underwent a Sandostatin tumor octreotide scan  

There is no previous mention that pt had been treated with Sandostatin already.

DEXA scan
Subject: DEXA scan

Its a bone density scan.
s/l Terratech scan?
Subject: s/l Terratech scan?

Patient has stage IV decubitus and is being worked up for osetomyelitis. MD is talking (with Spanish accent) about a "Terratech" or "Theratek" or "Serratecj" scan that is showing "abnormal activity" and is suspicious. Any clues out there?
Lupic scan?
Subject: Lupic scan?

the patient presents to the office with a swollen left lower extremity.  Immediately, my consideration was possible DVT, and therefore, I sent him directly to the radiology department for a (s/l stat lupic scan), which promptly came back positive for DVT.

Thanks for any help

is it discussing the CAT scan?
Subject: is it discussing the CAT scan?

CAT scan report
Subject: CAT scan report

CAT scan report:

It showed a retroperitoneal mass with several  S/L lucidities________ in the liver that could be and are suspicious for metastases. 

Thanks for any help!!!


sestamibi scan
Subject: sestamibi scan

a scan for UPJ obstruction?
Subject: a scan for UPJ obstruction?

Pt. had been worked up in the past with several s/l ''Matrilasix'' scans?? Thanks for any help!
Colloid Scan??
Subject: Colloid Scan??

type of scan
Subject: type of scan

The patient is having a hip replacement.  Doctor wants him to have a s/l self-focalized, localized ? bone marrow scan to check for infection.  Thanks for any help.
chest CAT scan help
Subject: chest CAT scan help

small left pleural effusion with left basilar atelectasis, multinodular s/l co-ay-cha seen.

Brain is not working. thanks.
CT scan of chest sm
Subject: CT scan of chest sm

CT scan of the chest reveals no evidence of pulmonary embolism.  There are ill-defined patchy s/l **opathities** in the bilateral lower lobes as well as in the left upper lobe.



Ct scan - s/l men-nin-go-cele
Subject: Ct scan - s/l men-nin-go-cele

The patient did have a CT scan done which reportedly showed some (_s/l "men-nin-go-cele" enlargement) and calcification in the appendix.
What is s/l max face scan?

Not found in search of board or in ref books.  Found in one place on-line but doesn't expand or give any info.  This account wants abbrev. expanded 1st time. 

Thanks anyone if you know. 


There, maybe now everybody's got it! 
maybe DEXA scan?
Subject: maybe DEXA scan?

no msg
Ostreo scan ?
Subject: Ostreo scan ?