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Posted By: Michele on 2007-03-23
In Reply to: What are we testing? Not saying in a dermatome? nm - Txczech

Subject: testing

She has carpal tunnel.

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posterior drawer testing nor with valgus or varus stress testing
Subject: posterior drawer testing nor with valgus or varus stress testing

Faber testing or Fabere testing?
Subject: Faber testing or Fabere testing?

Is the correct way Faber testing or Fabere testing?  I'm finding it both ways.  *sigh* 

quad/string testing in reference to the quad/hamstring torque ratio testing?
Subject: quad/string testing in reference to the quad/hamstring torque ratio testing?

I'm just guessing.
Subject: testing

I'm not testing - just got hold of a pratice transcription voice file (it's a good one!).  I tested recently for a company with great results and am waiting to start working for them.
VNG testing
Subject: VNG testing

The patient had VNG testing performed.  s/l dixallpack testing did not reveal any nystagmus.  Please help.  Thanks

job testing
Subject: job testing

Do you have any job leads you'd like to share? I am a graduate of an MT school. I really need to find work. thanks!
quite possible--I'm testing--if not sure, should...
Subject: quite possible--I'm testing--if not sure, should...

....I type in what it sounds like, or leave a blank if I was told to type verbatum? In the past I did only Rad for a small hospital, and we always put what it sounded like because that's what the docs preferred. I suspect this isn't the norm. Am I right?
yes, but this has to do with particular testing
Subject: yes, but this has to do with particular testing

and it sure sounds different. Thanks though. 
C&S testing?
Subject: C&S testing?

s/l MNT testing
Subject: s/l MNT testing

sample of vaginal discharge obtained for culture and s/l MNT testing?
CLO testing.....nm
Subject: CLO testing.....nm

JMR testing? sm
Subject: JMR testing? sm

ASSESSMENT: Right wrist pain; possible triangular fibrocartilage complex injury and right thumb proximal phalanx fracture.

Distal radioulnar joint manipulation produces laxity and instability at the ulna. s/l JMR testing at the 2nd position is about 100 pounds of force, position 1 produces 85 pounds of force and position 3 produces 45 pounds of force. Rapid testing produces 85 pounds of force.
after testing
Subject: after testing

Yes, after a diagnosis of bilateral sensorineural hearing loss recommendation was made for "open feed or feeding amplification.
What are we testing? nm
Subject: What are we testing? nm

What are we testing? nm
Subject: What are we testing? nm

M, are you a new MT or testing?
Subject: M, are you a new MT or testing?

The first 2 don't ring any bells. The third one is negative Lachman. And it is "neurovascularly intact" at the end of the sentence.
brief testing?
Subject: brief testing?

KOH testing
Subject: KOH testing

The doctor says, KOH exam of broken hairs was positive for s/l either "plaque or pack" fungal spore. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you are testing
Subject: Sounds like you are testing

for TransHealth?
Working not testing
Subject: Working not testing

I am not taking a test, but working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the help
testing word
Subject: testing word

_________ (sounds like milo filamin) testing shows no areas of neurosensory loss.

Also, a lab test called _____ (sounds like encoag or coag HGB)

Thanks so much!!

monafilament testing? sm
Subject: monafilament testing? sm

They routinely do this on diabetics for peripheral neuropathy, etc.


Clinical tests for carpal tunnel syndrome

Semmes-Weinstein monofilament testing consisted of several sensory threshold measurements obtained by the application of force-calibrated Semmes-Weinstein ...
moon.ouhsc.edu/dthompso/cdm/carptun.htm - 9k - Cached - Similar pages

LifeScan Diabetes News -- Tuning fork sufficient for screening for ...

The third NDV/CBO uses tuning fork testing and monofilament testing, while the fourth is monofilament testing alone. Included in their study cohort were 24 ...
www.lifescan.com/professionals/ hcp/news/20050902clin010/ - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

Applied Neurology: Current Issue: Story

Monofilament testing is, however, by far the most commonly used technique to screen patients with diabetes for peripheral neuropathy. ...
www.appneurology.com/showArticle. jhtml?articleId=171200054 - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

Firm testing
Subject: Firm testing

Firm testing was done which was negative for Candida, Trichomonas and Gardnerella.

s/l firm testing...does this make sense?

She starts by saying swab but then goes back and says firm I believe.

believe it or not, I think it's "fern" testing sm
Subject: believe it or not, I think it's "fern" testing sm

it's the design that is made on the smear from the test swab...looks like fern leaves...
stork testing
Subject: stork testing

The doctor is testing the knee or the back.  He stated both problems then states:  "Stork testing causes some mild discomfort. It is more on the right."   S/L stork or store testing.  Any clues???


Stork testing
Subject: Stork testing

I wish you could hear it is slow and loud and clear. Maybe I will flag it if no other MT comes up with anything. I appreciate the help!

if they by chance are testing to be CMT.....
Subject: if they by chance are testing to be CMT.....

cannot use the internet or anything while testing for your CMT....we don't know what these people might be testing for, eh?

If they are allowed to use references, well fine - coming to the word board here is not using a reference, but using ALL OF US to supply the answer(s).

jes my nickel's worth.....*S*

Please help with stool testing
Subject: Please help with stool testing

I am not familiar with what ACT is, but I am fairly certain this is what he says, but I cannot document it either.  Would appreciate any help with this.

We are going to get stool cultures for ova and parasites, and all of the usual s/l ACT suspects, including C. difficile overgrowth. 


allergy testing
Subject: allergy testing

Could be.  Gonna have to blank it, just not 100%. Thanks
allergy testing
Subject: allergy testing

doc says...positive histamine, negative s/l dil-uan controls.  ?????? Does not sound like saline.

Audiometric testing help
Subject: Audiometric testing help

The doctor is dictating (he is a terrible mumbler) a letter to an attorney about a hearing test for a patient. 

"Testing performed on Dec. 13 the ?4 frequency average ???? 2000, 3000 cycles in the right ear....."

I don't know what he is saying before 2000, it kind of sounds like the word "found" and then something else that is more mumbling.  Also, do I type the number 4 or should I type the word four? 

I appreciate any replies.


STD s/l funks testing
Subject: STD s/l funks testing

It does not sound like he stumbles, but my tape is a little muffled. 

He is also here in follow up for prior STD s/l funks testing.

Thank you


funks testing?
Subject: funks testing?

did patient have positive STD testing perhaps provider is stating "flunks testing"?
BREKA testing
Subject: BREKA testing

Has anyone ever heard of this testing? I believe it may be a sort of test for the breast!  thanks
She's not testing. She has stated before that she's
Subject: She's not testing. She has stated before that she's

new to the field but has been doing ortho so far.  She is now doing some family practice.   We were all new once right?    If you read all the posts she even thought she could not post so often, which is not true.  You can post as many times as you like I would think.  I don't remember reading any rules stating you cannot.   I think they just like you to try to stick to the appropriate subject boards accordingly.   I only try to post answers to word help questions if I'm pretty sure.  If I'm not sure then I usually don't reply with anything at all.   I had to put my 2 cents in here though being another MT who does have a lot of experience but likes to learn from others as well.   

What are we testing? Not saying in a dermatome? nm
Subject: What are we testing? Not saying in a dermatome? nm

sensory testing? nm
Subject: sensory testing? nm

Glucose testing ?
Subject: Glucose testing ?

Lab did give her a 50 mg _____, which she drink one hour before her blood test.

This pt. is doing a glucose test but sounds like dictator is stating a 50 mg glucotrol.  Is there something else this could be?  From the research I could find this does not sound right, unsure if I am missing something....TIA

oh, I get it, you're testing, otherwise just put
Subject: oh, I get it, you're testing, otherwise just put

fmf gene testing
Subject: fmf gene testing

What are we testing for? Other labs? nm
Subject: What are we testing for? Other labs? nm

Specials testing?
Subject: Specials testing?

He says, "He underwent re-evaluation for a blood clot in Specials and it was found to be enlarging." Does that sound right?



testing strips?
Subject: testing strips?

depending upon how mumbled the word is, is it possible he/she is saying "testing" strips?
New MT testing for MedQuist
Subject: New MT testing for MedQuist

I know there are lots of negative comments out there about MedQuist, but itís hard to find opportunities for Newbies online. Iím involved in the test now. Are there any positive comments out there?
filament testing?
Subject: filament testing?

Bilateral s/l (filament) testing 5/5.

This is under extremities exam.

Questions while testing? sm
Subject: Questions while testing? sm

I guess I am slow but I saw a post where someone posted for a test they were taking and someone picked them up on it - I have seen this more than once. My question is, how can anyone possibly be testing and have the time to come on the board, ask for help, and wait for an answer while testing for a company? Perhaps I'm not savvy but I tested for a company once and I barely had time to finish properly, lest take the time to ask questions, I had to kind of know the answers or fail. I'm not trying to be nasty. If there were companies who gave this kind of time, I might not be leary of testing, as I have all the proper tools, I just didn't think I'd have time to even use all my expensive tools. Just curious, that's all. Thanks for any info.
Re: Stork Testing
Subject: Re: Stork Testing

There is such a test and I just ran into it myself. Here's a link to explain it.


I guess better late than never.
? about strength testing
Subject: ? about strength testing

After giving values for grip and pinch, this sounds like "3 jod chuck" values are 11, 11, 11.  Appreciate any help. Thanks!

Patch testing
Subject: Patch testing

Help! I am new to transcribing patch tests. Does anyone know where I can find a list of them?
is this allergy testing?
Subject: is this allergy testing?