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with a Pean clamp nm

Posted By: ME on 2007-10-11
In Reply to: clamp during TAH-BSO - bspen

Subject: with a Pean clamp nm


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Pean clamp used to dissect down
Subject: Pean clamp used to dissect down

After the subcutaneous bleeders are cauterized, areolar fascia pulled downward off the umbilical stalk, umbilical fascial ring around the base of the stalk is exposed, Pean clamp used to dissect around the stalk...and so on....
Subject: Péan

There are 3 entries for "Péan clamp" in Stedman's Medical and Surgical Equipment:

Péan hemostatic clamp
Péan hysterectomy clamp
Péan intestinal clamp
sounds like "Burlishur clamp" (dental clamp). Thanks in advance
Subject: sounds like "Burlishur clamp" (dental clamp). Thanks in advance

There are Pean clamps/sponge forceps etc. sm
Subject: There are Pean clamps/sponge forceps etc. sm

Péan is how it is spelled.  see link.







Can find a multi-pin clamp and a compression clamp, but
Subject: Can find a multi-pin clamp and a compression clamp, but

Tubing clamp--occluding clamp?
Subject: Tubing clamp--occluding clamp?

Subject: clamp

Davis & Geck, I believe
Subject: clamp

ochner clamp
clamp help
Subject: clamp help

The large overhanging panus was placed on stretch with s/l stardmore clamps. 

Not sure this is what he is saying as he is a little fuzzy and it is rather early and I need more coffee. Regardless, I couldn't find anything like stardmore.  Any ideas?

clamp during TAH-BSO
Subject: clamp during TAH-BSO

The uterus was grasped with, s/l Apion clamp on both cornual (is cornual correct?) ends.  He is not saying Allis clamp.

Subject: clamp

It might be "Lowsley" clamp.
Subject: Clamp

Long shot...Kirschner, like in retractor?
Phaneuf clamp. nm
Subject: Phaneuf clamp. nm

A *hog* clamp was placed transvaginally
Subject: A *hog* clamp was placed transvaginally

A ___ clamp was placed transvaginally.

The word sounds like hog. I can't find anything! Thanks

Does it s/l Babcock clamp, and
Subject: Does it s/l Babcock clamp, and

would it be placed at the cervix instead of the service?
there is a Balfour clamp
Subject: there is a Balfour clamp

Schnidt clamp
Subject: Schnidt clamp

Kocher clamp
Subject: Kocher clamp

Not sure how to help you remember this, other than writing it in a book. That is what I do. Anything new I put in a notebook in ABC order. Can make a notation of Coke-er is Kocher. Not sure if this helps or not
s/l schnet clamp
Subject: s/l schnet clamp

The peritoneal margin was identified, grasped with a s/l schnet _____ clamp.
Yep, there is a Schnidt clamp. nm
Subject: Yep, there is a Schnidt clamp. nm

S/L Speedwell clamp
Subject: S/L Speedwell clamp

S/L "Speedwell" clamp used in foot surgery.  Anyone ever heard of this?  TIA

Help with type of clamp
Subject: Help with type of clamp

Has anyone heard of a clamp used in ortho surgery that sounds like "Fib Debarr clamps"  ???


Synthes clamp
Subject: Synthes clamp

Synthes King Tong clamp or King Kong clamp? 
Also a combination clamp. nm
Subject: Also a combination clamp. nm

s/l Jarod clamp
Subject: s/l Jarod clamp

ovarian vessels on the right were triply-clamped with s/l Jarod clamps. Surgery is TAHBSO. Thanks.
s/l Roberge clamp
Subject: s/l Roberge clamp

the fracture was acceptably reduced while reaming with a Roberge? clamp
s/l Serat clamp
Subject: s/l Serat clamp

The uterus was then elevated with 2 Serat clamps?

Sarot clamp
Subject: Sarot clamp

Robishaud clamp
Subject: Robishaud clamp

A Robishaud? clamp was placed on the other end of the vein. 
Moynihan clamp
Subject: Moynihan clamp

Type of clamp
Subject: Type of clamp

A right angle mixture? clamp.  This is used in an abdominal surgery, lysis of adhesions. 
Mixter clamp
Subject: Mixter clamp

reduction clamp
Subject: reduction clamp

Open reduction was performed with a s/l sweetheart reduction clamp. 
type of clamp
Subject: type of clamp

A traction suture with 6-0 Prolene was placed on the medial aspect of the radial vessel and attached to a s/l Robishaud clamp. 

s/l right-angle clamp?
Subject: s/l right-angle clamp?

Allis clamp? nm
Subject: Allis clamp? nm

Phaneuf clamp (nm)
Subject: Phaneuf clamp (nm)

Kocher clamp - nm
Subject: Kocher clamp - nm

Satinksy? clamp.
Subject: Satinksy? clamp.

might be Adair clamp
Subject: might be Adair clamp

maybe just bone clamp?
Subject: maybe just bone clamp?

surgical clamp
Subject: surgical clamp

s/l Woodford or Woolford?????  Doing a maxillofacial procedure
Kelly clamp
Subject: Kelly clamp

Kelly clamp - Annotated Medical Surgical Word Book from Career Step
there's a "deCourcy" clamp ??
Subject: there's a "deCourcy" clamp ??

"lowsley" clamp
Subject: "lowsley" clamp

s/l valentine clamp

s/l straight valentine clamp on the perimetrium

"Ballantine" clamp
Subject: "Ballantine" clamp

s/l shoddard fogarty clamp
Subject: s/l shoddard fogarty clamp

What is the 's' word      s/l shoddard or shattered  fogarty clamp.

standard Fogerty clamp? sm
Subject: standard Fogerty clamp? sm

The only "stoddard" clamp I could find was a test-tube clamp. Here is a link to some of the Fogarty clamps.



OB/GYN surgery question: Clamp
Subject: OB/GYN surgery question: Clamp


Not a lot of experience in OB ops and now I must admit I'm stumped:  She was prepped and draped in the usual fashion.  ___ clamp was placed transvaginally at the service of the uterine elevator....

It sounds like Hoch clamp, but the closest I could find was Kocher clamp and that doesn't sound quite like it.  Any ideas? 



I'm wondering if he's saying "backward" clamp...nm
Subject: I'm wondering if he's saying "backward" clamp...nm