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(Late nite soap) Transtech he he.

Posted By: nm on 2008-02-12
In Reply to: Psst - using soap operas here. - nm


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    Of course, that is why TransTech hired SO MANY MT's as of late because they had this big

    announcement to make today and they knew they would be losing many good/excellent MT's with this VR announcement.  What was the good news/big thing that we have been hearing that is coming for us MT's????   Definitely not this memo today to TT MT's. 

    TT would not be using VR if it was not more money in MGMT pockets.  Do you really think they care THAT MUCH about their MT's as to put extra money in the MT's pockets?   NOT AT ALL! 

    TT just lost their caring for the MT's with this VR Email today.

    Looks like you were owned 3 emails ago. Nighty Nite :-)))
    Too little, too late? It is never too late. I am one person, true, but together

    Let me tell what this ONE person achieved on her own and then you can imagine what many of us can do if we stand together.

    Two years ago, I was working as an MT for a local hospital.  One day, we were told that our overflow was going to be outsourced to one of the nationals, just the discharge summaries and not even all of those.  Two months after they told us that lie, they called is in one by one and fired us because they were outsourcing the entire dept because it was cost effective.  The service they were using was a very large national who I happened to know had a reputation of offshoring.  And I just knew because our little hospital had easy as pie dictators with maybe 4 out of a staff of 200 that were ESL, our work would most definitely be one of the accounts offshored.

    I was angry!  Oh, they offered us jobs at the service and told us we would definitely be working on our hospital, but I'm no fool and I knew it would be a matter of time before we were forced to take secondary accounts which would eventually become our primary accounts and our little hospital would just disappear from our queues. 

    I refused the job with the service on moral grounds.  I refused to work for a company that offshored.  And then I decided to channel my anger and outrage into something proactive.  I wrote letters to every newspaper in my area.  Every small farming community newspaper this hospital served, and the big city newspaper in the big city close by.  I never dreamed that anyone would pay attention at one woman's rantings.  But a funny thing happened.  My letter was printed in more than one of the papers I sent it to, and reporter from one of the larger newspapers called me and asked if I would do an interview.  I said absolutely.

    Long story short, they did the interview and then interviewed the administrator of the hospital.  They put him in the hot seat and asked him about offshoring health information to India.  He had no definitive answers to give except that he would have to look at the contract and make sure that it was stipulated that his hospital's work was not sent over seas.

    It was a small triumph, but I took some satisfaction in it.  Two weeks after that and just when I thought all the hoopla had died on my little letter, another letter appeared in the newspaper -- from an HIM director at another local hospital who said as a result of reading my letter and interview, that she had received a number of calls from concerned people asking if their medical information was being sent and transcribed overseas.  She wanted to write the letter just to set the record straight that her hospital employed their own MTs and did not outsource to a service nor did they offshore any of their work to third-world countries.

    And I'm still not done.  Still a few weeks later another letter in the big city paper was printed from another HIM director assuring the community that her hospital employed its own American MTs and did not outsource or offshore.

    Now, everything has quieted down since then, but I managed to ruffle some feathers and make a point, and if I (one person, one middle-aged work-at-home mother of two) can cause that much ruckus -- think what a whole bunch of us can do.

    I think we, as a group, need to take control of our industry and our career destiny and do something.  Maybe march on Washington DC protesting the offshoring of American jobs -- not just ours, but ALL American jobs that are being offshored.  There are more Americans out of work and losing work to third-world countries and corporate greed than just MTs!  Our government needs to hear our voices!  We need to MAKE ourselves be heard! 

    Instead of sitting back and pasting little smiley faces in our posts and saying good luck with that we need to come together.  There is no room for MTs willing to accept lower wages, no room for MTs whose hearts bleed for our third-world counterparts, and no room for MTs who want to sit back and do nothing, but reap the benefits when the strong win the battle.  We've reached a critical turning point and it's time to take up the cause and change the future. 

    I don't know anything about the company, but I love your Charlie the Tuna!
    The pay is 7.5 cpl for experience. They have a lot of ER work.
    Thanks Amanda:  Do they pay on time and how often?
    Hi just me: Is it that bad. Hows the pay, on time?
    The pay is not very good.
    the pay is fairly low, 0.075 cpl for experience.  The last I knew they were hiring for 2nd and 3rd shifts. 
    Pay is rather low,even with experience. One QA person will tell you one thing, another one says something else. I only worked for them for a very brief time.
    Anyone know anything about SOAP

    Transcription and their online school?  i have looked and looked through these posts on companies and can't find anything about them.

    i was wondering if theyr'e a good school to go through.  and, if not, which online school would be best?

    They have been bought out by MD-IT as has my company. It was business as usual in the beginning, except with a new platform. Not MT friendly, slowwww. More geared for the physician. Now that the dust is settling a bit, thinking about going in a different direction as well. It was a great company, but MD-IT is slowly transitioning over and I can see it is becoming more like the larger nationals. They have only been in the transcription portion a little over two years, not a proven track record in my opinion and it shows.
    is that like SOAP?

    soap notes
    Does anyone know of a company that does strictly SOAP notes?
    SOAP Transcription
    Does anyone know anything about SOAP Transcription Company out of Michigan?  If so any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Soap Transcription
    I hear Soap Transcription is looking for an MT.  They are in MI
    32 HPW at Transolutions and SOAP
    SOAP transcription
    Does anyone have any information on this company regarding pay, type of work, etc.  Thanks
    SOAP transcription
    Thank you for your fast reply as I am about to test with them. Is that the highest they will go? I am presently at 10 cpl for the Basic 4.
    SOAP transcription
    Dont go there unless you like to be raked by their QA staff
    SOAP transcription
    I sent you an email
    Anyone know anything about SOAP transcription? sm

    I cannot seem to find anything, good, bad, or otherwise.  Mostly I'm in interested in the usual things -- platformed use, pay on time, difficult dictators, etc.



    SOAP Transcription, Inc.
    SOAP is a teriffice company. I have been there nearly 3 years full-time. Compassionate caring owners. Very honest. Good communication. Pay is always on time. During the time I have worked for them, there have been plenty of opportunities for overtime. Never any no work periods. Very few low work periods. Happens only occasionally, and they are handled by asking for volunteers to work a few hours less. This seems to work for them.
    Tested with SOAP

    I liked the fact they only required 32 hours for insurance. I realized the cpl was probably a little lower but that somewhat made up for it. I was contacted to test with them a few weeks ago. I took the test (a long and very detailed test I might add with transcription portion and many multiple choice).

     I feel I did reasonably well yet I never even heard a word back from them.? To me if someone took the time to take an hour long test at least they could do respond to the potential employee whether you passed it or not.

    I Work for SOAP

    I love working there.  They know you by name, not number, and they are great!  We've had a lot of extra work lately and instead of requiring overtime, we have contests with great prizes (money, gift certificates, medical books, etc.)

    Insurance is $68/pay period for the employee.  Adding another person or a family makes it jump substantially.  The copay is more than usual ($30) but the prescription coverage is awesome.

    SOAP Transcription

    I've tried to find some information on SOAP Transcription and have not been able to find any.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks much, Brenda G, IN

    Information - SOAP
    I am looking for information on SOAP transcription.  Would like to know pay scale, flexibility, and general information.  Have completed testing with company contacting me. 
    SOAP, Good/bad
    any information would be greatly appreciated on this company.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Thanks. 
    SOAP and Learntranscription.com
    I went through SOAP's MT training program (Learntranscription.com) and was very happy with it. I was able to get a job before I completed the program and have been happily employed for several years. The program is very similar to the CareerStep program, but they offer more one-on-one assistance since they are a smaller company.

    As far as SOAP Transcription, I know someone who worked there and she said they're wonderful people to work for, but the benefits and pay may not be as good as some other companies. However, their on-the-job training is top notch. I think they do a lot of ER work and have a good platform. I also think they also provide a computer.

    I would definitely recommend them from what I know.
    What are SOAP notes??

    LOL! I tested for SOAP, too! nm
    SOAP notes

    SOAP stands for subjective, objective, assessment, plan. Those are the headings that usually comprise a clinic note.


    I received offers from both of them and would like to know pros/cons.  Salary appears to be about the same.  Does Transcend allow for OT?  How are they to work for?  Feel free to PM me if you would like.  How are the benefits (medical,etc) at Transcend?  Are they costly for a family?  Are there production incentives at either company?  TIA!!
    SOAP Transcription ?
    Anyone familiar with and have any feedback on this company? 
    MtStars, new soap..i love it!

    I ditto your sentiments..it IS like getting hooked to a soap.  I read so many posters that tend to go for the jugular, when an opinion is posted contrary to some beliefs.  My daughter, who is also an MT, but in house at a hospital, just got "hooked" on this board and can't believe how "catty" some can be. 

    Well, it is all over, in house or at home, in medical transcription or K-Mart, been around for ages, but sometimes it gets brutal in my book.

    I won't flame you for being a MQ MT...been there myself for close to 10 years now and it works for me, period.

    Soap Transcription Services

    Hello everyone

    Has anyone ever worked for SOAP Transcription Services. I cannot find anything about them.


    SOAP Transcription Services, Inc.
    SOAP Transcription Services, Inc.

    Any word on this company, good or bad?

    Soap Transcription Service
    Does anybody work for this company or know anything about them?  Thank you.
    ADVANED (NJ) versus SOAP (MI)
    Does anyone know the ins/out of these two companies.  Have tested and in the interview process.  Just hoping someone out there can shed light on one or both of these companies. 
    Information on Soap Transcription (MI)

    Any information on SOAP out of Michigan would be appreciated.  Good/bad, platform, pay on time, etc....  TIA

    SOAP Transcription info, please
    Any of you work for them and satisfied with the experience?
    Anyone currently working for SOAP Transcription out of MI?
    Anyone willing to share their experience with SOAP
    Transcription? I'm interested in platform, amount of work, expander, etc. Thank you!
    Psst - using soap operas here.
    Any new info on SOAP transcription?


    I know the feeling. I feel like I'm in a soap opera on
    hospitals when I KNOW the recruiters from company to company. Yikes!!
    Inscribe, SOAP, and Chronical Transcripts
    Does anyone have any information on Inscribe, LLC; S.O.A.P.; or Chronical Transcripts? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.
    Also the Clinic work SOAP notes
    Clinic notes. SOAP is the format,





    I thought it was MD-IT joining with SOAP Transcription. Something I saw