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(oops) - "Two Thumbs UP"!

Posted By: I'm gonna laugh ALL NIGHT! on 2009-09-25
In Reply to: Had To Say IT, you are da BOMB! - This so-called "thumbsucker" gives 2 THUMBS


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Your "Two Cents" is probably what you're worth per line.
Thumbs down.
They doc pay for errors. QA in India.  Pay was okay though.
Thumbs down
I worked for her in the past year - nothing has changed.
I'm going by what I was told when I was offered a job with them a while ago. Why do you have to be so snippy?
Thumbs up
No major complaints; long time relationship.

Two thumbs up to MedWare from
thumbs down to Probity
What a mistake!  Two weeks of hell.  What a nightmare!  I'm done..... run, run away....
I would give it a thumbs up - nm
chartmatrix two thumbs up
I don't know about enterprise but I have worked on dozens of different platforms over the years and I do know that I REALLY like chartmatrix.
thumbs up for WMX here too...not disappointed (no message)

I meant Transcription Solutions

Have read archived posts about their software being not user friendly.  Is this still true?

Oops. SM
Out-sourcing comes up, not offshoring.  What does outsourcing mean? 
oops! LOL
Let's start our own company!!! ... or maybe the OP will take pity on us heehee
Guess I should also know how to SPELL hyphenated, huh?
OOPS! You did it!
The S should be capitalized and DAH isn't a word. Oh my!!
OOPS...sorry...was in too big of a hurry. Guess that if people were perfect spellers...we wouldn't need spell check programs FOR THIS PROFESSION. DUH!!!

Sorry! I didn't see further on down that moderator had said no posts on OSi for some reason. Guess I missed something that was deleted.

Meant 30% of a 300 line document would be 30 lines.
oops..should have been sm above
Spoke withthem today. Sorry, fingers moving, brain not!!! 
Oops again!
I just cannot type today. Spoke with them.....  sorry. I really can type. This is not a good example. Ha! 
I mean everyone is very friendly. Also, the system is excellent so far and very user friendly.
Oops, my bad. nm
just realized I had read the wrong post thinking it was Keystrokes without benefits.
My english grammar seems to have flown out the window with my paycheck
should have read communicated

Hope the grammar and spelling police are off duty or out partying, had a long day here! :)
My bad !
oops, IC
That's $75 per pay period. 
I meant to post the previous reply to the one who said someone else could teach you about quality.
Oops..my bad
That's proud TO work for such a wonderful company....TO not FOR :)
Sorry, I meant Superior Global Solutions!!
Oops. sorry

I believe that a should be an e in privilege  

I am sigining off and going to bed. 

Oops P.S.
IF you are concerned with burning bridges (always a good idea) and/or will need them as a reference, then perhaps you want to keep a lower profile than I just suggested ;) You can still refuse the severance pay and signature, but keep the sarcasm to youself.


and, unh, duh, I used to be able to spell the word but . . .
oops me again!
I know, should be sounds.  I forgot my S.  I forgot to ask, does anybody know where the Axolotl company is located (state)?  Just curious. 
Oops! My bad! Well, whatever...nm
I meant this is the only way to get my foot to the right job by going back to school part-time. So many colleges offer online courses that you can do from your home, but of course you have to go to the actual school to take your tests like in math, etc., so you do not get caught cheating. It's really worth completing your education these days. I figured my daughter will be able to come home on her own in about 3 years, so I should be able to find a decent job by then rather than making 6 or 7 cents a line as an MT. I cannot get anywhere with that kind of money.
oops - I think I posted that backwards - you should make more doing the 55 line - sorry!
My fault, excuse..
I thought I was posting to Me about the expectations of big business . . . sorry
Oops, I mean ME, not my. Sorry
mention...not enough coffee yet
OOPS - do not due
Geez - I can never proof myself when I am posting in this box. Time to hang it up for the day.
That should be ACCEPT the position....geez....it's been a long day!!!
Oops, should be the one above is really bad.
meant to say the website I came across is incorrect.  thanks for the help! 
I meant 65 character line not 65 cpl....don't I wish!!!!