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A couple questions about Opti-Script

Posted By: see msg on 2007-11-23
In Reply to: Opti-Script - CrazyTyper

What type of insurance do they offer and what kind of platform do they use?

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Questions about Opti-Script

Thank you for your question about Opti-Script.  As a company, we strive to do everything with integrity! 

1.    Sending work offshore - Opti-Script has one hospital account that requests the work to be done offshore because of price.  That account is the only work Opti-Script currently sends offshore.  No work will ever be sent offshore without specific request of the customer.  Opti-Script employs QA editors in the USA to ensure patient safety and customer satisfaction.

2.    Low line rates - Opti-Script line rates are competitive with other transcos who have an equivalent line definition (65-character virtual line including spaces, expansions, and headers/footers on every page) with real-time access to line count.  Annual performance-based evaluations are completed with the opportunity for line rate increases based on performance, including quality, production, communication, and professional growth.  We reward experience and performance!  

3.    Cost of benefits - The cost of health insurance for family coverage is high no matter where you work.  You will find employee contribution for health insurance to be very competitive when considering deductible amount and total coverage.  

Check us out!  Opti-Script has full-time positions available for full-time MTs with a minimum of 2 years' experience in acute care  or multispecialty clinic.  Our other benefits include:  
**  Stable Dictaphone platform with minimal to no downtime.
**  Paid downtime when >4 hours
**  24/7 technical support.  
**  Paid CMT prep class and exam reimbursement.  
**  CMT line rate differential.  
**  Weekend premium.  
**  Weekend rotation--not one day every weekend!!!
**  Direct deposit of pay--you don't have to wait for your check that's in the mail!  
**  Hourly paid training period and 100% QA feedback.  

Check out a small growing company where you're appreciated!  

Sharon B. Allred, CMT, FAAMT

Director of Staff Development & Special Projects

Opti-Script, Inc. 



A couple questions

Do they hire part-time?   Do you need a C-phone or are they internet based?


...couple more questions if you can...
Tested for radiology, but I can do acute care. Can you tell me about the rotating weekends? How many weekends do you actually end up working over about a 3-month period? Does the software have a built-in expander?

I have a couple questions
Do they hire part time?  The website mentions Word 2000.  Does it have to be Word 2000 or will a newer version work, i.e. Word 2002? 
a couple more questions
What is the minimum line count you need with them for part-time and if you need to work outside of your schedule or type earlier/later in the day, how flexible are they with that?  Thanks for the info!
Just a couple questions

How is the platform?

Is rigid schedule required for full-time?

Are there production bonuses?

Thank you!

A couple of questions for you...
What do you mean by acquired 3 private accounts through them? They are your accounts? You bill them, collect the money? Or they are small accounts that only you do? Not sure what you meant there.

If you have no benefits, are you an IC? If you are an employee with no benefits, I'd be looking elsewhere. If you're not being paid what an IC would make, you're getting the short end of the stick.

If you are an IC, you'd need to rewrite your contract at the end of the contract period.

If you're an employee, go for it. Ask for what you feel you deserve. If they value what you do enough, they should be able to meet your needs (especially if they're getting away with not paying benefits!).

Best of luck!
Thanks-couple more questions
This helped some.  What is their line count requirement and is it pretty attainable?  Also, is 40 hours considered full time or can you work less than that for full time?  Again, thanks.
A couple of questions

TTS does this to all of  ICs. She literally will call MTs and threaten your job because you are not on the schedule for your hours.  I was let go because of not working my set hours, yet I did my line count on a daily basis that I said I would do.  Who would you report this to?  Would you report to the DOL or the IRS? 

a couple questions
Also, how do they calculate VR lines, and can you get a good line count?
answer to a couple of your questions..
I did not receive a bonus once I was off 100%. I get what I would consider average pay for most national companies. The last couple weeks have been very, very slow as far as work, but it seems to be picking up. Not sure about the benefit issue, as I have not been there long enough. Decent living is different to everyone, but you should have no problem making their minimum line count and there are some doing quite well, but I am not one of them. LOL. There is a $20 per month charge for their computer, but you can use your own equipment and not get charged the extra. Hopefully that helps some.
Thank you, Denise. Couple of questions . . .
Did they have you do any transcription in the pre-employment phase? Do you get a lot of ESL? What type of work do you do? Is the work put into a pool or are you assigned accounts? Do you have benefits?
A couple more TransTech questions
I'm looking to leave my current job and was thinking about applying to Transtech since there seems to be quite a lot of positive feedback on them.  Before I go through all of the testing/application process, I have a few questions.  Are there accounts actual typing or VR?  Also, what is the pay per cpl generally with experience?  Thanks a lot!
Thank you. I emailed you with a couple more questions.
A couple of questions about Transolutions

Does anybody know if their benefits package includes a decent medical insurance plan?

Also, does anyone know what their internet platform is like (I think it's called Apex?).  Good, bad, etc?

A couple of questions, if you don't mind...

1.  Do they have a production incentive/bonus? 

2.  Where I am right now, if I work even a minute over my 8-hour shift, I have to e-mail my supervisor explaining why.  Is KS that strict, or do they allow you to go over a little?  I don't even care if they pay OT or not, just want to finish my job without worrying about the time.  (Sorry, threw in a little vent there.)

Thank you!


Acusis--a couple more questions
I just submitted my information to Acusis and  had a couple of questions.  What is their minimum part-time requirement (lines/hours) and do they provide any equipment?  What platform do they use?  Thanks for your help!!!
Couple specific Encompass questions sm

Do they have a consistent workload?

Heavy ESL?

Their benefits package seems amazing, their requirements seem very well detailed and they seem very structured in general.  I like the black-and-whiteness of it. They seem to have their biz together.  Anyone that can verify?

Any loopholes on their behalf from anyone's experience, such as docking for errors, exreme nit-picking (although my accuracy is excellent thus far).  I'm hoping they're not a company that portrays themselves as reputable, family-oriented, professional, etc. and then harass and turn into monsters once you're on board.  Thanks!

OSI--Would either of you OSI employees mind if I emailed you privately with a couple of questions?
Actually I posted looking for answers to my questions above, not looking to answer questions, but

to here goes...firstly, I don't know about the platform, only that it is Word based. Secondly, I have many years cardio, and thirdly, no the test was not hard. Still looking for any answers to my questions above. Thanks in advance.

Is OSi the same as Opti-Script Inc? nm
Opti-Script. Anybody have any
recent info on them?  Prior posts sound promising, but wanted to hear from some current employees. 
Opti-Script. sm
I recently started there (going on 3rd week) and I am absolutely loving it! I think I finally found my home!! They are great people, good accounts (so far) and good communications! I also love Ex-Text!!! Pay is very comparable to other offers I have received! If you are a CMT, they offer a small increase for that!!
Anybody work for this company?  Thinking of applying.  Good/bad info would be appreciated.  Thanks!!
Opti-Script, Inc

Can anyone give me info on this company?  Interviewed with them, was impressed, but would like to hear other side of the story from anyone who does or has worked for them.  Thanks.


I'm really liking it so far.  The people are great.  The account I'm on is good.  Can't complain a bit.


Has anyone ever heard of or worked with Opti-Script before? I received an email from a recruiter responding to my MTStars Resume that I had posted. The email reads: We provide a complete computer system at no cost to you.  We work with the Dictaphone ExText system.  Our pay is based on experience with differentials paid for 2nd and 3rd shift and weekends.  We also offer a CMT differential.

I appreciate your advice..


I would appreciate any information about Opti-Script as far as being a good company to work for, do they pay on time, good accounts, etc. Thank you in advance for your help.
Anyone care to share the good, bad, and ugly on Opti-Script.  I have looked in the archives but am looking for fresh information.  Thanks
Any info on Opti-Script?
Someone I know went to Opti-Script.
I am planning to start with Opti-Script soon, I hadn't read much on these boards until a recent post, that was negative. Before I take this leap, does anyone have any more information, positive or negative, they'd be willing to share? Thank you...
I can't help you much, but to say that I interviewed with them and all went well until they found out I did not have any hospital type experience. I was turned down for the position. Other than that the person who interviewed me seemed really nice and the job description was decent enough.
Opti-Script ... sm
They provide the computers and you can use satellite internet. Been here over 2 years and very happy.
I have been with Opti-Script since September and absolutely love it. It is the best change I have ever made and a great company to work for.
On the Job Seeker's Board, this company sounds interesting.  Has anyone had any experience or know anything about Opti-Script?  Thanks.
I too left MQ for this company in September and also couldn't be happier. I started out at 1/2 cent less per line than MQ, but am now able to type about 600 more lines in 6 hours and have a much better paycheck. Excellent communication, very helpful and encouraging.
Thanks for the feedback! I very much appreciate it!
If you mean OSI as in Opti-Script, Inc., they
are a very friendly, down-to-earth, MT-oriented company to work for. I've been with them for a few weeks now, and I am so glad I made the leap from my other job. Their platform is super easy to learn, the accounts are smaller than with some other companies, they have detailed client profiles, you have one account, and everyone is just an IM away if you have any questions.
Opti-Script is the best
Opti-Script is the best.  I know what I'm talking about.   Transtech does not pay for headers and footers, Opti-Script does.  Line counts are accessible whenever you need to see them, and they are always correct and verifiable, and their software is ExText also.  Vacation and holidays total 11 days per year.  Insurance premiums are lower also.  Full-time considered at 1200 lines per day and 36-40 hours per week.  Need I say more?
I've been with Opti-Script going on 5 months now. IMHO, they are awesome to work for. They encourage quality and do monthly reviews, with 98% accuracy required. The company definitely has a family-type atmosphere and to them the MTs aren't just a bunch of key pushers. Will gladly give more info if you want.
More on Opti-Script
You're quite welcome. I believe some of the OS accounts have speech recognition, but not my account. That is another good thing about them -- you are given 1 main account and that's it. There is the opportunity to crosstrain on a 2nd account, but so far I've had more than enough work on my main account that I've never run out. We have another account coming onboard in May, and I know they are always looking for good MTs. Feel free to email me with any more questions you might have. There is so much more I can tell you about them!!
I used to work for this company, I do NOT recommend getting sucked in.....the workload is not steady and upper management is not stable, either....promises are made and are always broken.....if additional info is needed, email me.....

hope this helps
Opti-Script PA
Anyone working for Opti-Sript?  Feedback?
Opti-Script, OSi, TTS sm
Does anyone have any RECENT information about these companies? Please e-mail if you would like. Thanks so much!
Anyone work currently for Opti-Script?  Would like to apply but have a few questions.  How is their program?  Can you work over your shift?  What do they pay per line?  Thanks !!
Opti-Script: Anybody work for them?
I am interviewing with Opti-Script and I am looking for any info that you guys might have. I have worked for Focus (bad idea!) and AC Medical Records (even worse idea!) and I really don't want to get scr*wed again! Thanks!
Opti-Script: Anybody work for them?
I am interviewing with Opti-Script and I am looking for any info that you guys might have. I have worked for Focus (bad idea!) and AC Medical Records (even worse idea!) and I really don't want to get scr*wed again! Thanks!
Anyone with Opti-Script or SmartMed?

Anyone have info on Opti-Script?  I have an interview with them and am curious.  Also talking to someone from SmartMed about a rad position.  Any and all info is appreciated.  Just need to see what my best options are.

If you are referring to Opti-script in
State College, PA, I hear they are now outsourcing to India.