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A list should be made...here is one

Posted By: Yolie on 2006-01-12
In Reply to: Offshore - NMC

Eskribe is owned by a Indian and all typing done in India.

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And a lot of the lists are made up of companies that pay to be on the list. sm
I think your best bet is to either go with someone who is well known or go with a small company if you know someone who works there.
How do you know list is true? I can make a list,
u made 300 a week? That's more than I made there.
But no work, no pay. Nice ppl, they really are, some of the nicest in the business. Just can't communicate to save their lives and the recruiters are lying dogs.

I'd say if you're looking for part-time work, as in less than 20 hrs a week's worth of work, then this place is for you. Use them as ur backup. Because guaranteed that's all they're using you for.

add me to the list
Like the ones that want you to add them to an IM list so they can
see if you are online and keep track of you every minute of the day?  Best cure for that is to keep your internet program on 24/7 and never answer one of their IMs
Don't want to list it here
it ain't much!  Compound that with no work.  'outta there.
A wish list???
What kind of list? It's a cry for help to sift through some of the many transcription companies I have seen mentioned on-line. Most of the lists I have seen are either just all lumped together with essentially no information, or sometimes listed by states.

I was asking for the the names of the biggest companies as a sort of initial filter. However, as I stated, I AM wondering about the safety of going with a big company. I have been working for a medium size, local company with one huge account. They lost it and due to that and other factors, they have just decided to go out of business. I realize bigger isn't necessarily better.

Another issue for me is that I like to travel and think it would be nice to sometimes be able to pack a small amount of equipment, maybe just a laptop and foot pedal, and be able to work.

I know there are going to be conflicting opinions, but for me right now even that might be helpful. The company I was working for had good and bad points and I loved and hated it sometimes within the same day.

Great strengths it had that I would like to find again: At least competitive pay, benefits, and most of all - lots of flexibility. I basically only had to make a quota every two weeks and not even that was VERY strictly enforced. Other than that, I had almost total flexibility. I would certainly pass on making only a few more dollars in order to retain my flexibility.

So, it's a list of biggest companies, a list of suggested companies, and in a perfect world it would be a list of companies that meet all of my needs. For now, I'd just settle for any good suggestions.
Yes, I list everything.
That's really sad, because they are trying to stop from earning a living, thus driving more people into poverty......
My name better NOT be on such a list...
If I find this to be the case, my attorney will most certainly be contacted.
Here's a list for you
1. Better start-up information and training. The majority of companies I have worked with don't seem to understand how little training they actually provide. A few notes taken over the phone in a training session is not training! Think about all the jobs you have had on site - and compared that type of training to what you typically receive via cyberspace. Not even close right? If anything, training people remotely should equate to *more* training, not less. And, of course, I'm not referring to MT training, but account/platform specific training. Supply samples, hints, a list of problems encountered in the past and their solutions. You can't just fly through the steps of a complicated platform once and expect top notch production.

2. Feedback and updated account info. It's really disheartening to never hear from an account *until* you make a mistake. Positive feedback is as important as negative feedback.

3. Communication. Cannot be over-emphasized. I have worked with MTSO's who IM you to death (overkill) to those who apparently think new procedures are related via osmosis...

4. One of the biggest mistakes MTSO's make is getting more accounts then they can properly manage (and/or doing so with a skeleton crew to maximize profits).


To the list
Don't forget about over-hiring! That annoys me so much!
My list
1. Pay me on time.
2. Pay me correctly.
3. Give me clear account specs.
4. Treat me with respect and don't talk down to me.
5. Give me feedback when I'm doing something wrong AND when I'm doing something right.
I would add these to your list...sm

Webmedx, Medscribe, Diskriter, Transcend, Transolutions.  Not sure about your other questions though.

Good Luck!

add me to the list
I think we were on the same account and quit at the same time (in May of this year). Two days after I quit, I received an email that P was leaving the company. I too had heard that she lost a total of 4 employees that week. What a shame. The folks that sold Cymed should be ashamed - they had a good thing going and it just went down the tubes. I struggled to make my line count for months and finally had to give up and look elsewhere. Looking back, I should have left as soon as SPi took over. You would think that I would learn by now!
Add me to the list
I have 4-1/2 years there. Some of it has been a challenge but with our new president and some changes he's making, we're back on track. I make pretty good money on my account, and management has been particularly wonderful to me. Love it!
job list
Look in the manual under Logs. I'm having a meltdown over counting and converting for line counts. The account I'm on does not have a built in line counter. Hope yours does. My friend works on a different account and she doesn't have to do anything. Good luck!
Just a list
I think they have just listed hospitals within those states and they are not hospitals they have contracts with. I know for a fact that several Maryland hospitals as well as Wisconsin hospitals do not oursouce to them. It does lead one to believe, though, that they have contracts with them.
here's my list
Acusis: Best company ever. The people are very nice, pay always on time, work is great....a little low in the mornings right now, but always able to make my keystroke requirements.

Proscript: Another great company, with very nice people, good accounts, and pay is always on time.

InHealth: Another good company. Work was good, people nice, pay always on time.

Keystrokes: Not a good match for me. Was lied to about my pay, but I have a friend who works there that loves it. The account I was on was a good account, just didn't really care for the owner.

Preferred Transcriptions: The account I was on was great, but other accounts not so great. Pay is low, and the gal who runs the company could use some classes on how to be a littler nicer.
Right at the top of the list would be AMM...sm
Another Medical Must...horribly disorganized owner who uses primarily MTs from India and the Phillipines and wonders why she loses her accounts. Tells every MT a different story about what's going on with the company. Put this one on your don't even bother list.
Here's another for your list...
DataScript in Michigan - no pay and don't answer emails.
the list I got said 199 to 238 I think for sm
single coverage. I think there is a supplement for eye and dental which would make it more. Family coverage is more like the price you quoted.
still on list
Too bad you weren't still on the paycheck list.  Would that be nice if they sent you that every two weeks just because you were still on the list?
And MQ is not on that list.

MedQuist cares so little about quality it isn't funny. 

QA has now turned into MME (Master Medical Editor).  Most of the work is being diverted to India now.  The MME does QA work, editing and transcribing.  More of the last two in what I have seen myself. 

I have a feeling that India is doing most of the QA work now because it has cut back so drastically, at least for me.  It is going somewhere, but I know it hasn't been coming to me.  My guess would be India because they got all of the good clients now anyway. 

I would stay far away from MQ.  I honestly would.   

Add to that list
ProScript. Great QA, always helpful and always friendly.
Add ANP to the list
stay far, far away from this company! They are no-pays!
Thank you so much for this list!!!
I was going to dig around for the thread that contained these names when I get off of work late tonight, and you've just saved me possibly hours of time.

I'm sure we all appreciate you posting this, so again, THANK YOU!!!
Not sure if they still do, but here is a list I put

Here is the list I put together earlier this year.  I am not sure if these companies still provide computers or not.  Some provide a computer with a rental fee, some provide a computer without any fee, and some say they have computers available if needed.  Hope this helps. 


Amphion Medical Solutions     Madison, WI       www.amphionmedical.com


Axolotl      San Jose, CA        www.axolotl.com


Diskriter Inc     Pittsburgh, PA       www.diskriter.com


MedQuist     Mount Laurel, NJ       www.medquist.com


Milner Transcription Services     Atlanta, GA        www.milnertranscriptionservices.com


Opti-Script Inc     State College, PA       www.opti-script.com


OSI Transcription  (Outsourcing Solutions Inc)     Douglasville, GA        www.ositranscription.com


Precyse Solutions     Wayne, PA        www.precysesolutions.com


Silent Type  Inc     Englewood, NJ        www.silenttype.com


SoftScript  Inc     Santa Monica, CA     www.softscript.com


Spheris     Franklin, TN       www.spheris.com


TransTech Medical Solutions   (TT)     Houston, TX        www.transtechmedical.com


WebMedX     Pittsburgh, PA        www.webmedx.com




Please add me to your list of emails!

I have not typed out my email address due to my email making it obvious of who I am to my current employer but would really appreciate it if you could click on my email link and send some information to me also!

Thank you for your help and your willingness to share information!

i doubt there is such a list,
at least that is all-inclusive, but you could make your own, starting with the job board.
Reposting keeps their name toward the top of the list.
And, you can also add Wal-Mart to your list
I think stores such as Wal-Mart, and there certainly are others, no doubt, that buy up the majority of their products from these other countries are putting our Americans out of work.  I just shudder to think how different life is in this century compared to before we went to being such a huge importer of goods that we COULD be producing here in the US.
I'm an IC and I do list these things.
It seems to be easier that way.  Then the company knows up front what I have and don't have.  At the bottom of my resume I have a section called REFERENCE MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT and I list all pertinent info there.
There is no such list. This is a figment of your
imagination. Just because an MTSO came on and posted this does not make it so. Maybe that MTSO has a list but believe me the industry does not have one. We do not share that information.

If there was such a creature, it is my guess no one would have a job and that just is not the case.

Again, there is no such list that is common to
MTSOs that I am aware of. What one company might do, I have no idea. From where did you get the idea that I am the Merriam Webster of the MT world. I don't believe I said it. I gave you the facts as I see them and as I know other recruiters see them. Some of us wish there were a list, but no there is not.

What one private MTSO might have said to you definitely is not something that is common to all MT services. If it is, to be honest, it would not really be legal or fair.

An MT working for one company might not be a good fit for a number of reasons yet be a perfect fit to another.

No one here proclaimed to be any Merriam Webster of the MT field, but you sound like you think you think you are the MW of the hiring industry. You just do not have the facts apparently at all and from what I am reading, you are basing your assumption on a statement that was made to you and by what one MTSO posted here at this site.

One thing I have learned is not to trust everything that I see here or on any other MT site. What I know is what I know to be fact or let's put it this way, what is fact as it pertains to my company and what I know to be fact from several others.

So, if there is a list, it is not common to all companies and if it were, it would not be legal.

I know there are some companies whose idea of ethics rate right with the potty and if this type of thing is done, then that rates right with the potty because there are quite a number of reasons why an MT might not work with one company and that very same MT might be gold to another.

Fair is fair and in that arena, I have not seen too much going on that is not fair to the MTs. If it existed, I certainly would not be doing this job. I will not do anything that I feel is not proper and that would be something I consider improper.
They usually list them on their website.
do not call list
You can stop the annoying calls by adding your name to the national do not call list
Let's try something that has not been done in a while. Give us your wish list. sm
What are you looking for in a company? What type of rate, benefits, PTO, raise frequency, etc would make you stay at a company? What else?

You might find that some MTSOs will improve on what they have if they are given suggestions. If they are realistic (never going to get 0.14 per gross line with 25 days PTO), you may be surprised to see a few companies emerge as leaders, not just based on revenue, but on employee satisfaction.

You can add me to the bitter list, for sure! nm
There was a long list
of comments already on this, but it has magically disappeared!
Add TransTech to that list
Id be particularly interested in why line counts are so difficult to make with this company.
You must be very young and your wish list
seems very unrealistic. I think a matched 401k is great and something we all need. You seem to want a lot, what are you giving back to the company for all the wishes? A dedicated employee, one who supports the company and doesn't backbite, one who works any and all OT when they need help? Why do MTs feel they deserve anymore than what they agree to when they take a job? I hope you can find all you wish, but I think it's a fantasy in reality.
Very short list here & don't have any

Some companies that USED to pay by gross line: Lee Perfect - need Emdat experience; Lextel? - Calif. company, don't know if still around; Mediscript Transcription - work LD over a C-phone, don't know what state; QT - but they seem to be in trouble now; and West Tran Group - don't know the state, were using Word 2003 and IntraScript software. ...the end...

one more to add to the list - Amphion
okay, included now with Diskriter and Precyse, Amphion has offered me a position - what now? I hate decisions!
When they do not list a website and there is no way
to check them out and no way to follow up on if they received your resume, etc., it always makes me hesitate.  I have submitted resumes to companies on the internet only to have them tell me they have never received and they were actually looking for them as it was an employee referral type thing - so sending through a blind type email just makes me hesitate.    I learned years ago the hard way - if it sounds too good to be true - it most often is!
I keep a list of job numbers by day, and that's it.
wow, what a long list
Long list, but here's my data: November 1997 - October 2000 self employed with 3 contracts. March 2000 employed by MQ, continued to fulfill contracts until expired and did not renew. Always 40 hours with MQ, contracts at night. Husband helped, nearly killed me.

Did accept offer from 1 MTSO but did not start. Called them day after offer and explained I felt I needed to give some loyalty to my PS, if she could help me. She asked me for a few days time before giving notice.

Told the other company not to totally give up on me, might still be interested. They said fine, to call them when ready.

Number one reason for not looking for different job before is fear: pay, insurance, training, startup costs, grass is probably not greener. My age is a factor. Not 20 anymore. Set in my ways.

Absolutely DO NOT want to go out to work ever again. Totally spoiled after working at home for 10 years.

Cannot remember other questions.
Look at the print out of the doc list they sent you, or
look up the doc list on the hospital web site and use search. Otherwise, go to the doc information screen where the doc number is put in (for example on the cc) and then do a search there by doc last name sounding it out. Don't forget to delete the cc and then you can go back into the document. Hope it helps. Good luck.
Make a list of what you don't like (sm)
about your current situation. Since you know you need employee status with bennies, that narrows the field somewhat. Make a list of all companies that offer what you need as far as benefits, then start weeding them out using the jobs board (MT Jobs has a lot of postings as well), and by searching the archives for info, then email people who work/have worked for the companies you're interested in. Be patient. It takes a little time. Good luck!
Medquist IS NOT on this list, everyone
must go to and get MQ on the list:


Website says:

Hundreds of companies are selling out American workers by outsourcing American jobs to cheaper foreign labor. Below is a list of U.S. companies that are exporting American jobs. The list is for your information purposes only.

If you know of another company outsourcing American jobs to cheaper labor overseas, please e-mail me the company name at Lou@cnn.com. We will update the list constantly as we confirm new names.

Do you all believe there is actually a waiting list...sm
to work for this company (if you can even call it that)? I wonder if they pay through PayPal because of the ease of having payments reversed or chargebacks like on eBay. Anyone who has ever sold on ebay knows PayPal has high fees. The MTSO may have more control with PayPal. Does that make sense?