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Actually they were TSI, changed to SmartMed. They

Posted By: me on 2008-02-26
In Reply to: Smartmed / TSI - Disagree

are NOT an offshore company, though at one time they did offshore work.  I read recently that the work is no longer offshored. 

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The owners haven't changed, MT supe hasn't changed
I've been in their office. I know the people. It is a sweat shop and you will never be paid a decent amount or get respect. You won't know which is a good or a bad day for the person you report to until you literally get yelled at.

They have to offer bonuses because their reputation is that bad and nothing has changed. You may get work that has been recorded 3 times from some of the worst accounts you could ever imagine. They take accounts no one else will touch. That hasn't changed.
They changed buildings so maybe the phone number also changed...
They are still going strong...
Smartmed? I think they used to be TSI in TX?
I have searched the archives and see a lot of positive feedback about TSI, but nothing really as Smartmed.  I believe that these two companies are one in the same.  Anyone have any recent information that they can share?  Thanks!
Care to share?
Thanks for the info. I had no idea they were offshoring. Are you sure you have the right company? Transcription Solutions now SmartMed. Was it an acute care account?
Interesting! You learn something new everyday in this business.
They really do not pay well. Very chaotic. Would not recommend it.
SmartMed, LP is the best!
This is a great company to work for.  The believe in teamwork.  Not many companies can say they still employ their first 2-3 employees since starting the business 24 years ago.  Too many employees to count  have been with the company for over 10 years.  I would say that speaks very highly of management.  With the owner and managers being  medical transcriptionists themselves, this has made a difference in how they handle their own employees.  Their pay is average or higher than many other nationwide transcription services.  Only those with superb work ethics and produce quality transcription can appreciate SmartMed, LP.  With what I've experienced in working for other companies in the past, I wouldn't work for anyone else. 
I work for SmartMed part-time doing radiology.  This is easy work for a fair price.  I have worked on and off for them over the past 20 years.  They are honest and fair and have never cheated me out of a dime. 
SmartMed is TSI
The company changed how it is structured in January and with that came a new name. Nothing more exciting than that. If you get on when you are supposed to and do your work, this company is great. They have excellent 3rd shift incentives.
Run - don't walk away from this one. Very disorganized. Low pay. Not on par with national rates.

Does anyone have any information on editing for SmartMed? Is this a good company to work for?

Yes, the people were very nice, but the account that I was on was totally screwed up. Very unorganized. They may have gotten better after they lost the account that I was on, but the short time I was there, I did not have good experience. Yes, the pay was on time.
Awful company for me. Very disorganized. I would not recommend working for them at all!!! When I was there they didn't even have QA editors. So much work was going to the client wrong without any proofing from a QA editor. Pretty frightening in my opinion.
SmartMed, LLP/TSI
I have had nothing but positive interaction w/ this company. Pay rate is comparable; management is very helpful and keeps close watch on all accounts; very fair and trustworthy--not many companies can I say that about. Good benefits, too. Good luck.
Hello ~ Anyone have any info on SmartMed? I'm debating on taking a new position with them (transcription) but have some doubts. They're based out of Houston (I'm from Wisconsin)and was told there are quite a few ESL's which I'm not too experienced with. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I am interested in Smart Med.  Does anyone have any information to offer?

anyone have any info on smartmed?  I have a test to take for a position but I just thought I would ask here first if its worth my time.  Thank you in advance!
Anyone working/worked for SmartMed?  Pros and cons please.  Thanks.
Worked for them for 4 days, hated it!! Never looked back.
Several things why I quit. The editing was not voice but QA editing and you had to turn on track changes so you're correcting someone's transcription fresh off the farm so you pretty much have to change everything and add words they either didn't understand or just plain left out. Smartmed also said I was leaving out dictation after I got done editing, which after I finished editing, it went to yet another editor. Yeah right, I have only been doing this for 15 years and just randomly leave out words. Whatever! Also you had to log in on one site to download work, then log off and log onto another site to retrieve the work, then after 5 jobs you send the work in. A lot of toggling back and forth nonsense. Cannot make money doing that all day long. I just didn't like the QA editing aspect of the job, I'm used to voice editing so moved on to greener pastures. Good luck.

I almost did not accept their offer because of 2 reasons: the negative comments I found on the boards, and the generous pay. I thought to myself A company would not offer that much per line unless they are truly desperate.  I am glad I overcame my reluctance. They are the secret jewel of the MT companies. I have only worked on one account so my experience is limited. The account is challenging, but in good way. I have zero bad things to say about them - nothing but praise.




Anybody? Anything? H-e-l-l-o-o-o?  Tia.


Anyone know anything about SmartMed.  They are offering 11 Cents a line?  Good or bad?
Is this the SmartMed in Texas? If so, I worked for them as an Editor on an account that was nothing but offshored, 100% offshore. All typing done offshore.
Hello. Does anyone know anything about SmartMed?  Thanks for all replies.    

Thanks for taking the time to respond -- I greatly appreciate your making me aware of this.    

Smartmed / TSI
If you are actually finding the SmartMed website, you would see they are TSI.  You would also see that you cannot access any information for applying or the benefits page.  This is a BIG sign that it is an offshore company.  I'd stay away. 
I would also like to know about SmartMed
or maybe it is MedSmart. Anybody ever worked for them?
They've posted the radiology and pathology jobs on here because no one in the company wanted them.     I currently work for them - 9-1/2 years now.  BUT they have made up their own platform which sucks.  Time consuming, used to have a lot of updates on, froze up, etc.  It's better now but myself and another girl on our main account have to work longer hours due to lack of work (they have over-hired) and how slow this platform is.  I'm checking out other companies but the grass is always greener thing keeps coming to mind.   Smartmed's benefits are ok. pay is average.  

Anyone ever?


Check out their Website:   Smartmed.Info.     I work for them.  About as good as any other company.   They are fair, pay is average.  
They have their own platform which isn't hard to learn but can be slow at times with multiple upgrades.   Work loads are low on some accounts now except for the one they're hiring for.  Benefits are okay except insurance premiums pretty much doubled a few months ago.  Pleasant people to work for but not much in the way of tech support.   But then I don't know of a company that is 100% great to work for. 
smartmed -
What exactly would you like to know about them?


I currently work for them, have been here 10 years.  They were hiring for a large teaching hospital.  They pay on time, pretty fair people.  Their platform isn't the greatest though.  I have Vista so you can work with your computer.

On Job Seeker's Board, they were posting for a job about 2 weeks ago.

The platform is not very Transcriptionist friendly.  Lots of upgrades and upgrades to the upgrades.  Problems with the word program and wav pedal working with the program.  Not much tech support there.   Pay is average.  They've made cutbacks as far as reimbursements, etc. 
anyone looking for a good company to look into I would suggest Smartmed out of Houston Texas.  Seem to have abundance of work, pay on time and pay well.  Have employee status and IC status.  I am very happy there.
SmartMed used to be TSI, Inc from Texas. nm
SmartMed vs Keystrokes

Thanks for answering.  It's nice to hear positive things about someone who actually works there (Keystrokes). 

Never heard of TSI, Inc. either (SmartMed).  Any other information would be greatly appreciated. 

It isn't SoftMed, it is SmartMed
Has anybody worked for SmartMed (f/k/a TSI)
Has anybody worked for this company based in Houston, Texas?  They want to pay me $5.00 per 1,000 words.  Am I getting ripped off?  I have never been paid by the word, but only by the line.  I have not heard many good things about this company.  Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
Has anybody worked for SmartMed, LP?

This company is based out of Houston, Texas?  Any advice you can share with me?

Any info on SmartMed? sm
Considering applying for company.  Any information on their health care coverage, if it is good coverage or not.  How are the supervisors? Is pay on time?  Any equipment to rent or anything?  Thanks.
Former SmartMed employee
Please do not even consider applying to this company. They are AWFUL. The pay is terrible and they are the most unorganized people I have ever worked for. Please take my advice on this one. They do not even have a QA staff to help you with any questions you might have. Very disorganized company.
Any info on SmartMed?? NM
Rethink SmartMed
Rethink the SmartMed option.  Their Summit platform is very cumbersome and not user friendly.  If editors let certain mistakes slip through, they get docked $10 per document. I realize no mistakes should get through but we are only human and sometimes a mistake gets through. They never gave me feedback on how I was doing, yet sent the blanket email saying certain things would get docked. In contract, stated about getting docked, but only after conference with supervisor. Email said docking would start immediately, with no conference. Support VERY slow to respond. You work for four weeks before seeing first check. I finally decided the headaches not worth my time and left after just a few weeks. I am hoping I see that first, and last, paycheck. 
whats the 411 on smartmed

Ad sounds awesome. Anyone been there, done that? Only 1 post in the archives I could find.



Any experience with SmartMED?
Good, bad, and the ugly would be appreciated.
I love Smartmed
Never missed a payperiod, and very fair. They pretty much leave you alone if you are doing the job...
Any info on SmartMed?
Anyone work for Smartmed LP?
I was just looking for some information about them.  I would appreciate any comments.