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Another thought on testing

Posted By: Nanny on 2005-10-20
In Reply to: A company that doesn't ...sm - very frustrated

  I am a small transcription service, and I find that testing mainly takes up too much of my time, and in the past has not produced a better Transcriptionist than one who has an excellent work background and can follow instructions given in the original posting for the job.

So, not all companies, who do not test, have terrible dictators, just maybe trust their gut instinct with an individual's resume and ability to follow instructions - such as when you list how many years of experience YOU MUST HAVE in order to apply for the position and all of the necessary equipment needed in order to apply for the position.

There are a lot of excellent transcriptionists looking for jobs, who need not take a test to prove their ability to transcribe notes accurately, as all dictators are not made equal, neither are transcriptionists.




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Thought so, I stopped testing! sm

I never finished all the testing and thought it was ridiculous!   I felt exactly like you are feeling. 

I looked at that, thought it didn't look right but was stressed from testing (lol - sorry) nm

I actually thought of that. I even thought of trying to go back to MQ part-time!! (sm)
I just wonder about hours at a second company.  I work days (and some nights) with this company.  I have a set schedule but with the no work situtation I've been on the computer at all hours of the day and night.  Right now I have no work, so I would love to jump on at a company #2 and start working.  Do you have to have set hours at your company #2?  Thanks for the suggestion.
Chronicle Transcripts will wave testing based upon a person's years of experience and good references.
Can anyone tell me of any companies that do only written and/or verbal testing?  Thanks a lot.
job testing
When I tested (within the last 3 months), I did three reports from three different MDs.  There were blanks somewhere in each of them.  Not many, but I did have to leave blanks.  And yes, I got the job. So cheer up!  I think they expect the blanks.  Better to leave blanks than make up something you're not really sure you heard.
TH testing

Would you mind sharing what the oral test is like??  TIA!

Just keep on testing.
Don't be discouraged. The more you test, the better you will become at it and it will desensitize you to the stress. I wish you the best!
What about testing? Did they get
back to you and offer you the job prior to testing based only on your resume? Thanks.
What about testing? Did they get
back to you based only on your resume prior to testing?  Thanks.
I went through some additional training to get on with the company I am with, and the voice files were 10x harder than those I work with every day -- you need to find out from these companies if their work is like the voice test files or not.  It is my understanding that there also 3 categories, easy, medium, and hard dictators -- and that determines my pay scale.
I believe I took a written test only, if even that (I only remember filling out application and sending my resume, but that was to old recruiter for KS) and I KNOW I did not take a verbal. I've only taken a verbal with one company I applied with, and that was odd. I believe the heaviest weight for this job was my interview with the Lead. I did the same as you - took it on PT. I've already been offered FT, but I'm not ready to do that yet. Give it a whirl ... you'll like it, I'm sure.
re: testing
I just took their test this morning and I guess misery loves company because I am glad to hear I wasn't the only disgruntled applicant!  The sound quality was very poor. They must be looking to hire psychics...I prefer it when they try to stump you with obscure terminology.
What companies?
I graduated in November from PCDI and had no problem finding people to test me. I am not disagreeing about PCDI being a less-than-average school, but she is 3/4 through it already, and it can be done.
What companies did you find that were willing to test PCDI grads?
Maybe testing is new
I have been with Keystrokes for almost 2 years on an account that I love. I never tested when I started. Maybe it is something they have recently implemented.

I refuse to test. I have 7 year experience. I send them a sample of my best work, maybe a H and P by a pakistan dictator. It is insulting to be tested. Dustin Hoffman doesn't test for parts why should I test for a danged typing job.


I recently tested for an in-house hospital position and the supervisor told me up front the dictator was American, and she saw no point in testing on a heavy ESL dictator since it really would not tell her much about my base of knowledge or interpretation skills. The file she did give me though had a lot of tricky phrases and common-sounding words that an MT with lack of experience would have a problem with. It was by far the best testing philosophy I had ever been exposed to. In other words, a supervisor who actually gets it.



Applied for a TRANSCRIPTION job, not a QA job.  In the testing she sent four jobs that need to be edited and they don't have voice files to go with them, just read them and edit them. 


Maybe I am wrong, but I sent them back to her.  IMO if you are testing for a transcription job you are testing on your skills of typing, not editing. 


correct me if you think i am way out of line


I tested also and sent my tests back on 02/14/07.  I just assumed may be they had filling their positions?  Not sure at this point.

Is there both a written and transcription test?  If so, do you think they are difficult?
I have been out of the loop for many years when it comes to applying for a job. Can anyone please tell me what to expect as far as testing when it comes to applying with any transcription companies. I need to leave the Q in the worst kind of way before this company drives me totally crazy! Thanks for your help.

When I worked for MQ a few years back, their pedal worked with Express Scribe. (free download) or if you have USB pedal such as an Infiniti, use it with Express Scribe.

Yes, I agree. I totally ask how much they pay before hand. I have never run into any problems. Why spend so much time testing to get told you will be paid 4cpl!
Their testing is hard to pass!!!

Phoenix will be glad to test you at anytime.  We receive 100's of resumes a week and all applicants who have the experience necessary are replied to.  If you did not receive the testing information, just email hr@phoenixmedcom.com and we will be happy to send you the testing information.  Some emails are returned as undeliverable as well, so there is nothing that can be done about this. 

On their site, there's a link to click to take the test. Be prepared to spend 45 minutes to over an hour. There are multiple choice questions and transcribing. I went ahead and did it today just to get it out of the way if they do call.
I am recently going through this testing process and what is send my resume with a note asking them if they could tell me what their pay scale is before I do the testing. That way, if they are only going to give you 7 cpl and it is unacceptable to you, you haven't wasted all your time doing the tedious testing. Also, 3 or 4 companies I applied do actually didn't even have me do the testing, saw my experience, talked with me on the phone, and offered me the position! Good Luck!
on the testing, but
They have a tier'd pay rate on production and 3 different sets based on employee with insurance, employee without insurance, and IC.

like 6 cpl to 7 cpl for up to 3000 lines, a bit more for up to 6000 lines, and a bit more for all lines over 6000.. 8-9.5 perhaps. No shift differential, no weekend pay. No holiday pay.
I will check to see if the test has come through.  I don't remember asking anyone to take the test, but I will sure check on it for you!
testing with them
I'm testing with them now and I think that she said DocQscribe. I'm not familiar with it unfortunately.

Right you are, Testing MT! An MT must know sm
the standards as determined by BOS, and should make note on the test that s/he followed BOS guidelines for the test. That would be a clue to the testing company that the MT just might know his/her stuff.
I downloaded the test dictation on express scribe and used my footpedal.  Not too bad.
Testing for MD-IT.

Hi!!   Kind of discouraged right now.  I just took testing for MD-IT, which was very easy and I know I Ace'd it.  In fact I don't think I made one mistake in all the test files, but this morning they said that my testing did not qualify me for a position with their company.  I don't understand why they take applicants and go to all the trouble of testing if they really do not have any positions open.  Anybody else have this kind of experience with companies or test for companies and then never hear anything for weeks.  

I think this is very inconsiderate and unprofessional too.  We are people with feelings and to be treated this badly is just not right.   

I also have 20+ years exp and although I did not take a test for Focus, I have failed other tests. Only, however, when it is involved with Career Step - (In the end telling you that you should sign up with them.) I know darn well that I passed those tests and I have been looking on the internet to see if anyone else had that problem. I don't think it has anything to dow with the employer (but it is the testing agency) who is separate from the employer and somehow with Career Step. I think it is unfair and basically rigged.
I tested with them about 18 months ago. They gave me ESLs and then told me I failed the test and not to call them to be re-tested for 6 months.  I was a CMT for 15 years and a MTSO myself... IMPOSSIBLE !!!!! I was really ticked off and have not called them since, but did get a steady job on my own that I'm pretty happy with.  Actually, I agree that they are worthless.
I would stay away - too easy to see that she is trying to get MTs to do free work. Obvious.
Don't let it get you down. I tested for one company and they told me to check back in six months. HA!!!! I have 35 years experience. So I told them where they could get off.
just testing
just testing, I was having trouble posting
Testing with MDI
There is no formal test with MDI. They carefully screen during the interview and during the first few weeks, they make sure you are a good fit. That's why they tell you not to give up your current job at the beginning. Good luck!
I did the testing on Oak...sm
It's really not that bad and it doesn't take that long. It was worth it to me and I was just given a very good offer with them. I'd consider doing the testing if I were you. Sometimes you still have to do more to get into the better companies, but it's worth it in the long run. I've also never heard anything bad about them, and that's why I was asking here if anyone is currently working for them and would share their experiences about it.
Testing at TM
Yes, I have tested with them a year and a half ago. I am a past MTSO, 15-year CMT, 25+ veteran of medical transcription. I took their test. They said I didn't pass and told me that if your don't pass the first time, you have to wait another 6 months before you can test again. I seriously have a very, very, very, very hard time believing that bull pucky. I guess you just have to take your chances. They gave me all terrible ESLs with static as background noise, which I thoughly wrong. I tested with another company and they hired me immediately. Go figure. I don't think you'll be able to find a position withou testing anywhere. Hope this helps.
I just noticed the words I spelled incorrectly on my post - no wonder !!! Just kidding. I'm very tired and when I get wound up about the way companies and other MT people treat us, it just infuriates me. Sorry.
QED further testing
I took the typing test and passed, but, like others have said, it was not as easy as straight dictaphone.  The next part of the test is lengthy, spelling, sentence structure, something else and then the transcription portion with voice files.  It's an extremely long process (longer than the norm) and I did not want to provide my SSN on their website. 
I tested for one company and the recruiter responded months later.  By then I was already working.  On top of that, the information file she wanted me to fill out wasn't in the email. I responded letting her know this and I never got another response, so I thought that was weird.

Does anyone find the written tests on some of these applications to be just plain STUPID!!!???    Some of it is basically a crap shoot if you ask me.  Whey can't we just do a few op notes, ds, etc.  Obviously that is what we are going to be doing.  If you type verbatim (which most accounts are that I have done) you generally type as dictated and call it to someone's attention if it makes little or no sense.  Besides the dumb tests, you waste time, energy and increase your daily stress and you don't even know what they are willing to pay.......!!! ????

 Also as someone else mentioned - you send out 30 resumes and hear back from two companies - that is just RUDE!  I know they have a high volume - but just to shoot a formated E-mail to you would be considerate...  Just venting......  TGIF................

Testing with Medquist
I will soon be testing with Medquist. I am wondering if they are a good company to work for. Thanks
TransHealth testing

Did you guys take the radiology test for TransHealth?  How long ago did you test?  Just wondering about how long it takes them to get back to you and whether I should bother. 

I just finished testing
and I thought the dictators were very clear and easy to transcribe for, but bottom line for me is rate of compensation. I am so tired of being nickel and dimed to death, if you know what I mean. I am tired of giving 120% and getting squat in return. Oh, sorry off topic.

Anyway, I tested and thought it was easy. I hope this helps you.