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Are you using Word? sm

Posted By: USMT on 2005-10-06
In Reply to: RE: Old eyes/new screen - quietmoods

If you are using Microsoft Word you can change the background to something that suits your eyes and the text to a lighter color. 

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The platform is Word. Their program works with Word but does not change how Word works. nm
The benefits just changed the first part of this month. I don't have them but I remember them being reasonabl for a single person. Family and spouse was not reasonable in any way (in my opinion).
small to medium company that works in Word or Word-based program - email me. nm
ExText is integrated with Word. Auto correct is a part of Word.
ExText is a Word based platform. When the page opens for you to type the document it will be just like you are typing in MS Word.
anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm
Just wanna work in Word - need company that works in WORD! nm
Their program works with Word and does not change how Word functions. sm
You use your own expander. Overall I feel it is user friendly and I like it.
Does the Emdat platform use Word or is it Word-based? nm
Word for Word Medical Transcription
Pros and cons please.
In his ad, he's asking for Word Perfect, not Word, if that matters. nm
The platform is not Word, but it is Word-based. I
had little Word experience and the recruiter told me to try to find a book to learn the basics of Word as their program is Word-based. 
Now I wish they would just call me back......no word no word and
What is up with these MT companies that advertise. They don't even answer. I have a great resume, tons of experience. I'm confused.
word for word company
does anyone know about word for word transcription company?  how are they to work for, platform?  thanks in advance!
I was told I could use word pad since I don't have word

I have 1 computer to speak of that I did not buy personally.  the company has their own platform and their own computer to be rented.  I would not be typing in word.  I have never had a problem testing this way before.  I am not saying certified is better.  I was explaining my circumstance.  I have my own personal computer ordered for my use and I wanted to test fast without waiting. geez.

"overtime" is not a generic word. "incentive" is a generic word. Over time means time
In Word..
Select the tools menu and then Autocorrect. Then check the box next to capitalize First letter of sentences.

One word - RUN!!!!
Owner is not all there, if you know what I mean. There are better places to work. Let them hire overseas. Perhaps those workers will put up with their garbage treatment.
Everything is done in Word
plenty of samples though, and she pays per gross line, not 65 characters.
I have Word 2003 and it works just fine
A (only one word)
One word? Looks like 6 to me.
word for word
I worked for them and they can be fair, which is hard to find these days with others. I was a new MT and they gave me a chance that no one else would consider doing. good luck
Same here...no word nm
The new word for lay off.

The new word is idle, used as a verb.  I doubt that the MTs will remain idle for long.  What terrible writing, and what a terrible deal for MTs.  I wonder whether Ormond will be happy when people from another country are transcribing his family's medical records.


Meanwhile, the company issued a federal layoff notice this week that it will idle 102 workers in its Heartland Information Services medical-transcription unit. Seven employees are in Toledo. A company spokesman said the cuts will occur in early July.

Toledo Blade.



Still no word.....sm

Patience is not one of my greatest virtues! lol  Anyway, if someone gets a response from Editors Wanted, could you email me please?  Thanks!

Take MY word for it, -
I simply must disagree...
Take my word for it,
I've been paid both ways. Yes, they will say that all the exams equal themselves out, but with CT and MRI exams, etc. you can get some really long reports. You may get lucky and have short reports, but I highly doubt it!
Does anybody still use MS Word
I have started with two companies in the past six months (as an IC) using MS Word on my own computer, and no sooner did I get up to speed than they switched over to a platform.  I can learn the platforms ok but just want to type and get paid; no BS.  The platforms I've worked on all created more problems than they solved, especially with word expanders.  And the line counts are no longer under your control, you have to accept whatever they tell you.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  The people I'm with now tell me to have patience and they'll work out the bugs in the system, but tell that to my mortgage company!
One word. (sm)
Word For Word(nm)
Word for Word

Anyone have any info on this company? 


Word for Word
I worked for a company by that name about 30 yrs ago in New Mexico.  Wondering if it is the same ladies, Sandy and Marie, who may have started it up again after the facility they  worked for outsourced everything overseas.  If it is true, both of these ladies are wonderful to work for. Please let me know, I would truly appreciate it. 
Word for Word

Thanks for responding!  I will definately let you know once I have found out!

Word for Word
Has anyone had any experiences with them, good or bad?  TIA!
word for word
just wondering since there is an ad for IC on the job board.  they say pay commensurates with experience.  this job hunting is scary.  are there any good ones out there?
word for word thank you

I really appreciate it.  I would love an IC status as I had SE before with my company that no longer has it.  I would not mind trying something parttime till I see how the land lays.  Thanks again, very sweet!

I could not agree with you more! I don't like these so-called MT friendly platforms either. Give me Word and FTP any day! Right again! They do bog your computer down. I just haven't found any that are as good as plain old Word. Production is higher with Word. The faster, better way to go! Rah! Rah! Rah!
one word....RUN!
They are not the most honest company to work for and their platform is a PITA at best.
I use word but they may have different ones.
Not a word.....
and they keep on posting so many ads for different positions all at the same time. Makes me wonder....
But it would be her word against theirs -
Allow is the key word here
Nice try is right in the DeVenture response to the ruling. As another had mentioned in response to this your words allow our MTs and employess says it all. Once again, in this case it was not an MT who with this company who was discriminated against. We call know the MTs for this company type from home. This was about a manager who worked in the administrative office. Please don't try to save face by comparing the two DeVenture as that piece of your puzzle just won't fit...sorry.
Word 4 Word

Any info on Word for Word Transcription? 



My word ..
Am sorry .. I did not mention that it was a transcription company but I did assume that since I was posting here it would be assumed that is what I was referring to. I was merely wondering if people were having a good experience there? Often I am inclined not to ask anything here, but I had the need to know. Sorry to be so sketchy in my question.
The one thing that I have difficulty with using the autocorrect in word is capitalization.  I cannot figure out how to have same words in different cases.  Word asks me to override existing.  I do think it is better then nothing and would probably get better use of it once I'm used to it. I do not like the auto Expander at all though.  I've found it be very unreliable and maybe I'm not accepting the expansion quick enough, but it always just tabs over with what I've typed already.  I guess more practice is in order.  LOL. 
Take her word for it, everyone. She
In a word

I just accepted a position for 9.5 cpl based on 65 characters with spaces, shift differential, OT pay with unlimited OT available, employee status, insurance that starts the first of the month after date of hire, and the insurance coverage is very good and extremely reasonably priced. 

I have had several offers for 9 cpl as an employee, though I have had offers of 7 cpl or less as an independent contract too.  If your experience is clinic work that is the average going rate, but too low if acute care.

The ASR rate isn't as bad as the other rate though compared to what I have been offered.  I have never done ASR though to know if I'd be better off working at McDonalds.


A company I worked for just typed the reports in MS Word and then to get them into the client's EMR we just got into the EMR ourselves and copied each report individually and pasted it into the patient's chart. It didn't take too much time once you got the hang of navigating the EMR. Then again, maybe their EMR was more user friendly than your client's.
Not A Word.....
Same here......nothing.  That's says a lot about a company.  Even an automated reply would be something!!
or the B word

That word

One word . . . RUN!!!!
Run as fast as you can away from this company.