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Posted By: NDMT on 2009-02-25
In Reply to: Reply - justype

I work for Transcend and on the BeyondText platform. Though I am not fond of any of the VR platforms, this is one of the easiest. I will admit that I think Editscript is the best, but this is not bad. I have worked on EXText as well. I think it is well worth your try on BeyondText. As with all they are not perfect, but in order to make them better you need to have good editors to make the system work correctly.

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I agree about BeyondText.  It is not user friendly.  Beware, too, of what account you get with Transcend.  They did not warn me in the beginning that I would have 99% ESL docs on the account I had.  I just could not make 98% QA with that account, got frustrated, and quit.