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Current Amphion employee...I'm very happy. The part of Amphion I work with has no faxes, lists,s

Posted By: no problems here on 2006-01-28
In Reply to: Amphion - mtmtmtmt

minor demographic work..superb QA and feedback.  Fellow MTs on same account are more than willing to help and now they also have mentor program.  My pay is what they said.  They do have different pay for different levels. 

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on Lay Offs post below, Happy At Amphion says is Current employee;
As a CURRENT employee at Amphion SM
I want to say this...I've worked for other companies who were less than sympathetic towards their ppl.  Amphion has kept us informed all along as to what was going on in the company.  It was with TEARFUL regret that we were informed of the coming events.  We were told exactly what was happening.  This economic crunch has hit everyone, not just Amphion, but as a company they are doing their best to assure and insure that we are taken care of as a family, because that is what we are here.  A family.  And we help each other in times of strife and we pat each other on the back when things are going well.  So for anyone who has something bad to say about us, let me tell you, you have no idea what a really good company is like.  Should I be unlucky enough to get laid off, I will eagerly await the time when I can come back. 
I work at AMphion part-time and make as much there in 20 hours as I do at my FT job in 40
...mentioned - faxes and patient lists and rules to
Any current info on MD-IT and Amphion?
Archives don't seem to turn up anything recent on either company and I am not sure if that is good or bad.
Any current information/feedback on Amphion?
All I can find are posts from last year.  TIA!
I am thinking of taking a job with Amphion, any current SM

MTs, what is the platform like? TIA

Ex-Amphion employee

I do not want to sound discouraging,  but if you have other opportunities I would avoid Amphion. The HR person who did the hiring was sweet,  as was the trainer; however my team lead and QA person were the most unprofessional  people I have ever dealt with.

Imagine opening an email each morning ABOUT you,  not to you describing your level of incompetence (despite a QA exceeding 99%). I am not sure how others would react, but that would make me nervous the entire day and I would tend to make dumb errors.

When I was trained there were several other MTs who trained with me as well. I was there only 1 month and not one of them was there as long as I was. (You could tell from the email addresses.)


I wish you luck should you choose to accept the position.

Ex-Amphion MT

Question for any current or recent employees of amphion

I am looking for a place to work that I can have full-time without working weekends.  Is this a good company to work for?  Do they have plenty of acute care/hospital work?  How is there platform/type of program?  Is it true you don't have to work weekends or nights? 


Another happy Amphion MT.....
Been with them for about 7 months now. Started with them PT and quit my FT office job to work for the FT.... They're Wonderful.....

happy Amphion MT`
I am extremely happy at Amphion. Yes a person may have many different accounts, but a person has to remember that as a service the work may run out on 1 account and move to the next where there is work.  I have never had a problem with any of my supervisors.  They are always willing to answer my questions and have been nothing but pleasant to me.  The benefit package works for me as well.  As for the $10, I can guarantee I make more than that and have been an MT for more years than I care to think about.  Amphion and I are a good fit.  It may be a good fit for one but not the other, as is the case with any other national a person works for.
I just joined Amphion. It's only part-time for now, but
I did this to save my sanity and to make a little extra money. It seems to have the best press. If they are as good as they seem to be, I'll be thrilled to join on full time.

I am curious about that Bayshore software at MDI-MD, tho!

Are there any companies besides Amphion that hire part-time

I need a company that allows you to make your lines without demanding that you be on from this second to that second.  If it's part-time it's obviously because you have other things to do and your life doesn't revolve around a set schedule.  If I can get my work done at 3AM so why would that bother anybody?

Is there a company that doesn't mind when you work as long as you meet your quota and are accurate?

Does anyone know the minimum lines required part time for Amphion? Thanks. nm
Happy current Medware employee - sm
I have been with Medware for a while and I find that the communication  is great, I have great team leads, and have no complaints.   I am very happy at Medware! 
Agree 100%. Current employee and very happy.
Amphion hires part-time - they're very strict schedule-wise though
Since part time is so hard to find these days your options are limited, so if you don't mind working for a company that is a stickler for strict schedule adherence, I say try Amphion.
Amphion always has work. nm

Amphion work
There is tons of work, but their new account absolutely stinks as far as inputing a lot of data in the headers which you are not paid for.
Does Amphion have SE work?
Believe me, Amphion is NOT out of work.
Maybe just one person on one account. If that one account runs out, there are plenty more accounts there. All anybody has to do is speak to their supervisor.
I work for Amphion right now...sm
What do you want to know specifically? I like it most of the time. I don't think it's any worse than anything else out there. You have to stick to your schedule daily but you get to set it on your own when you start, not just taking what shift they want to assign to you, so that part is nice. Pay is always on time, direct deposited.
Anyone work for Amphion?
I tried to search MTStars for it, but can only find postings from 2005.  Any new info would be helpful.  Is their pay competive?  Do they offer equipment, and what kind of platform do they use?  Do they have any VR?  TIA!! 
Anyone work for Amphion? Would like to know if you are
happy there.  How does the cpl compare with other companies?  Workload? PTO? etc.
Anyone work for Amphion? Would like to know if you are
happy there.  How does the cpl compare with other companies?  Workload? PTO? Flexibility? etc.  I posted this same message a week or so ago and got no response.  Do any Amphion employees even use this board?
You must work at Amphion
Amphion has lots of work
I would very much like to talk with you and offer my assistance regarding your concerns of overhiring and lack of work. Something must be amiss and I would like to solve your dilemma yet today. We have lots of work, are still recruiting cream of the crop MTs, and pride ourselves on treating our team members fairly.
Jane - Amphion - 888-400-5777
Have things gotten better at Amphion? Is there work now? nm
I've never been without work at Amphion!
I currently work at Amphion and would have to agree...
with what was said about the demographic information.  I have been there for a few months--looking again---, and I find that the demographic information required is overwhelming after a while.  I usually can do AT LEAST 250 and even 300 lines per hour, but with this company, I have only been able to get to 180-200 lph no matter how hard I try.  They do have a lot of residents also.  As far as being flexible--not really for me.  I also think the pay scale is a bit low--not even 8 cents per line. 
Amphion is mostly clinic work. NM
I love Amphion & never run out of work
If you work for Amphion please read

I think my post got lost in the shuffle down below.  Pleeeeeze somebody I need an answer.  Just email me if you like.

Can anybody tell me how long it took you to get up to production speed at Amphion.  I have been here three months and still nowhere close to where I was at at MQ.  I can't go back to MQ, too much going on there.  I need to get another job or get parttime somewhere unless somebody can tell me that I can get up to where I need to be.  I have alot of experience but this platform and demographic stuff is killing me.  TIA

Amphion Work Load/QA
I have never been on these chats before but in checking all of them out I am in quite disbelief.  I see people complaining about having to do OT and QA issues if you have a bad QA.  Are you seriously kidding?  You have a job at home, a computer given to you, and you are there if your kids need you, are sick, etc.  You don't pay for gas, don't have to worry about the weather, or OT at an actual office.  Most people out there are looking for a good company and now people are complaining about having too much work.  This is a first for me because in my situation I always have bills, things cropping up for school and X-mas coming up as do most people  I know.  Remember what do you have and how good you do have it.
Can anyone fill me in on what type of work Amphion has?
Is it a lot of ESL, and if so how bad/good are the accounts they have?
Must be on a different account than I am - i've never run out of work with Amphion!
Why are you working 60 hours, when you can work 40 at Amphion?
Just curious as to why you would continue to work 60 hours a week, if you can work 40 hours at Amphion and make more money? Why have you not gone full time with Amphion? Again, just curious. I do not want to start anything.
I agree - Amphion's the best company to work for
Amphion is a great company to work for!
Great accounts, I have one primary that keeps me busy. The people are great to work with.
I don't work at Amphion but it's amazing that they expect
Amphion just seemed like a good place to work
I don't like to job hop and between the 2 Amphion seemed better but I have misgivings now and afraid I will be let go. Do they let people go if they don't meet the line requirements?
If you like a great work environment - Amphion is it!
I could talk for hours about the wonderful attitudes and great hours and references and supervisors...but suffice it to say that Amphion has been a blessing for the 2-1/2 years I've been with them.
I work M-F, can take off early for football games or doctor appointments, as long as I get it in before the pay period is up (and it's approved, can't just leave the computer, obviously). They have study groups for CMT, a message board, IM is always available for questions/problems, the IT department is top notch and friendly, trainers are a dream, the work is always there and your account does happen to run dry, there's plenty of other accounts to keep you busy.
They're a dream come true. I've been with 5 other companies (national and private) and I honestly never see myself leaving Amphion. It's like a 2nd family - and they really cares about you.
Good luck in your decision - if you decide to come to Amphion, WELCOME! :)
And wherever you choose - congratulations!!
Amphion doesn't make you work weekends
or nights.  They're a great company, and I hear they're hiring. 
Amphion's nonpay work of data entry is discussed with every post
Lists and lists and lists of offshore MT companies and
some from here on that emply the offshore MTs. Not to mention all the wonderful things AAMT is doing over there.

Do you know if Amphion is hiring for radiology now?  I tried to find their website but was unsuccessful.  Anyone know their toll-free number? 

Do you know how they pay for radiology -- by the character, line, or report?  Range of pay? 

Amphion does

Amphion uses this for their platform!

?? about Amphion please
Their website says they check references which could hurt you at your present job.  How do they handle that?  Also do they pay more if you do work nights and weekends?  Thank you.
Amphion pay
8.5 cents but good luck getting there, you need 4 quarters of 100% QA. 
and how do you get hired?