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Posted By: sm on 2005-09-09
In Reply to: 2 weeks notice? - typingfool

I've talked with MTs who have said that MQ dumped them immediately upon giving notice, and they're anxious about getting on somewhere else immediately. I've talked to others who have had MQ offer them the moon and all nearby planets, with interest, to stay. I'm not talking 2 or 3 people here, but dozens. I'm not sure what the motivating factor is behind their decisions, because some of the best MTs I've seen have been ousted immediately. Go figure. Might depend on your office and the work load.

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I've easily done 600, but it depends on the way a company counts lines and it depends on the
dictators. Obviously, if you have a good share of ESL, there is no way you could ever do 600 or 700. On really difficult ones, I usually run around 400 lines an hour and I have been working on this platform for 3 years.
Well, it depends on what you need and are looking for - sm
do you want employee status, need benefits, need equipment supplied by company or do you want IC status, your own schedule, no benefits, and a good line rate?

There are many good companies out there, and even Transcend is a good company in some MTs eyes.

What are you looking for?
4.65 to 5.10 cpl. Depends on whether you
get 55% or 60% of your base salary.  You will starve to death only doing 1100 lines a day.  That would be $51.15 to $56.10 a day,.  
one person will tell you one thing, the next person will tell you another.  I think the company I work for is THE best but then you might not agree.  You kinda just have to find what works for YOU and you won't really know that until you try it.
Depends on what day it is.
I use a lot of "normals" and shortcuts.  I make at least $20 per hour, that is on a regular day.  I have made as much as $65 an hour.  I get $15 an hour for PTO. 
Well, depends
My requirement used to be 4000 lines (Foxboro office). Now I am at Columbus office and requirement is 4000+ lines, but also must work 20 hours a week, so that would put me at over 10000 lines a payperiod.
also depends
it also depends on the accounts, most of the accounts for one small MTSO do not have paragraphs, straight typing thru the complete report.
I'm sure that depends on what one...
has to offer, as it does with most companies.  :)
on if you have write offs or not.  I was an IC for years and then went outside the home to work.  When coming back to home base, I found it not to be an advantage anymore because I had no write offs and didn't want to open up Pandora's box with itemizing again.
It just depends..
It depends on what state you are in and how many employees are working in that state to determine if you are eligible for health benefits.  With my state, there are only about 2 employees that work for FutureNet, so I am not eligible for health benefits.  As for incentives, they have great incentives.  You get 15% bonus every weekend, and 17% and 20% holiday bonuses.  So they are fair with what they offer.  Their pay is good; better than other places that I know of.  And, again, they are really great to work for.  You may be in a state that has several employees with them.  I would just ask them.  They are quick to tell you what you need to know.  Hope this helps.
I think it depends.....
If you have a wide-open screen, like MS Word, or WordPerfect, that allows you to set formats, change fonts, etc. I think it will work. It is my understanding that I-chart is a series of different boxes on the screen in different locations, so you are very significantly limited in your text inputting. But then again, IT works with Meditech, should be able to work with I-Chart, shouldn't it?
Where did she go to school? I know a lot of companies that will hire newbies if they went to one of the big 3 schools.
I worked for them and they are great to work for but very picky. They would not pay for jobs under 98%. I would be interested to know what they are paying these days too.
Well, that depends on
your level of experience. If you are comfortable with your terminology it will obviously go faster. It is really hard to answer the question of how much time because each company might use a different amount of files and/or the files are of varied lengths. If I was testing, I wouldn't want to waste more than an hour myself, but that is just my opinion.

If you are unit based (lines) it is 120 days. If hourly, 90 days.  Costs $90 Medical, 12.50 Dental, 3.85 for vision every pay period. I've had only office visits and have had no problems with it so far.

for QA or mt?
I believe they pay per line for mt
It depends...

I currently work for Precyse. So far it's been OK. I don't find them to be very flexible about the schedules. And now I'm a bit concerned reading another post here about being denied a schedule change. I'll be needing one in a few months. I'm expecting baby #3 and will need to go part time (also will need a few weeks to recover from birth). I've e-mailed my supervisor twice regarding this and she answered once asking what part time hours I was looking for. I answered her and nothing, so far. I understand prioritizing work matters, but I need to know what's going on before my water breaks. Fortunately that won't be for another 3 months or so.

I'm beginning to understand why so many people here were frustrated with the lack of communication. I guess I will be looking into part time IC work after my son is born.

I think it depends on how they have it set up...sm
I think it depends on how the system is set up.  I have worked on several different systems and they determine the pitch and the margins they want for their reports.
Depends on ..
experience and/or ability.  I mean if you get put on an account that's basically all American and beginner level, you wouldn't make as much as an account that's a mixture.
It depends
do you have enough work or are you just new to the account and haven't had the time to pick up speed, put in expanders, etc. I have worked for them for almost 9 months and it took some time to get enough work, but after about 2-3 months I was fine. They are the best place I have ever worked for, and I have been in the MT field for 35 years! Hope this helps.
It depends on what you are looking for.
If you only want a small amount of work, go for it, but don't believe what they promise. If you are looking for a good amount of work, then stay away, they don't have a lot and they don't care if you sit twiddling your thumbs waiting for work. Not to mention, the owner could use some people skills, and there was a lack of communication.
It Depends
Those contracts were signed with the original company, so it depends on the legal ramifications of the buy-out whether they're obligated to the new entity. Actually, such out-of-the-ashes entities are common in our industry. Someone is going to need us to do the work that the client doesn't want to send overseas.
that all depends, depends upon....sm

I don't think it's a lack of sense of humor. I think it's a sensitive joke and belongs on the comedy board, racist or not racist, that's where it belongs. 

It also depends upon one's history, where they came from, what kind of struggle/oppression their own came from way-back-when, and I think we all need to be a bit more sensitive about things, especially in times of wars...there are about 32 wars ongoing right now all over the world.  People merely need to be kinder.

And yeah, I am really annoyed about off-shoring, but that is not going to make me post anything as sensitive as a possibly racist joke, not even on the comedy board.

Please don't assume these people have no sense of humor - as I think you're way off-base on that.  I think many of these people are very funny in other posts....quick-witted, funny, etc. Not that anyone cares, but my favorite show is one where no (insulting) stone is left unturned...Real Time with Bill Maher, and he insults everybody...is also VERY funny...  And he's where HE belongs, on HBO.  *LOL*  Funniest thing though, I saw him live and two gentlemen sitting next to me were father-son staunch republicans.  (That's even funnier to me!!!  HAHAHAHA)

Have a nice day :)

IT DEPENDS WHERE YOU WORK, I hear through the grapevine that the pay is like 4 cpl for one of the nationals, but maybe thats just them. I would love the name of the company who pays 12 cpl...as I am experienced in escription!!!
Knowing me I would try it once and see how it goes.   But if it takes you 3 hours to do 1 hour of audio -- that is about $17 an hour.  And if you are like me and cannot stand blanks I listened, relistened, got a copy of the outline for the seminar, etc. Went online to see what they were talking about.  Subject matter is of another concern. If it is a seminar or a speaker on something you have very little knowledge about -- i.e. building a microchip inside a computer, you will not know the lingo and will have to do a lot of research.   There can be a lot of people talking over people, etc.   Again, if you don't try it at least once you will probably always wonder.  You could tell him that if you find that it takes you more than 2 hours to do one hour of audio or if it is poor quality, your price goes up.   Be honest and nice but tell him you have to make at least $25 an hour of typing to make it worth your while.   Every audio will probably be different and on a differnt subject and you won't be able to do any macros, use short cuts or anything, it will definiely be 100% typing.  Good luck, let me know what you do -- again if you don't try at least once you will probably wonder if you passed up your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 
If the demos are filled in for you, it isn't bad.  Kind of a pain if you have to flag anything as you have to do that in a sep window.  It requires its own special footpedal.  If company provides, that isn't a bad deal, but i had to buy one and it took me forever to sell it when i left that company. 
It depends on what platform you are working on. I do eScription platforms, pay is 4/8.4, medical is after 90 days, full time is 11,000 lpw, insurance for me and two kids is $70 a week. Very nice and flexible. I work weekends by choice so I'm not sure what they require.
on what account your are working on insofar as platform...many different ones are used. For radiology they pay per report...not sure of the exact amount, though...seems as though it was $1.10/$1.25 per report.
Some MTs average a high hourly rate. I make $16/hr as QA. Some make more than $20/hr and some make as little as $11/hr.
It Depends
Every employer is different. Some will have you transcribe if you run out of QA work. Usually, though, they will have you log out and check back later. I have never worked anyplace where they paid me when there was no work to do.
I think it depends....
from what I understand what account you are on.  I've been with them for about six months.  The work has been steady but comes in sporadically during the day on the account I'm on.  So sometimes I am overwhelmed with work and other days it is slow.  Plus, on my account we all get to help with the stat pool which can be a blessing or a curse depending on how many files you have in your own pool to get out in your TAT.  I see people posting they make $30/hr.  I'd LOVE to know how.  I've been doing MT for 10 years, have all the expanders, macros, et al, and still manage to produce about 1500 lines a day.
Well it all depends.....
Like everywhere else, it depends on the accounts.  There are some heavily with ESL and some with not so much.
on dictators and length of those reports!
I am an Editor for MTs from India and I find the MTs that I work with to be very good for the most part. I do find a couple of little things that are from English being their second language, but overall the Indian MTs that I work with are just as good as and in some cases better than US based MTs. I have worked with US MTs that refuse to listen to suggestions and in fact try to argue even though the correction can be seen in black and white in the AAMT BOS or in the doctors' instructions (which of course trumps the AAMT BOS considering the customer is ALWAYS right if you want to keep your docs). I find that the Indian MTs that I work with look at the corrections and make note of them because rarely do they make the same mistakes twice. So like anything in life there are good workers all over and there are lazy or incompetent workers all over US and India.
it depends
Some of the management are good, some are nasty as pitbulls. QA seems to be good. Work - depends on what accounts you are on, can be a lot, many are feast or famine - overhire and too much outsourced. My biggest grip is the VR program which is really not voice recognition but word association program. I have never worked on another VR platform, but this one hears a word like infarct and automatically inserts myocardial infarction or cerebral infarct, sometimes both, and often times more. Same with a lot of other words. Never had so many reports with myocardial infarctions in the lung, but guess medicine is changing rapidly. There should be a way to tell a machine to change cc to mL but obviously this one does not have that capability so we have to change them all manually. It apparently cannot follow formats unless the dictator is very exact in how he/she dictates so you spend a lot of time reformatting everything. At first I thought it was funny, but now, after more than a year, I find it disgusting that management cannot find a better program or get this one better trained. I find it faster just to retype many of the VR reports than to try to correct their mess. But, of course, this is at 60% of what I get for transcribing, but is still faster than that program. The only way to survive on here is if you get a lot more transcribing jobs than editing jobs
Depends on the account. A lot of them run out of work non stop.  Some of them suck as far as dictators.  They absolutely do not pay for downtime either.
it all depends ...
IMHO, it depends a lot on:

how good the company's VR program is ...

the dictators .....

your ability to concentrate, much harder for me to read than transcribe.

I have gotten a few reports I do double my production on but have gotten many, many, many more that take me LONGER than MTing. I average about a 15-20% increase in production, with a 30% decrease in pay ....

and one other thing - some do say it helps their hands/wrists, well, not me ... I use my right pinky for the Ctrl key .. and if I do a lot of ME for a couple of days, I start having trouble with my right wrist.

good luck! :P

Depends what you want
This is a really great company if you want full time employee status with excellent benefits.  You must stick to your schedule.  I worked for them for a year but had to leave because they had promised to move me to first shift after 4 months and after a year they still would not do it.  Other than that, it was a really, really good company to work for.  You can e-mail me if you have any questions.  Without a doubt, the best health insurance I've ever had.
If you are a keyboard person you can get over double your regular production rate in a very short time.  It drove me nuts at first, but I focused on going slow and getting the hang of all the keyboard shortcuts and I was able to get to 450 lph in 4 weeks.  If you are a mouse person, you will have a lot of trouble with ASR editing.
It depends on you
and your schedule, if you are scheduled to work weekends. But also if you play the yes man in the beginning and always volunteer to work extra, they they will take you for granted, same as any other company, and you will get burned out. They will bug you constantly.
on if I have what I call the easy dictators versus the difficult ones. I suppose it all averages out in the end. Fortunately I do not have too many difficult ones, but when I do get these and it takes me over an hour to do a 4 or 5 minute report, 1.20 doesn't seem so great!
Just depends

At the hospital I work for, there was a godawful ESL doc who had a gravelly, raspy voice and every 3-4 words would literally sound like a cat hacking up a hairball as he cleared his throat.  He mumbled, swallowed syllables, and just was a general horrible dictator; the accent just made it even more difficult to deal with him.

On the other hand, I'd rather transcribe his reports than three of our American physicians.  There's just no excuse for their sloppy dictation habits and countless errors throughout their reports that we're expected to catch, and I cringe every time I see one of their reports land in my cue. 

A couple of my favorite dictators among the hospital staff are ESL.  Very well enunciated, very organized and usually concise dictations. 

I don't object to ESL.  I just object to horrible dictators in general.  The ones born and trained in America simply have NO excuse for their sloppiness so I cut them far less slack. 


Depends on..
What account your training on. The Escription accounts often run low. This has been a fairly regular occurence these days. The accounts where there is work are dreadful. I feel they have given out best accounts to India and we were left with the junk leftover.  If your flexible most days, then you can find work, if your willing to train on multiple accounts, work at different hours, and like doing ESL. I think for most this is just too much to swallow.  They are known for overhiring.  So, you might start out with work, but it won't last for long. I would say to try it out but don't quit your day job as they say.
It depends...sm

It depends on what account you have.  Good luck. 

If I'm doing a verbatim acct I flag it. If I'm allowed to be a true MT, I'd fix it. I was really just looking for an easy example of when knowing something matters :)
I think it depends on all the variables--your manager, the account, the platform.  I've been told that a set schedule is required, though have not been able to get a straight answer as to what they would prefer.  For all but 3rd shift, the pay is 8 cpl for standard and 4 cpl for VR edited lines.  Third shift is 10 cpl for standard and 5 cpl for edited lines between 10P and 6A, not sure if that's for all time zones.  I haven't seen a raise in 3 years.  HTH.
it all depends
I have never worked for TT, but it all depends on which OSi you are talking about.....there is Outsourcing Transcription Solutions, and I have never worked for them....but then there's Opti-Script, and I surely wouldn't work for them.......if you need additional info, email me......
it depends on what OSI you mean

There is OSi in Georgia, I believe, and then there's Opti-Script (OSi), which I worked for and would NEVER recommend to anyone......if this is the case and you got the interview, great, but don't expect any promises to be fulfilled...they don't do well with keeping promises, and the upper powers of management are very cruel....don't let appearances on the outside fool you with what's on their inside.....if more info is needed, email me

hope this helps....

I worked for them for 3 years and overall liked it there. I made good money, was treated fairly, had a good account. Many people have had a different experience, though. It's a big company, depends on your accounts, supervisor, so many things. I left because my account was going to VR and I didn't like the pay they were offering for that. Otherwise I would probably still be there. I still have friends there who say more work is going to India and work volumes can't be counted on. Some of them are struggling, especially with more accounts going to VR and a new company-wide platform that still is full of bugs (last I heard, anyway).

Not the powerball?  Oh you mean, like real money.  I get it. 

That has so many variables.  It depends on where you live and what your cost of living is.  Do you have a high mortgage or rent......car payment?  Do you like material stuff or are you happy with simple things.

I've had periods in the past where I was very thing oriented and paid for it with credit cards.  Stupid. Stupid.  Stupid.

Now I'm focusing more on living very simply (since the credit cards are paid off and shut down).    I make 8.75 cpl and it's working pretty well for me.  I have a roof over my head and the cats and I have food.  Can't ask for much more than that.

But now I'm going to go get me another power ball ticket for tonight.  Just in case. 

If we're talking standard transcription, I'd say Bayscribe. It's very user friendly, demographics are pretty much the easiest I've ever navigated, and the entire platform is just geared to make an MT's job a bit easier.

If we're talking editing, I think Escription/EditScript pretty much rocks. With EditScript and GOOD dictators, it's pretty much just read and upload with minimal fuss.

JMO, but that's based on my perseonal experience with various platforms.