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Didn't this used to be McCoy/Omni?

Posted By: ? on 2006-06-02
In Reply to: SMTS - Happy MT

This is owned by Marlene McCoy, no? And was McCoy Business Services up until recently??

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I think they got wiped out by the Hatfields. 

Anyone remember this company...whatever happened to them?


SecureMTSource, Inc/McCoy Business
Any of you fine folks know anything about working for these folks.  Thanks in advance. 
SMTS/McCoy Business
Been there for 7+ years. Great accounts, wonderful people to work with. Never run out of work. If not content there, you won't be content anywhere.
They used to be McCoy Business Services. I worked briefly for them when I lived in Louisville. SM

I don't remember anything specifically negative about them.  Just that the pay was kind of low and I didn't stay long because of that.  The work was okay.  Mostly local accounts from the Louisville area.

Sorry, the older I get, the shorter my memory.  I can barely remember yesterday! 

I didn't say I didn't care, I just don't understand
why the sudden outrage over HL offshoring.  
She didn't say they didn't offshore at all s/m
What she did say is that if the work needs to be done here, it stays here (paraphrased a bit, I think).

That is not lying and saying that they don't offshore work, as was stated by another poster above, but saying that if the client wants the work to stay in the US, they will keep it here. Sheesh.
She didn't say she didn't have a family. A family isn't just kids. sm

She also said she didn't have kids. Why do you think you're so much better  BECAUSE you have kids?  I am so sick of that attitude.  I don't have kids, never wanted them, but have been discriminated against in jobs because of it.  Everyone figured since I had no kids I could work all the time.  I said NO!  Just because I don't have kids doesn't mean I don't have a life or that my life is not important.   

BTW I work part time too. 

Thanks! Not sure why I didn't think of that
but that is what I will do from now on!
Thank you - I didn't know. :) nm
Are you sure she didn't say she has been
a recruiter for years (not necessarily with Keystrokes)?  Because I was hired at another company a number of years ago and she was the recruiter, maybe there was a misunderstanding?
I did all that and it still didn't come up....oh well
I think there is just trouble with imail. This happened to me the day before yesterday too. To get to the MQ board click on forums (left blue menu) then click on company forum, (you obviously did that) but then look to the blue menu on the left and now Medquist appears under company board and before offshore board. See ya there.
What $125? I didn't see anything like that.
And there's a charge if we return the computer before three months? I heard they were the absolute best company out there. I simply can't make a decent line count. I sent out three resumes on fulltime local nonMT jobs yesterday because I haven't been able to earn a decent steady income doing MT for a year now. I'm not going bankrupt over this. I don't see why it has to be this difficult. I'd be totally loyal, stay with a company, and move into a more responsible position if I could find the right company.
I didn't know that.

So those who are moseying along, getting in their 11,000 whenever, are making as much as the ones who work really hard to get their line counts into the incentive range?

I wonder if there are any other companies out there that reward mediocrity?  If so, maybe it's time to lower my own personal standards to fit in with the new trend.

you didn't
Boy that was quick! Like I said, it was my oversight and I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. You didn't deserve it.
I didn't get it either.
I didn't think that was possible
NONE - no cable, no DSL? How can that be in this day and age. I only have 2 choices here - Comcast or Verizon DSL. Verizon is out for me and it is a drag when Comcast has outages all the time.

I do work on an a/c where I've worked using dial-up with Comcast down - uses Quadris with VPN server. Worked just fine on dial-up. No problem getting into VPN at all, and able to type & save reports quite well.

Another a/c - uses IDX with no VPN - didn't work w/o high speed.

Definitely can't use dialup tho for any voice files. Only for a/c's with phone dictation.

As to foot pedals - try eBay. Plenty of other sites where people are selling equipment.
If you didn't know before - know it now

They didn't used to, but they are going to now
they are starting up a pilot program offshoring a certain number of jobs per day to test the waters in what is pivotal to the industry. Yada yada yada. So they didn't before, but they will be soon. It'll come back to bite them in the you-know-what. A bigger threat to borderline MTs is VR.
When I was there they didn't pay for that
downtime, either.
AND I didn't say she should be, I said

that everywhere ELSE I go they are falling all over themselves.  If you had the experience I have, you'd know what I mean.  And since I never talked to her other than to say You emailed me and told me to call you... and she said she'd call me RIGHT BACK, and those were the only words I ever spoke to her, I don't see where any attitude would come in.

I do know that any company/any hospital would be GLAD to have me work for them.  I have received nothing but praise for my work.  I have worked long and hard to gain the experience I have and it has paid off.  I have had my own hospital accounts for years.  I've never had to beg for a job; they are offered to me quite readily.  Sorry if that bothers you.

Please tell me that you didn't (sm)
use this as an excuse not to pay them. This would certainly be reason enough to get rid of them, but I don't understand why you would not set their pay straight.
Didn't like it
I tried to like Amphion as well, but it just wasn't the company for me. I also hated the DI screen fill in and I found the clinic notes to be dull and not very mentally stimulating. I left within a month and I'm happy where I am now. The people are very nice but I also found the supervisors to be not very helpful.
No, she sure didn't. Sorry! nm
Thank you..I didn't even get to the SM
part about how PROUD they are to low-ball on rates the way they do.  Why such pride for driving down rates in the areas they do business?  There are MTSOs out there who quote a FAIR RATE based upon their overhead (including the rates to pay good MTs) and Shapin seems to be quite proud of the fact that they quote such low rates to their clients to get accounts.
I didn't like it sm

When I worked there, it wasn't organized, ran out of work and the operations manager was pretty nasty at times. 


Things may have gotten better since then, but I doubt it.

what the ad didn't tell you
On editing and transcription, you have to deal with logs and you don't get paid for them.  You also have to fool with margins and all that extra stuff that takes time.  I was there nearly a year and quit because I couldn't take the temper tantrums. 
Sorry...I didn't know about no DD

I have been there longer than July, maybe they didn't take it away from those who had it originally when they went to no DD.  BUT, even if I did not have DD, I would still work for them.

But, Wise-MT, your post was good.  A good contrast between the two of us.  Sort of * whole picture * type of thing.

Good Luck to you Sammy.  I hope you find a place you like and who treats you well.  We MTs sure ALL deserve that at least!

Did you consider that maybe she didn't
I didn't see an ad
But they emailed me today about a position, so they are hiring.
I didn't know, thanks. sm
I haven't visited that board in quite a long, long time and thought it was mostly a general-topic board. But, you are right, it has a lot of topics pertaining to this subject.

Don't say we didn't tell you! (sm)

You come here enough and you can tell the few angry flamers and the sour grapes from the people who have genuinely tried these companies - go ahead - give them a whirl. I have looked and tested and compared companies for the last 6 months - and I have come here to report on some real winners (not) - I tested and was offered a position with SS too and I turned down because on the advice of someone here I asked some very pointed questions and was a little concerned about the lack of forthcoming answers... but to each his own.  Good luck to you!

hmm.....why didn't
I think of that myself??
Didn't get cpl..
I didn't ask cpl because she said they use something called Netcare but in the last email she said they have an eScription account so I asked about that last night.
Didn't think of that, but since they are asking for a 2 x 2
photo it does sound awfully fishy. 
also didn't tell ya
just about every report is 100% listen plus feedback required, you can't make squat.
Didn't think about
any of that, but you both have a point!
I said most likely not as many, I didn't say
it definitely would not. 
They didn't pay me either!

I worked for this company for a short period of time and they never have paid me.

No, I didn't get one, but it is only a
matter of time I suppose, just goes to show they have no clue as to who is working for them, very disorganized company.
I didn't like it but...
I am an IC and like the flexiblity of that, so being on messenger and expected to fill an absolute shift even when ahead on lines didn't work for me. Pay was not that great, but the platform is good.
That's not to say they didn't say it to the OP.
We should be sticking together, not tearing each other apart.  Shame on you for doubting what was told to this OP and others in this thread.  If the shoe fits, then TT should wear it. 
Wow, I didn't even know they
outsourced.  Let me see if I can find out something for you.  I'll call around.  I know several people who worked at Presbyterian before as employees.  Who do you work for if you don't mind me asking? 
No I didn't. nm
I didn't say there was a job out there

there is peachy.  What I said was that while MQ may work for you, it doesn't work for everyone.  This person is looking for honesty and you can't honestly tell me that MQ treats everyone the same. 

As for testing the waters, that's what I'm doing.  I dropped my status about 2 months ago to PT flex to try out another company.  My line count is almost where it needs to be to quit MQ for good.  The pay is fair, not to mention much better, and I'm only on 1 account that stays pretty busy.

So sorry to have offended you and your peachy MQ world.  I just thought the person asking the question deserved an honest answer. 

ITA. I did QA for them and I sure didn't
see quality and after I got through talking with the CEO/owner I felt like I needed a shower.  They have since called me to ask me to come back - as if.
wonder why they didn't tell me that....:(
They didn't tell me that either. Is that for the
I didn't mean to (sm)
make the MTs who are having problems with MDI feel that I was brushing them off as if they were completely unfounded. After thinking about this for a few hours, I realize that I came off as sounding haughty, and that's not what I meant to do. I was only stating that I have not experienced what some other MDI MTs have, and I'm grateful for that. My experience has been extremely positive, and I wouldn't consider leaving MDI for one second. I certainly am not an elite, nor do I personally know any particular person that really matters at MDI. So, I am still stumped as to why there is such a vast difference in the experiences various MTs have had with MDI. I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings. That truly was not my intent. I suppose I should consider myself fortunate and head back to my keyboard now.
didn't get it....nm
Tried it, didn't like it
Tried working there twice, both times had accounts with horrible sound quality, both lanier and internet accounts. Another problem was lots of ESLs in hospitals where ESLs did not make up that much of a percentage of the staff -- probably some cherry picking going on as you could skip dictations. Pay was only average as I was part time which for some reason gets paid less than full-time. Platform was alright, very nice staff though.