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Different company but no slow down, swamped but we were before holidays. Nice having work..

Posted By: Transcender on 2007-09-05
In Reply to: Out of Work at TT - crystal salvo

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I have been in this business for years --- holidays are always slow.
I also think, as I stated in my last post, that the 3 cent per line incentive has everyone coming out of the woodwork to work.

I personally work every holidya and have always had a lot of work. You must be on an eScription account, I am on BeyondTXT. eScription accounts for a very small percentage of Transcend work.
What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Sorry.  What I mean is, to be paid for holidays, even if you dont work. Major holidays.

Are you a nice company to work for. nm


Nice company to work for. sm
Pay always on time. Weekends are not required. They do not pay for spaces, but do pay H/F. Line rates are better than average to good.
nice company to work for -----
Mongoose is simple to learn and doesn't seem to have the problems with freezing up and losing jobs that I experienced with Chartscript at my last job.
I'd rather have my 6 paid holidays and nice PTO package at Webmedx sm
than any gift, anyway.
Holidays - Is there any company who pays holidays?

Are there companies (like in the old days) who pay you for Christmas, NY, Thanksgiving, etc., MAJOR HOLIDAYS?



Yes, they do. Nice little company. Plenty of work.
Pay on a weekly basis.  Internet based platform.  I do think they are still hiring.
Very nice company to work for... friendly and
good QA. It is sometimes difficult to get a high line rate though. Not sure why, but maybe because headers and footers are not paid for. They do pay for spaces however. Good Luck in your decision.
No - it is not always slow! Depends on the company and hospital. I have never been slow this time
Slow time is usually in September when everyone is back to work/school from the summer months.

Been doing this 24 years and never slow this time of year. Actually, I am drowning in work - can't keep up.
Former DRC/Acusis MTs - Have you found a company as nice to work for (sm)
as DRC with good software, pay, benefits, etc?   Looks like REALLY good MTSO are few and far between.
Depends on the account. Work on VR lately has been slow. Just like all companies, we have slow times

Honestly though, I have only had 2-3 times in the past 2 years where it was like the other day...no work... It did pick up later but I just think it's important not to make someone think we're overloaded with work all the time. That would not be fair to them if they end up with high expectations.

I'm swamped and want a day off. Please come to work!
Very nice owner, nice work, nice place - sm
the leave you alone.  I left because they do not budge from their pay which was kind of mediocre.  I would go back if I had to because they were extremely nice.
Not sure what account they have you on ...but I'm swamped with work..
I definitely would ask for another account. It is rare that there would not be any work. I work two accounts and sometimes my primary does get low but there is always a backup account. This just doesnt seem right. Even over the holidays, they were screaming for help on the accounts I was on..
What is the best company to go to for IC that is a nice company to work for that has work for you
and also is interested if you want to work part time at some point.
Huh? I am swamped with work.... it is extremely busy.
Are you sure you are talking about the same place????
so far plenty and swamped with work but that is due to new accts and not enough MTs yet so not sure
They DO run out of work a lot, but we have been swamped on my accounts this week nm
Good company, pay on time direct deposit, work usually plentiful, nice coworkers and management has
always been very nice to me.  Incentive for MT over production goals.
My hospital is swamped also - too much work! Can't figure out these companies either. nm
Oh my no! LOTS of work. Didn't have first 15 minutes of Thursday, but swamped outside of that. nm
Maybe it's the accounts your on. I work for MDI-FL and I'm swamped with work..
Sorry.. I had gone through a few days a while back of slower work, but lately especially since over the holidays, it has been crazy.. too much work..
Yes! Nice lady, nice company. nm
Very nice people, nice place to work. nm


Yes, nice QA (and nice people in general), but very little work right now. nm
Looking for paid holidays with a company. n/m
My company only acknowledges 6 holidays per year, and Easter isn't one of them, so no extra pay.
You have to work 3 holidays for them, though. nm
Only 8.5 cpl but only work 4 holidays. Btw, just
As an IC, I do not work holidays.
I do not get holiday pay, so I do not work holidays. That is the reason I am an IC, because I want weekends and holidays off to be with my family.
Re. Holidays and Low/No Work

If you are EMPLOYEE status, this would most likely fall under engaged to work.  If you are required to work the holiday, you must get paid minimum wage each hour you are required to be either actively working or checking to see (ugh!!) if there is any work.  For that matter, holiday or not, if you are at your desk waiting for work & it's your regular shift, you are, in effect, HIRED for that particular shift whether there's work or not.  (Imagine working at a fast food or store or toll bridge - and they told you you'd only get paid if a customer came in & bought something or you were able to collect a toll/fare.  Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?? 

MTSOs have gotten away with such bull for too long.  Like in any other business - no work? TOUGH!!  THEY need to absorb the cost - not the employee.  Most are aware now that WE know what's going on ... and that we have labor law backing us.  Thus, many are being very coy about telling you that you need to work your hours/shift ... any questions are answered in very vague terms. 

What's also is a lot of crap is this business of, Keep checking in/out of your PC to check for work.  BS with capital letters!  I'm either hired to work my regular shift or holiday or I'm not.  What's also messed up with this in/out and check for work business, esp. on a holiday - they require you to work/be available for the holiday, but then turn around and say you don't have to stay at your PC if no work.  But what about my holiday?  Could have had Thanksgiving dinner with family or Xmas with friends - can't go anywhere, but, Oh... you don't have to stay at your computer all day (transl. so we don't have to pay you) - just keep checking in/out.  Yeah, right, enjoy your own holiday, suits! 


Very few MTSOs pay for holidays. Some give you 6 days you can use for holidays or regular PTO, but
As a whole.. nice people to work for, decent benefits but the get off/on the system, work/no work,
is maddening. I couldnt pay my bills or even work the schedule I was assigned. They would ask us not to work until work built up in the evenings and I specifically wanted to work days as I have kids etc. It just didnt work out for me but to each his own. It just seems there has to be a better balance in this business that what is happening.
well, I didn't work between the holidays at all....
so I don't know about that time period, but I didn't have any work at all on Tuesday, 1/3,
anyone else have slowing down of work after the holidays?
Seems slow after holidays.
I always volunteer to work holidays (sm)

at DeVenture, just because I don't have a family and know that if I volunteer to help provide coverage, it may ease up the burdon on someone else who does. 
Gosh, that does sound awful nice of me, but I really do it for the money.    

I honestly don't know if DeVenture REQUIRES it for acute-care level MTs or not though.  Personally, nothing has ever been demanded of me yet, always asked nicely, and it's one of the reasons I'll always brag about this company and it's people.  I just know they are both paid holidays and if you work them you get an hourly rate (which is an average of like 6 weeks of your personal line counts, so it's not an across-the-board rate which is kinda cool) in addition to whatever lines you make for that shift. 


With all the griping about having to work holidays, little or no

PTO, etc., anyone ever thought about just taking a day or two off without pay? You are allowed to take days off you know! IMHO, if you can't afford to take a week or so off without pay, you either need to find a better paying job or save up some cash in anticipation of your vacation. Face it, the healthcare business runs 24/7 and we are an integral part of it. So many MTs want the perfect job, the perfect hours, paid holidays, paid vacations, give me only English speaking docs, etc. How about just be thankful you have a job?

Let the Indians work holidays for OSI
You do not get paid for holidays unless you work them. sm
You do have to work 3 of the 6 recognized holidays. One of those has to be either Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you work Christmas one year, the next you have to work Thanksgiving. If you do not work on the holiday, you have to use PTO if you want to be paid.
They follow the BOS, work the holidays, and they use several
Lack of work is due to the holidays, nothing else (nm)
The Holidays are over - and work is BUILDING!
Hello -

I was concerned about the postings here that we're running low on work. I can safely say that while some of our accounts were low during the holidays, within every region there were exceptions, and secondary accounts were available! Specifically every facility with an ED or Same Day Clinic was swamped! It's now the 8th of January and work has considerably built up now that providers have returned from holiday.

No one in transcription is a stranger to the feast and famine of this industry. It's just part of the game. However, one of our strengths as a company is having diverse accounts! When one is down, another is up. Everyone has the option of a secondary account as a backup, and more if needed/desired.

Transcend continues to grow by leaps and bounds and I'm hiring for two of my growing accounts, a big clinic group and a long-term care facility. We have a new facility going live each week starting this week, and we'll need a lot of extra hands to keep up with the volumes. I know I'm not alone with this growth in the new year! Many other regions are also growing by leaps and bounds!

I encourage you to apply with Transcend and see for yourself. I will keep you busy!

I have 4 accounts, doing all work types, and I usually have enough work but this is the slow time of
year so we are scrambling a little for lines.  Easy platform, paychecks DD, always on time. 
Are you requied to work weekends and/or holidays
That's great.What's the rate?Do you work holidays?
Must work one year and then 5 days off - no holidays
are paid days off. If you chose to take the day off you don't get paid, if you work the holiday usually lines and a half for that day.
I don't work weekends or holidays. MT FOR 10 YEARS
Does Medware require you to work holidays?
Are there any companies that don't work the major holidays? nm