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Do Shapin MTs really only make 6 cpl and QAs make 1.5 cpl?

Posted By: What is the line based on? That makes a difference on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: Clearing things up... - SM


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Your 2 cents is more than Shapin QA make. nm
I doubt you will make enough money in 5 hours a week to make
I make 4 cents a line, work part and make
over $500 a week on part.
Great post! I make 0.085 at Keystrokes and make more than at any sm
other company in the last 5 years. Why? Because there is always work for me. I love starting work each day, knowing that the company I work for appreciates me and has plenty of work. Transtech and Keystrokes sound very similar; those of us that work for either can count our blessings that we are not part of the cesspool or huge corporate mess that makes up the biggest few companies. We do not have to worry about our jobs getting sent overseas and we see a future in this business!!!
Yeah, but we don't make what docs make. nm
But we don't even make what in-house make.
It would be different if we made the same as the in-house MTs.  In a lot of cases, most of the people working in-house make much more including benefits than we do at home as full-time employees.  That's where I think the unfairness comes in.  The in-house employees don't all work every single weekend.  Most of them rotate at a much higher salary and much better benefits.  The MTs at home are expected to fill in for the in-house for less money, less benefits and give more and more back in the form of weekends and holidays.   Most remote MTs only receive benefits contingent on production, and even then they're not nearly as good as in-house benefits.  How is that equal in the healthcare team perspective?
you might want to make sure you don't make yourself look like an IDOT before you go any further.
I make $1.10 per report and make much more sm
than by the line. Day by day it varies and goes back and forth, but over a long period, it is better by the report. Make sure they pay links though; this is key.
Why can't you make money with all OPs? I do all OPs and make
good money.  I'm not with WebMedX though. 
I'm happy with what I make. I still make more than if I went anywhere else and hardly noone in th
biz gives raises so I feel blessed that I make a lot more than most, raise or no raise.
And always make sure you don't make line
counts that amount to anything.  They always place you with impossible ESLs as soon as you start making decent money. 
I make more than that with Spheris but never have work. I would rather make $1.25 and have work. s
My SIL works for KS, and she gets paid double for linked reports too. Where do you get $2.25? I am ready to leave Spheris.
Make sure you have some (sm)

money saved up so when they don't bother to send your paycheck or give you excuses, run out of work constantly or take a long time setting you up, you won't go bankrupt.


Okay, those using DQS, how do you do it? How do you make (sm)
your line count?  How do you everything???  Is Instant Text V Pro anything like Smartype where you key in a few letters and the list comes up?  I'm so stressed from trying to learn this program.  Any, and I mean any, positive pointers you can share would so oh so appreciated!!!  Please help!
Did you make more as an MT or are you
make, not may nt
Well you would still make more if
you typed 15,000 instead of 11,000.
I make even less than that for IC . Nm : (
PS - I make top $$
well over 0.10/line on one a/c. Nobody does 20-25 reports/hr on this 100+ MD a/c.
Why not? Do you think they are just trying to make themselves look better on the
to all the outsourcing talk? It's okay now since they got a bonus?

None of what they make you go SM
through is really worth the job you end up with.  It's a very average place, with average work, average pay.  You can do the same elsewhere without the hassle.
How much do you make (FT or PT)? (sm)

and how are you paid?

see and I say take the IC, just make sure
you have a professional prepare your taxes and find a CPA who is up on at home business laws. I have been an IC for nine years. I get to write off a portion of my mortgage payment, utilities, etc. It works for me.
Me too. I make over $20 but you have to
get in with the right company. Do not let companies undermine QA by accepting positions that lessen our very purpose!

I will not say my company name because needless to say they do not get openings very often and yes they pay hourly.
I make 9.5 cpl as an IC with 27 Y sm
experience. I just started with them.
How is it you don't know what you make?
I know what I make...
I'm just not posting it here.
I make more than that as an MT and am not available 24/7!
MAKE myself
available to the applicants. The companies I have recruited for have told me not to do this, but sometimes you have to. I live on the East Coast and many are from the West Coast. I tell them if they have any questions to call me and I have had people call me as late as midnight with questions. Maybe that is pushing it, but to be honest, the recruiter is the image of the company. If you treat all applicants with respect and with what they say is worth listening to, tell them no question is silly, etc. I also am an MT and a QA person as well as a manager. I know how I want to be treated and I give it back to the applicants.

The job is a good job but it takes a lot of time. You really have to love the job to do it.
I make over $52,000
I love it also. This is with all benefits paid. I have many years in the industry as MT and QA. I definitely do not want to go backwards.
I make more $ doing OPs. nm
Right there with ya...I make 10-12 cpl
No way would i even consider 7
I'm with you -- there are a few that make me sm

want to pull out my hair by the root, but there are those types everywhere, not isolated to one company/account/whatever.

I averaged around 300 lines per hour at my previous company and average that here at TransTech, so I cannot blame them or anyone else when I have a low production day (that's usually because I allow too many distractions). 

Sorry other people are having so many troubles.  I was trained at a teaching hospital with hundreds of new residents from all over every year, so I guess I'm used to it.  When I get any dictator, ESL or EFL, who speaks clearly and can form a sentence, I feel like writing him/her a love note.  (ha)

I used to make that much, too
When my skills and experience were paired with my work, or when I had my own accounts on the side, I used to make really good money and I actually worked 6-8 hour days max. I miss those days. Work AND a life! It's getting more difficult or near impossible to find MT jobs like that anymore, though. Count your blessings, Betty.
I know, not much more....just trying to make myself
I make 9.5 cpl
No bonuses, but I find that I don't need them because it is really easy to get an excellent line count there. The occasionally do offer gift cards for people who volunteer to help out a little extra.
I make around $30 too!!
I refuse to make less than that and I have left companies who don't have the platforms or accounts to make it so.  Anyone who makes less than $30 and hour either does not have the speed, know-how/experience, or are not using their templates, word expanders, macros, autocorrect, to their best.  I am of course talking about once you are used to an account that is and I am only talking about MTs that have experience, not newbies.  I only made $16 my first day, LOL  I'll never forget it but I got to $20 within a month.  We cannot settle in this business with some of these MTSOs paying too little or giving us lousy accounts.  You don't have to settle for that.  You just have to put the time and effort into shopping around and take the best one of the pick and then work like crazy to get used to the doctors, build up your word Expander and templates, etc.....  There are still some good ones, just gotta do the diggin and it takes a lot of research and time let me tell ya.  I do miss the days of gross lines though.  It just makes me want to work that much harder to tailor each template and create more words in my ShortHand to try and match those good days and I have only been MTing for 8 years.  It has changed so much in those 8 years.  I wish I had been doing this outta high school while my girls were little instead of just staying at home.  I would be so much better off now.  I feel we only have a short time left before everything goes over to VR and I refuse to edit, yuck!!  So then it will be back to the drawing board, probably go back to college or try to figure out a way to make money through the internet.  One thing I do to make sure I make my money is I refuse high ESL accounts.  I tried that once and never ever again.  It was a joke.  My income dropped to half.  I can do them no problem, just not 80%-90%.  I'll do maybe 25% which I did for 4 years but that is where I draw the line....
Keep out 30% of what you make to pay The Man and
I make much more doing ops than other
reports. There are very few medications and other things to look up. You tend to have the same surgeons. Most surgeons say the same thing over and over, so expansions and normals are much easier to make. I would much rather do ops all day as opposed to switching back and forth.
Do you really make 78 cpl??
Do you actually make that much?? I can hardly believe it. IF you do, I want to know where. Although, if MTs get paid that high, it's no wonder the Dr fees are so high! Do you mean 7-8 cpl??
I make..
$22/hour as a hospial employee. I will be typing for one of our vendors as a contractor who is also typing for our hospital and I believe I can make more typing by the line as I already know these doctors.
Make it fun
in an odd sort of way.  At this point, after being jerked around by them, I will enjoy whatever time they spend and whatever conversation I have with them.  Besides, how much respect can I have for a company that takes part of their exam directly from a popular online magazine (that's also sent free via snail mail) for MTs?  The answer key was online as well.  I guess this is another insult to me, as they didn't think my research skills would help me to find this?  HAH!!
make that the one in NJ. nm
i allow myself to make...

whatever doesn't push DH and I past 125k a year, we pay too much in taxes after that.

Where do you make that?
I'd like an opportunity to at least submit an application and test there. I seem to be applying to all the places that want to offer next to nothing, demand a high line rate and offer no benefits.
what you make
I appreciate reading all this.  I sometimes think I am the only one who constantly thinks about work even when I have met my line count but I know there is more to be done just sitting there waiting for me.  How refreshing to hear others are the same.  I think transcriptionists must have that OCD/type A personality.  I am on a new job right now that I am loving and because I am on QA I am only alllowed to work 8 to 5 and it has been heaven.  I find myself thinking about working and then I realize I'm not allow to and boy is it nice!!!  We need to give ourselves a break!  
Can I ask how much cpl you make?
I make that...
I average 2000 lines a day in a 6 hour day, so I really make more than $25.00. I work for a hospital account and get thrown all work types and all dictators - FIRST IN/FIRST OUT - but I have never had a problem anywhere I worked making that much after a month or so on an account where I could get my templates built up and my Expanders tweaked.

I'm like the other poster - Don't know how anybody cannot make that much in this profession!
I really don't think you will make
Most of us who make $25.00 plus an hour are doing that by working multiple accounts.  Most of the online companies do not pay more than 10 cpl.  Believe me when I say you will make that if you gain your own accounts and quit working for less money on platforms that are really not user friendly.  These platforms make it easier for online companies to manipulate line counts.  I have experienced this just working for a handful of IC companies.  None was better than any other.  Get your own accounts! 
BUT they CANT MAKE you do it!
And that is why I work for a company, for which I am a TRUE IC. They let me know when there is/is not work. They ask me. They DON'T TELL ME. I bet you wish you were me huh? LOL
How do you QA yourself?? That make no