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E-zines, women and parenting mags, local newspaper.

Posted By: wanna-be writer on 2005-09-23
In Reply to: I have written articles. Where do you submit? - DJ

I have a subscription to writersmarket.com to find places to submit, and there are a few market list databases at other websites.  I'm just starting out again myself after giving it up a couple of years ago.  The few articles I was paid for weren't worth much at all.  I've got a few book ideas I'm working on, too, but I never have time for it.

What have you done with your writing so far?  Do you belong to any writing groups or anything?

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There is a transcriptionist job listed in my local newspaper (sm)
It says fax CV to ---

Does anyone know what CV means? The only think I can think of is maybe Certificate Verification?

Stick to your local newspaper postings
It was during the summer, I think. Maybe you can access old stories from your local newspaper on
Local newspaper ad for Med Trans Inc says it hires it's graduates from an 8 week course (sm)

called Medical Transcription Made Easy.  Wow, suppose their quality and pay are good?  I find it very insulting and sure as heck wouldn't want to work for a company like that.

Anyone ever heard of this company? 

"ONLY a profession of predominantly women would call the other women crazy for wanting the basics
If this were a male-predominant industry, I can guarantee you the companies would be offering more or else they wouldn't have any workers. Men don't stand for the stuff women do. I don't understand why women do not think they are worth a fair wage, decent benefits, and a little vacation time here and there. Many say this is just a part-time gig while they raise a family. Does that mean your time is less valuable? I just don't get it.
Are you going to work for the newspaper too?
Last week in my newspaper was an
article about 2 guys arrested and their bale was set at $10,000. I wonder how many bales of hay that is.
Last week in my newspaper was an
article about 2 guys arrested and their bale was set at $10,000. I wonder how many bales of hay that is.
I wrote this email and sent it to the Toledo Blade newspaper.
Dear Mr. Zerbey:

I wanted to make you and your readers aware of the situation that took place at Heartland Information Services (owned by HCR Manor Care-parent company-Toledo based company) today, Monday, May 8, 2006. In a mandatory conference call (for the chosen employees) Kathy Clemmons, VP of the US based operations and Colleen Neidert, HR Manager promptly told all of the US based medical transcriptionists and some Quality Assurance employees and auditors, that we no longer had jobs with Heartland Information Services. Kathy Clemmons stated that over the past 4 to 6 months Heartland had been looking at ways to become profitable for HCR Manor Care by increasing their business through new contracts with hospitals and physician practices. Apparently, according to Kathy Clemmons, VP, that did not happen and the company decided to look at ways to cut costs. Kathy Clemmons, VP stated that it cost Heartland 5 times more to pay the US based medical transcriptionists versus what they pay the medical transcriptionists in India. So, needless to say, here I am typing this email to you as one of the employees given a permanent layoff as per Colleen Neidert's (HR manager) words in the meeting. All US based MTs are employed until July 7, 2006 at 2:00pm, at which time, all computers are to be turned off and work as a Heartland employee ceases. They are offering the computers that employees used to work on from home offices for an astounding deal of $800. They are going to show the $800.00 on the time sheets as income and then deduct the federal taxes and then we will also be responsible for the state and local taxes on the computer. This is the severance package. Of course, we can opt not to take the computer and send it back.

Noticeably absent from this mandatory conference call was Dennis Paulik, President of Heartland Information Services. I thought that was rather professional and courteous of him. He destroys the lives of hundreds of employees and their families and then does not have the courtesy of firing his own employees! Great guy he is!

How many more jobs are we, as United States citizens going to lose to India or China? How much longer are we going to turn the other cheek? What is it going to take to stop this raping of our own country of jobs and lives for that matter? Who will have the nerve and strength to say enough is enough?

What will the hospitals and physicians' think when they learn that all of their dictation (legal documents in a court of law if there were to be a lawsuit) are being transcribed by nonEnglish speaking individuals? What will the patients of these facilities think? How is the HIPPA law being enforced overseas to protect the rights of patients?

The bottom line is money obviously, for Heartland and HCR Manor Care, but if given a choice, I know without a doubt, the American patient and American physician and hospital and healthcare facilities would choose quality and accuracy 100% of the time over an underpaid, nonEnglish speaking, half the world away individual listening to and transcribing their vital information pertaining to their actual lives in some cases.

I am one of those unfortunate individuals fired today. I worked my heart out for this company as did so many. We worked weekends, holidays, overtime, we worked when others were sick or on vacation or to cover shifts when individuals did not call in to work. We worked and worked, always grateful in the most humble of ways, grateful for our jobs with Heartland.

Heartland, the name itself, the heartland of America, not India, but America, all of the great American cities such as Toledo, Ohio; Madison, Wisconsin; Omaha, Nebraska, and Rockford, Michigan. What will happen to us now? Where do we go from here? Sure, we will all find ways to continue on, we have to, but what about the next company, the next American citizen working hard to live the true American dream, what happens when it continues to happen? Where does it end?

God Bless us all. May we be blessed with great, American based jobs.

I would be most grateful to you if you would place this email on the Editorial page or even the front page of the Toledo Blade. I am a full-blooded American just telling my story and the story of hundreds of others today. May you find it in your heart to hear the cries of the American worker, simply trying to live the American dream, only to be replaced by the Indian worker, trying to destroy the American dream.

Thank you for listening not only to me, but I hope my words expressed what so many of us former employees are feeling tonight here in the Heartland of America.
How do you know they are just training WOMEN?  LOL  See, that is part of the problem with this industry...everyone assumes only WOMEN do the work.
What are the initials of these 2 women. I think I know but not sure. Why do they keep them.
Is that the one that is so proud of being run by all women?
women dominated?

I don't know, maybe would be better.  When I began, pay scale was great -- could make a VERY good living.  I think it is more the mergers and free trade agreement and little government regulation that is bringing us down.  Lots of men in factory work have been plunged into poverty by corporate greed.



Yes, I believe the MT industry has gone all out, especially the home-based, in exploitation of women.  These MTSOs are pushing to get by with as much as they can.  How many guys do we see now as MTs?? There used to be a fair number of men doing transcription ... no more.  Maybe these guys got wise a long time before we ever will.  Women have always gotten the dirty end of the stick in the work force, but the MT industry has carried it to extremes, making demands they wouldn't make in any other industry... lower salaries, being manipulated re. schedules and hours, cheated on line counts, unpaid demographic work, etc. etc. etc.  I could go on and on.  It will stop when we make it stop.... sadly, there are MTs who so desperately need the income they'll put up with it. 

matronly women.............
I am not there yet, but I know already now that I am going to enjopy those 'golden years' or do my best to do so.
Already now I would not like to go 1 day back.

Yeah, they don't want women...
dressing likes prostitutes in their country.  Can you blame them?  Look at how some American women dress...and this is what we call 'freedom.'  It's pathetic!
Some women who've gone to the UAE have
Another nosy one fighting with me over nothing! You women (?)
jump in threads and fight with the wrong person!! Aren't you embarassed? Can you follow conversations in real life? I doubt it! I'm not talking about computers or anything - I'm on Busy MTings side, really.  We're having a fine conversation, in case you hadn't stuck your nose in the full thread!!  I'm not the bozo worrying about whose computer she's using and that nonsense. AND YES I WORKED FOR SPHERIS!!  HORRIBLE! JUST ANOTHER MONSTER NATIONAL! And I work for MQ - YUCK.  But it pays the bills, though that is another story all together!  When you nosy posters who jump in a thread decide to jump in and bash, why not pick an intelligent fight with the correct person?  You make no sense and look like more of a jerk than you obviously think I am!!  Sorry, too, not a blonde!  Black as the Ace of Spades - wanna fight about my hair??
Yah - a couple women got rich, and we all got -nm
That comment was very degrading to women.
Nagging, whining WOMEN!!!
Exactly why I choose to work at home!!!!
You said it! Women defined careers just don't pay
no respect.....men would never put up with the crap we do
Women in bathrobes unite! Puhleeze...
Men always minimize women's problems. I would DUMP

ahh com'on, peope (women) don't stitck together
I did note something on MTStars Job seekers, Transcription Express had an ad (I did not see another one a few below this one) but in the newer ad, gave her email and said use this one as she had no replies, guess she figured they did out go through on the board. So later I clicked on the first ad. It offered 7 cents (THUS, I would guess nobody was biting) HOO RAY) That is how to get the rates up but nobody will. Look how they accept 3-4 cents a line on VR. Pitiful.
ahh com'on, people (women) don't stitck together
I did note something on MTStars Job seekers, Transcription Express had an ad (I did not see another one a few below this one) but in the newer ad, gave her email and said use this one as she had no replies, guess she figured they did out go through on the board. So later I clicked on the first ad. It offered 7 cents (THUS, I would guess nobody was biting) HOO RAY) That is how to get the rates up but nobody will. Look how they accept 3-4 cents a line on VR. Pitiful.
ahh com'on, people (women) don't stitck together
I did note something on MTStars Job seekers, Transcription Express had an ad (I did not see another one a few below this one) but in the newer ad, gave her email and said use this one as she had no replies, guess she figured they did out go through on the board. So later I clicked on the first ad. It offered 7 cents (THUS, I would guess nobody was biting) HOO RAY) That is how to get the rates up but nobody will. Look how they accept 3-4 cents a line on VR. Pitiful.
Are you women or little girls? Free speech..
is just that. My opinion is allowed here as is yours; remember, they are OPINIONS.
HOW TRUE...from romance to finance, women are the first...
to sell each other out. At least men have their 'man code' even when it doesn't make great sense to me. The same man that will cheat on his wife would NEVER sleep with his best friend's wife...go figure.

Men will at least stand up and say I will not be treated like this and damn the consequences while women tiptoe around hoping things won't get any worse. My biggest problem is the corporate suits, mostly male, get this and do use it against us.
why and what kind of women 'flaunt' their bodies?...sm
This is the question. Why do they flaunt their nice bodies?
Is this to entice men? Running around half-naked and then they wonder when they get raped.

BTW, I have a very nice body, but I do not flaunt it, this is a very risky behavior.
Again, lonely women in need of male attention, whether the guy's into females or not
but that's just me. THat goes for the so junior high comment below. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them immature. You have your opinion, I have mine. Deal with it.
Sure do agree with you WORKING women set a good example for kids and
SCHOOL and DAY CARE never replace a mother. A 2 person family with a stay at home mom does not make a great kid. I see messed up kids from stay at home families all the time, the wealthier they are sometimes, the more entitled and into alcohol and drugs the kids turn out. A child sees the mother providing for them and it makes them feel loved and secure. I do not want my daughter to be a stay at home mom. I was her to have a career and to always have confidence and to be able to support her family whether there is a husband or not. Not all husbands make enough to keep a family going. Some people are just very narrow minded.

of course men don't work for free; and they typically get paid better than women
and they are definitely jerks - all of them - they suck and they know it, and we are not impressed
That is terrible. You know, those women have no idea how to handle all these big university accounts
that are moving up there. They are very very wrong about some of the things they do and it seems like they really dont know as much as they would like you to think they do. That is absolutely disgusting that they did that. I hope that MT reported them to anyone in New Jersey they could find. I would have taken that as far as I could have if I would have been her to the CEO. That is just horrendous. My goodness, why does MQ continue with them. I believe firmly if you make enough calls you will find someone that is willing to listen and take the info where it needs to go I believe that.
Go Local
I would not consider editing unless the pay reflected my experience as an MT. Editors spend a lot of time cleaning up the garbage.

I think you have to go local for that.
I don't know of any that pay hourly for MT work. Many do for QA work, but not for MT.

I know around here many of the local hospitals do that, but it's usually MTs that have been with their hospital for a certain period of time. They don't hire from outside to work at home.

Also look at local
While most local comapanies have an onsite group they will sometimes hire people who have worked out of their homes for years. If you are moving from Transcend submit your resume to local recruiters and find out if there is a temp agency in your area that does transcription based companies. A local physician group still uses me per diem and while they have onsite if I need to they also support offsite - it saves them some money because they don't have to support your equipment!

Just be aware, VR is the wave of the future. My guess is that in 10-20 years everything will be run through VR and nothing will be transcribed from scratch...of course if we all stand together and demand more money than they are currently offering the market will eventually succumb :)
I know...it's sad..I used to love it at MQ when we had a local

office but everything has changed so and I just HAVE to make more money!  Good luck to all MQers looking elsewhere!

Local hospital - sm
I loved Medware until they started sending so much of their work to Medware India. I spent my days editing the offshore work.  Its incredibly frustrating.  It doesn't matter how much feedback you give, the same errors are made. A person cannot go day after day after day doing that without getting down. I made the decision to leave and have been so much happier.  I only have to worry about my own quality now. 
local offices

what is the best way in getting starting for working for local doctors?  Get business cards made up, show them a resume?  I have often thought about this and afraid to take the leap.  is this reliable work?  I'm sure they can let you go whenever they want but I guess that's the case anywhere.    please, any info would help.

I agree - go local. (nm)
Local Hosptials in GA


I reside in ATL and wondering if by chance if anyone knew who handles the transcription for Atlanta Medical Center, Grady Hospital, St. Josephs Hospital and any other local hospital here. I seem to can't get anywhere by calling. I am a newbie and is not having the best of luck with MTSOs right now. Any help would be very much so appreciated. Thank you.

I had a local MTSO try to do that to me...
...I was ready to sign the contracts after meeting with them in person, until I heard I'd have to pay a one-time nonrefundable charge due lump sum for $600.00 for the FTP software. To add further insult to injury, they also advised me they didn't pay for spaces and required me to transcribe a minimum of 1200 lpd.

I couldn't run out of there fast enough.

What would I do with their FTP software if I quit? It would be useless to me, and I'd have paid for it.

I steer clear of companies asking me to pay for use of their software, I'd suggest you do the same.
Call your local DOL

You are entitled to minimum wage if you are an employee.  So make sure you are punching a time clock or otherwise keeping track of your hours and your pay.

You can also file for partial unemployment.


That s/b local OR 800#. no text
gourdie - do you have a local - sm
news station that exposes these type of injustices? they love the david vs goliath type of stories...
Our two local hospitals do just that.

Management is at the hospital.  MTs have a choice to work at their medical records departments or work remotely from home.  Benefits are excellent.  Health insurance rates are very reasonable.  Pay is hourly - guess what, always on time.  They are always offering CPR classes free, movie tickets and group travel plans at discounts.  ACTUALLY GIVE RAISES. 

I would love to see all hospitals go back to this.  More personal employment, keep it local, smaller group of docs that we actually might know, not as much BS as working for an MTSO.  I think this gives the MT back their feeling of being a professional and  the hospitals treat us fairly, like an employee and no BS about OT and line rates.  Enough already with the greedy MTSOs who can't seem to get their act together with their overhiring, then low work, no work, then begging for help if you stay and most everyone else leaves. 

Our local hospital...
has closed the entire top floor, and the nursing students from the local college are lucky to get 1 patient for their clinicals. They are asking the older seniority nurses and other personnel to retire early. Another hospital has the healthcare workers down to 32 hours per week. I am in OH, and my area is really bad economy-wise.
Do you work for local doctors?
If you do, how many do you work for to make that kind of money?  Do you charge $.15/line?  Thanks.
One more thing to consider: Local taxes

Don't know about you, but I have a local tax I think it's 1.5%, where I live.  They don't deduct that from my pay like my state and federal taxes are deducted. I asked them to but they refused.  So I'm going to have to come up with that money next year to pay my local tax.  I can't afford to save it now.  Those of you who have a local tax whrere you live better check your pay stubs and make arrangements. 


Look through the yellow pages of your local

phone book and call agents that offer health insurance.  Make several calls.  I did this when we needed private insurance and each call I made I got a lower premium, although every company had the very same insurance.  Celtic is what we found to be the lowest.  We no longer have this insurance as we have insurance through DH job, but we had no existing conditions, no regular meds, nonsmokers, so I'm not sure if these were covered.   I'd keep calling about COBRA.  The company has to offer it.   If you go 45 days without insurance and have a pre-existing condition you are in trouble, unless things have changed since we got insurance.  There is a temporary insurance through Fortis that is very cheap, but the deductible is very high and it doesn't cover pre-existing conditions.

I'd stay away from the association for the self-employed or whatever it is called.  When I called them their rates were double what I could get a private policy for and it was the same insurance.