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Posted By: Maddy on 2006-05-09
In Reply to: iChart information - Bea

I've used ExText in the last 2 jobs I've had, and we have a shortcut program, ESP, which is easy to use.  I had a hard time learning ExText for a few weeks, but the training at the first company was not very good.  Now I'm very comfortable with it.

Just know that starting a new job has pressures, so just keep on asking questions until you get it.

I do enjoy being able to search the old charts.  Today I had to look up the dictator's old charts and then the patient's old charts, but I found what I wanted.

If you want to post your email, I'll be glad to help you get started.  My new company has excellent instructions and tips.

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9cpl and 11 cpl for weekends. Use ExText. My ExText version wasn't compatible with theirs
I just wonder what companies use EXText as a transcription platform?  If you've worked on it, did you like it?  Is it  MT friendly?
If you are referring to Dictaphone EXTtext, it is basically transcribing in Word only it has it's own Expander (you cannot use SmartType and other Expanders with it.) It is user friendly and works quickly.

I used IT with EXText, too.
OSi uses EXText...nm
Could you tell me about the EXtext? I have a chance to switch from Merit to that, what do you think about it? I really like Merit so I don't know what to do.
I have never used Merit, but I have heard from my team leader that the MTs who use it like it.  I was using EXText for the past 2 years and like it fine, very happy that Medware could get me started in 1 day and save all of my Expander file.
OSi uses it.
I have worked on Dictaphone's EXText platform for 5 years, for 2 different companies, and I love it.
OSI and Intellitype
What is the name of the company and do you still work for them? I am about ready to accept a job, but it seems like I do remember her saying something about ExText. If everything you are saying is true, I don't know if I should go to work for them. Now I'M IN A PANIC!! Plus, everything else about the job sounded too good to be true. So maybe that's because they use ExText? PLEASE REPLY as I need to get back to them soon.
I personally really like working with ExText.  No problems in about 2-1/2 years.  I don't know what your question, do they really take 30%, means but assuming you mean the ExText program, then my production is just as good with it as it has been with any other program.  Believe me I would notice if my production went south;  that happened with XX Company on DQS.  Very occasionally it seems to be a little slow loading jobs but the only time I ever have to really wait on it is if I have a couple of really short reports in a row, otherwise 2 jobs stay in my que all the time.  Good luck which ever way you decide to go.
I'm not the poster you were responding to, but IMHO ExText is not really better or worse than most other platforms I've worked on and that's been a bunch.  The exception it DQS.  At the time I worked on it DQS totally sucked but then I know there are people who say they love it.  I'm not exactly a computer whiz so I suppose different companies using ExText could probably make it function different ways.  My experience with ExText is the demos pop right in and you go directly from there to the typing screen, Ctr end ends the job and brings up the next demo screen and so on.  Couldn't be much more simple.

I really like ExText.  It is very user-friendly.  My line counts with TT are consistent with those from other companies I have worked for in the past that used a different platform.  I would suggest you contact the person that hired you regarding your concerns about ExText and let them explain the way it works, i.e., what you are paid for and what you are not paid for, and any other questions you may have. 

ExText rip off
I work in extext with breitner's and we dont get paid for headers/footers either.....  we look up referrals, etc. After I type a document, I click on tools, and chose word count and I keep track of my counts myself.  I get paid for the full body of the reports, but no heads/foots......  to me, 30% is BS.  How long have you worked with this company??? 
EXText rip off
I work for Breitner too. Do they take 25% off your total line count? I am still waiting for my first real 2 week paycheck to see what the reduction is. Only been there about 6 weeks now.
TransTech does .....so far no problems.
You say the ExText you use does not allow SmarType but has its own built in expander. Is it an Expander that you have to start from scratch? I, too, use ExText and would like to use SmarType in MS Word. I hate the built in expander for the simple reason you have to start from scratch. With SmarType, there were already a lot of words/phrases loaded and you just had to add to them. Plus my expander will not automatically back up a space, as in if you needed to put a period in. Is yours the same? PLEASE reply as I am considering buying SmarType for MS Word for $195.00, but I really don't have the money.
Does anybody know how to find out if a company uses a particular transcription platform?  I have been trained on Dictaphone EXText and would like to use it again.  How do I find the companies that use it???? 
OSi uses EXText
Used Extext and DQS

It would probably help if you named the actual programs.  I have worked with both Dictaphone EXText and Docuscribe (DQS) on the same PC with no problems whatsoever.  The key is having a lot of memory, making sure all of your operating system software is up to date, keeping your folders cleaned out, etc. 

Be selective on your KVM switch if you have to get one and routers, too.  I have used a Linksys KVM with audio for 2 years now and LOVE it.  Never had a single problem.  Good luck with the 2nd job. 

It is ExText.
I e-mailed you the company name. I had to sign some confidentiality stuff, and I can't remember if that includes what software they use.
Not all Dictaphone Extext come with Stedman's.  I use it and I have my OWN Stedman's dictionary....so NO ... it depends on the company you are working for
Anyone ever type on this system?  Is it user friendly?  Is the line count fair to MTs?
Any info on this platform?  Some can be manipulated (line counts).  I know this for a fact and used to work for a company that did this.  Any chance of this happening on this system or is it fair?
I worked on ExText when I worked in-house, and I loved it. I verified my line counts, and they were set at 65 CPL. Very MT-friendly program in opinion.
If you know how to really use extext
Charts in Time uses
CIT uses EXText...sm
I'm a very happy camper with them.  They treat us like people.  (I think the people there are hilarious, too.) 
Anyone have trouble getting lines on this system?  Im about ready to toss in the towel.  Impossible to get anymore than 900 lines per 8 hour shift, maybe 1000 if you don't go to the bathroom and take no breaks.  This is ridiculous!! 
I liked everything about ExText....sm
...except that. Yes, when I worked with that system there were some percentage errors that I found, meaning that at times there would be a 12 or 22 % difference in what I was coming up with.

Also, the document screen with ExText (where I worked) took soooo long to check and double-check to get into the document that I found it very, very time consuming. You had to be very, very careful to get the right visit, date of service, etc.

I would say, Hang in there, maybe you're just having a bad night!

Good Luck!
Literally strips all the headers and footers, hidden code in Word. Thats why the count is off. Sneaky little trick they learned isn't it? Thats why our lines are so low.
More on ExText
I've also had problems making line count. The few times I've made line count, I've had to 10+ hours. Love the gals/guys there, but I can't make a living wage. It's pitiful when you have to borrow money from your 84 y/o mom just to pay the electric bill.. SUX!!!
The last company I worked for said I could not access the line count in the program itself because it didn't count headers and footers. The Ichart website was always hours and hours behind as well. I could type for hours and then have my line count trickle in a little at a time, the result? anywhere from 500-800 lines every time even though I had typed for hours and I am fast. I feel like I was ripped off to say the least by this system.
Can anyone give me the pros and cons to using ExText.  Having a difficult time coming up with any decent lines here!  Thanks in advance.
I use Extext and ESP
When I search for archived samples, I will save reports (without patient info) from the read-only report that I don't need right then to my own PC and when the dictator comes up again I often have the sample on my PC and don't have to start all over again looking in the archives. It takes an extra few seconds to do that but saves more than a few seconds when that type of surgery comes up again. If you use ESP you know what I'm talking about.
and I LOVE it!
The way lines are counted vary from company to company as I am told by Dictaphone. I have worked on an Extext platform for 2 companies where I worked and worked my fingers to the bone and got a very low line count. The session statistics was disabled. I now work for a company who has this enabled and I see my statistics in the program itself report by report and not on the Dictaphone website. I am very pleased working on this platform, its great, and I am happy with my line count.
I work on ExText and I don't have to fill in any demographics on the patient unless the doctor puts them in wrong; then I have to look them up. Are there different ways of setting this up in ExText? 
Is ExTest anything like DocQscribe?
I don't suppose I would be able to somehow transfer my Expanders before I send computer back to MQ?
TT uses ExText, not sure if there are others. nm
I am also on ExText

and I didn't have any trouble picking it up.  I like being able to look up old reports without relying on my PS or anyone else to get around to getting me samples.  I was terrified to leave MQ because I started there right after graduation, but I will be forever grateful for all I learned there.  I just finished my second week at my new job and I have gotten great feedback from QA about my work, which I owe to MQ as well as the course I took. 

Don't be afraid to look elsewhere just because of the platform.  Everything new takes getting used to, but so far it has been worth it:  Less stress, more money, paid holidays. 


They are with Extext
In some cases you can do ctrl-I and get the line counts or there may be an ichart line counting system or another line counting system. Amphion should have told you where to verify your line counts during training.
DQS to ExText
I also went from DQS to ExText about 7 weeks ago. It takes some getting used to, and DQS is definitely smoother and easier, but I am back up and actually do more lines now than I did with MQ, so just give yourself some time.
People Support use ExText. The manager is great! I found it time-consuming using the ExText but if you like it, they're a good company.
You are not alone! I use the same platform and it is SO annoying. Very slow.
it is not the software that is slow. It is the network/internet connection being used. If too many people are on system dictating and transcribing, there is probably not enough bandwidth to handle all the traffic. Hospital I work for just upgraded their cable connection, and it runs super fast now. Now when it slows down it is because my kids are on internet, downloading, etc, and they are slowing down our home connection. Once they stop downloading, speed goes back up.
BTW, It's EXText.
FYI, there can be only 1 instance of EXText/Transnet installed at a time. The only allowable dual instance install of EXText would be if a different wav/sound application than TransNet player were to be installed in conjunction with EXText.

FYI, you cannot contact Ex-Text, as EXText is not a company. EXText was a Dictaphone product which was developed several years ago, Nuance bought Dictaphone, hence, all grandfathered (old) software applications. If you visit the customer service web site for Nuance, you need a company or facility ID in order to log in and research any relevant information, as visiting the web site as a 'guest' affords very little information upon search. The best way to get EXText info is to do a web search for EXText, and click on the university hospital or other academic-related links, because those are the only sites you will find any usable information.