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Explain that you accepted the job

Posted By: Mrs. Trump on 2006-04-02
In Reply to: My rate of pay was changed, should I move on? - MTnobody

on their initial offer, since they went back on that you decided to stay with your old job. If they really want you, maybe they will go ahead with the what they promised you in the first place.

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I just accepted a job with them
they have been very nice so far, I will keep you posted. I think the pay is dependent upon your experience. Eligible for benefits after 90 days.
I just accepted a job there.
My only scare is the strict schedule and sticking to assigned hours. I have been very lucky with this in the past. Does anyone who has worked for Spheris know how long it takes to move into a better schedule, days?
And you accepted it ...
This sounds like made up accusation. No MT ever lets an MTSO get away by shorting them. Sorry do not buy it.
I just accepted a job with them (sm)
Recruiter is very helpful in answering any/all questions.  The company is sounding like a good fit for me.  I can't wait to begin.  Good luck!
I just accepted a job with them (sm)
They are supplying the foot pedal, I am responsible for the computer equipment. I previously worked on eScription, which is the platform for the account I'll be working on. It is very easy to use and I made more money doing a combination of speech recognition editing and standard transcription than doing straight transcription at my previous job, even with a lower cents-per-line rate than DeVenture is paying. And I'm a good productive transcriptionist, so in my opinion eScription is great! Good luck.
I accepted a job offer from
Transcend and the incentive plan looks excellent.
Just accepted a position with TH...
and then I read the post below. Are all MTs with TH having trouble getting work? Just wondering...
I just recently accepted...
A position with them.  Did you interview with them, and ask these questions?  It is supposed to be a good company to work for.  Their QA is supposed to be good; I heard their strict, but you will learn things quick.  There line count is a daily 1200.  As far as the hours worked, they expect you to work your full shift; this is very important to them; they strive on dependability and quality.  You can E-mail if you wish.
I have accepted an offered with them as QA also. nm
I have accepted an offer from them as QA also. nm
I just accepted an offer with them and

They really do sound too good to be true.  I had been away from this board for about 9 months and just happened upon the posts regarding them last week.  The one that really caught my eye was (a few pages down) the MT who posted that they are a bright spot in a dim MT universe.  After reading that, I sent in my resume.....and have just accepted a position with them.

If I had not been offered employment with them, I would have asked how long they keep resumes on file for consideration and when that time period is up, if I had not heard from them, I would then re-submit my resume.

I will post again in the future with an objective assessment the company and their treatment of MTs.  My motto is always - If it sounds too good to be true (you know the rest!!).

Also, FYI, I have over 30 years experience, specialize in acute care with OPs being my favorite, and also have extensive ESL experience with a variety of dialects.

Thank you. I accepted the position. nm
just accepted a job with Transcend
...and I can't wait to start! I'm glad to hear you like it so far.
Same here. I've accepted.
I'm anxious to get started.
Ok...same here. I've accepted as well...
I can't find anything at all, but I haven't gotten any negative feelings towards her at all.  I also got an offer from TTD, but I HAVE heard lots of negative things about them and was wondering which one I should turn down.  I think I'm going to go with TMI as well.  I'm anxious to get started.  I hope it all turns out well!
I accepted yesterday
I applied on their website Monday and received an email, then a phone call from the recruiter.  We spoke for almost an hour, all my questions were answered and they sound like a good company.  I had to complete a sheet about my computer and the recruiter said he wanted to discuss accounts with the team leader.  I sent my form back in and he called as scheduled yesterday morning.  The ER account sounds like I will have plenty of work and I accepted.  I then got an offer letter by email and hiring paperwork that I am working on today, I start Monday and just can't wait.  They use Chartnet and from what I have researched that is a productive platform.  I have never had such a professional or prompt response from a company and look forward to having steady work.     Lee.
Apology accepted :-)
just received and accepted a sm
offer from Landmark Transcription.  So far, they sounded most like the company that would fit me.  i want to be an IC and only want part-time so it works for me.  Thanks for all the tips everyone puts out there on companies.  There is more positive about Landmark than negative.  I am anxious to get starte again.
I just accepted a position with WMX to get away sm
from the Q.  I wasn't told about this submission rate thing.  Am I jumping from one fire to the next.  Does anyone know if Transtech has any policy like this.  Maybe I should give them a try.
Accepted an offer too...sm

for part-time, but I am not quitting my current job yet.  I am going to test the waters first. 

If you accepted the position -
Why are you coming here to hear negative things about it?   Why not be happy with your position and not anticipate something horrible happening.   Sure, some people will tell you it is great (not likely on this board), but feel confident in your decision and don't worry about it.   Just because someone couldn't handle a position and couldn't make any money, doesn't mean you won't!   Also, get ready to hear about how they outsource.   Tired of that dead horse!   Who cares!   Congrats on your new job - now go do a great job!  
I just accepted an offer from MedWare and I am

Since she/he has accepted this position and is happy about it - sm
you should keep your opinion to yourself.
offered and accepted 9 cpl a few days ago...
with 5 years experience. Agree that cpl is based upon which account you're on.
My resume was just accepted and test sent
and info said $12 to $15 depending on test results - and apparently I bombed on the test... I'm a little stunned to be honest... I'm not cocky but I double checked my answers - wondering if it was timed?  If so I definitely timed out. 
I recently accepted a position
with Zylomed.  This was the second time that I had been contacted by them - the first time I left several messages both through email and by voice mail but never received a response back.  This time I left one message and received a phone call.  They were actually pretty quick about sending my new hire packet, reference material and so forth (through email).  It has been quite troublesome though trying to get a time set up with training.  We did try once but it was determined that my foot pedal wasn't compatible with their platform so I am now waiting on that to arrive in order to set up another time for training.  It's very hard for the ONE person they have that does all the training/hiring of new employees since he is also responsible for setting up all the MTs with the new platform they are switching too.  I just hope it gets better (I'm being optimistic that it will).  I understand how hard it can be out in the real world work force and try to keep that in mind.  Just my two cents worth. 
They have called me but I had just accepted another position, but
the caller ID on the phone shows up as Synthescribe and NOT AAmT.
Exactly - that's why I accepted the other position I had been offered.
Accepted an IC Position- Looking for Some Info/Help

Hello! I hope I've got this on the right board (if not, please e-mail and advise me of where it would be better posted). I've just accepted a position as an Independent Contractor, and I would like some input on what this really entails as far as deducting taxes and social security. How do you determine what amount to take out, when/how do you pay those taxes? If I was eligible for a tax refund as an employee, will I be eligible for a tax refund as an IC? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Apology accepted. No harm done. sm
LOL-I could never be management! I would turn everything upside down,get rid of this and that and him and her and spread the work around evenly, which is what should be done. There is a lot of lopsided fairness there.
Price fixing does not need to be accepted and should not
I see, 5, 6, 7, 8 and should not be accepted. Get your calculater out. Figure out what that would be per hour. Com'on this is a highly highly skilled profession, not just anybody can do it, takes year YEARS and you never know it all, never.
I passed the test and accepted a position
and have been quite happy with Medware.  My old service paid by way of snail mail, so now having direct deposit has been a big plus for me.  I like my team leader and using EXText has kept my line counts high.  I also have their insurance plan, it's United Healthcare and my family doc is on that plan.  Overall, I hope to stay with Medware as they really seem to care about me.  I also like the monthly newsletter they send out, it's the little things that set them apart from my old service.  Good luck to you.
Thanks so much for the wonderful advise. I accepted the position.
I just recently quit Amphion and accepted sm

offer from Axoltol.  Amphion has been requesting OT for weeks and weeks from everyone.  As of yesterday, my 2 accounts were out of work.  They need to request the OT only on a couple of accounts, but since they are having everyone work OT, several accounts are low.  The way they manage their accounts is just odd, IMHO.  I have been trying to get an answer for days about sending back the puter and still no answer.

I did accept offer from Axoltol.  I would think that having so many new accts coming in is a good thing!  They seem very well organized.  I emailed about when my computer would be here as I am going out of town and didn't want to miss the shipment.  I got a phone call within 30 minutes.  She checked on the date and even offered to give a tracking # if I wanted.  I thought that was very nice!

I start Monday.  I can post next week to give you any info on how things are going if you wish.

I accepted a position with a company last week. sm

How long does it take usually for a company to get you into training and typing after just being hired?  A week from your acceptance? Two weeks?   I'm waiting for equipment to arrive now. 


I accepted a position with a company last week
I was able to set up an appointment to start training after my software and equipment arrived also.  It was approximately 2 weeks after being hired on.  Don't get to worried.  They still have to run business as usual and it takes time getting training schedules and software set up.  I am so thankful that I switched from MQ .  I have been with my new company for 6 months now and wondering why the heck I didn't leave earlier.  Good luck. 
I had no idea when I started - the reason I accepted
was that she had an acct I had worked on before and loved it. I got in touch with them, knew nothing really about the company per se. I really make what I think is a very good salary but then again what one does is not what another does as far as line count. I happen to be extremely fast and can really yo-yo on my account. I have no complaints at all about the type of work - only the part about the lateness and this is really the first time for me. Had also not heard about some previous posts about business ethics.
Me too, but I had just accepted a job with TransTech Wednesday. Too funny!
My phone experience was so bad with the owner I never accepted the job! sm
Usually they are at least nice in the beginning. Not her. Rude as could be and impatient. Complaining to me how they cannot find good people. RUN!
I was offered a position, originally accepted it, but
than changed my mind.  They told me it would be about 2 weeks before I could work, but the account I was going to be working on was acute care and they needed to get me cleared through the hospital to be able to access their system and then I would have to go through setup.  The account I was offered as internet based - I think Dictaphone ExText. 
Accepted a position with Focus Infomatics....
they sent me the Dictaphone footpedal, Stedmans Spellchecker, Electronic drug reference and Stedman's electronic dictionary.  Its been going on 2 weeks, and have not heard anything else.  I emailed HR a week ago, and they sent me a message that said  Iím sure that the recruiter had informed you that the hire date given doesnít necessarily mean that it is the date you will start; the process can be lengthy.  I informed the platform  that you were ready for installation but please know that they may be overloaded.  Anyone else had this problem? They must do a lot of hiring and installations.
Great ... I just accepted a position with them. Guess this should sm
prove interesting ... LOL. 
I think it's great the 3 of us got a good feeling and accepted....
Good luck to all of us who choose to accept the offer.

So, I just accepted a position with MDI-FI. Are there really people running out of work?
I need to know. I turned down a job at a hospital to accept this job at MDI because the pay was better, but if you do not have work, then there is no money so I might have been better off taking the hospital job...
I accepted their offer and gave a 2-week notice
Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. It really can't be worse than my present job.
Thanks for your input... I accepted the offer from Keystrokes today! :-) nm

I interviewed with them and accepted a position yesterday. Before the interview, sm
I received an email that spelled out their pay scale, approximate insurance rate for singles, etc.  The recruiter was great and answered all of my questions.  I have seen a lot of positive posts about the company, so I think (well, am hoping) I made a good choice. Good luck in whatever you decide! 
What do you think a good gift would be from an MTSO? I am curious what would be a well-accepted gif
Let's be realistic and realize that most companies can't send out $500 to each employee if they have more than a few to send to, but maybe if we get some good ideas, we have something to start with and/or build on.

One reason I stopped sending gifts for Christmas, MT Week, birthdays, etc is that so many people complained about what they got that it made it more stressful to send anything at all and quite depressing to put time, thougt and money into something I thought was good only to be ridiculed.

I would love some suggestions for the future!
So glad to hear all the positive feedback and I also accepted a position with them
Took a long time for me. They called after I had accepted and started another job, so about 2 months
Please explain what that should tell me.
I'm thinking of applying with Spheris.  I also know someone who works for Transcend and was offered a job with Spheris.  I don't want either of us to make a mistake.