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Hey! Too busy with Thanksgiving and company

Posted By: RadGuy on 2005-11-26
In Reply to: How was everyone's Thanksgiving?? Ours was great!! Now onward to CHRISTMAS!!!! - PathGuy


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Busy does not mean disorganized. I would rather work for a busy company sm
than one with no work. I started with Keystrokes 3 months ago and it is the best thing I ever did. I have a steady paycheck and plenty of work.
Thanksgiving week
Please don't judge the company on these latest weeks. Docs love to go away on vacation during Thanksgiving because their children are out of school. They are like the rest of us. Except, when they get back they get delinquent notices and all of a sudden you are typing tons of reports to catch up so they do not get suspended. All will balance out. Especially if the company was highly recommended. Keep the other job for Christmas money, but I bet my paycheck (or at least a portion) that this next week and then after Christmas you will wish you had a break! No matter what you do, good luck and enjoy the holidays because when January comes you will probably be very busy at work!
Still have to work on Christmas or Thanksgiving
alternating years, one year Christmas, the next year Thanksgiving and that is in addition to NY Day and Fourth of July and Labor Day. It's depressing. Especially to work on Christmas. I worked on Thanksgiving and after that I said never again. I missed seeing my family and I live 2 hours away from where Thanksgiving would be celebrated. No way was I going to still be at Medscribe when it was time to work Christmas.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! To those of working and those of us not. (sm)

I am up and at it early, having our Thanksgiving dinner at 5:30 so turkey can cook while I make some much needed Xmas money. 

Hope you all have a good one.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?? Ours was great!! Now onward to CHRISTMAS!!!!
I hope all is well with everyone and that everyone enjoyed their holiday!  This is just a note to wish everyone good health, wealth and long life!  Live each day to the fullest as none of your tomorrows are guarantted to you!  And may each and every one of your dreams come true!  Take care everybody!  Hey RadGuy....where are you???  Haven't heard from you in a while!
I think it depends on the account. I always work Thanksgiving sm
Mem Day, Labor Day and New Year's Day and have 4th of July, Easter, Christmas Eve and Christmas off. This is what I volunteer to work, so that might be how all the accounts work. I do radiology so that is why we work holidays.

I am very interested to see the list.  Thank you.

Slow is normal from Thanksgiving through New Year's. (nm)
If you are of Thanksgiving, you work Christmas and vice versa..
Thanksgiving is weeks away, yet no work on TransTech this morning. sm
I have 2 accounts, with no work on either.  I used to think they cared, but now I am not so sure. If there is no work now, I have to think the closer it gets to Thanksgiving, it will really be awful. 
Sorry. No nerve struck. Just my bad post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas stressed
out mood.
Litt to no work since Thanksgiving, slow time and overstaffed too????nm


I didn't sign up to work Thanksgiving, but I will in the evening for a while at least. I heard s
that so many MTs want to work the morning hours that there will be almost no MTs to cover any evening work. I heard like only about 1.2 MTs per account. If there is work, I'll have it to be sure.
I encountered slow to no work the weeks preceding Thanksgiving and several days after but the past
few days it has picked up. Can I ask which account/accounts your on? I think that makes a difference. Mine are part f the Escription platform. I honestly got really ticked a few weeks ago when we had no work and they were still hiring. For one, it's bad enough when we have to share some of our work with the Indians, but how fair it is to hire these poor people who think they are getting work where there is none.  It makes no sense to me either. Why not provide work to your current employees than drive them away by taking on too many new people.  
Sorry I got busy.
Got busy. I was going to get to it :)
busy here
Two of my accounts are super busy and two others are moderately busy.
Very busy
I work for 3 companies and 2 out of the 3 are very busy.  One is slow but I just use that money for free money.  You have to keep looking.  There are companies out there that pay their people a halfway decent salary and have work.  Am I making what I made 5-10 years ago, no, but I can pay my bills and have money leftover.  I am also looking at a fourth company to replace the slow company as I think they are probably losing the acct I am working on.  Keep looking, there is work. 
I have been as busy as I can be. There has been

overtime available the last 2 weekends and enough work in the system to not have to check back later in the evening.  If it weren't for the fact that I got the flu over New Years and it is still lingering, I could have really cleaned up

I do know somebody starting cherrypicking my primary at my last job.  I would have to sign in at midnight and hope my favorite surgeon was up late dictating to get anything remotely lucrative.  Otherwise, there would be like 40 echocardiograms in my queue.  When I asked management about that, they said the census was low.  Funny, I guess people can stop in and have an echo anytime they want as apparently no one has to admit these people or order a cardiology consult on them. 

These managers don't really get that you know your account and WORK FLOW forwards and backwards after sitting there all day, day in and day out.  I think you may be right to call that BS as I pretty much knew immediately something was going on with my account.

Busy MT'ng
Let's just hope this issue does not come if/when anyone ask you Q's during all the MQ legal issues
So busy MT'ng?
I think what some are trying to bring up is the fact that legally,if for some off the wall reason, you'd have to answer say...privacy,HIPPA whatever questions in a deposition, then you would be in breach of contract with one of your jobs.
Not sure anyone's miserable or even cares about your situation, just bringing up the obvious, which seems your way to busy patting & grooming yourself up, to worry about. Keep on with that great life!
Busy MTing
My sentiments exactly. One has to look out for themselves because God knows these companies donot look out for you Wouldn't you like to know how much the company actually gets per line plus they make all these promises to get an acccount on board and to get an MT to work there.
Busy MTing.
You are absolutely correct dear. It's no one business if you work for 10 companies. that is your perogative. More power to dear. I am on your side all athe way.
I mostly agree with you, Busy...SM
I'd really like to see some kind of seniority benefit come into play. :)
Yup, Busy. I'm not complaining, but...! NM
Is it possible their MTs are too busy working why they
That's a possibility and I do know companies who have MTs that want to keep a good thing for themselves and I can well understand it
Maybe they are just so busy and need another MT and the job posted is not yours. sm
That could be it. If you are that upset, call and ask them.

I hope things work out for you!
I agree with Busy
I agree with Busy's approach. Although I left MQ (new PS who was clueless), I did the right thing by MQ, gave them two weeks' notice, worked as hard as I could right up to the last, and sent thank you e-mails to my WFC and PS. I agree with Busy that there are many, many choices out there for many, many needs. MQ no longer met my needs, so I left them in as decent and professional a manner as I could.
I have never had low work at MDI... very busy
all the time. I guess different people have different experiences. My experience with MDI has been a great one. I really love it there and would be happy to give you more information via e-mail
Dictaphone has been busy....
and I have yet to run out of work. The only time it was slow was on the 4th of July (which is not unusual considering it was a holiday), but I have not had any problems with running out of work OR management. I've been with Medware now for almost 6 months and REALLY like it!
Maybe there busy learning their new
I think someone posted before that they were getting like 9 new accounts.  So,  maybe everyone is tied up and can't really take a coffee break.  I'd be stroking those keys too if I was making 9.5 cpl (their starting rate per one post).  I'm glad there's at least one company out there that pays well.  I really don't think though that someone working there for only three months could really have anything bad to say.  I think someone else posted that KS promises lower health insurance premiums soon so that is a good thing.  
Busy and happy and not here much...
just passed my first 3 months at Keystrokes....and it's STILL a great company!  And as I have lots of work, I'm not spending as much time reading the boards...  I agree with previous poster...seems like if an MT expresses that they are happy with their position, their company, or even their occupation, they open themselves up to being bashed by folks who are apparently unhappy about something.  I think this board is a great place to vent and I'm glad it's here...but at times there's a lot more bashing than support going on.
I never stayed busy....
I worked on an ortho account and they kept running out of work, so I quit. They had way too many MTs in the typing pool. They do not assign the MTs doctors and you are in a pool so the work is on a first come first serve basis. Good luck! Not the job for me.
I'm sorry-been really busy today!
I will email you in a few
You must not be very busy, because you are always on this board.
My accounts at KS are very busy. nm
If you are rad, you should be busy not slow. sm
email me. I will help!
Wet noodle busy here too--sm
Yup, I did that too--beat myself up, that is.  With the exception of one dictator being a bit difficult to understand, which I would think they would take into consideration, I know there were no errors in my transcription.  I proofread and double checked everything.  So, I finally decided it was their loss.  I am definitely glad I have a job with a company I like.  I've weathered growing pains with them before as they have weathered and supported me through life changes, so I would imagine we will be okay:)
Not running out here...I have been really busy..
Same here. It has been very busy on my account. sm
I am very happy there and glad I took the plunge.
Extremely busy... sm
It might be because they have been extremely busy with transitioning a new account.
Busy, working on day off too.
No complaints here. Going to get work done and put money away for the times it gets slow again, and for Christmas.
Yes, I have. She is very busy but I would follow up. sm
If you were contacted for an interview, I would definitely follow up on it. You could have slipped through the cracks with the holidays. They have a large account coming up that they are trying to staff and I could only imagine how many responses those job postings receive to weed through. Your resume obviouly stood out to get contacted for an interview. Definitely follow up on your original contact for an interview. I am extremely pleased thus far.
no I'm too busy correcting the
mistakes, reformatting, deleting stuff the dictator did not say, adding things he did say, and thinking about using the hot keys to have my brain turn to mush.  But I'd rather straight type any day.
Well, at least the PR guys will be kept busy... SM
Rewriting the Acusis flyer: *Acusis is an average MTSO, and so if you're an average hospital with no big expectations for your medical records, give Acusis a try.*

*If you're not expecting very much from your MTSO, Acusis and their barely average MTs will not disappoint you.*
maybe we are just lucky that we are busy..nm
No, actually I don't - I'm too busy trying to survive to worry about
You need a reality check, girl and you still haven't said what YOUR name is. Credibility, you know!
I think she was responding to Busy MT'ing not me!
re: Ms. Busy Bee Mt'ng,Amen!

What is that phrase???  Oh yeah, me thinks you are "not all that" Busy Mt'ng and if you are, you cheapen yourself by singing your own praises.  That back of yours must be black and blue by now.

If you don't care what anyone else thinks, then quit shoving it out here ok?  We don't, we DO not, and it seems only you DO. 

Does'nt take a rocket scientist to see where you come from....brings flashbacks (WAY back) to junior high. 

NOW, if we seem contrite, jealous, envious, all about us, etc...just following in your footsteps....get OVER yourself already and get back to your oh so busy MT'ng

We are always busy, "starve" -- doubtful
If anything, MDI-FL works us to death, that is my complaint
We have been TOO busy on my account. On incentive pay for
three weeks now due to increased volume and TAT demands. The other account I do backup on for KS has been asking for extra help as well.

This is my final stop for radiology transcription. I have been here over a year and feel appreciated, well-paid and busy.