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I'm not that bad yet but I was making

Posted By: Newer TT'r on 2009-05-29
In Reply to: What irritates me is that when I calculate my - gross pay sm

more than my daughter-in-law who is a nurses' aide and works at the county hospital, but now she's making more than I am, and her health insurance is only $100 a month for a family plus she gets a raise every year.

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Ok - here ya go. I went from making $1800 per pay period to making just under $900.
Is that significant enough for you? Believe us, we are not just being negative with a grudge or anything like that. This is real! A month later, I was gone from there fast!
they are making a lot of changes....
This is the first I heard of it also and I found out by logging on and all the sudden have all new work types. When I inquired as to why this happened and was told it was part of the "MQ compliance team" (whatever!). Later on that morning, I received an email stating that the first change made was to rank the MTs by classification: Level 1 - ER/clinic notes, Level 2 - ER, Clinic, Progress notes, H&Ps, DS, Consults, Cardiac notes, PT notes (everything except radiologys and OPs), Level 3 -everything including radiology and OPs.
how much are you making, cpl

what are you making, cpl. ect.

It is b/c OSi is making changes
Positive changes...and that scares the daylights out of everyone else.  Yes, they have made a few mistakes, but who hasn't?  I am with you here.  I never had a single problem with OSi until I came to this board and then I found out just how sucky my job really is.  So, why wasn't my job bad before?  It is a pitty that I had to come here to find out that OSi employs only the worst.  I make a lot of money and I don't leave my home.  I have a wonderful AC too and I love the people that I have actually gotten to talk to on a day-to-day basis.  What more could I ask for?
I'm currently making more than that, but have been
looking around, testing the waters.  I ace the tests, they call 2 and 3 times offering me different things, but never enough money.   I have even been offered 7 cpl as an IC.  My point was that experience doesn't necessarily count for anything these days as no one wants to pay you for it. 
Where are you making $120 a day, can I ask?
That's pretty good.
I will be making 9.5 cpl
They offered me 9.5 cpl right off when I was hired last week for an ER account.
making fun?
saying - Having a laugh - is not making fun - it is a comment - not like are they kidding, could not get a coffee for that etc. They do not belong here.
but I am sure if you are concerned the moderator can give you the information so you can apply.
I was making ...
17.00 a hour.
She's making more
than I am right now at my company and I have 15 years of experience and she has about 8 or 9. From what I have heard, it's at the top of the pay scale for most companies out there and you get paid half of your typing rate for editing which is a lot more than I make editing. All I can say is 15 years in this business, they pay very well and that is why I'm applying for a job with them.
Are you saying you re making 0.075 MORE than before, or
they are giving you that which is more than you made before? 0.075 more a line is hard to believe.
I was making 16/hr when i was QA
The ones who are making $125,000
aren't the ones I have a beef with, it's the ones with millions in income and they pay less taxes than someone making $40,000 to $50,000.  $125,000 doesn't give anyone enough money to take advantage of the tax hedges and loop holes that go only to the wealthy, especially if they are mortgaged to the hilt.
Please....you'd be making those
wages no matter what. Find a profession that will pay you more and quit blaming those of us who do our job every day without complaint. You all seem to have excuses why you aren't making money. Find another job where you can sit there and work in your bathrobe, chat on the phone whenever, peruse the internet, throw some laundry in when you want, not have to pay for work clothes or gas, not have to deal with lousy weather or traffic and can be home with your children. And yet you still want to make the big bucks and get all the perks. Why not find something else that will pay you what you think you deserve? Yeah, my DH has a good job and pays the bills....sorry if that offends you. I do this job because I love it, not to become rich from it. Be thankful that you have a job during these lean economic times. Don't blame me because you have no ambition, drive, incentive or guts to do something else with your life.
Are you making more than 5 cpl? (nm)
You were only making up to 2 cpl??
My VR pay is 4 cents a line and 8 cents for straight. I do not use Dictaphone there, there are other systems besides just that. I have no drama, monitoring software? Know nothing about that. I love it personally.
She said that making up 2 cpl could be
time consuming.  She didn't say she was making up to 2 cpl.  lol
Then they are not making much of
I make 10 cpl, and if my company is charging 16 or even 18 cpl I don't see how they could stay in business. The bonus structure benefits them because the more productive MTs are, the fewer people they have overhead for, but still...
Are you making more/less/same now as
you were 7 years ago at MQ? My pay has decreased due to the changes.
I think they are GREAT! Making better $$ now than ever!
Have you been making less than $16/hr for 11 years?
I hope not.  If so, poor you after 11 years!  If not, you better get ready for the pay cut.
I am thinking about making the switch!
It's my job. Dah! someone making a type? Did you mean
typo? Maybe you should proof your work. You are an embarrASSment to the community!

Oh, and when I said proof, I didn't mean 100 proof!
They're making themselves look bad.
I clicked on jen has a big nose and there's an ad there for OSI.
Anybody having trouble making
Amphion?  I have been with them 3 months and still have not hit my 1200 line goal. Would like to know if anyone else has had this experience.
making money
I meant to say that I'm frustrated not making money where I am working, and wondering if it is possible to make money at Breitner?
Why are you not making money?
Is there no work?
making money

I'm not working for Breitner at this time. I'm working for T. I have work. I simply hate everything about this company.

I've read the posts about not getting paid at Breitner, but has this happened recently? 

Is there a good paying job with good benefits anywhere?

Thanks for the answers.


I'm sorry, desertbloom, I'm not making fun of
visual in my head of two kids wanting the same ice cream cone, going, that's mine, no that's MINE, no gimme that, no go get your own!

Actually that visual helped me relax from a stressed morning so thank you :)
Well the point I was making
is that the industry is changing so rapidly (positives and negatives) that the corporate mentality is prevailing with regard to job enlargement at same rate of pay. Obviously we all have a choice of where to draw the line...
Well I'm currently making 10 to 12 cpl as employee
so I have benefits as well, vacation, PTO, and 401K with partial matching.  WebMedx is hiring.   I think that is the rate they offer all ICs.  They are constantly hiring but there are frequent posts about no work - don't understand it. 
I am tired of making some big fat
man, rich over my transcription efforts.  I want to work for a smaller company owned by a transcriptionist, where I can get medical benefits.  Any copanies out there???
I really don't believe that, that 4 of them are making more than they did before. What a joke.
Why does it always have to be love it or leave it with these corporate sallies? Certainly there is room for liking working for a company, but not being satisfied with everything they do regarding MTs, and promoting decisions geared to keep the employees happy, disagreeing with those that do not.

Tons of MTs might, but could they pass the tests and do the accounts I have done for years? Every management person claims they have trouble finding qualified MTs, and a lot are leaving because they HATE ASR, and do not wish to be turned into underpaid editors.
And that's the BIG one - will keep you from making money. Isn't that enough?
making a living

Is there anyone out there supporting themselves and able to make living with a transcription company?  i I have been wanting to make a switch but need a push.  thanks so much

making a living
I have been an independent contractor for over 20 years (MT for 30) and have 5 kids which I have raised alone with no support from their dad. I have bought my own house, have a decent car, pay all my bills and my kids have many excurricular activities (which runs into moocha dollars). Hope this answers your question.
making a living
I would definitely recommend Transtech for you, and if you are full-time, they offer you benefits, and can provide you with a computer if needed.
I know of someone with about 4 yrs experience making 7 cpl with them. nm
That's strange because I was making
I did not have to test, and even though I was not too keen on the VR, I still thought the communication was good.  The training was a little much since there were five trainees, and one that was not so bright taking up a lot of time when I could already tell she would never last.  Oh well, so much for that.  I think they are all the same really, the nationals that is.  You are basically just a number.  Go with a smaller company if you're looking to be stroked all day, and doted over. 
Are you truly happy making less than 8 cpl???

YOU are not making them look dumb! They do that to themselves! nm


If one is making 7 cpl in 2007, and they were (sm)
also making 7 cpl in 1977, how does that add up to more money? Only if one works oneself into an early grave.
This is why I said it was just my opinion. I now have a job making more and hardly no ESL so yes
they do exist and the platform is heavenly. I can easy make $30 an hour where I struggled to make $10 an hour on Chartscript. Again, everyone has to form their own opinions. To each his own. 
CMT with only 8 mo exp? I think you're making
If you're referring to your CMT as a certificate in medical transcription for completing your course, you're misrepresenting yourself.

CMT is a certification that can ONLY be obtained through the CMT challenge exam with the AAMT (AHDI).

Please, stop with the CMT for just finishing your course.

Making a move?
Has anybody heard of Diskriter and if so do you know if they are a good company to work for.  Their site looks interesting and their benefits look good.  Thanks!
If you are making those lines with....
MQ consider yourself lucky!! I was never, ever to make that kind of a line count with them, even though going in I made that kind of a line count. I haven't worked for any of those other companies, but I make way more money now that I have left them and have been working for a hospital being paid by the minute rather than the line.
End up making less money one way or another.

Might as well settle for less money, because by the time the companies send you the ****** work, you will end up making less money anyway. 

Sometimes I wish I only did clinic work -- I think I could make just as much as doing this VR left-over acute care.

Did you try other job before making decision? SM
I'm waiting for a good reason to quit, like them stopping offering health insurance. Anything is possible.

Good luck to you.
what is making you nervous? nm
Making a point
I could care less what you think of prior post, the fact is, the person who graded this person's test, changed their answers. What's the point of changing someone's answers? Because they are discriminating somewhow is what it sounds like to me.