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I am not FT hours but FT lines. It depends on the account. sm

Posted By: KS MT on 2007-03-04
In Reply to: Part timing - MT

I know that my Basic 4 account is number of lines within a certain time frame. It wouldn't hurt to try!

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I've easily done 600, but it depends on the way a company counts lines and it depends on the
dictators. Obviously, if you have a good share of ESL, there is no way you could ever do 600 or 700. On really difficult ones, I usually run around 400 lines an hour and I have been working on this platform for 3 years.
I think it depends on the account. I have one account that pays sm
$2.25 for specials and one that pays $3.50. I was on one previously that did not pay them different at all, but they were all short and mostly PICC line placements.

I worked for a hospital that went to KS and they were not charging extra for the specials. I know what they charged per report, and there was no way they were getting rich on the difference after taxes and all that. I was suprised. I was in on the bid review and the average to charge was between $1.75 and $2.75 per report or 0.13 and 0.15 per line. There were 15 companies that bid on the account, and all were within those ranges.

I went to KS about 6 months after the hospital outsourced to them. When we were displaced, I accepted a different job in the hospital and hated it.
The account I am on is internet only. I think it depends on the account. nm
MQ hours/lines
It's true...20 hours for part time and 4,000 lines in a two week period and for NON STATUTORY - must work full 40 hour weeks AND maintain 12,000 lines or be changed to SE and no benefits.
hours or lines?
I don't get it-it seems like MQ (been here 6 years) wants to pay by the lines AND wants the hours. I used to have overtime on the weekend and even if I typed 6,000lines during the week they wouldn't give me extra for weekend unless the hours were also there. Who cares about hours? Make up your mind!!!!
Yes, you are absolutely correct. That is why they are going to the new platform DQS so that they can play big brother and watch everyone and monitor everything. They have control of everything, time, work, etc.,etc.,etc.
For HIM it is lines, for rad it is hours. nm
they go by lines - not hours. nm
Actually, an MTSO is within their right to have an expectation of achievement be it xx hours or xx lines and still be within the law with regard to employment status.

They can say in order to be hired as an IC for this position, we need 1200 lines. If you hired a painter to paint your house and he came in did 3 strokes, walked out and didn't show up again for a week, he's still a contractor, but he's not meeting the likely expectation.

Which is why ALL ICs should have contracts with their clients.
not hours but lines.....
you make a commitment of lines...you are an IC...they are great if you can't get your committed lines...just need to let them know and why...some of their accounts are really tough, so check it out before you make a commitment..
After 10 hours and still not enough lines..sm
to meet my quota I am quitting.  Just too tired to sit here any longer.  One of the most frustrating days of many!
Yup, that is about right - sometimes 700-800 lines per hour, it all depends. nm
Depends on how you count lines

If you count the lines via Extext software, right away. If you use ichart it can take up to 1 hour, it says on the instructions. Depends how your company counts ExText software lines. Hope this helps.

Spheris does that as well...hours/lines...
The hours are kept up with so that OT can be paid. Federal regulations influence that because all MTs are employees.

I don't know why, but I am not having any problem getting my lines and hours.
I do multiple accounts with heavy EsL. Honestly, it's just best to plough right through them instead of taking multiple breaks because they don't go away. I do know how hard it is though.

I agree you need to utilize Shorthand extensively. Every time you get an OP, copy it to Shorthand under the doc's name (smithjohn/lapchole). The next time you get that doc, you'll have the report to reference and you'll be amazed at how many blanks you're able to fill in then. Do the same for ROS and PE. Docs are notorious for doing those by rote.

The best possible advice I can give you is to utilize the echart and Alt+G features. If you do this, you'll absolutely breeze right through the ESL dictations and you'll see your line count go up.
making those hours/lines

I agree. It's a good company but a struggle to get in hours and make lines.  It's has been like that for a while.


My company goes by lines instead of hours.

5000 lines every two weeks. 

The OP asked what is FT, lines or hours. For RAD, you are on a sm
schedule, thus it is hours. 40 hours is full-time. For HIM, you have to hit a certain number of lines. Once you hit it, you are done for the day even if it took you only 5 hours. With radiology, you have to work the entire shift you are scheduled for. The PAY is by the report, the SCHEDULE is by the hour.
lines vs hours worked

Would like to work for company with line requirement

versus hours worked.

1100 lines in 40 hours, must be the -- sm
dictator(s) of our dreams!  And this is just for actual transcription, but what part of the 40 hours does the other work fall into, the demographics, emails, look-ups, re-dos, re-listen, twiddling thumbs while doc is asleep or browsing the charts, etc.
1000 lines in eight hours??
If a person types that slow then obviously being an MT may not be for them!  I type around 300 LPH and that averages up to a lot more than 7 bucks an hour.
Now you can not make your lines in 9 hours!
How many hours in a week do you normally work to get your lines in?
Just curious. I work 50-plus hours here to make it work for our family, would love to cut back
legality of hours versus lines
Has anyone ever questioned with a labor organization of any kind the legality of being paid by piece work (lines) but having to adhere to full time hours? Something doesn't seem quite right to me about this.  If the hours are enforced then we should be paid by them, right? Even a daily mandatory quota of say 1000 lines for full time makes sense versus 8 hour time sheets.  How can this be legal? If not shouldn't we all be independent contractors?  I will seriously have to consider leaving full time work if MQ enforces 40 hours per pay period but they are not the only ones with this practice.  It seems if one gets away with it they all do.  Any thoughts on this?
1800 lines so far and have 3 more hours to go in my shift.
If you can't make 1000 lines in 8 hours,
in the wrong profession.
I think its 6000 lines per pay period and 20 hours.....but
I would think it is a certain amount of hours or lines a DAY. But not employee, so can't say
Anyone know what full time is for KS? Lines or hours? nm
Allegiant requires 500 lines per day rather than set # of hours
0.085, but I am averaging 1200 lines in less than 5 hours - sm
and I have only been on the account for 4 months. Personally, I do not think $20/hour is all that bad, do you??? Consider this, most hospitals are hiring at $12-13/hour in the south where I'm located.
You will work many hours over 40 to meet your lines nm
How do we figure when they say 1-1/2 lines ^outside^ of your scheduled hours

Is that your lines, i.e.  500 lines x1/2 = 750 lines total.

Is that what 1-1/2 lines mean?  Confusing.  How in the world can we tell if we get paid for those by the line counting method we use, Ichart? 

Not sure about the 40 hours for full-time, but 11,000 lines per pay sm

period are required.  I think right now they are hiring for Sunday through Thursday or Tuesday through Saturday.  You decide which shift/hours you want to work, and I tihnk they will allow you to do a split shift if you prefer.  There is some flexibility in that you can let them know any changes you need to make, but generally you are expected to work the hours you commit to working. 

The platform is ExText, which is Word-based and very easy to use.  The insurance is very affordable, I think. You have a choice between Aetna or Coventry, and then 3 choices as far as coverage -- ultimate, choice, and standard.  I have choice coverage with Coventry (single plan), and I think it is around $70 per pay period for medical, dental, and vision, with a $750 deductible, $15 copay for office visits.

Hope this helps! 

I was also told I had to complete 8 hours even if I got my lines before that. nm
That's what I thought too, and in that case, I would take lines over hours any day. nm

Can you get "full-time" lines in 24 to 32 hours?
My company didn't ask me how many hours I planned to work, they asked me how many lines I planned to do. I can do full-time lines in part-time hours and that's all they care about.

The good companies are out there. Don't give up.
It's based on lines but instead of taking it in hours,
dollars, not hour.  Say you want to take 4 hours PTO time.  You tell your boss you're going to use 4 hours PTO for time off and on your timesheet you put the amount of money you want, i.e., $75 or whatever.  Every check stub has how much you earned each period and how much total you have.  We have no holidays or sick days, it everything comes out of your PTO.  We earn separate amounts for straight and ASR.  For instance, last pay period I earned $54 and worked 37 hours, had 5 days off sick without PTO because, due to lack of work and having to use it every pay period, I had none built up.  Everybody's amount is different based on line rate and line count. 
Now you can not make your lines in 9 hours! More time for 2nd Job.
I think a lot depends on your account...
and your supervisor. I currently work for them, just got a better offer from another company, so I'll be quitting shortly. My account is like 95% ESL, but I do get a 20% bonus for working it. I'm not sure it's worth it, though, because I could more than make up for that bonus on a better account and with far less frustration.

My supervisor is pretty flexible, mostly because she ignores you. I can count on one hand the number of times she has responded to my email on the first try. She won't do a damn thing about the cherrypicking.

I have a friend who works on another team who's happy as a clam, though. But, she has a great account and her supervisor rocks.

They do not penalize you for dropping below on quality.
I think that it depends on the account. I am at sm
$1.10 on one account and $1.25 on another. I think that they come out even though when I put them up hour by hour. I do about 1700 reports a pay period (2 weeks) but I work 6 days for my 40 hours. My hands complain if I sit for 8 hours a day so I spread it out and it helps them because I cover Saturday and Sunday and shorter days Mon, Tue and Wed.
I think it depends on the account you SM
are applying for.
It depends on what account you are on
I dont have trouble unless I have a bad day getting all ESLs. Some days I can get all the great dictators, but then there are bad days.

There are 2 platforms so I am not sure about the other platform.
depends what account you are on

I am on a Smartsource account, hospital employee (not DR employee), and work only on my one account.  I have never been happier and am making lots of $$. Benefits are as good as I had with an in-house job, very affordable.   Management does have high turnover for some reason, but hasn't really affected me negatively.  QA is wonderful. 

If you work for DR directly, it is like any other MTSO out there.  You will probably work on several accounts at a time and get moved around (a lot harder to get in lines and make any $$).   

One plus is that they pay an hourly wage for downtime (computer issues, no work, etc).  Haven't had to use this hardly at all, but it is nice if you need it.


Depends on the account. I think it is
average. One account is all ESL but that is separate from the regular system. Sound quality is as good as any. Company is nice to work for. Work is not overly plentiful though.
It depends on the account that you are on. nm
Depends on the account
Radiology usually has tons of work. The company is has taken on some new accounts lately, and is taking on a couple more in the near future. If you are assigned to a newer account right from the start, you shouldn't have to worry about workload. Good radiology MTs are always in demand.
It depends on what account you are on.
I love the program.  I had very thorough training.  The pay is another thing.  I feel it is low and you don't get paid for spaces.  As everywhere else, there is good and bad.  Pay is always on time and direct deposit.  Very nice people to work with.
I think it depends on your account
and what type of reports you do.  Some are harder and some have more templates, etc.  If you do fewer doctors you can get a better count and not so many different hospitals.  Also, I think the big MT companies don't pay as well as getting your own accounts.  The problem with having your own accounts is you are responsible for everything.  If you have a computer problem, doctor problem, need vacation, whatever, no tech department, no vacation, etc.  Taxes can be a headache also and I always paid more taxes running my own business.  I work for a large national now and if I apply myself, it is much better than on my own.  I don't have to buy my own equipment, if it breaks or I have problems, tech takes care of it.  Also the taxes are easier and I pay less percentage.  I think if you are working for a company, I would approach them and tell them you aren't making enough.  You might need to find another fit, another company, maybe your own accounts, or maybe just in the company you work for they can find you something different that you can make better money for. 
Depends on what account you get.
It depends on which account you have

When I worked for them, I wasn't literally required to punch a time clock, but I had set hours and I was expected to be typing during that time (and way, WAY beyond).