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I am wondering that too. I certainly hope they don't

Posted By: sm on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: Work - an

but when people below say they have plenty of work and that people were moved off their account so they can have all the work they want, and the rest of us are running out of work, it makes you wonder.

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Just wondering...
I've heard great things about Amphion with the single exception being somewhat lower pay than usual - is that true? Still, it sounds like a great company - expect a mass migration of MQ'ers second only to Hurricane Katrina!
wondering .....again
Do you like the dictator's?
Wondering about this

Heard from a friend that company deducts a quarter or something like that from each report for the header or template or something?  Anyone know anything about that?  Is it for all their accounts?  Got me inquisitive....Thanks......

Just wondering......
Do you get many discharge summaries? Their site says they offer automated DS. The doc doesn't have to dictate and we don't have to transcribe. So one less report type for us lucky folks.
what kind of platform is it and what companyt? i work for one that we have to fight for work also. looking for a PT job myself.
Just wondering.....
How do you guys know all this stuff? I have worked there for about 1-1/2 years, and don't know anything about what accounts they have other than the one I am on, how they are seeking or not seeking new accounts, or anything about the general atmosphere of the company. All in all, I really don't know anything about them other than I work, send my invoice and then get paid.

Please understand that I am not questioning anything you say, just wondering why everyone else knows all this stuff and I am completely in the dark.
Wondering also

I was thinking of applying to this company and saw where you only worked a month.  What made you quit?  Trust me, I'm not going to tell anyone; I'm not that type of person even if you don't know me. 

But I really don't like the company I'm working for as I still can't get 1000 lines a day and don't think I'll ever be able to as you spend half your time looking up names of doctors, usually foreign doctors, that the dictator wants to send a cc to.  They want five or six cc's sent, and you HAVE to make sure you get the right doctor, etc.  But it is VERY time consuming even though I have a hard copy also as a lot of the times, I cannot even understand the name they are dictating to send a cc to.

So I am in the looking mode again.  Plus I wasn't able to use Smartype which I love, and their word Expander has NO words in it.  You have to start from scratch, so it's going to take me forever to build up a list of word expanders.  This issue is ALSO time consuming. It just seems like I saw something the other day about WebMedx and thought it sounded like a good company, but I'm sure there is a but with it ........there's always something about a company I don't like.  Wish I could find the perfect company.

I was also wondering...
I am testing with them also and was wondering if anyone had heard about them.... any info would be appreciated.

If someone is working as an IC, how can they be required to do X number of lines or work X number of hours when they're not getting any benefits, using their own equipment and/or paying their own phone bill?    I think I know the answer but just wanted another opinion. 

I do my training with them on Friday. I asked for a bit of information on the benefits and am slightly confused. Are the benefits extremely expensive?
Wondering the same

Most important to me would be line rate, flexibility in schedule (window), benefits, quickest platform and work volume.


I'm wondering
Agreement says they don't have to pay you if work is considered unacceptable - What is unacceptable? A blank? Errors?
and wondering
so, you think they are trying to mislead by putting -Offshore services and their affiliates need not apply for the below given job ad - above their job bank ad?
PDA - thank you, that's what I was wondering. nm
I'm wondering if it is (sm)
Wondering Same
I was wondering the same thing. I sent in my resume, but I couldn't find anything on them on the internet at all.
I'm new to MDI and I'm wondering if you
could tell me what LD you use (if you do an account requiring unlimited LD). I'm not able to get a good enough deal through our local company because they specify voice only calls and it would be $$ for a business use account. Right now I'm just using phone cards, but that could add up fast. Thanks for any help!
Wondering about . . .

A to Z Transcription.  Mostly wondering if they pay on time or if anyone has had a particularly bad experience with them.

Thanks all!

I am wondering about your
rather odd comment of
How can you live with yourself knowing that you were stealing from a company by not even doing the job you were paid to do?

How is not doing the job stealing? Quite honestly, that is the stupidest comment I have ever heard.

Not doing the job may mean you are unreliable or lazy, but certainly not a thief.

Wondering what you all would do
I have a situation where I was told that dial up would work with present company; however, it turns out that it is not working well at all and I am losing money over said situation. I know there are some companies out there that do not mind dial up. I know MQ and Spheris are 2 of them; however, not sure exactly what to do. Sit and wait on current company or move on? Any happy MQers or Spheris MTs out there? Anyone with another company that lets MTs use dial up or am I the only MT with dial up? LOL!
Was wondering, too.
I've been kind of interested in how much a supervisor would make. I had thought something over 50K, too. I should make close to 40K this year as an MT, and haven't really been at it very long. I'm wondering what options (if any) there are for people in this business who want to make more money. If you can't make more as a supervisor, then where can you go other than increasing your production rate?

I've also been considering TransTech.  Do Transtech employees run out of work often?  Do you have a back up account?  Do you jump from account to account?  Thank you

I think people ask for opinions here because they don't always trust the companies to give them the full story, along with the fact that this job is very isolating and sometimes it is nice to know if other MTs are having the same issues. What is the purpose of this board, if it is not to network with other MTs?
wondering sm
I also wonder if some don't come on here just to plug their own company. What's to stop them? Don't fall for it! I am a doubting Thomasina.
 If the government takes care of their employees so well, and everyone is satisfied, where did the term Going Postal come from? 
i was wondering also..
Did you get any other information on this company?  
I was wondering...

Were you asking about FutureNet the other day?  Was just wondering how that was going, etc. and if you accepted a position there.  I was thinking about applying.  tia 

ok was wondering....
so many people have been led in the wrong direction as evidence by emails I have gotten. I for one don't want to mislead anyone. I have stated my opinion on the company; so far so good. I would like for others to have a place to go to work where they can make money and they are dealing honestly. So many companies have been bragged about on this board, and then found out that this was not the case. You have a great one too:)
Couldn't they simply send an email to anyone who posts on the boards? 
Okay thanks. That is what I was wondering.
I was hoping it would come quickly and I didnt spend a lot of time logging into everything just to get to the report. I guess it's like when you get those manuals to put things together. It seems really complicated, but once you just do it, it is definitely easier than trying to follow all of those instructions. I just opened that manual and thought NO FLIPPING WAY AM I GOING TO LEARN ALL THIS AND BE PRODUCTIVE TOO. LOL.. Thanks for the positive.
Received one. SS said the 2nd and 3rd weeks checks should be received Tues. or Wed. They're kind of slow delivering pay. Did you finish all of the files?
Thats exactly what I was wondering about. NM

just wondering -
By what I see, TT seems to run a a lot of ads compared to several companies that I rarely see on here. 
just wondering

I use to be SE with MQ and they provided equipment.  Thank you for your reply. 

I was also wondering
about that. I get a great line rate and don't expect a bonus on top of that.

If they're making a great profit off their MTs, maybe they should give some of it back at Christmas but it would probably be worth more to the MT if they increased their line rate.

Don't thank the slaveholder for throwing you a crumb! You earned it and deserve it.
I am wondering
When you had worked for them. I am an IC and not an employee, and currently, they are not offering insurance for employees because they want to find a lower plan. Again, I am sorry about your problems with them. I have never had my pay late, but Ihave direct deposit. The owner can be a bit.. Abrasive at times... But generally, it just seems to me she has a lot going on all at once. The only IMs i see regularly are good morning, if anyone wants specific work assigned, let me know. My team leader and all of the others have been very helpful to me, and I have had a few rough situations come up that needed to be accomodated for, deaths, emergencies, et cetera. So far, I have had no problems.
I was wondering

moderator/owner of the TT yahoo board accept new members because my request has been in pending status for a week now.  I could really use support for some simple questions regarding learning the ins and outs of the platform...just started TT a couple days ago. 

PS Really, really like everything about them, and the platform. 

I have been wondering that too
You are so right! I have been looking for something part-time as an IC and every time I see a job posting for IC, then they want a certain schedule. Totally ridiculous
I'm wondering - sm
You are always cheerleading for Keystrokes.  I am wondering, are you really in Ohio as your username states, or are you Illinois?
Wondering if...
anyone who was hired by FutureNet has started working yet.  I know the new account doesn't start until July, but I was curious if anyone has begun workinI how they like the platform, company, etc.  I have been offered a position, but have not decided yet whether I am going to take it.  Thanks for any info you would care to share.
That was exactly what I was wondering sm
I'm just so confused and I don't know who to ask for a definite answer.  There just doesn't seem to be a lot of direction or ?? here.  Thanks though for pointing that out.
Is it ETP? Just wondering. nm
Thanks, I was wondering if it was just me. nm
I was wondering about them, too.  I am actually looking for a part-time position that will let me work when I want and for how long.  I have a full-time MT position for a local hospital right now, and I am just looking for something to provide me with extra cash (especially right now before the holidays).  If anybody knows if this company does that or not, please let me know!  If they don't, does anybody know of any companies (not scams, of course) that I could do this with?  Thank you!
What don't you like about it?  I am supposed to start with them very soon.  What platform are you on?
can't help wondering

how big a cut in cpl you had to take for the privilege of being so amused by VR antics.  We might find a way to be entertained too, if we were all still paid our MT salaries, but that is seldom the case.  An MT making 9 cpl is offered 6 cpl for editing with the promise that her production will rise enough to make up the difference.  Does this actually happen?  Or does she waste so much time fixing the VR that her production actually declines, as well as taking a c 3 cpl hit? 

Just wondering

Are there any companies out there that offer a flexible schedule, good pay, steady work and a productive platform?

I love medical transcription but hearing all these horror stories makes me truly appreciate that I work for a company that has all of the above...The only problem with the company is their software and it is very counter-productive. I just got offered a position at Focus Infomatics and their recruiter was ver nice but she did not really sell me the idea that working for their company would be a good move to make. Anyone have any info on Focus Infomatics?

Thanks! I was wondering what the sm
deal was. I clicked and nothing happened. That was yesterday so hopefully I will hear something this week
I was wondering who, exactly, was the one who
I guess the dot-heads are getting greedy, and want a bigger piece of the pie.
I was wondering that, too. If they did, however,
I am just wondering if anyone
worked for webmedx, got pregnant, and still had a job when coming off maternity leave.