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I can do between 175-200 (acute care) when there is enough work.

Posted By: greenie on 2006-04-27
In Reply to: dsg lines - wondering


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well, ask for acute care work , or can't you do that?
TT only acute care work?
I am looking for clinic work only and from posts am unable to tell if they have only hospital transcription.  I am burning out on testing with companies only to find out they have no clinic work.  Any information would be appreciated.  Many thanks! 
Acute care work pays more
Acute care running out of work N/M
is that clinic work or acute care if I may ask?
I prefer acute care and am really not interested in clinic but was told I have to do it
Is acute care work drying up? sm
It seems most of the jobs I see posted are for clinic accounts, even at my own company.  I happen to do acute care now, but now I'm wondering how long it's going to last.  I don't want to do clinic notes.  
Just curious if the MDIs who are out of work are on acute care? nm
Acute care versus clinic work...sm

Which do you feel you can get a better line count on and would you take a slight pay cut to do just clinic work?  Most acute care accounts have such difficult dictators and such I was wondering if it would just be better to go to a good clinic account even if it meant less per line.  Opinions? 

If the company handles acute care work,
you can assume the hospitals demand coverage. That's how it's always been. The hospitals are open for business, so so are services.

We aren't much different from nurses or other acute care healthcare workers. If you want guaranteed holidays off, you need to get your work from offices that close on holidays.

I'll never figure out why people are so appalled that holidays have to be covered and we have to take our turns. The nicer places I've worked have split the coverage up so those covering would only have to work a half-day though. And there should be holiday bonus offered.
Clinic work versus acute care?
Anybody have any input as to the money to be made doing clinic work versus acute care?
I agree. Acute care weekend work is different.
Acute care usually hires employees, pretty much, from what I can tell.  They'll need coverage for weekends.  If an IC or employee stipulates no weekends, and they are hired with that in mind, then why send work their way?  This is the fault of the employer or client sending the work, not at all the MT.  I kind of get tired of hearing how people get abused in this profession simply because they want a day off.  We need days off just like everyone else, and someone who particularly wants to work those days will surely cover if there is an urgent report to be typed, but THIS PAYS MUCH MORE!  STAT reports and weekend coverage should pay primo rate, in my opinion, and none of these MTSO's I have seen, so far, has come even close to the compensation I would look for to be at their beck and call.  Enough said, I guess.  
The jobs I have doing acute care work seem to be quite busy. sm

The clinic work that I do is still low, but that was discussed below ... I don't think it has anything to do with the holidays, and I do not care anymore.

Generally, probably hospital work is the way to go as far as a steady stream of work.  With clinic work, doctors can take off, shut down totally for holidays, etc., which leaves a big hole, obviously.  That's just my opinion, of course.

It would be great to have just one great job you could rely on to always give you a nice fat check each time, but I am beginning to realize if I truly want to be safe, I need to hedge my bets with several other jobs as well.  At least until I win the lottery

Acute care and clinic work are two completely different
things. Anyone can switch from acute care to clinic, but if all you've done are a few clinics, then you only have experience in a few specialties & acute care requires experience in ALL specialties. Big difference.
Are there companies out there that have clinic work? Tired of acute care..
I have both hospital and clinic experience, but I am tired of working for large hospitals where you cannot get familiar with the accounts or the dictators.  I work part-time for an orthopedic surgeon and I love doing it as I can breeze through it because I have learned his style, voice etc.. It is getting so frustrating every day doing different doctors who either cannot speak English or choose to speed talk and ramble on so fast.  Do they think we are miracle workers?? I guess you could say I want an easy account, which by now, I have figured out, does not exist OR does it?? HELP.. any ideas besides getting out of this profession
No, it isn't nice. Most people do acute care, rad, or clinics. Work
I worked in acute care and left due to lack of work.
My primary was just overflow, though they didn't tell us that.  I had followed the account from another company and there should have been 3 times the work.  Every week I was asking for a new account because they kept giving me accounts that were evidently overlow or otherwise very low volume accounts and I still wasn't getting 20 hour/week. 
Clinic or acute care? I am looking to work 5-6 hours a day during the morning and early SM
afternoon hours.  Which type of work is more appropriate for this kind of schedule, clinic or acute care? I really do have some time constraints outside of these hours as well as on weekends, so I need to find something where I can concentrate on working during those daytime hours.  I am a newer Transcriptionist (at this point looking for IC), and I am hoping to find a place to stay for a long time.   Any advice appreciated.   Thanks
I work on acute care accounts, so I can't speak for the radiology side. (SM)
The work does look like it's beginning to pick up though for acute care.
I work for a major national and starting rate is no where near 9 cpl for acute care. (nm)
at that rate, working acute care, I would do $28 an hour - but I only work 6 hours a day...
Like she said, you just have to be able to utilize all your tools and be at it for years - it comes eventually...

I actually make $33.00 an hour though because at my production tier I make 10 cpl a line.
How are the MW accts that use the ExText? Good sound? Lots of work? Acute care or clinic? Thx. nm
Acute care

Acute care is (sm)
typically the basic four: history and physicals, operative reports, consults and discharge summaries. It's hospital work typically done in the medical records department of a hospital.

That's going to be your hurdle because it sounds like you don't have the acute care experience. Once you have 2-3 years of that, you've got it made. Getting your foot in is the hard part.

I'm not a recruiter. Is there a local hospital you can work at? That's sometimes the way to get the experience when you have some medical transcription but not acute care.

Good luck!
Yes, acute care
I have 5 major accounts I get backlogs for and they are all empty, completely!!!! It has been this way since the beginning of December and before that so light that if you got 300-500 lines you were very lucky and had to work morning to evening for it. If you talk to the owner, she will just say she is going to hire more, the work will be there, it is slow deal with it, etc. I can't believe we are not being taken care of.
Acute care, ER
They wanted to pay 7.5 cents for 150 lines an hour, and then anything over 165 was on a tier plan.
Acute care

I started out right out of school working for a national doing acute care for a large hospital.  Let me tell you, it was very scary for me.  But, I look back on it now, and I am glad that I had that experience because I learned a lot right from the very beginning.  I have transcribed every type of report in every specialty.  Acute care can be very difficult, but what I like about it is the variety.  For me, it never gets boring.  I am still working for the same company I started out with (along with another) and I am still very happy.

Since you already have quite a bit of experience, you will have a somewhat easier time than I did, but it will still be difficult.  In the beginning you will have to spend a lot of time looking things up and doing research and your production will probably not be that great.  In the long run though, I think you will enjoy it, I know I do.  But, you may also find it is not for you.  You just won't know until you try. 

Probably the hardest thing about working for a large hospital is getting used to the large variety of dictators.  At this point in time, I have approximately 30 doctors that I transcribe for that I would consider my regular docs.  Then, there is a very large pool of approximately 200 doctors, any of whom I may get on any given day.  Rarely a day goes by that I don't get a doctor that is new to me.  But, that is also something about the job that I enjoy because that keeps it from getting old and boring for me.

I have created tons of normals and expansions and that has helped me beyond belief.  I know that is no big secret for someone who has experience such as you.  My advice would be to give it a shot and see how it goes.  It could be the best decision you ever made.  And if you find out you don't like it, at least you will know that for the future.

Best of luck to you!

They said maybe I could do some acute care if
the Rad work is low...but they're starting me out on about 3 or 4 Rad accounts so I doubt if I will do any acute care for a while....I know there are people who do acute care for them who say they don't run out of work..I'm not worried...just anxious to get trained!!! (which starts tomorrow)! 
Acute care..nm
No more acute care for me
I do not particularly enjoy acute care either. I really want to get back to typing clinic, but all the jobs I see posted lately are for acute care/basic four. Where do you find clinic work these days? I stay away from companies who use Emdat too. Just hate that system.
Acute care
I work there
Sorry, acute care...nm
Is there any way you can get on acute care?
acute care
Two other people that I know had the same problem this year, they had no work available to train on.
The Big 4 Acute Care
Please pardon my ignorance, but what are the big 4?  I do surgeries, H&P's, and ER.  Is inpatient care the 4th?  Thanks for any input!
6.5 cpl is for acute care.
While 6-8 is the average for a new MT, I think 6.5 is extremely low for acute care. This is why I left Spheris. I now make 7 cpl for clinic notes and make a lot more money and have a whole lot less stress.
I do acute care/B4 and some ER at KS
and was looking to do basic 4/acute care with MDI. Do you really have to pay a lot in back in taxes when you are an IC? I have never done this before as I have always been employee status at every other company I have worked for, so I don't even know how much ICs generally have to pay in taxes. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely keep that in mind when deciding which road to take!
Acute care

acute care

Ya know, I started out with no experience in a hospital setting also about 15 years ago. It definitely is a learning curve. I stuck it out and it took me about a year to get up to making $9.00 an hour including ESL docs which you will get everywhere! My advice, unless you want to do clinic or one specialty, stick with it, it's a lot of learning, like a new language, but you will get it and then have a lot of opportunities open up after that.
GOOD LUCK!! Hang in there!
Acute care NM
acute care
I used to work clinic, now acute care. In clinic, sometimes most of my day would be 4 line reports. I had to set up each one. Avg. was 20 lines though. In acute care, avg report is probably 50+. Not so much setup time. In the long run, you want to narrow down your # of doctors if possible. That's who I see making the most money.
Yes I think they are all acute care but sm
Usually after we get the accounts, the radiology departments and such also use our services.
acute care
I prefer acute care. You can make lots of normals for physical exams and OP notes. Acute care reports tend to be longer so I can get a rhythm going, not having to change reports and look for patient info every minute or so.

It has been my experience that I do tend to make more doing OP notes exclusively. Some MTSO will not pay the Transcriptionist for normals that come from the client, though I'm sure they are charging the client when they are used. That is one question I am sure to ask these days. Found that out the hard way.
CA, acute care, 75% ESL nt
No, acute care...nm
Acute care - HP, DS, Con, Op, maybe some sm
specialty worktypes like sleep studies, diagnostic reports (EKGs, EEGs), depending on your hospital. Level 3 MTs are ER, radiology and basic clinic work.
Acute Care
Dumb question: Acute care does not include ER reports, does it? I do not like typing ER and that seems to be all I type. I was hired for acute care.
IC ... acute care hospital
If this is for the acute care position - sm
I wouldn't bother - it's a horrible dictating hospital, the cherry pickers are rampant, and honestly, more often than not there is no work!  I've gotten e-mails from them saying they're expecting a lot of work on such-and-such a date and could I please set aside extra time for them.  They even offer to pay incentives, but then when that date comes and I've blown off all my other work and I'm ready to type, there's NO WORK.  Regarding paychecks, I didn't like the fact that they didn't provide a line count to me.  They have their own line counting software and it never jived with mine.  I think they now have direct deposit, so I guess that would be a plus.  And they had also promised to reimburse me "x" amount a month for long distance, but I had absolutely no way of knowing if I ever received this because I would just receive one big check every month and never saw a line count to go with it, so I'm very suspicious if this was ever included.   I only know about this one account, but it definitely wasn't worth my time and I definitely could not rely on it to be a steady job.
Are you acute care or Radiology?
The difference being that Radiology usually has a faster TAT. I think most companies will be flexible. I know a few give you a 12-hour window to get your time in.
Why can they not bring on acute care MTs?
Cannot get them or do not want them?
Not sure if there are Rad openings. I do acute care...
OPs, DS, HP, and CS.  Been here since September and have never been happier with a job.  Website is www.mditrans.com.