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I don't know about pre-existing conditions as there

Posted By: me too on 2008-04-02
In Reply to: Axolotl by far - HappyAXMT

isn't anything I've had to deal with, but I was impressed with how good the insurance was and how inexpensive it was, especially compared to most plans.  The company also provides some benefits free, such as vision, and long/short-term disability.

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I believe with pre-existing conditions sm
and signing on as a new employee you are automatically covered under the open enrollment rule. At least that was what I was told when I changed jobs. I had my certificate of credible coverage but the transcription company and the insurance company didn't need it.
Pregnancy is excluded from pre-existing conditions. nm
If IC's can't join EXISTING unions, then maybe
it's time for MTs to form a union that DOES include IC's, especially since they are a large part of this industry. They deserve better wages, too.
If at all possible, hold on to your existing job and try out the other job. BTDT. nm
It's possible, under the right conditions
I worked for a hospital that made transition to Escription. I went from doing about 1700 lines per day straight transcription to an average of about 3400-3500 per day.

But (and this is a big 'but'), their physicians were by far the single best group of dictators I've seen in one facility. Extremely minimal disorganization (i.e., 'transcriptionist, go back up and add...,' or stammering around. It was also a group of physicians that understood what Escription involved and the quality they put into their dictation would directly affect the workings of the voice recognition system.

So, kind of like what I see posted here occasionally, Garbage In/Garbage Out. If you've got the stammering, disorganized, mumbling, practically incoherent dictators that seem to permeate the field, you might not be able to double your lines. Making all those format changes ('oh,go back up and make this #2, and move everything else after that down' kinda stuff) is really time consuming and sometimes it takes longer to correct those types of reports than it would to just transcribe it.

So, yes, it IS possible to double your line count, but it's got to be under the right circumstances and with the right dictators, IMHO.

Hope that helps.
I have a question regarding pre-existing and insurance policies if anyone can help me. sm
I haven't had insurance in a long time but my DH is coming up to qualify for insurance in July. It is BC/BS and is $305/mo for he and I with $2000 deductible. I have been having a lot of medical issues lately. I see on the paperwork it asks for proof of insurance for the last 18 months. I don't have any. Anybody know what they will do about pre-existing? I could go to a doc where nothing is documented but at this point I am not sure if it is better for me to search my own policy or get on his given my medical situations. I don't know how the pre-existing things work.
Was your recruiter truthful about the conditions of
should I be wary of?
Because I despise the working conditions
It's a horrible place to work.
Well, how bout all of us that worked under these conditions
IC and asked to work a schedule and it is not in the contract we signed who have left these companies now report them to the IRS?  I think we would be helping out MTs in the future when some of these companies don't seem to want to play fairly.  I worked under these conditions (IC with a strict schedule) 2 years ago and did it cuz I needed the job.  Ain't there anymore so think I will report them now and maybe this will let the MTSO deal with the ole IRS.  They know they are not complying and most companies know they can get around paying overtime too because of the way we are paid.  Some have gotten caught on that one but not enough.  Its just not right or fair and they keep doing it don't care.  We need to take a stand and be treated more fairly as MTs.  I got nothin to lose reporting my previous company to the IRS and am gonna do it. 
I make subs sign only for my existing client base
Any of you TransTech MT's have pre-existing condition, and what are requirements by Aetna/Coventr

If an employee has a preexisting condition from several years back, but has not had treatment of any kind for that same condition for the past years, is that still considered a preexisting condition? The new insurance will not pay for ANY preexisting conditions. Am I right about that?

If anyone has hands-on experience with this, please respond. TIA


Can someone elaborate on the strict conditions of the contract?
The IC contract under which I currently work is very flexible and I've never had a problem with the MTSO except work is a little slow right now so I've got to be VERY flexible to make my lines.

I was considering a few other places to fill in the gap and Fast Chart was one of them.

I'd love more details about how restrictive the contract is and more details about the pay cut you'd be expected to take. Is their salary lower than the other MTSOs?

Thanks for any extra enlightenment you can provide!
With recent economic conditions which company or companies

would you say,(for those of you who are happy out there), has/have proven themselves a reliable place to work for MTs? This may include any type of position: IC, SE, or employee, does not matter.  This MT is wondering how you are all doing out there during this crunch, and which companies have stuck by you during this time, and especially now that the holidays are coming. 

My vote is for MDI-MD. I have had slow times, but never had to get up from the computer once from lack of work, and they have been more than accommodating about cross-training.  As well, I am flexible with helping out when I am not scheduled or on the weekend. In this job market, I would rather work extra and make sure the patient care is there, than take a chance on losing my job or have to go somewhere and do VR.

Would love to hear some of your stories.  Thanks!

Egads. You're the type who bring working conditions and
pay down for the rest of us because you're soooo willing to be treated badly & thank them for it.