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I heard a few will go VR at WebMedX (sm)

Posted By: fuzz5 on 2006-03-23
In Reply to: They do not tell their MTs much in advance. - nn

So far, my accounts have stayed regular ol' typing.  The impression I got from my manager's e-mail was that they'd start VR on a few accounts and that it was up to the clients which method they preferred.

Not happy about this, but nothing's changed for me so far, and I've been really really happy with them in general...

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I have heard Webmedx does
as I don't work there.  I think affordable health insurance anywhere is a thing of the past.   
I work for Webmedx and HAVE heard of J&J. sm
Webmedx has brought on ICs from other companies before. All of this info isn't going to reach the MTs. As it is in the rest of the industry is the way it is at Webmedx. We hear things through the grapevine often long after they happen. We're on a need-to-know basis, with the top management thinking that MTs don't need to know these things. Webmedx stinks along with the rest of them. They spread their people thin. They rarely promote from within. They just make people take on more and more duties. The best advice is just to get out of this field.
I have heard nothing but good things about Webmedx, but no personal experience NM
I've heard only positive things about them. So, I applied, but haven't heard a word. Maybe fl
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.
What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
Webmedx ad apply at Webmedx or Transhealth ? (sm)
Apply to one address if you need equipment, another if you want to use your own?  Does this mean they are still acting as 2 separate companies?   Can anyone explain this?
Webmedx?? Why do you say Webmedx is foreign??
I heard about it from my
supervisor. It is going to be adjusted according to what level you are, level 1, 2 or 3.
Me too. Never heard of them
They told me 6 to 6.5 cents per line. Yuck!
I heard.....
one of my doc's while dictating telling another she was leaving for Louisiana to help out. I'm sure it will pick up again soon.
What is this, never heard of it.
I heard that from an MT there, too, and...
...since I personally know the person who did the QA on on the account she referred to, I asked her and she said "no!"

Interestingly, the MT who claimed they outsourced a particular account did not even work in the same group.
I don't know. Never heard of them.
I have heard a lot about this
company not paying its MTs many, many times. 
Never heard of them. - nm
I heard about their QA and that
it is very difficult.  I heard they will fire you without warning for a low QA score.  That is just what I heard, not sure about it tho.
Never heard of one in GA
Where did you see info a a Sten-Tel in Georgia? I work for Sten-Tel in MA.
I have never heard of that and how does someone because a pet?

Honestly, how does this work? There is no way for them to preselect all of your work is there. I just do whatever comes up in my queue as I am sure everyone else does. I just happen to be on a very busy account and I am sure others feel the same way, work-wise. I do not understand the attitudes.

Where did you see their ad? Never heard of them before. nm
Heard about that
Yes, I just talked to someone I email who works for them and she said that also, about not getting down time pay if your QA is under 97%. I work limited part time so don't ever get down time.
I can't keep up with all the changes and inconsistencies. I don't like the new phone system either. Have to jump thru hoops to talk to someone and then you aren't really sure if you are talking to the right person. Yes, venting. That's okay. It is nice to have someone to talk to and see if others feel like you do. Do you think things will get better??
No, not heard anything.
Has anyone heard anything from
I am still owed money and haven't heard anything. Each time I call I get voicemail. Does anybody know if the company is still open?
from what i heard...
one of the hospitals on oahu outsourced to heartland (they released MTs of 30+ years), and i heard that the quality of the reports became real bad due to the people in heartland not having good english skills.
Me 2, heard nothing at all
must not need them too bad
Anyone heard of them?
Pay? ESL overload? Benefits? Enough work? Platform?
Has anyone heard of
this company, MedEDocs, or Bob's PCWerks? 
From what I have heard, they have sm
several new accounts starting soon. They are growing and that is reason behind the ads.  I work there, love it and have no problems.  I don't plan on leaving. 
Last I heard sm
It was Tues - Sat or Sun - Thurs schedules and 8 1/2 cents per line if you worked the 3rd shift. They wanted 40 hours per week full time, insurance kicked in after 90 days, and direct deposit. They send you a PC, I believe.
I heard
I have not had personal experience with them, but had a friend who worked for them in QA. She had to leave and find another job because not only was work very famine like, but what came in was real garbage from India. I hope this helps some.
i heard from them...
a few months ago after passing a test. the person i spoke with (forgot her name) was very nice and offered me a starting pay of 8 cpl. i dont remember much, but i decided not to take the job and emailed her to let her know i had accepted a position with a local company. it was nice that she made the time to respond back and wished me well. i remember some negative posts after that about a lot of ESL accounts. sorry, thats all i remember.
I heard sm
that it's different for different accounts, either 8 cpl 65 char or $1.10 a report, but don't know that for a fact.
Consider yourself heard!! You can do this....
nose to the grindstone... take a deep breath... loved your ending!
has anyone ever heard of
a company named Medical Transcription Plus, Inc., out of Georgia? Any info is greatly appreciated. TIA.
Anyone ever heard of JLG?
If so, what are your thoughts on the company?

There is an ad in the local paper for them, just wondering.  Thanks.

Anyone heard of SPi and if so

it is a good company to work with? TIA.

We work ourselves for hours on end, get cheated for lines but get yelled at to do more more more. There are sometimes better ways but the head honchos want to make all the decisions.

In other fields companies allow their employees to provide input, suggestions, have round table discussions, powwows, whatever but in this field we get the orders from the power hungry managers who in many cases don't have nearly the experience or training that the MT's have. That is disheartening too.

We are not allowed a voice, we are not treated like people, only a number. Do this do this, type type type but don't ask for anything, do as you're told and don't ask questions. We know what's best because we have a title by our names. That is total bull malarky.

So what we want is to be heard. That is why you see negative comments here. The majority of the MTSO's don't care about our ideas. In fact they don't even share other MT's names or schedules or emails sometimes for fear that they will try to have a life away from the MTSO. What is wrong with having telephone discussions or get togethers somehow without being yelled at or something that does not even pertain to you or listen to some managers sound like idiots?

A voice. Thank you MT Stars for the voice, now if only the MTSO's would give us a voice without fear of giving up a little bit of power. It is a honkin joke anymore and yes we are totally fed up.
We just want to be heard
You are so right! Agreed! Very, very few MTSO's appreciated a good MT when they have one. One company I worked for never paid -- did this to many -- another sent me NSF checks. I am working two jobs now. One I love and one I hate because of certain QA people who all tell you to type things a different way. This is all confusing to the MT. It's not worth the headache for the small amount of money and no benefits. I love what I do, but I hate what is happening to this field. Something needs to change.
anyone heard...
of Medline, Inc.?
Just heard about it myself, and sm
I've googled on it. There's nothing out there yet, but there probably will be soon. I'm keeping an eye out--well, a Google eye, that is, LOL!
Never heard about this...
Wow...I never heard about this one. I just quit SPI a few weeks ago for a much better company. I guess it's a good thing that I did!
7 cpl last i heard
have you heard of

Bite the Wax Tadpole?


No, I have never heard of this - (sm)
but I don't get it.   How could your fingers on the keyboard have anything to do with the transmission?  I'm not following.  Not computer savvy I must say, but I can't wrap my head around this one.  Thanks
KS 300 last i heard
Anyone heard of

United Transcription?  Do they have a good work ethic, steady work, set schedules, pay any good, etc...  any info good or bad will save me a bunch of headaches.

Thanks so much!

Anyone heard of
ACMR Transcription Service?
Hey..have you heard anything?
Can you email me? Just wondering what your status is and wondering if I should bother with it
Huh??? Never heard of that....
I have been with KS for about 5 months now and I have never been given access to any boards. I have never even heard of anything like this. This sounds very strange. I have 2 accounts at KS, and I have never been told that I have to make inquiries on a message board. Again, this sounds very weird to me. It doesn't even sounds like Keystrokes.
Never heard that they do.