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I totally agree. Once you've posted your private information

Posted By: a word of warning on 2005-08-25
In Reply to: To Kim from Keystrokes - MQ2

on these boards, it's indexed and cached through Google and other sites.  I've been stalked and harrassed twice through MT boards due to information I posted.  One was a woman who totally disagreed with me and thought she needed to set me straight.  She was right and I was wrong, and she was going to scream and cuss at me until I saw things her way.  She Googled everything she could find about me and my business, then tracked me down through Anywho.  The other was a man who called my business number at 2:00 a.m. wanting to talk about sex because he needed a sex-cretary to do his transcription in person.  I know they got the information from the other MT board I used to go to because that was the only place I posted anything in the directory.  The scary thing is that information can still be found all these years later because it's been cached.  I had to change phone numbers, but those people still know my full name and address.  That's why I don't use one nickname to post now.

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I totally agree with you, I only posted the facts....nm
Man, I totally agree with that.... I've done the same.
I totally agree. I've been in the profession for
years and getting close to retirement...about 8 years to go. I know my job better than lots of people with CMTs.
I've had private individual policies and you pay a fortunate for bad coverage.
You either get stuck with an awful deductible or a policy which limits coverage. So, that is not always a good option. If you want a decent cheap premium, you get what you pay for.
Whoever posted TT pays 1.5 for holidays worked or not is TOTALLY WRONG !

TT pays for NO holidays any day of the year.  It is paid at 1.5 line rate ONLY if you work those fingers to the bone that day.

Only those who work inside the office building GET PAID and GET TIME OFF, too.  LOCKED DOORS !  Who made that policy?   Great policy for mgmt. and other office staff.   sigh

Yes, I have posted the IRS information...
in the past, and I understand it quite well.
I am glad you posted this information sm
I posted some negative information about Landmark about 4 or 5 months ago and got absolutely ripped apart on this board. Obviously they are too going the way of every other MT company.

I wonder if the folks who tore me apart several months ago are whining about their jobs now?

I think all these companies are eventually going to do the same thing. I did have a little hope for MT in general, but not much anymore.
I've posted this before.
difference.  They don't pay too well, but I have my freedom.  The company you work for should not have you classified as an IC then.  You should be an employee if you have to sign-in/out, etc.  This has been discussed before I know, but I feel strongly that as an IC the company should not be telling you when to work.  They can tell you when they want the work back, which is usually 24 hours, but they should not be telling you that you have to work between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for example.  So sorry this is happening to you.  I'm sure you are not alone.  I almost had it happen to me, and I quit.  I will not work set hours as an independent contractor ever.....   JMO....  
I've seen this posted before

Can you tell me the source of your info?  Were/are you a current or ex employee?  I'm not being snarky or rude, I truly want to know where the info comes from.  I'm on a permanent clinic account, and yes the work usually is done by Sunday but there's plenty to keep me busy during the week.

I'm just curious as to how old/new your info is about them having overflow accounts.

I understand. Thank you for what you've posted.
Don't you still work for QT? You've posted

several times in the past, always seeming to want to get something started. 

Off? I've posted here for years. SM

You could do a search to verify that.  MT in MT is right...referral bonuses ARE nice.  But, I would never recommend a company that I was not happy with...they couldn't pay me enough.  I've only been here a year, but that is way past the honeymoon stage.

Also, I would only get a referral bonus if a person stayed there for 6+ months.  So, unless someone really liked it here (as I do), I have absolutely nothing to gain with sharing my experiences.  I have said in past posts who I work for (Echo), but I didn't know if I could do that in this post as I didn't want the board administrators to think I was posting a help-wanted ad (which I'm not).  All I'm doing is sharing my experiences...what anyone does with that information is completely up to them.

Take care,


My line rate was better than any I've seen posted
before.  I haven't been there long enough to get a raise, though I think someone asked this question last week and the answer was you do get raises. 
I totally agree with you!
Great bonuses, benefits, flexibility, love my supervisor and co-workers and have great communication! I'm sorry for those that are having a bad experience. I work out of the Dallas office and I love it.
I agree totally.

If they were really on the up and up why not just state exactly what the rate is and SHOWING it instead of taking a regular rate and a blended rate, figuring a percentage, making 60% actually equal 67%, adding, subtracting, multiplying by your 3rd kid's birthday, and dividing by the company phone number and then putting it on your paycheck as regular lines, 13-15K lines, 15-17K lines, 17-20K lines, B lines, C lines, special 1 lines, OT lines, B OT lines, C OT lines, holiday lines??  It's ridiculous. 

If they actually hire you at 8 cpl wouldn't it be much easier and up-front to say you'll make 8 cpl for typing and 4.8 cpl for editing with 0.0025 cpl for each incentive level reached?  I mean if they're really going to pay the incentive on the whole amount like they say they are, why do they need all these complicated, misleading terms like "blended rates" anyway?  If you get other incentives on top of that, it's only included on those separate lines anyway, not the whole thing, so why try to make it look like you're actually making more on everything??

I totally agree..
It is really hard to get a take on a company from here. I have had my share of bad experiences with "nationals" but I choose not to smear their names all over the place. I just see it this way. They were not a good fit for me but maybe they are good for someone else. I have also proofed work for some "MTs" and I use the term loosely.  Honestly, I wonder how some of them even got the job, yet they are so angry when they are fired for doing a horrible job.  I live in Idaho as far as where I am located.
You are certainly welcome & I totally agree with you
There is always something new to learn. Nobody is born just knowing how to run their own business and being an MT doesn't just inherently provide you with the knowledge...the MT end yes, but the business end no.  I have always heard that if you want to be successful at something then look for somebody who is doing what you want to do and doing it successfully, find out how they are doing it, and do it!  Makes sense to me!  I think its a great thing that somebody who did it wrote a book to help others so you don't have to learn the hard way by making mistakes and fumbling around until you get it all figured out.  Best of luck to you and come back and let us know about your success!
I totally agree.
I get a check every 25 days from 1 company I work for (starts with a B, small to mid-size national). Another smaller company I work for takes 2 weeks to mail me a check, told me they would mail it in 8, and I get it 3 days after it is mailed. The third I will name because they get a total thumb's up - Medtrans Unlimited. Invoice processed and in my mailbox within a week.
I totally agree...
I'm always amazed when I come to this board and see posts like hers. Is there some unwritten rule amongst MTs that when you have a concern about your work load, you don't ask the people who would know (supervisors at the company) you come to MTStars instead to gripe and moan?

This makes no sense at all to me. If my work is low for more than a day, I email my supervisor and try to find out what's going on. Sometimes, they are not aware that there is a problem. Why is it that most of you have ABSOLUTELY NO loyalty to the company that you work for? Why come to this board to fuel rumors and/or start new ones. You work for Spheris. At least TRY to resolve the issue with them before coming to this board.

Management can only resolve issues that they are aware of. Always let your supervisor know what your problems or concerns are. They are the people who can DO something about it....not us.
I agree totally. While I usually appreciate
warnings about bad companies (though some have been made in anger, which I thoroughly understand), the owners coming to defend the company so hotly (especially with all the spelling errors-lol) make me think more than twice about working for such a place/person!!
I think that's what they mean, no? Otherwise, I totally agree. nm
Totally agree
That's what you get when the corporate mentality takes over...

I'm praying I can get out within the next 2years.

I totally agree
DSG pays me good, pay is always on time, management staff is AWESOME, work with me when I need off, etc., answers my emails, and I don't run out of work except maybe on the weekend, which is fine with me. I'm sorry some of you have had a bad experience with them, but some of us have a very good relationship with them.

And no, before I'm accused, I am not management.
I totally agree with you....
I love my job. I, too, have been doing this for 20+ years and have done everything from speech therapy to neurosurgery. I think that the more varied your skills, the better chance you have of liking what you do... that and the fact that no 2 days are ever the same....
I totally agree.
I hired on with Precyse a couple of months ago and have had an excellent experience so far. The company is overall great. The communication is above and beyond what I had expected.
I totally agree
Each time I tell someone I do MT at home, all they hear is at home and they say I am so lucky to be able to stay home. Then they ask me if they could get a job like mine. It really irritates me that those not in the know think being a MT, whether at home or in-house, is easy. I usually tell them that yes it is nice to work at home, but in most cases your hours are not regular, the work fluctuates, and you may or may not have benefits. I also tell them that if all they see to this profession is being at home, then stay where they are because it is just those kinds of people who bring this profession to its knees--or to India.
I totally agree.
totally agree
I lasted 2 weeks too.
My kids are 10, 9, and 7 and they have NOOOOO ZIP ZERO concept of money and what it means. I keep trying to teach them and I am having NO LUCK. The schools are not teaching them. They open school stores without making sure the children FULLY understand. Myself and other parents have had money stolen out of our wallets by our kids who do not seem to know the difference between a 50 and a 5. Now do you think these adults running the store even think twice when a 1st grader hands them a 50?? NOPE they think oooh good money and tell these kids how much QUARTER MACHINE JUNK they can get for a 50. OMG sorry SOAP BOX LOL!!
I totally agree with you.
I totally agree
It's All Your Fault struck a nerve with me when I read this last night, but I though maybe I was tired and cranky, so I didn't respond. I do not feel like less of a professional for working at home, nor do I work just to supplement DHs income.

I have only been working since November of last year, so maybe it is not even my place to say anything, but I work my tailbone off and am proud of the work I do. I work two jobs and sometimes, even though my fingers hurt and I just want to go to sleep, I keep on until early morning hours just to make sure the work is in on time and of great quality.
I totally agree with........
hat one!  I also hated that company!  They were extremely rude, after hiring, in their feedbacl and also just generally the way they made you feel ridiculous for even asking questions about the accounts, or anything else, for that matter.
I totally agree
I have worked with Deb for several years now. I first met her when she was an Editor with another company. When I found out that she had started her own business I contacted her and inquired about a job. She was very upfront with me about her program and pay (I was hired as an MT not intern, which are not paid). Deb is the most wonderful, patient person that I know. She goes out of her way to help her MTs and interns. She is NEVER condescending to them in any way. She gives reasons and/or examples for her corrections so that the intern knows why they were corrected and can learn from their mistakes. As with most companies, an accuracy of 98% is expected, and this intern will find that out as she proceeds to test with other companies. She will also find out that they are not as relaxed and easygoing as Deb is.

As far as pay, Deb has ALWAYS paid me according to our contract and it always been on time. If I didnít have children to support, I would work for Deb no matter what the pay. She is one of the most wonderful, honest people I have met. Keep up the good work Deb !!

Agree totally and
if you do not do your share of ESL then the good MTs get stuck doing them all and not making the $$ you or they would make if they were only doing clear speaking dictation. So be fair, do unto others as you would have for yourself! I really resent all the ESL dumped in my queue simply because I can do it.
Yea for you totally agree

I have been paying business rates for over 15 years, you are doing a business so should be paying business rates.  If you are using it as a business deduction it should be a Business expense.  Perhaps then they will lower the business rate.



I totally agree

message well put.

Did QA for them and totally agree
You are so right. Agree with you totally.
I totally agree.
The pay is not great but it is a great place to work.
I agree totally but there are

too many people who still believe they are the corp are actually doing THEM a favor by ALLOWING  them work from home (as opposed to the reality of drastically, drastically reduced overhead for the corp) that they will take just about any slap in the face as long as they can sit on their behinds at home. You see repeatedly I want to stay home with little jonnie and little billie. I want to work when I feel like it. I don't to work weekends.


I totally agree
with you! I have already begun thinking about it. What is sad is that our company is advertising for MTs and specifically states no offshore applicants. There is only so much that can stay the same once a new company takes over and does what it wants.
I totally agree
with me. The new guy running the show openly came out and said that there could be those in management let go. I would not lull yourself in to a false sense of security.
I totally agree!
They definitely should have made us all aware the minute they found out about it. I'm in the middle of buying a house, and the last thing I need is someone getting my SS # and going crazy with it and completely ruining my credit. I quit SPI a month ago and thought I would have have to deal with them again, and then last week this letter pops shows up in my mailbox. I am watching my credit like a hawk now.
I totally agree
Hand-holders quite frankly are not welcome anywhere. If you need hand-holding, please do yourself and others a favor and work inhouse somewhere
This will also save us hopefully a bunch of time testing for these companies that pay junk!!!!!
totally agree with ya
I love Transcend!!
Totally agree
Same for all the immaturity elsewhere on this board.
totally agree
If you have typed for any amount of time, you would agree that editing is the way to go. My hands are so much happier! Yes, there are certain dictators that make it more work than it is worth, but they seem few and far between. I am much happier at the end of the day! :D
You said it just right...I totally agree
I totally agree!
I will never waste my time taking a test that will take me at least 2 hours and they are only going to pay me 7 cents per line and I have over 5+ years' experience. I do not even bother to respond to their reply. You can see why these companies are constantly hiring over and over again because nobody is stupid enough unless they are so desperate for money to accept a position for that low of pay. I keep asking myself every day is this really the type of job for me. I honestly think I need to get a job in a hospital and make real money and be treated like a decent employee!!!