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I work on the radiology account they are hiring for at Southern Transcription Services

Posted By: Phillygirl on 2008-07-08
In Reply to: I was hoping for that. TY! - cool, cool

and always have work. I have only run out a work a handful of times. It is a very busy account. It is a very good company to work for.

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Southern Transcription Services
I hear this is a good company. Any info?
Southern Transcription Services..
Does anyone have any information on Southern Transcription Services out of Georgia?  I checked the archives and there is not much info on them.  TIA!
Southern Transcription Services in Georgia??....sm
Does anyone here have any current information about Southern Transcription Services in Rome, Georgia? I'd appreciate anything you care to share about this company because I can't find anything about them here, even in the archives. Thanks!!!
Radiology Transcription Services

Anybody know of this company?.....If so, any and all information would be appreciated.

i work for one national, 2 services, and have one private account...
I have four kids between ages 18 and 5. Right now I have bitten off more than I want to chew with all the accounts. One pays 10.5, one pays 9, and one pays 8.5 with incentive. My private account, believe this, pays 21 cents per line, but they only dictate about $500 per month worth. I need to get rid of one but don't know which one yet. The good thing, if there is one.......I never run out of work.
Southern Transcription

Does anyone know anything about Southern Transcription services out of Valdosta Georgia? 

Southern Transcription
I don't know about a Southern Transcription out of Valdosta, Georgia but worked for the one out of Taylorsville, Georgia.  I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them, they are absolutely wonderful.  QA is great, the owner is very sweet and informative, keeps her MTs up-to-date on everything that is going on with the company, always trying to improve things for her MTs and is always stomping the path to get more accounts.  The pay is really decent, it is all hospital accounts and the platform that I worked on was Meditech, which I hated with a passion, lol.  They do not over hire and there was always, ALWAYS plenty of work to go around.  The only reason I left is because I had an opportunity to go back to work inhouse locally, I had been at home for a long, LONG time and was ready for some human contact again. 
I know they have been hiring on that account awhile so there is probably work. But,
I did refer a friend and they put her on that program to which she did not stay long and was very unhappy with her line count. She said it was a third of what she normally made so she quit. Honestly, I have never worked on that platform so I am not sure if she had a valid complaint or not or what else she was comparing it to. I say if the work is there, which I would think if they are offering a bonus, I would try it out and see if it works for you. It sounds like with your experience you would know the difference in line counts.
Anything on Southern Illinois Transcription
I am just curious if they have good accounts, what type, VR or straight typing?  Are they a good company to work for?  Do they pay at least 8 cpl? Thanks
Southern Illinois Transcription...from below...sm
Please steer clear of this one.  the owner is rude, moody, and sends out emails YELLING (all caps) Threatening and if you try to contact other MTs who work on the same account with you, she gets hightly ticked off.  I told her she was crazy and then was gone!  Maybe she needed medication or something.
Any info on Southern Transcription in Georgia? nm
Anyone work for Digital Transcription Services or DTS? (sm)
I can't find anything in the archives.  I have a couple questions if someone would care to e-mail me.  I think they are based in Oklahoma. TIA.
Anyone work as an editor for Transcription Services, LLC North Carolina
Just curios
Anyone ever work/currently working for Medical Transcription Services, Green Bay, WI?? Offered..sm
new radiology account there, great people to correspond with, but info is extremely scarce....have a few offers to weigh.....anybody??? Merry Christmas!  
Does anyone work in the Louisville/Southern Indiana

area?  If so, do you mind saying where and how you like it?  Thanks.


As one of the recruiters for Webmedx, please rest assured that we are not hiring for radiology positions. We do not have any radiology MT/editing positions available at this time.
Company hiring for Radiology
I just hired on at Precyse Solutions 2 days ago, and I think they may still be looking for Radiology MT's - I do only Radiology.  They hire you as employee -- no IC status. 
Know of any good companies hiring PT Radiology? (nm)
there are plenty of radiology and ortho hiring
For Radiology, try Keystrokes. I know they are hiring on one of my accounts. sm
The hospital just hired KS to do their whole department. I think they will be doing their Med/Surg stuff too.
Trans Tech is hiring for Radiology
What system they use and is it production friendly? TIA
They're hiring for radiology positions (nm)
Keystrokes has the best radiology accounts IMO. I have plenty of work and radiology only. nm
I make a good living and rarely run out of work. When I do, it is for a few minutes at a time and usually because the rads have not started early enough. No other complaints!
New radiology account - sm
Good luck recruiting new STAFF with that attitude! So glad you clarified that so nicely.
Was this a Radiology account?

I will be working on Radiology and thought being paid per minute would be better than cpl pay.  Am I wrong?? 

I am on a radiology account that is by the line because they have sm
a lot of newer radiologists who talk and talk and talk and talk. For the other account that I work for fill in, by the report is better but definitely by the line. They pay both ways. I make 0.10 per line for the account I am on. Hope this helps!
I'm afraid to ask, but how is the radiology account at
Softscript?  I already know their acute care sucks.  TIA
Transription Relief Services/CA account

Can anyone provide information on TRS.  There is a position open on the California Hospital account.  It seems like it has a high turn over rate.  Can anyone provide any information about the teaching hospital in California/and or TRS in general?



They just got a very big voice recognition account in radiology. sm
they are also in the running for a 20-hospital account. They must be doing something right. This is not gossip but fact. If they are bad, the accounts are going to be in big trouble. I would laugh if they fail because the hospital I work for GSH is going to them and letting the two other services go and not taking any of us.
Radiology by the line for one account and by the report sm
for another. I make more by the report though.
MDI-FL Radiology Meditech account is HORRIBLE. Try a different sm
company that specializes in Radiology like Keystrokes or Execuscribe.
Has any worked for QT Medical for radiology? They got an account that I was working sm

on for another company and I want to apply, but cannot find anything about them.  I am currently with Peachtree and am tired of being an IC and I need steady work.  Can you give me any good, bad or other information?  TIA

They are not promoting it; one account has it, that's all except a few radiology Powerscribe acco
I know they do not like it!
TRS Transcription (Transcription Relief Services)

Please let me know if you work for this company and what you think of them. I am testing right now and hope they are a good company! :)

Thanks :)

is that the DQS account they are hiring for ?
40 hours a week at only 8 cpl
There are few account for editing Powerscribe. Not for medical records or for most radiology sm
accounts. There are few accounts that ditched VR, which is nice. I think that is going to help set Keystrokes apart; being open to the idea of it but not pushing it.
Hmm..If this is the radiology account, I thought they were paying on a per-report basis..sm

I worked for them for a little over a week and we were being paid per report.  Must be a different account they were recenting hiring for or either they changed the pay structure.

At any rate, my experience was less than grand as well.

Yes, they are hiring because they just got a HUGE account.
Ops and cardiology right now but all kinds of work. I am loving every second of it! :)
The ML account is not "coming on" it is here and right NOT hiring PT sm
because there is way way too much work to be done. Glad you got on when you did at PT. I have had no fewer than 4 friends apply for PT in the last month only to be told no PT positions.
I am only assuming that is the account they are hiring for. (sm)
I know I saw a memo stating there was a large response of those of us wanting to work that account. Maybe they just filled the shifts we were willing to work and are hiring for other shifts. I really don't know. Just trying to be optimistic.

Saw ad for Transcend and they actually named the new account they were hiring for (sm)
Isn't that a little strange?  I know we don't post account specifics and I have never seen a company do so before.  They mentioned the hospital name, town and state. 
I think they are paying per report on the account they are hiring for now, They
usually pay 1.20 to 1.30 per report plus they also have a productivity incentive where you can earn about an additional ten cenrs per report. Great people. I would definitely give them a try.
They may be hiring for a large ESL account still. Great
company.  They provide all equipment/software.   Pay for downtime.  QA pretty strict, just maintain minimum score of 98.5, 1200 lpd/12,000 per pay period.  DD, on-time.  Insurance starts the first day of the month after you start, very reasonable premiums. 
Transcription Services LLC in NC???
Does anyone have any information on Transcription Services LLC located in North Carolina?  Anything is appreciated!  Thanks so much.
Transcription Services LLC out of NC
Does anyone out there work for this company? Having hard time logging in and wonder if server is down.
JLG transcription services

Does anyone here work for JLG?

Their website is a little cryptic about where they are, etc.



RI Transcription services

Does anyone know anything about RI Transcription Services.  I cannot seem to find anything recent about them.  Any information good or bad would be appreciated. 

Thanks a ton

Q-Med Transcription Services
Has anyone heard of, or worked for Q-Med Transcription Services in Holland, Michigan?  If so, could you please share information on them.  I tested for a job and want to know if they are a good company.  TIA.
Radiology Transcription

I have been an MT for five years with acute care experience.  I would like to branch out into Radiology.  Does anyone know of any companies out there that would give someone a chance to learn Radiology. 



Does Keystrokes keep you busy in Radiology?

Radiology Transcription
How much experience do you have in radiology transcription?