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Posted By: Dee on 2009-06-23
In Reply to: imedx - MTer

Here is what I know.  I have been one of their editors for a few months.  They are very unresponsive to me as an editor.  Even though they have told me repeatedly that they are very happy with my work, they won't respond to me when there is an issue with my not receiving files and/or communication from my supervisor.  I have had problems with my supervisor (who at first seemed nice) contacting me and my receiving her e-mails as much as three days after she sends them.  This, obviously, is a major problem.  I have sent e-mails and made numerous phone calls and sent IMs about this issue, with no one contacting me for over a week at a time, all the while receiving no work -- I mean the work suddenly dried up.  The pay for editing Indian transcriptionists' work (plus giving paragraphs of feedback daily which is not figured into the line count) is .02 per line.  I was sent plentiful work at first and also promised that there were some BIG accounts coming, which did not happen.  They began back-peddling on that promise very soon after I was hired.  And then the problems with communicating with my supervisor just compounded things.  For the second time in a month, I have not heard from them in over a week.  I have received almost no work for an entire pay period.  It is for the best, I know, since I would not have left them in a total lurch the way they have done me, and I know from all of these problems to just move on.  I wouldn't have done it otherwise, but since they have shown me complete disregard, I have sought other employment.  These people care nothing for me, even though I have done a very good job for them for VERY low pay.  They do not mind one bit leaving me wondering what is going on and with no work while I have bills to pay.  What is it with Kentucky-based transcription companies that are affiliated with Indian workers?  Are they all shady, greedy, and rude?  I know you will make your own decision about working for them.  I just wanted to share my experience in the hope that it will give you more facts on which to base your decision.   I should have known better when I found out that the work I would be editing would be from Indian transcriptionists.  I was just trying to give it a chance and not let any prejudices get in the way of my working for a living.  I also felt I really needed the job.  I learned a lesson, though!  I won't work for another company that outsources to India. 

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iMEDX, Inc.
Anyone know anything about this company?  It is based out of Ohio.  TIA

Does anyone have any information on or better yet perhaps work for iMEDx?  I have searched here for recent info, but there is none.  I would love to hear from someone that actually works for this company since they have offered me an MT position.  Would appreciate any feedback anyone has.  Thanks! 


Could anyone tell me if this is a good company to work for as I was offered a job yesterday and would like to know how they are as far as workload and if paychecks are on time.


Any info on this company? 
Can anyone tell me anything good or bad about imedx?  TIA.
Medware was just acquired by this company and I am having a hard time finding any info other than they outsource A LOT to India, after all the CEO is from India. Of course we were told that they just bought the name and things will remain the same but in past experience with other fields this usually is not the case.

Does anyone currently work for iMedx? Or are there any that worked for the companies that were acquired by them? Just looking for any info that anyone can provide. I'm trying to decide whether to hang on and see what happens or start looking for a new company.

BTW I absolutely loved working for Medware..great family owned company, always work, paid on time, great employee resources, benefits and pay (even with VR) so I'm so upset that this has happened.
Sorry, should have posted ImedX-sm
This is in relation to the message regarding Turboscribe.  Anybody have any information on the company ImedX?  I know they are Indian based, really wanting information from someone who may be or have been employed as a Transcriptionist or Editor for the company.  THANKS!!
Any experience with Imedx
Just wondered if anyone else is having trouble getting paychecks on time and/or accurate. Thanks.
IMedx allows satellite.
iMedX & TIdewater...
I used to work for Tidewater Medical Transcription that was bought out by iMedX, but have no idea what happened to the person who was a higher-up either.  I, too, would really like to know as well as she was very inconsistent with most all she said, had very poor communication skills, and never wanted to take the fall for anything when she was clearly at fault.  I just found out about her departure from the company yesterday, 02/19/2008, upon calling about possible employment.  I was told she was let go, but of course wasn't given any specifics and certainly didn't ask for any.  It is quite obvious to me iMedX is not any better as far as communication as my inquiry has gone completely unanswered.  Besides, if someone is willing to say a former employee was let go, I wouldn't want to work for them anyway.  How professional is that of a current employee to say that about a former employee, especially when they don't even know who they are talking with?  Seems to me they're all nothing but a bunch of back stabbers and need to learn communication skills as well as a little business ethics to boot.
IMedx (formerly Tidewater)
Does anyone know anything about this company and/or if they are hiring? 
You will be QA for India MTs. Don't go with Imedx! nm
Have you worked for Imedx
I was offered a proofer position for 2 cents per line. Is this good. Is the company good. Any info appreciated.
iMedX info ?? TIA

i could have sworn i saw a post about iMedX on here.
I just want to know who they used to be.  Did I see it elsewhere???
Medware bought by iMedX

Has anyone else worked for iMedX after they bought their employer's company? Software is called TurboFlow. Any good? Overall how do you like working for them, good and bad.

Person who is no longer with Tidewater/Imedx
What happened to this person who was a higher-up with Tidewater before it was purchased by Imedx? She is all of a sudden gone. Anyone know the story?
Anyone have any current information about iMEDx? Not much in archeives
Thanks so much!
SoftScript, Imedx, Superior Global Solutions
Okay I was offered a job with SoftScript, Superior Global Solutions & Imedx. With SoftScript & Superior Global Solutions I was offered an MT position with 8 cents per line & with Imedx it is a QA position and I am unsure of the pay. I have my interview tomorrow, but I did past the testing process. What job would you recommend? I am 8 months pregnant and I think the QA position would be best, but again I need some info on the companies. TY so much!
ImedX. Any current information? Most of what I have heard is not good
but I would appreciate some more input.