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If you're PT you're required to work

Posted By: Julie on 2008-07-02
In Reply to: Now I am questioning whether I heard it right - future Transcender.

8 of your hours in one weekend day.  There's no extra pay for it though. 

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You're wrong. You are not required to work one weedend day a week.
You're not required to .... SM
do the extra lines they ask for. I take it when I can and don't when I can't. I do 12000 to 14000 lines a payperiod and don't EVER work 8 hours a day....I think Keystrokes is a great company to work for.
Hope you're enjoying those slave wages you're earning.
So you guys feel you're getting paid what you're worth with VR?
I'm not trying to be snarky. I've never done VR, so I'm trying to understand.

You're happy with your paycheck with VR? Do you find the files to be as bad as the original post implied?
So you're telling me, basically, they're bad news?
They offered me 0.095/line and you know - it sounded too good to be true, but I SWEAR the recruiter told me they do not outsource. Oh brother... I just wish they'd be honest. I really don't know what to do.
Not the OP, but they're supposed to take out all the other taxes as you're an employee with th
No, they're not losing money....they're gaining!
If a company charges their clients by the line, I'm sure that line rate does not go down even though the MTs pay does.

ASR pays about 2/3 normal line rate to its MTs. Their ultimate goal is to have the MTs do twice as much work. Therefore, the client is getting their work faster, but paying their normal rate, while corporate gets that money and the MTs get the lower line rate.

Whether the newbies want to realize it or not, MTSOs have not increased MTs' salaries in the past 10 years. They still start out at the same pay as the last century!

This used to be a very lucrative profession. Nowadays, most MTs are considered to be paid at the poverty level. You don't believe me, look it up!
Hey, you're in luck then. They're hiring! (nm)
If they're in Nebraska, they're www.medigrafix.com nm
If you're an IC, you pay all your taxes. Otherwise you're an SE or employee. nm
The face we're wising up is exactly why they're
We're not 'so scared' of it. We're trying to help
you to not make a huge mistake, but I guess you're determined to learn the hard way, so good luck with that.
If you're in the 37% tax bracket, you're making over
100K per year. Quit complaining.
Of course we're able to work - and do so every day.
Maybe they're the only ones who will work for
$.06-.08 cpl that I see being offered. Those of us with experience and excellent QA scores would never sell ourselves for that little. FWIW, I've had to correct QA on more than one occasion.
If you're looking to work right away...sm
I tested for Archivus at least a month ago.  I got a response that said I did really well and that they were forwarding it on to HR.  That was the last I heard.  I had seen posts before that they didn't move very fast, but I had no idea it was quite this slow.  Can't say much about the company, and not sure it's worth the wait, but I have moved on and gotten other employment. 
You're right! And yes I do sit with no work too! nm
Just wondering what they're like to work for.
Have you worked for them?
Can't work when you're scheduled
They have plenty of work but can't get into their system.  They either have too many working or not enough.
You're too nice. I was going to tell her to go to work somewhere else - LOL
TT does not audit any work once you're off QA
We're not hiring because work is low. Nothing to do
 with what goes to Precyse International. 
That's because you're an IC. For employees, NOT flexible. And no work. nm
no msg
Not a single DIME. We work for them, they're -
And $300 for a license fee? How do you spell S-C-A-M? My current company uploaded the necessary software from their computers to mine for FREE.

If that charge wasn't in the contract, talk to an attorney about it. I'd be willing to bet that what they did isn't legal.

Gad - they already gyp us in pay, and now they're 'double-dipping' by gypping us when we sign up? Absolutely incredible.
Been working there 2 days and they're already out of work. nm

If you're making yourself sick over no work

why not get another job instead of complaining about no work all the time? No job is worth getting stressed and sick over it.

Don't forget, TT is not the only company that has low/no work. Haven't you read the other posts on the other companies or do you just concentrate on putting TT down all the time?

Find another job, leave TT if it makes you so sick.

I also work for a company in Florida and we're running

low on work, just within the past 10 days. I know it's due to the hurricane though. My main account was in New Orleans and just isn't dictating and won't be for a while, I guess. They didn't dictate each day but when they did send work about 3 times a week, I could work for 2 straight days w/o running out of their work. I type a lot of lines each day and for me and the others on that account, we are now on our secondary and third accounts which takes takes work away from others.

Forget it. We're constantly running out of work now. sm
Some accounts have work, many really slim.
Old posts say they're nasty and run out of work often. And they don't want you earning too muc
There's lots of work and we're asked to help out. No big whoop. nm
Heck no. You're expected to work the holidays, even the big ones! nm
DRC if you're capable of high quality work.
DRC (Digital Records Corp.) is a top-of-the line company to work for, if you are capable of doing top-of-the-line work. 
I have worked for them for about six months. They're great! Work is always there and sm

pay is always on time.  They're very nice to work with, too. 

Yes, they do allow split shifts and they're very nice to work for
Even if you're FT, you'll be lucky to have enough work to get your lines,
Prior contact said you work the first 2 wks WITHOUT PAY, and then you're offered a very low
I'd ask your team lead. She would know but I will tell you that we're already out of work toda
guess everyone wanted the bonus. I find it sad that we'll get back logged because no one wants to work a regular schedule, yet come a holiday bonus, and everyone is obviously working. It's too bad we couldnt have that bonus rate as a standard. You'd see a lot more motivated people in this business. Most of us are burned out on pounding the keyboard all day and gain so little. I guess so much for a holiday bonus when there is no work. Kind of defeats the purpose..Oh well...I'm vented for today.
Sometimes in-house people will work the holidays since we're only
I work 40 hours a week. I'm glad you're
back to making good money, but I don't feel that I-chart is ripping me off. If I did, I wouldn't stay.
Same here! Been working all weekend! We're drowning in work!
My 2 accounts are extremely busy as well. They haven't slowed down once.
Not a lot of work right now; kind of disturbing that they're hiring
Well, I HOPE they're a good place to work...
... since I worked for TRS and thus got acquired by Transcend when TRS did.

Interestingly... when I was job-hunting about 7 months ago, I basically read every entry in the MT Companies section of another forum (M T Chat)looking for companies that got good reviews. Because it got very good reviews there, Transcend was the second-to-last company I applied to, just before TRS. At that time, Transcend was only testing for acute care (my 36 years of clinical in multiple specialties wasn't good enough, I guess) so they told me no thanks. And now they've got me anyway.

I am still reserving judgment because the merger only happened 2 weeks ago; and I am still working on my same accounts, under the same supervisors, on the same platform, so there have been no visible changes as yet....
Sincerely, I do hope you're prepared to work for 8 cpl now
Apparently MDI was one of the companies that paid their experienced MTs pretty well.

With the merge, you'll be making less eventually. If you quit and look for a new job, you'll be making less, way less, than you were making at MDI.

I'm another one who's BTDT, too. I went from making 11 cpl to now making 8 cpl. I tried HARD to find any company, obscure to well known, that will start off more than that. Couldn't find 'em. Probably won't ever go up, either.

Just sayin' that you should be prepared to budget your living costs for the amount of money you'll be missing each month compared to what you were making at MDI. It's awful, I know, been through it. Going to school now to do something else, getting out.
You're on to me Dr. Phil. Wanting to work in a profession
where my pay is not being cut month to month is so wrong. Please don't take my funnin' the wrong way. I'll try to use my powers better from now on.

You're right on it! They're just trying to cause panic.
How can you KNOW what you're doing without THINKING you know what you're doing?
If you're not doing your job, then you're not earning anything, therefore
they're desperate because they're sm
driving away all their employees with the horrible new changes they're implementing.  It's a mass exodus, and they couldn't keep up with their work load before all the departures. 
We're glad you're gone too.
The more people that quit, the more work left for me. I love it when people say they can't take doing MT anymore.
Well, i hate to tell ya, but if you're an IC, you're
You're mistakenly blaming the MTs who might work "out of their shift".
Trust me, the company bends rules for certain MTs 100%, as in shift, having you logged as 1 shift, but letting you do as you please.  I know, as I was allowed to do so.  So, things aren't always as they appear. If you have MTs jumping on hours you think are your's, or whatever, chances are more than good that they have been given 100% permission to do so, but that's not to be "broadcasted".