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Imagine a job with plenty of work

Posted By: a fair base rate and no offshoring! on 2009-09-02
In Reply to: Transcription - KW

Still chasing that fantasy!  You have your fantasy, I have mine!

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I agree! I just can't imagine a company speaking such negativity! I just can't imagine that.
Surely this is not a manager or anyone big time important at SS.  I just thought maybe it is a mad MT or something.  I have never seen such postings from a manager.  I was just curious.  I think it is very unprofessional if this is management.
right now plenty of work, also plenty of ESLs.nm
Plenty of BOTH on my end, I do traditional have plenty of work, always
I can't imagine a piece of work like you
your company is doomed.
Give me one too! Imagine the nerve of them expecting you to work your shift.
Yes they do send work overseas and do not hide this fact. There is plenty of work and they do pay
well. Overall, I like having work as I have been at places where you had to fight to keep busy so this works for me.
Do you work evenings or nights? If so TT has plenty of work
It is not that TT has no work, it is that everybody wants banker's hours. What do you expect?
Plenty of work
OSI has plenty of work to go around...
...but since hurricane katrina hit, things have been kind of slow. I think they have a big account in Louisiana that got hit pretty hard and it shut down. Since then they have had to move MTs from that account to other accounts. I've been running a little low on work too (just every now and then), but I like OSi so I'm willing to stick it out. I'm sure everything will get back up to speed soon.
Plenty of work...sm
I don't generally post on companies I worked for because in the long run it doesn't seem like opinions matter, for some it may suck and for others it is great.  I worked for them for a couple of years and had to leave due to needing insurance.  There was always plenty of work and if you are a hard worker, you'll make money, get paid on time, etc.  The accounts were incredibly stable and extremely easy compared to acute care. 
P.S.. you have plenty of work?
Plenty of work at MDI

Hi Freebird,  I was just passing through and saw your note.

I have been with MDI-MD for a little over a year now.  The only slowdown I have ever experienced was around Christmas and New Year's.  Right now there is plenty of work on all of the hospitals that I cover. 

I have been in this business for a long time, am a former MQer, and I just love this company.  The work is not for newbie's, but if you are an experienced acute care Transcriptionist you will have no problems.  The staff at MDI-MD are professional and gracious, the platform is the best I have ever worked with, the pay is great and always on time, and the flexibility is wonderful. I wish you luck!

I do all Ops and there is plenty work available for anyone who wants just
Ops and is good at them.  
I have plenty of work.
Have you tried asking for another account?
Plenty of work

Good line rate with incentive pay and shift differential.  Good benefits.  Sick time, PTO, plenty of work.  I'm happy.  Normals are right in their platform, which is handy and helps production. 

Anyone else care to chime in?

I have plenty of work
Plenty of work.
I have plenty of work at both places I work, just would like more money. :-)
there's plenty of work to go around....
TRS does manage a group in Guyana, but they make up a TINY portion of the total reports. NO jobs have been lost in the US to employees in other countries either. There is plenty of work available and the recruiter works constantly to find qualified MT's here in the US! Why is going offshore a bad thing if it doesn't affect the workload or TRS employees in the US??
Is there plenty of work. nm
Plenty of work
No, there is plenty of work. But it looks as though workflow is caught up and under good control.  There is no mandatory OT, it is just optional now. 
Plenty of work here.
If my primary is out, I have plenty of secondary accounts. They are always looking for people who are willing to have multiple secondaries. It's been my experience that the more accounts you know how to do, the less you run out of work. That's why I don't mind learning new accounts or work types.
Which of these have plenty of work RIGHT NOW?
Email me if you prefer.
Plenty of work here
One huge account.  I make myself available for backup for anything and nope, I am not listing my company name
Oh well there is always plenty of work
On the accounts that are always backed up because they are extremely crappy accounts. You can have all of that you want, BUT, I promise you - it brings your lines per hour average WAY DOWN and not worth it. The account specifics are horrendous!!!!

As the earlier poster stated - No work at WebMedx because they OVERHIRED!!!!
I have had plenty of work...
and I love working for MDI.  Its a great company!

WOW!!!  I want to know which server you are working on because those of us that work on the Chattanooga and Virginia server are just starving for work!!!  Please tell us more!!!

By the way, it is DISKRITER....and how do you know how much work they have?


Plenty of work right now
I have personally never run out of work for more than a few minutes, but have only been with them for 4 months.
I have had plenty of work..........
MQ seems to have plenty of work
but it means bouncing around EVERYWHERE. Average shift, for me is usually at least 9 or 10 different places. Have only expperienced no work on Holidays. Is everyones experience the same with being bounced around all over? Does any one have a so-called primary?
Plenty of work!
Hi There -

If you're running out of work, please contact your ROM and TL. While there may be low volume on your account due to the seasonal drops (summer is typically slow for my clinic accounts, for example), there is work available on other accounts and other regions. That's one of the beauties of Transcend: our size. Each of us is committed to keeping our team working.

The other option is flexing your schedule - if you're flexible and can work when the volume is high (evenings and weekends), you are more likely to have work from your primary.

Please - if you have any problems - contact your ROM! Give us the chance to help you!

Plenty of work for me at TT
I also very rarely run out of work.  I think it depends on account and whether you do SR (or AVR ... whatever you want to call it).  I do SR, work day shift and have plenty of work.
plenty of work
I work for them...since November 07.  I have never run out of work and they are starting new accounts, 3 or 4.  There is plenty of work...all the time. Pick your days, no schedule but 24 hr TAT
Not at JLG. I am getting plenty of work
Plenty of work
I must work for a busy account.  I have been there for 3 months and most of the time we are slammed.
Plenty of work
I have been there over 2 years and have yet to run out of work.  Lots of new accounts being added as well.  New platform too, not just the old Ext Text.  Pay is on time, though may vary by a couple of days, they do have a choice of benefits.  Plenty of backup accounts.  You must do ESLs because a lot of the hospitals are the huge ones and of course have a lot of them. 
We have plenty of work and also are NOT
hiring. In fact, we are running out of TAT most of the time.
Yes, I have plenty of work
I do 1500 lines per day 5 days a week. The only time it was low was at Christmas (when it is always low everywhere at every company), and it was low then only very briefly.
You should all have plenty of work.
We found out our company has lost 3 accounts to Transcend. I'm tempted to apply just so I can work the account I had for over 5 years.
Don't want your work, got plenty of my own!
But didn't they also say that they're taking on new accounts all the time? Somebody's got to work those new accounts when they come on board....

(And no, nobody has offered to give me anybody else's work.)
I disagree. I have plenty of work. -sm
It was a little slow around the holiday, and they might not get back to you ASAP on some of your questions, but they do get back to you. Overall I find it to be a very professional atmosphere. So far, they don't seem like they're out to get me like some of the other companies.
I have plenty of work on my account, just having a little .... SM
trouble getting my line count up.  I'm beggining to think I'm getting old and slowing down too much to be on a new account and new system.  Very disappointed in this.
Don't let the naysayers get to you. I have plenty of work now too. sm

It IS a good idea to have a backup account, though -- you might ask for one if your work starts to dry up.  I have been there for about 5 years now and had 2 accounts, and recently added a third.  

Glad to see someone else is happy at MDI-MD.  I think it is a great company.  D truly does care about the MTs, and she is one of the few people willing to pay exceptional people an exceptional salary.

I have plenty of work and am doing OT this weekend. Maybe you could ask
for a transfer to a different supervisor.
I have plenty of work and always have. Depends on the
account, the type of transcription (clinic, HIM or radiology), etc. Keystrokes does not do is overhire. My manager told me the other day that there have been 15 new accounts since November that have started and that they have increased the number of transcriptionists accordingly.

I think everyone with Keystrokes will agree. We work for one of the few companies that has had work when this board is full of companies running out of work.
Try going to Diskriter. Plenty of work
Plenty of work? Any PTO? Okay bennies? nm
Is there plenty of work these days
Checking before I apply, looks like some are running out of work.
I have had plenty of work, no problems at all.
Email me if you would like.

And, the management has been very upfront with me about everything.
I'm at Transtech & have plenty of work
Nope. Have plenty of work. nm