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Is it an internet-based platform or VR? What is wrong with it?

Posted By: Considering MDI. nm on 2005-07-15
In Reply to: Everyone Is Complaining - unhappytoo


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    If they say internet-based ASP, is that just the platform, or is it voice recog? nm
    Is Apex an internet word-based platform? Havent heard of it...
    only want internet based too. nm
    Internet based companies?
    I'm probably grasping at straws here, but can anyone suggest any really good companies that are hiring for internet based work?  IC or employee, it doesn't matter!  I'm currently working with DVI and not really happy with it.  I would much rather stick with the internet based companies. 
    I use DVI and am internet-based. Look on the job boards to
    see what equipment requirements are.  Post your resume on the job board. 
    Is Escription internet based?
    In other words don't the records reside on a database on the internet? Or am I mistaken?
    MDI-MD is internet based for typing, and I am pretty sure they will be going to sm
    wav files soon.  I received a wav pedal in the mail in case the system goes down, plus I know that Bayscribe is going to be set up that way.  But for now, I still have my C-phone
    You can try requesting an internet-based account
    If they have any openings on any internet-based accounts, they may be able to put you on one of those. My primary account is internet-based, and I requested that my secondary account be internet-based as well, which was no problem at all.
    any company bayscribe internet based program?


    Can anyone tell me who a really good SE company is that is solely internet based and are nice to
    work for with decent accounts. Thanks much.
    They have Scribe and Allscripts for Ortho. Both are internet based and easy to use. sm
    I should mention that I do not know if those are the only two, but I think they are the majority of the accounts.
    Do they use an internet platform?
    What internet platform do they use do you mind me asking.
    I have had no problems with internet or platform.. sm
    I have been with Wedmedx now for over a year. It took me awhile to get my line count up where I wanted, but that was my fault. I had been on an account with another company where I could not use expanders, and had to relearn most of the ShortHand that speeds up the typing. Once I re-trained my brain, my line count is now back up where I want it to be.

    As far as internet and platform. I have not had trouble with my internet connections and I have DSL out in the boonies of the Midwest... even moving from one small town to another and switching providers, have always had good DSL service.

    A couple times this last week, the platform has been slow, but technical have always emailed and given us updates on when it will be fixed, and once they said all was okay, I had no problems with platform. That's just part of doing business; sometimes there are going to be technical issues, and it doesn't matter where you work. I like the fact that technical will communicate with the transcriptionists when there are problems.

    I am very happy at Wedmedx. I hope you give them a chance.
    MDI-FL - is the internet platform/MS word a good

    platform.  I understand they have about 4 different platforms.  I would be interested in the proprietary internet platform that uses MS Word.  Is it user friendly and productive, can you see your line counts immediately, what type of short cut Expander is used, and the type of voice player to download jobs?


    Anyone with ExecuScribe in NY know if they're ever going to an internet platform or if they have
    Do they use an internet platform or do they require long distance? TIA nm

    Is that a Word-based platform?
    I just applied for that position and they e-mailed me with some questions.
    Word based platform
    Are there any GOOD companiesthat work on a Word-based platform?
    they run off a word-based platform
    it's not very stream-lined and kinda klunky, but efficient enough.  I know they've made recent updates to make it run a little faster, but there were times when i would spent two to three minutes after filling out the screen waiting for my work screen to appear. 
    MDI-FL but not all accounts. Only the internet-based ones. C-phone accounts are fine.

    So, yes, let me clarify before everyone gets in an uproar.. There is work IF you want to use a C-phone. IF you signed up for an account that is internet-based, you will be disappointed. Not enough work to go around. Just my personal preference.. I have no desire to do a dial-up C-phone account using my long distance.

    Their own platform. Shorthand, Word based. nm
    Is the platform good? Word-based? Is the new
    position still recruiting? Just passed the written and doing the transcription next..
    It is their own platform but not word based. Shorthand is the macro stuff.
    Pretty decent place to work.
    What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
    RE: What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
    Does the Emdat platform use Word or is it Word-based? nm
    The platform is not Word, but it is Word-based. I
    had little Word experience and the recruiter told me to try to find a book to learn the basics of Word as their program is Word-based. 
    WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! We turn down work because so many hospitals are sm
    calling wanting a company that keeps work in the USA. The trend was stronger a few years ago before it all came to light about poor quality, the woman in Pakistan who threatened to post medical records on the web, 911, etc. There are hospitals who look for US-only and they are the MAJORITY not the minority. Definitely seeing the tide turn on offshore from an MTSO perspective, both MTs and customers!!!!!
    I use both, internet and books, but mostly the internet..nm
    You are wrong! Here is the ad. I got it too. There are no words spelled wrong and the caps are pa
    This is pasted from the bottom of the email blast.

    Why are you trying to stir up trouble? Keystrokes does not send ANYTHING offshore.

    Here is the email blast from ILHIMA. The KS logo is at the top but does not paste here:

    Rapid Turnaround, Guaranteed Accuracy, Measurable Cost Savings, U.S.A. Only, & Personal Service. These are our Five Stars of Excellence Promise. Find out what they can mean for you today. Email Pam.Gingrich@KeystrokesMT.com today!

    RISS is not a platform. RIS stands for Radiology Information System. The platform sm
    would be EXText.
    MDI-MD platform is fast, not full of problems like Transcend platform or MDI-FL

    On Transcend platform you have to click, click, click all day and still get errors, change screens constantly -  its a nightmare to work in. 

    Yes, SPi does use this platform....it's a great platform, but not worth working for SPi. nm
    why not look her co up on the internet? lol
    Internet - nm

    I have recently moved into an area that does not have DSL or cable available.  The only thing that would be available would be through satellite and that would cost $400 to start and then $40 a month.  The $40 a month sounds great, although the initial fee of $400 for equipment does not make me happy.  My biggest concern is that there are some companies that would not allow the satellite internet.  Does anyone know any companies that allow you to use dial-up service or satellite for radiology transcription? 

    Thanks for your help. 

    You bet that the internet has taken over,
    and this long ago!

    What are you going to do if you do not understand a term a doctor is dictating?
    How are you going to 'look it up' in one of your books?

    But, if you type it into a medical website, you get options offered: 'Did you mean..?'
    This helps a LOT.


    I think the internet alone may be ok after you have a sm
    couple years of experience. But I don't think starting out using the internet only is a good idea. There is too much incorrect information on the internet. If you are not familiar or don't research you are going to pick up wrong information.

    I know I will probably get slammed for that but I have seen it over and over and over again. Folks just don't know how to or will not take the time to research anymore.
    Bad Platform. I personally know of 3 MTs who left because of the platform.
    If you are like me, the bottom line is wages and what I get in my check. I have never worked for Amphion, but I personally know of 3 MTs who worked part-time at Amphion before quitting their other service to see what Amphion had to offer before it was too late. All 3 quit Amphion and stayed with their other service because of the Amphion platform. Too hard to make any decent lines.

    Something to think about.


    Here is one post from a couple days back:

    Posted By: Amphion on 2005-12-02

    To all of us trying our hardest to grab our work when it is available, and then still only make 24 bucks a day because of the garbage platform.

    DTS internet connection
    Do you know if they allow a dial up or satellite internet connection?  Do they have employee status or IC?
    They do have some internet accounts
    and some require C-phone or Lanier. When they hire, obviously they hire for whatever account they need someone to work on.
    They have some internet accounts...
    That is my main account and there is no work at all this morning. Seems like what I feared all along...overhiring!!
    internet accounts
    Yes, they have some internet accounts, but not many, and they hire for specific accounts that need help, which may or may not be an internet account at that time.
    One of the new ones is definitely internet. I think it starts sm
    October 15th or November 1st. The account is going to need 25-35 MTs to run smoothly, so it will be a nice one!
    Internet information

    I am going to be moving to an area where high speed broadband and DSL are not available - and the company I work for, as well as most other companies that I have seen on the jobseekers forum require one of these types of internet service - does anyone have any idea of how I can either get around this or of any companies that do not require these - and perhaps can use satellite or some other type where a receiver is placed on your roof that picks up a radio transmission.  That is the only type service available there.  I have heard from one Transcriptionist that said AT&T could perhaps install a pole in my yard for around $400 in order to get their DSL and I am going to check on that - but otherwise - I need help with this - and my options are running out.  I have been an MT for 15 years and worked at home for most of those years - I cannot imagine doing anything else - but this move is for my husband's business - so I'm stuck as far as where I can move.  Any information would be appreciated - either emailed or on this board.  thanks

    re wav or internet accts
    mine have been lower on work but not running out. I was told by my liasion that if there is no work you are not expected to keep your committment. I would suggest any of these things be directly discussed with your liasion so that there are no misunderstandings. Most any MT work will fluctuate some. I sure wouldn't turn away from MDI based on these concerns.
    MQ DOES NOT reimburse internet
    that is wrong, wrong WRONG.

    But I will agree Medquist is a wonderful company to work for!!
    They do reimburse internet
    You have to send your bill to them and they reimburse. Only one bill is necessary.
    I had my internet go down all yesterday and TT said to me sm
    It can't be helped. I asked how long they would give me to make up the time I have lost...all pay period which just started Monday (this an employee position). I apologized, I felt bad and I told them I didn't want to lose this job. They said not to worry, we won't be getting rid of you, RELAX and try to enjoy a forced day off, come back ready to work when your internet comes on. Sigh...I like this.

    QA continues to be wonderful and understanding. I was fit to be tied with a new work type today so my supervisor called me and was most kind. I got off the phone feeling better about things all the way around. She told me to RELAX we are like family around here and we are glad to have you.

    I had internet problems all last spring and into the summer. I got from the MT manager: Email me and let me know what is going on. You think if I could email I'd be on the PHONE telling you my internet is down? Then my supervising QA whined and whined at me every time I went down, like I had control. Then she dumped work on me because I owed it to those who covered for me to give them a break now that I was back on. They were far from understanding.
    ok, the web, the internet, isn't it the same thing? nm