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It basically means that

Posted By: sm on 2006-06-08
In Reply to: What is DSP? - curious

you will qualify to submit your finished documents directly to the facility (hospital, doctor's office, etc.) that the account is for instead of having all of your documents go through QA first. I honestly cannot remember what the initials stand for...it's Direct Submission...something...lol.

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Basically what it means is OSI is eliminating paid holidays
OSI has no sick pay at all. You have to use your measly PTO for any time off, and it is the worst PTO I have ever seen. My teenage daughter has more PTO from a pizza joint... yep its the truth. So now basically no paid holidays for the majority of the employees. This sux big time.
George says what he means or is it he means what he
but he sure does apologize in a way I've never heard a person whose company is valued at $8m a year apologize before and I've worked for companies who played who is the president of the week game! All I can say is that his personal interview about his high school reunion has a distinctly different style than his late January postings in which he degrenates the poster he tries to engage. Just remember George's quote we are misinformed.

what I've gathered..

  • MT, like most other professions, is unpredictable.

  • It is possible to make 25k, but not common.

  • Formal training with a program such as Career Step is not a requirement, but it would be an asset.

  • There are other ways for me to become educated in the field besides a formal program.

  • And, finally, you get out of it what you put into it.

I appreciate the advice and insight from all of you.  I will take into consideration when making my decision.  Thanks again.

Basically the same goes for me
The local physicians I work for require me to keep all the notes I transcribe. They're all stored by date. If I didn't keep them, they'd have a lot of missing files. Don't ask me what they do with them, but I print the reports directly to their printers and it never fails (twice today in fact) they're looking for the notes. Sometimes they're looking for notes that I typed 6 months ago.
Basically I'm saying
that if you don't get anywhere with your supervisor, if it bugs you that much and you are suffering for it, go to their supervisor.
Basically happy with MQ.
Line counts okay, too.
Where I am it goes basically by what you are paid - sm
The more you make the harder the dictators, though my manager does try to give an equal balance to it all and not nail you will all bad dictators in one day. She assigns out the work (no pool here) and certain awful ones get rotated between a few of us, some I get to avoid completely as others are very proficient at those particular doctors, and ditto for them. I do some docs others hate, but I like to do, and they like some of the docs I hate. On rare occasion I ask her to not give me anyone too awful as I am sick or very tired and she tried to do so, but only if she can. I don't make a habit out of doing that. But absolutely no one except the newbies get easy stuff on a consistant basis. Kind of stinks in a way, but as I said I usually get a 50/50 mix so it is not too bad. That is what your manager should do, and not play blatent favorites, that totally stinks.
That is basically the same conversation i had with them...
Said they would send me info..i got 2 wacked out samples and i asked about acct specifics and they are confused as to what exactly i want. Seems pretty disorganized to me as well!! Thanks for letting me know...much appreciated
You and me both. I basically just clean up
for brand spanking new MTs at one-third of their line rate.  Depressing.  But am making a little money while looking for other jobs.
I think all of these companies are basically the
when someone replies?  No one is anywhere for charity anymore.  Everyone has their hand in the pot these days.  That is just part of life.  If you think for one minute you are going to ask about a company and only receive positives, you're in for a big disappointment.  Why not try the company out for yourself if you are just going to defend them anyway?  It does not hurt to try, but from what I read here, there are MTs who have tried and they were not impressed.  SoftScript has an advertisement almost every week, so what does that tell you?  Rapid expansion? That is a big MAYBE in my opinion.  Different strokes for different folks.  Good luck on whatever you decide including posting here or other boards.  LOL  
Right. That's what the article said, basically.
That all correct English is the same, wherever the country:

English in India may have a British hangover but by no means is it vastly different from American English or any other correct English for that matter.

She expects Indians working for American countries to have excellent English ... like hers. If only our visitor could write like that, we wouldn't be appalled.

Its odd, but they are basically a middle man, which
I personally didn't like. It was frustrating at times. Also, in my experience, we got the bottom of the barrel work from the hospital, even more than usual for a national. The pay was low at 8 cpl, which I understand is still the current pay, so I'm sure DiskR gets a big hunk of what the hospital is really paying. Obviously, I know, its business, but it seemed odder than the usual set up of working for a national. I found it would have been more pleasant just working for the hospital, because you are 100% an employee of the hospital and not Diskriter. I just did not care for the whole atmosphere, lots of cherry picking and more than usual politics, but nobody really to turn to, as the hospital didn't want to know from beans, and DR had its own issues. Very  much a stuck in the middle feeling...but not a good one.
This is basically the reason that we have never....sm
been able to attain professional status as language specialists. I did try QA for a while after many years as an MT but could not believe the poor quality of the work I was seeing. It made me ill! This never would have been tolerated back in the day. No one would have even dared to apply for a position as an MT if they, at a minimum, couldn't pass a simple grammar test. Even the simple things as in this case,there vs their, tense errors, just no basic English (American) language skills. I do not see it getting better unless people are required to show they know the basics before they are hired.
Which basically reads is
that the sorority sisters at AAMT don't care about you, never did.
Basically, same experience...

I worked there for a while as an employee doing ER reports.  I basically had the same experience as you regarding management pressure and unexplained line count deficiencies. 

Regarding Karen, there was an MT on my account with this name.  The manager that we had for ER accounts was a new manager who came over from Medware (I think that was the name) and Karen was a pet who followed her over from there.  There were a lot of people who followed that manager, and, of course, they were the ones who always had work when work ran low.  Unfortunately, I wasn't one of those pets.  I ended up leaving and I'm very happy that I did.

But basically you are only speaking for yourself
I read your posting above and wondered if you dislike it so much, why do it? Is there not another job you can do besides this because the way it looks most companies are headed towards VR. I will make almost $190 today on the VR I work on and I am totally loving it. I would not be unhappy if I did not, would find another business.
Basically, does she owe anyone else money? nm
I talked to a Transolutions MT and basically
she was happy with the company. I try to find out as much as I can about a company when I interview, just to file away for future reference. She was looking for part-time work, and actually said she would recommend them. So.......who knows?
I was basically just looking at the ads that are posted. Maybe it is better to place my own ad to
get a response other than the companies that are always posting.
I am an IC, and I basically type from a pool.

The work is available for me to get and return in 24 hours from the time of dictation.  I have come to learn when the work is there.  I do all clinic though.  Some companies require ICs to have set hours, but I don't think that is right. 

Of course some companies will ask when you're available, but most that know the true meaning of IC do not care what hours you work as long as you get the work back in a timely manner.

I have my own accounts as well, so that would not apply as far as getting lines because I charge all different amounts.  One is subcontracted, I pick-up and deliver.  IC offers flexibility at least in my eyes.

I don't know anything about Tera Nova - sorry! 

so basically no platform. thanks that helps a lot.
you just basically gave the same answer .sm
which is not good enough. Someone's credit could be shot BECAUSE OF SOMEONE ELSE. Then what?
Ignore it. If they are just basically e-mailing

do not feel compelled to answer an e-mail that has other MT names in it.  If it is directed right at you, then answer when you get the chance.  Don't feel nailed to the computer. 

Now if they are using IM, that is a different story.  Instant messenger is control in my honest opinion and as an IC should not be part of the deal. 

If you know your accounts in and out you may want to stay and just ignore some of the e-mails that get you hot and bothered.

I also am an IC for an online company that does mass e-mails when there is work to be done, but it is not directed right at me but to all MTs on that particular account.  I do not feel the need to answer each and every e-mail unless I am the only addressee.  Of course, you may not know if they are blind copying, but just my opinion.

Company basically run out of India.
Ummmm...all your complaints are basically

While I understand your beefs with the industry, including dictators' quality, its been this way forever and ever. I've been MTing professionally for 25 years now, and my elders before me said things were always this way, back to when the doctors actually dictated in person with the MT taking notes on a steno pad. Every item is the same, including our pay rate! LOL.  I find it a challenging career, but would never stay if I made anything near 15K.  Despite all the challenges, shaky companies, etc., I still always minimum  hit $35K.  Not trying to brag, but have no idea how or why you would stick around for that poverty level income.  Surely something else would better suit you, even for a short while til retirement? Here's wishing you a Happier New Year.

It's basically a crap shoot, IMO

It sounds like you have a good impression of both companies, but the one seems to be more organized than the other.  Go with your gut.  I find that's a tactic that usually works well for me.

Good luck.  Hope whichever one you choose you end up liking it there.

My entertainment basically aimed towards
the ones going back and forth about management being here from the company. I donít have a pay cut and donít work there either but reading all these postings. Maybe the ones that have run out are doing straight, donít know. Oh, I forgot, here comes the statement about I work there, hehe
Basically, if they don't sign, they know they don't stand
Check out the MQ board. They basically
Absolutely. Basically, new VR and some new keystrokes...sm
but same basic platform. Those that currently use InstantText can continue to use it too.
Basically, what I'm saying is that people are so quick to want a union but...
they do not realize that in this day and age, their job can shoot straight out of the company. In fact, it's also working the opposite - Indians, Phillipines, Brazilians are being shipped in to do nursing now! South Americans are being shipped in to work on hurricane relief efforts clearing mold and hazardous material for $8.50/hour for FEMA.
Extext is basically like typing in Word.
Very easy. My favorite platform of any I have used.
Basically, if size of check is enough to compensate
You basically said ignore cherry-pickers.
And what a cheap shot to claim someone else can't read. Have fun being a bleeding-heart loser! To say basically ignore someone doing wrong is by default to defend the action.
I'm with you. Proceed with caution basically. Hope for the best and (m)
prepare to have to seek out other avenues. I was raised to be considerate of others at all times and not to screw anybody over, so it's really foreign to me that people would knowingly screw others for their own personal gain. It goes against my DNA to believe such people exist so I have to remind myself not to be a fool and that people like this DO exist. Unfortunately, they weren't all raised by MY parents, lol. But if they treat people like that, eventually they will be TREATED like that and their luck will run out. Then they'll see they shouldn't have been so uncaring about us regular folks.
so, basically they are asking for $$ AND personal ID info -- RED FLAG(S)!! NM
They are basically all from India. No happy news to report here.
Your direct supervisors are in India. They will IM you to death..from.. Indi, and they want you to be at their beck and call. They do not understand the word NO. If you dont mind Indians QA-ing your work go for it. Just so you know, your check is penalized for your QA errors, which are determined by people that barely speak English. Save yourself some grief. Get a job with American supervisors and QA people who speak and know English.
Slow time of year = no work. Basically the same. If
I was talking to the younger people on this board basically
because I am seeing where people are sitting here actually waiting for work to come in while they donít have enough money for their bills, no money for food, no money to survive on. Why in the world if you are younger do you beat a dead horse so to speak because this profession is steadily going down as it is and if you donít have money now, do you think over the next few years it is going to improve? I have worked most of my years in this business away from home. I had children but years ago we were not given the choice of working from home, imagine that! We probably then had more of a family life than what I read on this board now with people saying in order to squeak out a living they are working 24/7. I have probably worked more than most here but when I had jobs outsourced from underneath me I had no option to sit and wait for work to come my way. I went and found more. There is a simple solution but most here just seem to complain and do nothing except go right down the drain.
Try doing VR on an ESL account. You basically retype it for an "editing" rate of 4cpl if your
Obviously, VR is not a perfect science, yet we are expected to sit there and change formats, sentence structure and sometimes re-type the whole thing and then you realize you made a whopping 4 cpl on everything you typed. Very discouraging..
Precyse is basically a good company that has a serious problem with communication. nm
No support, basically taught myself the platform, which is semi complicated. Rushed me thru
So you're telling me, basically, they're bad news?
They offered me 0.095/line and you know - it sounded too good to be true, but I SWEAR the recruiter told me they do not outsource. Oh brother... I just wish they'd be honest. I really don't know what to do.
What it means to me?
As an employee of Heartland, what my understanding is of what that means to me....I am still an employee, and more than likely the purchasing company will need me just like Heartland needs me now. Waiting for the conference calls to hear more information.
It means
That SoftScript screws everyone who has a brain between their ears.  The "newbies", and no offense intended, run the company because that is all they have because anyone with any experience has LEFT and rightly so.  They take your lines, make you think you are insane, have you work 24-7 to get a decent pay, and god bless if it is on time, which it actually has been x2 since they have been bashed on this board.  THAT IS WHAT ALL THIS MEANS.  The management is the worst, QA the worst, and lies beyond belief.  That is what all this means.  DUH.
It means they need it right now!
What stat. means to you as a Transcriptionist is that the turnaround needs to be fast! It would be identified in your accounts specs or your contract or whatever what the turnaround is.  Maybe it is an hour, maybe 2 hours, maybe 4 hours after it is dictated.  Whatever it is, it means that they need it back quickly. It has priority over anything else.
what does this means?

Im a newbie MT and trying to find a job.  I would like to ask what does this means as for compensation?  Is this good? 

Compensation Information: Subcontract, 9 cents for 65 keystrokes

what does this MEANS....
Yes, I think that is what it means. Not sure why they don't just say so LOL.
It means there is no more. nm
So that means
You can thank the politicians in DC (both parties) for passing NAFTA and giving us the SHAFTA...