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It has been pretty low for at least the last 3

Posted By: me on 2009-01-17
In Reply to: I am curious as to how many of you MTs have work shortages - sm - Disgruntled MT

months at my company.  Some accounts will dump a bunch of work on Saturday and then we have OT for 2 days, and then not enough work during the week.  We do get paid for downtime though, so it isn't as bad as most have it. 

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Must be pretty far SM
I've worked for them for 2 years and never a problem.
Pretty Bad
I have no interest in working for Keystrokes, but had to check out their new and improved benefit package. It is pretty bad unless you are unlucky enough to have a couple of deaths in the family.
You could say that about pretty much every co.
You know what they say about opinions...I have seen just about every major national company being asked about on these boards at one time or another and there are always people who will have negative things to say about them.  On the other hand, there are always people who will say positive things as well.  The only thing you can do is educate yourself about each company by going to their website and contacting the company directly to get answers.  Otherwise, it's all a lot of hearsay. JMO
I appreciate that!! I am pretty used to getting
flamed for not-so-positive comments so you are a breath of fresh air!! I hope they work out for you, I really do. I was one who loved Spheris until, well, I guess I should not say, but I hated MQ, so I guess we have both BTDT. Good luck to you, too:) I really think I have found mine with this company that just hired me. Sure hope so:)
That's pretty bad...
most editors I know make way more than that.
Most of them do, I am pretty sure.
They pretty much
change things to suit themselves....  not the mt
Pretty sure they do, I have seen their
banner across a board....
Pretty much par for this course, it seems. nm
Pretty much
It is very difficult to go after foreign entities due to cost and resources. I won't work for one ever. This is why many con artists in different countries get away with it. There is not much we can do.
Pretty sure
for some reasons with all the new accounts for administrative reasons they felt easier to catagorize that way.  It is all one company and everything is the same.  Only the accounts are designated 1 and 2. 
Thanks, that's pretty much what
I am getting from everyone I ask.  I just thought with them being as big as they are maybe they would have better benefits and a better rep.  Thanks!
I'm pretty new
at TT myself. I've only been there a few months, but I'm very happy working for them. Have any of you asked to be taken off an account and given a different one? There are times when I really struggle with my account, and I wonder what would happen if I asked for a different one? I'm a little nervous though...what if the newer account is more of a struggle? I would be anxious about learning a new account too. Sigh. Any thoughts? Thanks!
i think that is pretty low
look elsewhere. did you try looking for jobs on mtdaily.com  they have many legitimate firms looking for workers.
Pretty please.
I am pretty sure you do
need a USB.
I think I pretty much said it all, but if you have
specific questions you can e-mail me. 
Im pretty sure this is it. SM
Seems pretty low to me. NM

SE and IC are pretty much the same - sm
The only difference is with SE you get part of the tax paid, whereas IC you pay it all.  You have no benefits with an SE status except being able to set when you want to work, that's it.  You do get to have the same tax deductions with the SE as an IC would have too.
I think I have everything pretty
well summed up. I did basically what just my opinion has done, summed up all the points that everyone had given me. I found a couple of more stats on how many more MT's are going to be added in India at a couple of different companies in the next 18 months.

I do have to mention when I first started talking to this reporter he knew already about the lawsuit with the Q infact he brought it up.

So stand-by I think we have it summed up. I will post a link to the story so everyone can read it.

Thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without the group effort.
All companies are pretty much the same, unfortunately. sm
Some are better in different areas and worse in others and vice versa! Just gotta go with the company you can make money with and forget about the rest of the nonsense!
has been pretty much on time for me
I've been with SoftScript for over a year and have only had my check deposited late a couple of times. It was deposited early an equal amount of times. Apparently if all timesheets would have been done on time, checks would have been sent out and deposited today.
I was told I had to have pretty much a

Giving hours when I would be working and all.  Then again, I was 'interviewed' by a clerical type who didn't even know what the BOS is. 

Pretty sure Medware still does. xx
pretty flexible
I've found them to be pretty flexible, so long as you put in at least 35 hours a week.  I was just saying in some other thread that I can knock off two hours early if I want so long as the hours all balance out at the end of the week.

If you're wondering about clocking in and out for breaks, it's really to your benefit to do that, as you'll get a better line count.
it was pretty calm
for a while, but it was like everything went nuts today for some reason. Then I remembered it's Fri. the 13th and the moon's full. Maybe there's something to that luna tic stuff.
wow, this is a pretty small
Yes, it was pretty easy. nm


pretty close to DQS
a little different
pretty soon KS will need their own forum like MQ
I am pretty sure it is .08 for transcription, .04 for
editing, and you will most likely be moved to VR editing.
Well that seems pretty painless, sm
I'd love to hear what your experience is with them since you were offered a position. Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like.

Thanks again!
That is pretty strange...

that with your years of experience Axo offered you 7 cents!!  I have 10 years total MT experience and they offered me 9.5 to start and said after 30 days they would review and possibly bump it up to 10...

That is the thing that really irks me about this transcription business.  There really isn't any standard as far as pay goes and it seems you just have to get lucky to get a good line rate....I've had other places offer me anywhere from 6 cents up.  No way I am working for 6 cents...

I feel pretty much the same way.

The company I worked for before didn't pay on time but it was good money.  Got tired of fighting for my paycheck, so I left.  When I started with this new company things were going well.  Once I got up to speed I got smacked with ESL, marble mouths and 20 minute dictation that ends up being 1 page because of mumbling, stumbling, etc.  I'm looking outside of MT positions, but until I find something, I'll hang in there.  -- 

It's pretty obvious this is
if so, they should spend this much time and energy fixing the problems with the company...
Pretty good
They are really flexible on my shift.  I am working a split shift until school starts in the fall.  But, all in all I think I like getting my shift done in one setting.  The hospital that I work has very few ESLs too.  I am happy so far.  I would recommend them to work for. 
I think it is pretty normal--sm
as when I start a new account, I am spending so much time listening for the big medical words and concentrating so hard on getting those right, that the little stuff gets overlooked. know what I mean? I think QA sort of expects things like that...it is a learning curve type of thing. relax.
Pay is pretty good but.....
I worked for them for about 2 months (all I could handle).  The pay was decent (I was getting 8.5) but the account I worked was completely horrible.  So many ESLs that you could never make production.  They were not the nicest people either.  Not much help with problems and little to no flexibility in scheduling.  It just was not for me.  I think that there are a lot of people who like them and that is great.  It just was not the right fit for me.
Definitely pretty slow here
Yup, it's definitely pretty slow here and it has been all week. At least the hospital account that I work on has psychiatry docs and I have been getting a few long reports from them to get a decent amount of lines in, but hopefully it will pick up next week.
pretty funky to

scare people and not even give enough info to read between the lines about who might be affected. If I were going to gossip I would at least be specific enough to put somebody's mind at ease. Give it up, girlfriend.


Don't you think this is pretty common?
I haven't really found a company out there that doesn't hire whackos that may not even be MTs for management positions. Now Im not saying that they are all bad, but it does happen. There is often very little communication and a lot of misleading. Like the scenario of everyone starts at 7.5 cpl base pay, some of these are making this, some not. MT 1 comes along and makes 10 cpl, and then MT2 makes 8 cpl. MTs have got to be the most poorly treated of all employees from every line of work there is out there.
RIU was pretty bad a few years ago. nm
Wow! That's pretty darned thorough!

Good job on that list!  I have nothing to add but a lot of stuff in there I would have NEVER thought to ask---you so smaht!  (That's a nod to my Bostonian/Kennedy accent).

I think this is pretty standard, unfortunately. sm
When I worked in-house we the option of A) Work an 8-hour shift with only one 30-minute break or B) Work an 8-1/2-hour shift with a 1-hour break (or two 15-minute and one 30-minute). I think, however, most places require you to work 8-1/2 if you are going to take a 30 minute break...seems like that is against the law, but I don't know. I thought you were entitled to two 15-minute breaks for an 8-hour shift.

Yep. Getting pretty nervous. nm
I should say that I am pretty sure I know which account. sm
I think I worked on there with you (if you are GK). It was a big deal; it was the first account they got rid of and all because of those two that used to work there (mom and daughter if same account). Enough said if it is the same one.

Pretty whiny yourself
Too bad you can't clone yourself, since in your estimation you are the only MT in the country who does the job correctly.

If you have been lucky enough to have fair employers, good for you. But most MTs who work for services have had long periods of running out of work because the company overhired, lost accounts, etc. Many of us cannot survive on paychecks that are 200 or 300 dollars short.

Maybe you should trade some of your judgment of others for some compassion. Feel sorry for your family, if you have one. What an iceberg.
roi - pretty sure california
I agree with pretty much what you said, but
some have said when there is no work, they have to make up the time.  Therefore, it wouldn't just X-X would it?  
I would think pretty difficult

IMO..... I think it would be pretty tough, unless the reports are very short (then hopefully you would get paid per report).  I used to work in Meditech and I spent more time filling in the demo screen than typing the reports!  I don't think MediTech is Radiology-friendly (IMO) unless the reports have some meat on them!  Also depends on the version of MediTech, some have the autofill and some you have to fill in every blasted box.