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My honest belief is that the ones so happy are the ones stirring up the trouble.

Posted By: JMO on 2005-07-17
In Reply to: You needn't be so smug. I'm not involved at all, other than reading - the whole thread.

You hit it right on the nose when you said they were trying to "call out" an employee.  That's why they want details made public and that's why they refuse to leave an email address or addresses if more than one.  If they really wanted the details they would be satisfied to get them in email. They're not stupid when they say everything is anonymous here so go ahead and post company policy.    They know what will be the result, and so do you and I. But I'm not stupid either, that's why I said I would back up my claims if they send me the email addresses, the same email they use for work. Because since they're so happy and positive that nothing is wrong, they should show their pride without being under the cloak of anonimity and also because that way I cannot be accused of spreading malicious information to people that don't work for the company or somehow trying to keep new people from applying.   I know I can't be threatened by discussing interoffice politics with other employees because like they said, the policy is on the website, so all employees already know it.  But if I were to publically post policy, that's grounds for dismissal. Kind of like the anonymous poster below who was "brave" enough to post her wages (grounds for dismissal), but not "brave" enough to post her name.  Does that mean that just because she didn't post "specific details" such as her name, her statement isn't believable either? How can it really be verified that she is actually making that much and not just trying to bait newbies?  For every single accusation that was leveled at me, the same can be leveled back in return.

Hey, they're always saying you get what you give. If they really wanted to know, they knew what to give to get it, which is why I don't believe they really want to know.  They just want to stir things up, try to make it appear that they're right and because I won't give specifics I'm wrong and it never happens, another reason to bring it all to the top of the page, because if it gets heated enough the whole conversation gets deleted. Gotta give Kudos to the one poster though who did give details even when giving contradictory statements saying it was such a great place to work on this board and then whining on the work forum about what little she made in lines and then trying to stir things up by going on the work forum and asking "what do those posts on MTStars mean?"   She knew all along what they meant and was stirring up the pot with her bait - and even the cheerleaders didn't respond to that one. I'm also not naive enough to dismiss the fact that if management really wanted to they could have the IP numbers of the posts, which is another reason I won't post details.  None of what I have said is untrue OR violated company policy. I would prefer to keep it that way by NOT giving details here. I said it before and I'll say it again, I didn't post in the first place to bash the company. I only posted because someone asked a question and I gave my experience. I was the one that got bashed simply because of that.  But I don't want to be portrayed a liar either or be bullied into something that could get me in trouble just for their satisfaction.

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    Just my own professional belief sm
    I personally do not think that anyone who is taught English as a second language could ever type or edit American English as well as American English-speaking people that are trained to do so unless he/she has solely devoted his/her life to mastering the craft.  Granted, there are many, many Americans who do not use the language properly even a little bit, but these people typically do not become MTs either!  I cannot imagine learning Russia as a second language, barely being able to articulate it, and then overseeing a born-and-raised Russian's grammar and punctuation skills.  Just my personal opinion, of course. I'm sure there are exceptions...somewhere.

    Do you think you could go to work at ANY company and continually bash them, either online or to other employees and NOT get fired or sued.  There is such a thing as libel and defamation, and that has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech.  I have gone through the archives and am shocked at the things people say on here about the companies they STILL WORK FOR.  I cannot imagine going to work for a company and to continuously badmouth them and to be able to keep my job!!!  Someone else said on here in another post I read about not having to use your real name or be accountable for what you write on here and that is only to true, which is why I use my name!!!  I have nothing to hide.  If what you say is true, then you should be able to show your identity!  You cannot knowingly lie or defame a company  ANYWHERE, especially where it could potentially poison the pool of current or potential employees.  If you are SOOO unhappy with the way things are where you work QUIT!!!!  I have been through the ups and downs on work flow with Transtech too, but my intelligence tells me this happens everywhere!  There was no change in payroll company since I have been here, almost a year, or if there was I had NO PROBLEMS and did not even notice.  I had no rush to get my paperwork in or mistakes in my paycheck and whomever implied those things about TransTech's questionable payroll practices, deserves to be sued.  You cannot say those kind of things about a company, especially  when to my knowledge they are UNTRUE.  That is defamation of character and NOT Freedom of Speech.  They are owned by a parent company and THAT company does our payroll NOT TRansTEch themselves.  Everyone really needs to do their homework on this sort of thing.  This is EXACTLY what people get sued over and as well they should!!!  There is a difference in stating you were unhappy, or if you did not get paid on time or not at all, but to continue to work somewhere, and then get on here and CONTINUOUSLY bash them, is just plain WRONG!!  There are plenty more companies out there... find another one to work for if you are that unhappy!!. Again, I am NOT management and I have had problems that I needed to work out with them, but that is exactly what I did WORKED IT OUT WITH THEM!  This is a company just as if you were working in an office, and there is protocol when working in a business environment that many of you just do not get!  For those of you that do, this is obviously not meant for you!!!   For those this does not pertain to, I know you will not be offended by this.  If you are offended by this, this is obviously meant for you.  Have a great day!

    Stirring the pot.

    i was responding to her post, not you.  Sounds like your stirring by trying to criticise me.  Did I say anything rude to you?  NOPE
    NO, but nice try at stirring the pot. ;-) nm
    Do you even work for MDI-MD, or are you just pot-stirring?
    You give no indication reading your post and for some reasons your posts just reek of someone looking to keep the trash-talking up since the thread is falling further down on the board.

    Take a deep breath and perhaps on something else for awhile. At the rate you're going, you're blood pressure must be sky high at the moment.

    Just somebody stirring things up. Not true.

    I agree. Without facts, you're all just stirring the rumor mill. sm
    If you really have concerns, ask someone. Point blank, ask L if there is any need for concern! I truly, truly do not believe QT would ever outsource their work! I have never been happier with QT and I intend to stay, so if you want to leave, go ahead; more work for me!!!
    And that would be an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. LOL.
    Typical transcriptionst. :)
    Happy New Year. May we all have happy home lives (sm)
    and do whatever it takes to make our work lives work for us too. 
    Yes!! I have been having trouble with that
    for some time now. I am just not happy with them because I am on two accounts; one I can get 300 lph on, but they give me the bad one, which I can only get about 120 lph on. I dunno why they do this. I am looking for work elsewhere. It stinks and it will not change obviously. I have been with them a year and am so sick of their games!!
    I did not get in trouble...
    and I did not get a reply, but I am complying with the email to restrict email at HIS to business only.

    The MT who emailed me was just mad at what I had written and she expressed that she felt that what I said did not represent her feelings.
    not a bad rap?? Huh - what about the trouble they
    got in for not paying overtime? How is it that some people get to be on the same account all the time, while others had to jump from account to account throughout the day? Maybe you are on one of those hospital accounts that is paid through the hospital and not Diskriter - because that is the only way you would be happy and THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT DISKRITER will leave you alone to do your job. I can't tell you the number of phone meetings I had to take part in, away from my line count production to listen to garbage and stupid pep rally crap. I'm glad I left when I did, because others I know left as well.
    well I have had no trouble with them.
    I had the same trouble with them.
    I've posted this before.  She had to put her dog out that kept barking in the background.  She wanted to know why I left my previous job on-site (duhhh).  It does not take rocket science to figure that I wanted to work from home.  I would be skeptical to give out office/physician names of your accounts if you have any.  It makes me wonder if they want some of this information so they can target the offices you work for and go in for the kill.  Is this just me being paranoid?  This can be a real cut-throat profession.     
    D&L is in trouble, better get out
    while you can.  I would call tech (if they still have a tech guy left) and then Donna... For your own sake, get out while you can... They have no intensions of paying the people they owe.  I would not let them get behind in your pay.. when the excuses start, stop typing.. I should have long before they owed me three paychecks.  Good luck.  Does not sound good though.  Are the phones still on? 
    Of course they got in trouble (sm)
    As you said, they were dictating ALL parameters .  Did you take a few minutes to read the article that I posted?  It clearly states what an IC contract should include, which in part is the definition of the project, the deadline for when the project should be completed, and the rate of pay for the project.  It also states that a company can refuse work from a contractor that is not to standard.  The article confirms everything that I said from the beginning of this conversation.
    Trouble too, not just you! sm
    I also have had trouble making my line count! I don't think it is just you. However, I have been with many, many companies in the past few years and I just keep running out of work at all of them, so I'm staying put for now because at least if I run out here, I get paid. I keep track of every minute I am out of work. I was just switched to a new account (quite difficult), but at least I always have work and I think I can get used to the difficulty. Oh, how I miss the days of doing 300 lph and actually having money, though!
    Have you had any trouble getting -
    I recall a couple of posts in the last month or so claiming DV doesn't pay. Have you run into this problem yet?
    You trying to cause trouble sm
    I am here working today. I have not received even a single email telling me to work, not a thing!

    I didn't have work the first hour today, but I went and did something else for an hour, came back and I have had steady work since. I even have some of my favorite things, which is unusual in the morning.

    If you could just hear yourself!
    why go through so much trouble?
    I don't understand why the company went through so much trouble, risking their name/reputation, and the chance of a law suit, knowing that it could be proven that you did not send the email yourself if you indeed didn't.  Why didn't they just let you go.  If any of what the previous poster stated is true, they had reason for dimissal, if you frauded your timecard, if you constantly complained to co-workers, etc.  If any of that was true, they could have fired you for those reasons.  Why would they go through such drastic measures to fire you, that's what I can't understand. I'm not saying I don't believe you, just seems hard to believe a company would go through all that.  What's your thoughts, why would they do this instead of just letting you go?
    Not much, it seems, except cause trouble.

    The trouble with VR
    VR in and of itself is not a bad thing. It is the idea put forth by the slick salesmen that MTs can produce twice as much in an hour as they did by standard typing. But the going rate is 3 cpl which works out to 6 cpl if you were to extrapolate out the exchange rate for standard typing. Ya follow? So now we are at 6 cpl. That is way below what the going rate for straight typing is. But they deceive you by offering 8 cpl for standard typing and 3 cpl for VR. But there is very little standard typing so you end up making 3 cpl and in an hour you may make 6 cpl. So how did they arrive at that price? Because they push the envelope as far as they think it will go.  And as long as we let them, they will continue the abuse. 
    sorry for your trouble. sm

    I think I would just get the line counts figured and merely mail it in now, albeit late, you should get it eventually one would think. Just include - please notify me when the compensation can be expected, so you know what is going on, or not going on. 

     If not, and since they benefited from the lines, and can be verified you actually did indeed do the work, merely contact the labor department..

    No trouble here...
    ... not at all. And I don't run close to the wire, either....
    Having trouble understanding

    your post, but if it was supposed to mean that we "could" have the option of transcribing and/or using VR, perhaps at this very minute in time you do, but that won't last much longer.

    From the wording of your post, I'm having trouble believing you're a living, breathing human being.  Are you instead a VR program looking for a home?  If so, maybe you'd better fine-tune your voice-recognition ability to correct that "good" versus "could" voice conflict you've got going on.  If you are a human being attempting to convey a thought about "bad" MTs, take a good, long look at your own post and tell me where they should begin the "weeding-out" process. 

    I personally think they should start with MTs who type sentences such as, "I was under the impression that we good straight type, do VR or both!"

    So many QA people are getting fired, and she is still hiring replacements for them long before they have a clue that they are about to get the ax. She is not keeping anyone who knows more than she does.

    Speaking of which, did you see the email about the account manager position? Only 2 years experience as an MT is required. Two years experience. Unbelievable! Cheap-cheap-cheap.

    That is what is wrong with OSi. Nobody is qualified to do their uppity jobs, including the QA Director, except the MTs, who continue to lose work to India via outsourcing!!!!
    Anybody having trouble making
    Amphion?  I have been with them 3 months and still have not hit my 1200 line goal. Would like to know if anyone else has had this experience.
    I had trouble keeping up with my
    The QA department wants to proof everything before you get paid, therefore what you typed may not be what you get paid for.  I couldn't ever figure out how much I was going to receive.  People were real nice, accounts good, but there was room for dishonesty in line counting in my mind.
    trouble with software

    I am still having trouble with the ExText software.  I know TT is doing their best to get everything smoothed out...but I am concerned because it really slows me down and is very frustrating...I just get all geared up and ready to have at it...but the software gives me nothing but problems.  It cuts me off after I complete a report and then I have to sign back on to get dictation.  Sometimes the system does not recognize my foot pedal, and I have to crawl under my desk undo the USB connection and reconnect, then it will work.  All in all this is very frustrating.  Also I find some of the doctors are difficult to understand...I think they are speaking too close or too far away from their microphone, etc.  I know my line counts thus far are not good at all.  I like the company...they are all very, very nice to work with, especially QA.  I have been on the account about 3 weeks now...I sure hope it improves soon.

    Thanks for your input.

    I only have trouble on Sundays - sm
    But, I've never gotten yelled at for not making my quota. Did you explain that there is no work?

    You got in trouble for that email? sm
    Puhleeze. It was what Paulik and everybody needed to hear. They were just mad because the truth hurts. I was waiting to see if he had the guts to reply.

    You haven't offended me at ALL. You've spoken for so many of us! Are you part of the email group of ex-HISers?
    causin' trouble is more like it! nm
    Oh man, sorry you're having so much trouble.

    The dictaphone we use at the hospital occasionally does that but not very often.  I have had no problems whatsoever (knock on wood) with Merit running in my 384 RAM machine. 

    If I were in your shoes, I would take a shot at the Merit side before I jumped ship.  I think the reason why I don't like Merit as well is because i have not had as much experience with it.

    I had a little trouble in the very beginning

    getting my direct deposit going, but on time every time since.  I started 6 months ago.  I checked BBB and found them to have a BB rating, which is a good rating according to the BBB themselves. 


    I hate being paid late myself, it is really frustratign and has happened to me far times than I can remember, but I am sure they will work things out with you. 

    D&L...Logging In Trouble
    Anyone out here still work for D&L? HEHEHE..if so, why can't I log in to my work site today..both sites? FTP and TWA. Am I the only one having trouble?
    Anybody at TT have trouble meeting

    I work days so I am wondering if the system is just plain bogged down.  

    I think the OP just wants to create trouble

    Thank heavens, most of us TT'rs are very happy there.

    I've never had a CMT, and have never had any trouble
    That whole certification thing was a scam right from the beginning. I often wonder how the founders of that creepy organization can sleep at night, knowing they've bamboozled so many hard-working American MTs. All I can say is, I may never be rich like those ladies are, but at least I'm HONEST - something they can't ever claim to be.
    sorry to hear your trouble
    I have often thought of proscript in the past for employment as I know they employ statutory.  Did you do QA for them?  I thought they only statutory.  You have a lot of experience for them to treat you that way but regardless they should not have done that to anyone.  Good luck to you. 
    is a trouble maker
    Don't give her the time of day
    I had trouble with Chase

    I worked for Chase for about 9 months. Let's just say STAY AWAY. VERY AWAY. It was not a good experience. I am still looking for work.

    I have trouble getting a reply at all

    When you work for them it's like you are on your own.  You can't get a reply on anything. I am in editing and I find tons of errors sent previously and reports sent to the wrong area and I let them know and I never get a reply.  I never get emails.  Updates are done in mind only....they don't actually put them on paper and you never know the change unless you send feedback and the manager notices it has changed.  I wrote the HR person over a year ago asking a question and I am still waiting.

    Another big gripe is their supposed mentor.  This lady has issues.  She calls people and asks them what church they go to, what political affiliation they are, and then proceeds to go on and on about how smart she is, what degrees she has, and who she works for.  Two of my coworkers have left because of her.

    I'd would tell anybody unless you are totally sharp and can work on your own without ever a question, don't look here.  Also don't answer the phone if the mentor calls unless you really want to know what soap opera she watched that day.  If she would mentor and leave everybody else alone, something might get done.



    I have trouble getting a reply at all

    When you work for them it's like you are on your own.  You can't get a reply on anything. I am in editing and I find tons of errors sent previously and reports sent to the wrong area and I let them know and I never get a reply.  I never get emails.  Updates are done in mind only....they don't actually put them on paper and you never know the change unless you send feedback and the manager notices it has changed.  I wrote the HR person over a year ago asking a question and I am still waiting.

    Another big gripe is their supposed mentor.  This lady has issues.  She calls people and asks them what church they go to, what political affiliation they are, and then proceeds to go on and on about how smart she is, what degrees she has, and who she works for.  Two of my coworkers have left because of her.

    I'd would tell anybody unless you are totally sharp and can work on your own without ever a question, don't look here.  Also don't answer the phone if the mentor calls unless you really want to know what soap opera she watched that day.  If she would mentor and leave everybody else alone, something might get done.



    Thank you for being so honest!
    I work for MDI-FL and I know they post on here but I don't say anything on here that I have not said to them or would say to them. Honesty, it's an amazing tool, huh? Again, thank you and good luck to you!
    Many honest MTs/not all bad
    Yes there are many dishonest owners I am sure, been there as stated above. But rest assured, there are some great MT and owners out there who are very honest and will pay for the hard work we do, I know I work for one!!!! Just beware of the ones who have numerous accounts floating around among all their MTs, being done all times of days at their convenience(as they are working their day job at the same time)and dont always have time for you, and promises of many new accounts to come that you never see. These are the ones to watch for. I think all MT need to look out for this behavior and warn others to run when it comes their way. Make sure you are being mentored on your work and not doing there work that they claim as their own. Get your credit where it is due. keep looking good, honest owners are out there.
    honest MT
    I know myself of that practice with PJ transcription. She had her pay with her day job while mentoring me and getting my pay for my work also, must be why she gets paid vacation and I did not. Well I learned the hard way.
    Yes, and I'm not being mean just honest..
    There IS a difference.
    Well, to be honest
    Most companies don't consult their employees when they decide to sell. Someone either was ready to retire or tired of the business. Face it, it is a high-stress business.

    I have a feeling not just the MTs were surprised.

    No need to be mean, but do be honest.
    In this case, I would tell her that most companies cannot provide the kind of help that you were, and what she needs is to go to school (or back to school). If she presses you and says she just needs something easier, explain firmly but kindly that radiology is mostly anatomy and contrast terms, so it isn't one of the more difficult specialties, but it does require near 100% accuracy, which is why you tried so hard to help her. If she is not willing or able to return to school, she should think about another kind of work. Just say it as kindly as possible IMO.