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Not to be a stick in the mud but what new account? sm

Posted By: ndmt on 2009-07-02
In Reply to: Yep. Loving the new account that started today! Hooray TT! - TTer Too

I know we were supposed to get 3 new accounts before November, but what is the rest of the story? Please e-mail me if you cannot post because I had no idea there was something going live.

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I stick to it
While others simply disappear during the day. Its very easy to work a management job and take on another typing job at the same time, or even another management job for another company all within the same hours!!! Dang double dippers, guess they'll be having a wonderful Christmas while I sit here having to put everything on charge cards. I have absolutely no respect for these people and I do know quite a few. I don't talk to them unless I absolutely have to.
Don't quite know where to stick this, but
does anyone know if there are different legalities on this sort of thing depending on who owns the computer that was used; such as, personally owned PC or one owned by the company that has a problem with what was said on it?
Exactly..please stick to the truth.
don't stick by their words
There is way too much of that in this industry.
Of course you stick it out with a smile. Really. That's what I would do. sm
Remember, she probably won't last long and then you one day may have her job. Don't let one person out of other really good ones spoil your new position. If it continues longer than a month or so, go above her head and speak your concerns. She's probably just testing you. You know if you are doing a good job or not, and if you KNOW you are doing a good job, then just take her comments with a grain of salt and continue working. Don't make a huge deal out of QA people who are rude. I swear, if I did that, I would have had over 50 jobs by now! Each and every single company I've worked for (3) have had at least one Grinch of a QA person and at first I would get all upset and then I grew up and realized that they are just grinches and the kind of people who probably really, really dislike themselves, so how can they like anyone else????

This is true - the IRS can stick it to them
Contact an accountant or the IRS directly (slow time of year anyway). Ask them - there are 21 points companies have to comply with for independent contractors - find out what those are. I know they cannot tell you when to work, discuss how you work, ask about working for others, etc. - there MUST be something in there about the pay issues, as well. DO NOT LET ANYONE GET AWAY WITH THIS. They will push it as far as they can, and will only stop when they are threatened with trouble with IRS - so make sure they are not violating IRS guidelines for working with ICs.
Why do ppl have to stick OSI on every post
I am in the same boat. Trying to stick it out
Glad that we have 2 incomes here. When I was a single mom could not have afforded to do this. What a shame!
I would try to stick it out as long sm
as you have your foot in there.  Most companies won't even consider you for acute care if all they see is clinic - you might actually like acute care once you get past the learning curve.  Good luck!
Perhaps you might stick to citing the law instead of SM
psychotic-like ramblings.
I have to stick up for angry.
I am happy but I get unhappy when someone tries to push something off that is simply not true. She started her post with an untruth by saying she was in the trenches when it was pointed out in several posts that she is a team lead which is far from the trenches if you read the position open ads from Transcend - it is a lower management position that is used as a stepping stool.

She does not even give the same information about outsourcing that is given by the higher levels of management.

And her worry about offshoring or outsourcing or whatever word you want to use for sending our work to foreigners so they can take our jobs away is a croc - since the company was with before had a school in offshore.

If these positive thinkers would just post the truth it would be a lot better. When you start reading management posts that are not true, you wonder how much more is being hidden that you will uncover the longer you work for them.

You cannot say that any company is without problems. All you can say is how much effort is being made to correct what is wrong and let people make up their minds from that.

All we get is the short end of the stick. - nm

glad I didn't stick
around too long at TT.  I thought it was bad organization myself.  Just my little input from experience!
Stick up lke they did to DMV outsourcing to Mexico
Everybody was outraged when they found out DMV was sending work and private info to Mexico. Wake up people! I have access to more information than DMV on the health records, yet nobody cares that transcription is being outsourced every where outside the US. You should see my medical records from my treating physicians that are transcribed overseas. i have never seen such a mess. It is no wonder that I flatlined on my last surgery. Somebody typed the wrong doses of medication, and the anesthesiologist gave me too much sedation.
I chose to stick with Clinic.....sm
because, in my experience, they are almost always closed or at least very, very slow on holidays.

So, over the years I decided I wanted a M-F schedule with holidays off. That's why I stick with Clinic notes.

Good luck!
New accts. Can I beat myself with a stick now? A-G-G-H
Why do you guys stick around to be treated like this? sm
How awful! Come to Webmedx where people are nice and answer your questions!
LOL. Perhaps I should stick with MQ--easier to spell...sm


Thank you, me, for the info in your previous posts. 

There is no way in HE double hockey stick that I would EVER take that job
You say you need the job, but I can guarantee you with that account you'd make more at McDonald's. So, think hard before you step into that. They'd have to offer me 40 cpl to do that job, and it still wouldnt be worth having to buy wigs and Tylenol when I yanked out all of my own hair and banged my head on the desk all day LOL...keep us posted..
Stick figure artist
These folks who throw stones at the high producers remind me of the story of Robert Fulton and his steamboat. When he was about to launch it on its first trip down the river, the naysayers said very loudly You'll never get it started. He did, of course, get it started. The naysayers they began to chant You'll never get it stopped! The moral being that there is no pleasing some people. It is ever so much easier to embrace negativity as an excuse for one's own failure to produce that it is to work on one's own areas that need work. I have always been amazed that such folks did not use these opportunities to learn how to improve their productivity. When I was beginning, many, many years ago, I was grateful for people who would mentor me and give me suggestions. Come to think of it, I still am. I have a friend who has been an MT as long as I have and she at one point was making 100K per year. I have never made 100K per year. Was I jealous? Did I put her down? No, I asked her for some suggestions, which she was kind enough to give. I learned from her and it helped my own productivity. Jealous bashing would not have helped me at all. Learning from her did. Nuff said.
I think they stick their head in the sand
because they only think about their own well-being for the present minute. Wow! Golly Geez! Some company will hire me! They don't realize that by going with a company that offshores, they are participating in their own destruction. I am always amazed at how many people lack critical thinking skills.
They can take their idiotic 'CMT' and stick it
I'd tell em to stick that offer in their CT scanner,
...Nuke it REAL good.
So why don't you LEAVE already? I don't understand MTs who stick sm
around someplace they obviously don't want to be. Or do you just like bad-mouthing?
Thanks so much, will stick with my .08 cpl and American doctors.

That many keystrokes worked out to 925 lines +/- a day. You have to stick to 8 hrs a day, though. St
My gosh, I can do 300 lph of ERs!!!! But they stick me on bottom crawler

I am swimming through sludge making sometimes 70 lines an hour. 

And after an hour of that kind of garbage I'm exhausted.


. . . and God forbid you don't stick STRINGENTLY to the schedule!
You know, this is very important! You're not getting paid by the hour, you're not getting paid salary, you're getting paid PRODUCTION only, so what the heck difference does it make if you're getting the same amount of lines while working the schedule or at 2:00 in the morning?????

Pay us by the hour if you want us on a schedule! You can't have it both ways, people.
Stick with the recommended companies from the New MT Board. nm
No I haven't experienced it because when I get a job I stick with it and don't go applying any
else.  And I'm sure it doesn't make any difference if that statement amused me or not, just like it doesn't make any difference to anyone else how skilled you are or how skilled you think you are.  The post was about DSG, that's it.  Not about anyone falling over themselves to hire you.  Just simply stating that you didn't get a call back would have been sufficient, not having to brag about your skills.  Obviously DSG didn't know about your skills since they didn't call you back, so that wasn't an issue and there was no point in mentioning it.
Let's stick to facts rather than innuendo. If you can't do that, then don't post.
Well I'm glad I didn't stick around for more torture
on the world's worst platform only to find there wasn't enough work anyway.  I only lasted 3 weeks before I flipped my lid.  They told me they really needed help on clinic though.  If you are on acute care, ask to switch. 
It will be great experience if you can stick it out, and make
And there it is, the "so are you" rebuttal. Did you stick your tongue out too?

Stick to your local newspaper postings
Not sure that 3 out of 100 or more is a good sign. I stick to my post above. LOL nm

Do they stick to their 3 year experience requirement? sm
I only have 1 year of ortho exp on clinic accounts but feel that I am very well qualified in that I usually send my reports direct and they do not need to go to my manager very often.
Guess 1200 is better than a sharp stick in the eye
or nothing at all.  Wait till they discontinue your benefits because you don't make hours requirements, then you'll have a couple hundred dollars a month more in your pocket. 
Be prepared to give a schedule and stick to it.
In my personal experirence, I was titled IC but let me tell you, if I was not signed on DURING THE SET HOURS I WAS ASKED TO PROVIDE, EMAILS AND CALLS ENSUED.

IC? Not so much. More like employee without employees, IMO.
Well if it is Amherst stick together and all of you call New Jersey. I did and a lot of people in my
office did and I dont know if it did any good or not but when I talked to New Jersey I got the distinct impression that were getting a lot of calls. They were very grouchy for sure. Dont just sit back and take it or nothing will change for you. There QA plan is so abusive it should be thrown out. You wouldnt believe the things they take off for to make sure you dont get QA points. They are a very very abusive office and it seems as though they like to make people miserable so it seems they must be very miserable women. You know, misery loves company.
And this is why every company overhires - MTs don't stick it out - the plain truth
So go stick that in your pipe and smoke it, gourdpainter, And before you ask, I am NOT mgmt.
That is wonderful news. I hope the changes stick and the new office manager is a true asset to the
owner.  She is a lovely woman and I wish her much success.  I just might check them out again.  Thanks for the information.
ooops. I mean that individual plans suck..not stick as I stated in previous post...NM

That account in Texas was not a MQ account. They did not use DQS on that account until KS started.
They are moving 3 other accounts to DQS between now and January 1st. I asked. The MQ accounts they have gotten in the past did not go to DQS. I followed my old account, which is how I know, and it was Meditech. The account is still run by KS and is a big account too.
Repeatedly told another new account would come soon, but it never did. In fact, our slow account is.
everyone else's backup account. What a disorganized mess.
Then when we MT's are **thrown on** an account because of lack of work on our account

What is so hard to understand about that? 

Then we have that account info filed away in a folder in our Outlook Express by name of account and can look at past emails sent out regarding that account.  Not fun to be tossed on an account that you have never seen NOR ever received an email on.  Sounds like business to me. 

You are wrong about the account. KS dumped the account for several reasons. sm
It happened quickly and was unexpected but it was really for the best. Keystrokes does not string people along or lie to you. After being with MQ for too long, I am happy there, although it is not for everyone.

I really would give them a call as the other poster suggested. That whole situation was a nightmare for everyone including management but the account pulled a fast one on them.

I have the facts on this because I have a good friend at the hospital and what she told me matched what my manager did.

I know that they are trying to give more when so many companies are giving less and taking away more.
I would stick it out, most places are slow now through the end of the year every year (nm)
My account has lots of work..ask for another account/nm
The account I am on only requires 1200 lpd. Maybe it is that particular account. Ask them if they
have a lower one. Doesn't hurt to ask. I do anywhere between 1200 and 1800 lpd. Sometimes it feels impossible to do 1200, sometimes the 1800 is quick. Depends on the doctors and the day for me. I do average 15,000 per pay period though, which is 1500 a day. Not impossible by any means, and I never go over 40 hours a week. Most weeks, I am closer to 35 hours with lunch breaks and life.