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OSI is best for newbies, not experienced MTs

Posted By: They would be a good fit for you, NM on 2007-11-21
In Reply to: Try OSi...they have a program for newbies - nm


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Does Sten-Tel start their experienced people at a low wage, too, or just the newbies? Thx. nm
MQ newbies
Sorry, dear, no matter what you say, you lack experience. Therefore you may have been good in school, but how do you rate in the real world?
I'm currently teaching a MT class at a local community college and was wondering what companies hire newbies.  Thanks.
Hey, Newbies at TT...

I got a call from TT yesterday.  Was working and will call back today.  Just wanted to touch base with some of yall to see how you all are doing and if you felt your decision was a good one.

Take care, will keep you posted.



OSi is for newbies
OSi has a mentor program for newbies because that is basically what their company is made up of. Unless you wanted to be spied on with their very own instant message program - where they will call you if they don't see you on line - and also they record Keystrokes and treat you like you are 2 years old, you don't want to work for OSi. They also call you on your days off to work but you aren't allowed to claim it on your time sheet. In other words they want you to work OT but not record your hours to do so. Also a very demeaning QA department. QA is very inconsistent because QA consists of newbies itself and half the time their edits are wrong. You will get emails from QA audits with stupid graphics with (good job) and stuff for toddlers and all of this coming from newbie MTs who happened to end up in QA dept. Mature people would not put junk like that in a business email or any email for that matter. Very poorly run company who recently partnered with a company with multiple offshore interests. OSi already offshored the easy work and with the new partner it is likely to offshore even more. Bad news unless you are just starting out MT'ing. Also they have just stopped paying any extra cents per line on holidays unless you meet almost impossible requirements. That was the last straw for me. I could not make it to even 1 year with OSi and because I saw the light I can actually spend the holidays with my family now because I got out in time. Never have I seen a company run in such a horrible manner as OSi. They offer a ridiculous sign on bonus because most people don't last long enough to even receive it. Go elsewhere, almost anyplace is better.
M-TEC Newbies On the Way?
So what will happen when they guarantee those people coming out of M-Tec a job at lower rates?
newbies and QA....sm
You have to differ between work done by US newbies and Indian newbies. If the QAing of the work your newbies are producing and you have to QA is so bad, I am sure that you are QAing work that has been done by offshored MTs.
Any advice for newbies?
I've checked the job bank and everyone wants experience. Will anyone hire students? I'm finishing up an 18-month course with M-TEC. I've been sending resumes regardless of experience required.
hiring newbies

I just read your post and I do not agree with you. I am a newbie who was hired by MQ to do the big hospitals and I am good. I just quit MQ because the QA was lousy and I had to jump from account to account. Then, on many ocassions I had no work available when I logged onto my shift. I respect your experience, but I know my quality is good because I graduated from the TOP school in the industry that demands it. Please don't lump all newbies together and do not blame it on JUST newbies. Thank goodness I took my NEW self and sloppy QA some where else.
Who hires newbies?

work at home only.

Hiring newbies?
Are there any companies out there that hire newbies? Looking for an acquaintance.
Some newbies have to accept 6 cpl unfortunately - any sm
other experiences with Shapin? Thanx.
Hires newbies
Allegiant and Sound Medical Transcription.  Both are very nice owners/companies to work for/with.  Good luck!
OSi is geared for newbies
It overall is especially good for newbies and has excellent mentor program. There is a massive amount of turnover with this company as those with a lot of experience don't tend to stick around, however it is probably the best bet for someone starting out. They can gain some good experience and training and then move on to a better company with better management, etc.
keystrokes newbies

please tell us how it is going so far


Not all newbies are that ignorant!
Those that have come from reputable schools have the reference books they need when they start out and know how to use them. When I was a newbie a couple years ago fresh out of M-TEC, I was off QA within a month. I have never received a QA score lower than a 98%. That's because I know how to use my references, take the time to do it, and leave a blank rather than guess. Not all newbies are naive enough to think the internet is reliable or are too cheap to invest in a good reference library.
Oh yea OSI newbies are promoted to QA too!!!
Seeing is believing.
OSI is best for newbies or those with NO self-esteem
Try OSi...they have a program for newbies
Is there any 1 year or so newbies out there?
The reason I ask is because I am just graduating and am looking for people who have recent feedback on companies to work for. Who is good with newbies, as far as QA help, answering questions, being patient while you are learning everything, etc? Some of these platforms can be confusing?!  And then the account specifics, please tell me it gets easier!!?? Also, do you know which ones give you specific accounts to work on, at least until you get a little experience under your belt? Thanks for any info!
info for newbies
I was looking for job listings in my local newspaper (online) and there was 1 ad for Transam Associates.  They are apparently in many cities across the US and when I went to their web site, it says they train newbies for free.  Just thought I would mention this so anyone who is interested could check it out.  They have a sample dictation on their site that you listen to and then send it in an email, or you they say you can send a sample of your recent work in an email.  Dictation is computer-generated, very easy, about 30 seconds long.  I have 27 years experience, so I was not interested in this company, but thought some of you out there might be. 
yep and the newbies haven't ever sm
been around or worked in MT long enough to make any real money! If they had been in this business long enough this wouldn't even be an issue. They are going to eventually be losing their jobs just like everybody else.

Personally, even with VR being so popular, I still stay there are good jobs (maybe not as many) out there for GREAT experienced MTs! You have to look hard and long for them but they are there.

I feel sorry for these newbies who don't know the way it can be for a good MT or the way it was or whatever. That's why they want to argue. This is all they know. We know what the money use to be like and what it can be like if you look long enough now. I sure would rather do 300 lph even at 8 cpl than even 600 lph at even 5 cpl (which most aren't making 5 cpl). I cannot imagine anything more boring or counter productive than VR! VR is just another way for these folks to totally forget that there is a patient behind the report and just reduce all this to lines and filling in blanks, no real knowledge.
No I don't tell newbies to google, I sm
tell them to look it up in their REFERENCE library. No one wants to do that anymore. Kind of like learning to use a calculator but never learning to do the math yourself!
I would recommend it to newbies. Just not for us
I'm a QA, and if you think newbies fresh out of
school are ready to be turned loose on VR and are of the same quality as experienced MTs, you're sadly mistaken. MT schools only give you the basics. As the above poster said, with VR you really have to know your stuff even better because it's too easy for mistakes to fly by.
Hiring Newbies
There's a couple out there right now considering newbies. There's one on this board, job seeker's, and another one at the other popular board. Good luck. I was fortunate to go to Rodeer in Atlanta fresh out of community college. That was the best decision I made. It was tough, but the experience was worth it.
Good luck.
Experienced MTs.
I need input from seasoned MTs.  I have been doing this 20 years.  What companies can you make a decent living with, decent insurance?  I just started with a company a month ago with great bennies, but something is definitely up with line counts. I have to work like a dog to get 800 lines, when I normally hit 1200 to 1500 on a good day during my 2nd week of employment.  Even with the learning curve, this is not adding up, I believe they are "stealing lines".  I don't have much more time to switch from company to company trying to find a fit.  I guess what I am asking, is which companies do not steal lines and have good bennies.  TIA
$1.50+ experienced ......nm
You obviously are not very experienced at this.
surgery center, you can put anything you want on your bill and they still pay you on THEIR terms, which is usually net 30 days.  They also many times (not always, but often) request invoices once a month.  Now if you are doing piddly clinic stuff, or you are subcontracting, that's  a different story.  But when you're playing with the big boys that's the way it is.
LOL. They cannot keep experienced MTs. sm
Most of us can't wait 4-6 weeks for a paycheck. If you have the ability to wait a long time for a paycheck, then I recommend them. They have good accounts. I wish a well-managed company had those accounts.
Is it possible for an experienced MT to do 250-300
Please let me know what service you work for if its possible.  I'm paralyzed about making a decision because I'm hearing such awful things about all the MTSO's.
I have never experienced this, but...
If you have a 3 minute job opened up and it looks like your typing it and an hour later you still have it open, wouldn't that make them wonder and wouldn't they have a right to make sure you are going to finish it.  They have a responsibility to keep these jobs in TAT and if an MT holds a job for an extended time or takes a break in the middle it can slow things down - How are they to know if you had an emergency and didn't have time to call in unless they check up.  If you need to take a break, it should be between jobs, not in the middle of a 3 minute job that should take at max 9 minutes to type.
Maybe she is not experienced in ESL's? (sm)
I have yet to encounter one that would leave me in tears.  I have at other places, though, but not that often. 

She has over 15 years with several large well known teaching hospitals and several of the largest services with multi-accounts -- she is revered by MTs in this large city. Maybe all those who are having such an easy time should be grateful for her taking the horrid dictators rather than seeking to denigrate her skills. There are those in the field who yelp at the slightest bit of difficulty and demand to be given a different account (i.e. EASY stuff) so that those of us with integrity end up cleaning up the dregs. Could be -- who knows?



Experienced MT2
One of the reasons I left OSi is because the QAs people and the ACs made me feel about 2 high. They would talk to you in such a downgrading manner it was totally unbelievable. (during the conference calls). They would not answer e-mails, even with sending a receipt request and this was to QA, AC and also the person who the ACs would answer to. Nevertheless, I did not feel this was appropriate business practice. (I have been transcribing for years, 15+, and ran my own business prior to working for OSi.)
You are right. Pay for experienced MT's
... is very little if any over what these new people make, those who can't even construct a sentence and don't know the basics for doing this job properly. And experience doesn't necessarily mean they are a heck of a lot better than the newbies. It's all about speed - and you know who proof reads and who doesn't. I have seen horrific reports from the most experienced MT's. Yes - working privately is the only way to go.
Too experienced and you will
cost them money. Many companies rather go with less experienced MTs and pay a lower line rate. Good luck with that.
I have experienced the same, however (sm)
so many benefits outweigh the negatives. I worked with my liaison and my issues were finally ironed out. Also, QA is more than willing to admit when they have made a mistake, and they have a sense of humor as well. I keep my eyes open, as is wise to do, but MDI keeps me in work, keeps me happy, and I'm thrilled to have found them so soon in my MT career. (I'm at 3 years and counting with MDI, 8 years as an MT).
Maybe they REALLY want less-experienced MTs that
Those of us who not only have the skills & the experience are sometimes a 'threat' to those in charge. Some prefer the newer ones who think working 7 days/week without a break, bennies or a raise is a good deal. But we know better.
Here is what I experienced...
You are trained via an internet conference meeting call, with 5-6 other transcriptionists. The account manager walks you through the platform and shows you how it works. After about 45 min. to 1 hour that's it...you're on your own. Of course, you always have your lead person to e-mail or call if you have questions.
if you are experienced and let them know sm
you can't do both days, I bet they will hire you as long as you will at least part of one day and maybe Friday too. I did.
I have experienced
this problem.  You also have to back up your macros every time you go into Medrite or it will wipe them all out.
ASR and VR probably where the newbies go and you get the junk dontcha think
MT Solutions hires newbies....
First, newbies complain about the fact
...then, when someone does hire them, the whine and cry that the account is too difficult. No wonder MTSOs prefer not to deal with newbies. This is a good way for you to learn.
don't forget the newbies who will do it for free!
Newbies who accept that extremely
LOW amount of pay are the reason companies offshore!! I refuse to baby them.
This is a scam - they don't hire newbies.nm
Any companies hire newbies? I'm a CMT who
works for a company that had a mentoring program and hired newbies.  Had a very smart young girl ask me about getting into MT and told her the company I worked for had a mentoring program.   She purchased Career Step six months ago but did not buy the program with the job placement as both of us felt she could get accepting into the mentoring program; however, she just now graduated and I just found out our company has abandoned their mentorship program.  I feel really bad now because I don't know of any other companies that hire newbies.  Do any of you know of any?  I think this girl really has potential.
Are all the bad applicants necessarily newbies?????


Does anyone know of companies who will higher newbies?

Most of my students will be graduating soon with associate's degrees with major in medical transcription.  Are there any companies hiring new graduates?