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Offered a position

Posted By: non on 2008-08-11
In Reply to: speaking of Oracle - little ole' me

set up for training, etc., and then never heard from them again.

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I was offered a position,
which I accepted. The woman I spoke with seemed very nice and very down-to-earth. I am not sure how many MTs they are looking for, but maybe more than one.
I had been offered a position with them,
but IMO their rate of pay was too low for me. She seemed very nice, though.
I was offered an IC position at 10 cpl, 11 cpl
over 12,000 lines/pay period.   They do have employee status too, but not sure of the rate.  I didn't accept the position as it was less than what I was already making. 
I was offered a position, but
They were offering pay without spaces including headers and templates at 7 cpl for Radiology IC position (this was back from earlier this year).

Now that you've merged, I don't know how things will be run as far as how production will go. Good luck, though.
I was offered a position by them...
but went onto something else (employee status. I had asked about the demographics part, and they had said that 99% of it was filled in. The Emdat site pretty much teaches you everything you need to know about the platform. It seemed great and would have went with them. They were very helpful and answered all my questions. Their test was pretty easy, as well. Good luck!
I was offered an MT and a QA position with them.
They offshore, pay is low, and the sound quality of files is poor.  I didn't accept either position so don't know any more details. 
I was offered an IC position from W. nm
To OP: Are you? Are you this company? Because if you are, you just offered me a position.
I'd like to know if it's you before I decide whether to accept or decline.
They offered me a position, but I turned it down.
What the recruiter said and what the team leader said was in direct conflict.  Then there is the question of offshoring.  
Don't know. I was offered a position with them but didn't
take it.    I know very little about DQS/WebCorrect, but the recruiter told me you get a couple of lines for each report for having to look at a file.   I don't know enough about DQS to understand exactly what they are talking about though. 
I was offered QA position for 2.5 cents

Please someone tell me.... what is the acceptable pay for QA jobs?



I have been offered Onc position with them too, how cool.

Can't wait to get started either.  Maybe we should exchange e-mails and keep in touch, etc.  Let me know.

Currently at MQ/offered position with Precyse. nm

Were you offered another position or severance? nm
Also interested--position offered
I'm also interested in UST. They have offered me a position. All of their work stays in the US but the pay they offered is less than what I make now. Anyone have any idea how easy it is to hit 1800 lines per day with them?
As long as they were offered a different position, such as MT, there is
nothing that can be done, including unemployment. Companies can demote employees, change their position around, change their hours, transfer them, etc without penalty. It is not ethical but not illegal.
I applied too and was offered a position...
I really think their accounts would be a great fit and also my feel for the atmosphere at this company, but I'd have to start out at a rock-bottom rate, so I'm passing it up.  I may be sorry, but I'm just not going to stoop to that low a rate even if it does increase rapidly.  I'd still be losing out on money I could have made someplace else. 
I interviewed with them and was offered a position.
They are wonderful people. They did tell me that they would supply equipment if you needed it so that definitely is an option. I did not take the position for the time being, but of all the companies I know, they are one of the nicest out there and I truly believe they would be a good employer.
I was offered a position with no testing, but I have
20 years' experience.  I accepted a position but then changed my mind. 
they offered me a position.....good or bad?
Don't work there, though was offered a position.
They do offshore work, though I caught them in a lie about it.  The recruiter was IM someone the whole time she was talking to me, very distracting and rude I thought.   They have a base pay, a shift differential, a level of difficulty of account, years of experience, etc., so pay range can very 2 to 3 cpl.   I would never work for them. 
I was offered a position with them. From my conversations
with them they are basically a 2 person company and terribly disorganized.  I don't think they ever gave me an exact line rate so I'm not helpful there.  The owner e-mailed me, I e-mailed back.  She had the IT person (employee #2) call me back and talk with me, but she wasn't an MT person so was asking me the questions that the MTSO told her to ask.  She then went back to the MTSO and then the IT contacted me again to ask me more questions the MTSO told her to ask.  I was offered the position and told info was being sent to me about accounts, format, etc.   Never heard from them and never got the stuff in the mail, even though I was told 2 different times it had gone out.   I heard from them about 2 months after that and they wanted me to start work for them.  I just never answered their e-mails.   I wouldn't recommend them just based on how disorganized they seemed to be and if they are only a 2 person company.  I don't remember details about format, etc. 
I've just been offered a position
at Transolutions but the recruiter e-mailed info, and I haven't had a chance to ask any questions. Do they provide the computer? How much training do they usually do?
I never worked for them, was just offered a position
 which I declined. 
Exactly - that's why I accepted the other position I had been offered.
I was offered a position but was not even close
to what I make per line, especially since I just got my 2nd raise!!!!  WOOHOO.
I did, took the test and they offered me a position
I was immediately offered a position with

Webmedx after the interview.   I didn't have to test based on my experience and score on the verbal testing. 

If you applied through TransHealth they still seem to be operating as two separate companies and dealing with a different group of people.  I applied to them before the merge and I never heard from them after submitting my resume. 

I was offered a position about a year ago
and did not take it as you had to be on call every third week at night with a pager for stats.
I was offered a C phone position w/ KS
come aboard if they didn't require a phone lone/LD. It seems so ancient to require a C phone anymore.
Offered C-phone position at KS

Is there plenty of work?  I think they actually want me on 2 accounts.  I'm scared to switch companies...but the company I'm with now is using and abusing me and I need to find something else.

I was offered a position without a test but sm
I didn't have the right computer and had to put up with frequent contact for months after I was offered and declined.

I was offered a position with TT but didn't

take it so I can't speak for them, but Axolotl is a great company.  I'm making almost 2 cpl more than what TT offered.  Work has been slow lately but they pay downtime and have are adding accounts little by little.  6 paid holidays, PTO, 401K with up to 3% match, free short/long-term disability.  I don't have a need for health insurance, but premiums are more reasonable than most.

They provide all hardware/software.  Great tech support available 24/7.  QA pretty strict, but reasonable.  Almost no flexibility with schedule, though getting off for doctor's appointments and things like that aren't an issue.  I think they only have 90 MTs/QA right now so still a small company, but one that respects its employees. 

I've been there a year and like with anything there have been a few ups and downs, but I would highly recommend then.   

They offered me a position a couple of weeks ago.

IC position and pay is low.   Can't remember any other details of their offer.  The first 2 were enough to know I wasn't interested. 

I was offered a position, originally accepted it, but
than changed my mind.  They told me it would be about 2 weeks before I could work, but the account I was going to be working on was acute care and they needed to get me cleared through the hospital to be able to access their system and then I would have to go through setup.  The account I was offered as internet based - I think Dictaphone ExText. 
I was offered a position but didn't accept.

The whole time I was interviewing the recruiter was IMing people, either interrupting to do it or saying out loud what she was sending.  I can understand the need to communicate, but thought it extremely rude.

The account they wanted to put me on was the most wonderful account and I was lucky there was an opening because the MTs on the account just loved it and there was rarely an opening.   She then put me in contact with the lead on the account and she told me that it was an extremely difficult account and that they couldn't keep MTs on the account.  I had worked on the account years ago when I worked on YOG and I knew that it was an extremely difficult account.   The lead also let slip that they offshored work and the good work went offshore and the crap was left here for us to do. 

I hate being lied to more than anything and once someone lies and I catch them in it I'm done, no second chances. 



Absolutely not true. I was offered a position in

management so to say I couldn't hack it is bull.  I just couldn't deal with the BS. 

Oh, I see! I was offered a QA position there. I'm a good old American!!! nm
Any info on Peachtree? Offered position there

I was offered a position at Peachtree today.  Does anyone have any info on this company?  Easy to work with or not, pay on time, easy platform, flexible with appointments, etc?  Thanks for any and all information, as I couldn't find much in the old posts.  Thanks!

If they offered you a position, didn't they give you a pay rate?
I've been offered a clinic position making 0.72 cpl
as an IC, have to train for 1-2 days in which you type reports but you don't get paid for them.   No it isn't TransScam.   
Any opinions on MedScribe, Jacksonville, FL - been offered a position
I have been offered an ER position and was just wondering if there is any CURRENT feedback on this company -- MedScribe Information Systems, Inc.  Pay is not great but sounds like the benefits will make up for it.  Need opinion on the platform and how difficult is it to make the required line counts.  Any opinions would be great, and email me if you would rather.  Thanks in advance
They just called me after receipt of resume and offered me a position. nm
I was offered a position editing offshore work that

was also Surprisingly good.   I knew without being told that the work was being done offshore as it was not that good. 

If I were to go to India, or any other non-English speaking company I would not be able to do the work either, but then I'm not trying to compete with native MTs.  If I say I have a first rate product, then I need to be able to prove it and thus far I haven't seen it. 

Have been offered EXTREMELY good position with All Type Inc.....sm
I unfortunately need to look for a new company, due to the fact that my MTSO has lost accounts and mine is one of them....I really love working with her.  Anyway, looking elsewhere, All Type seems really wonderful, super-nice recruiter, IC status, flex schedule, very good cpl rate, choice of work-types, etc.  Is this too good to be true, does anyone have experience here....cannot find much in search.  TIA!!!
How long after you tested with Axolotl did you get offered position? sm

Just curious, I tested last week and have not heard anything. 

I tested for Focus and they said I passed. I was offered a QA position at.... see msg
6 cents per line for 1st and 2nd shifts and 7 cents per line for the graveyard shift. This was an offer for QA/QC, not VR; I made sure of this. I didn't accept the job because of the posts on this board. I cannot afford to waste my time at yet another, as stated here, fraudulent company. I've just been through one such as this and am currently in the middle of another, which has cost me weeks of pay.
Havent you decided to accept their offer..or have they offered a position?
If so, what kind of pay scale do they have..
Ugh .. that's not good news. They offered me a position awhile back sm
but I went somewhere else.  Now they sent me a thing again, listing their benefits,and it sounded pretty nice.  I guess there is no such thing as the perfect job. 
The DQS is an IC position and the Dictaphone EXtext is an employee position....
both part time...both making 9.5 cents per line...which is better IC or employee?
Thanks :)
I'm hoping too as I accepted position a position also nm