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Phoenix comment

Posted By: amj on 2006-05-13
In Reply to: Phoenix - NYMT

I was hired on with this company but decided not to take this job offer because the company I have already been working for has been giving me more work again. So I guess I am really glad not have taken this job with Phoenix after all. amj

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Phoenix MedCom and Phoenix Transcription in CA are 2 different companies
Phoenix Med is in NY. The posts seem to confuse the two at times.
This is not Phoenix MedCom fromNY...it's Phoenix from California
Phoenix MedCom doesn't pay by gross line.
Do you mean a different Phoenix...Phoenix MedCom doesn't use IM
Maybe a different company?
Your last comment...
was uncalled for. This MT is simply answering this poll based on his or her worst experience. There is another poll above asking for the best MT company you've ever worked for. If you want to defend Diskriter, post there.
Seems to me that ER MTs double their lines most of the time.  I'm a bit worried about Acute Care/Basic 4.  Anyone out there doing those reports increase their line count without killing yourself?
Just a comment on it...sm
I'm lucky to have the two large health systems here that employ some MT's but I also know that some hospitals prefer to just find a company (US, out-of-state, or otherwise) to send all their stuff to and let the company organize, back-up and differentiate all of it so the hospital doesn't have to deal with it lots of different employees for their transcription.  Understandable theory I suppose; I just wish we could show them that keeping their work local to their immediate city/area would be beneficial too! 
I have no doubts about the reason for that rule.

Thank you for helping me to wake up and smell the printer ink!

Being an MT has definitely changed my attitude towards the world and people in general.  This is really sad.  I find myself struggling on a daily basis, just kind of wondering and waiting for the end to come. 

Your post made my day.  It validated my experience of this past week as something that I need to consider seriously.  My eyes were opened; actually, I was kind of shocked.  I had been invited to a presentation where I met an entirely different group of people, in another industry, which is similar to ours in that it is still health-related, but it is Wellness, and does not involve any transcription.  Those people were so happy, positive, successful, and rich, and one lady told me that she does 99% of her work from home and during a bad month she earns ONLY $7000.  So, I'm now considering a career change.  I love my dogs, really.  But, I want to live in a world where I like the people, too. 

With this addition to my life, I suspect that I will not be so stressed out with regards to MT, and will still continue my somewhat, sometimes enjoyable MT job on a part-time basis.  When you don't really need the money and you kind of just do it for FUN, it takes on a different flavor, I'm sure.

Thank you again!

My comment was to YOU
This also would depend on how much notice she is giving regarding taking time off.  If she is constantly taking time off with very little advanced notice for nonemergencies, it seems like adequate grounds for dismissal. 
comment on what you want but sm
i have seen you pick at others for posting comments that have nothing to do iwth the post.  But I guess thats ok for you and nobody else....right?
oh my god, what a disgrace you are for your comment - sm
If you feel that strongly about your job, no matter what it is, then get out and do something else. Nobody is making you a slave. I'm sure you have other skills.

And while you are out searching for another career, talk to your therapist about upping the medications you are on. Because the comments you made are deeply troublesome and psychotic in every way.
Care to comment?? NM
MedWare QA comment

I'm not sure how you can get ZERO QA feedback from Medware when each and every report you sent to editing is returned for you to see with whatever blanks were able to be filled in. You can even pull up the voice file again and re-listen while you go over the blanks.

I'm not saying you're not telling the truth, just that your experience is much different than mine, and along with the ZERO QA feedback comment it makes me wonder why.

That little snippy comment may
It never hurts you to be kind, even to those who are struggling with their platform.  What kind of person are you to do that.  I have been there.  Maybe you haven't.  You will one day, you'll be going right along and then you'll discover a lump or something and your whole world will change.  Let's see you find mercy then.  Those who give mercy, get mercy. 
D&L typing comment
I saw this post and was concerned for you.  I worked for them from 2000 to 2003 and never had a problem with paychecks, however the owner was controlling it all at that time and every other thurs or fri she would send the paychecks out snail mail.  They would get all data together on tues and wed to my knowledge then they would promptly go out and I never had a problem.  She owner told me she would always welcome me back if I wanted to and even provide my accounts back to me but I have since learned I was ignored by the staff and not rehired.  I believe she never found out I was available.  I see a problem now that you mention this as I think there are many new turn over of employees in that office since I have worked there so they just don't care.  I bet the owner would not like to hear that.  I would call and ask for Donna - the owner or John her husband.  They should be aware of this.  I think her help is not doing her a favor.  Maybe I am lucky for that staff to have ignored my request for rehire back in December.  I would appreciate feedback on your situation in the future as I still was considering calling. 
No, the comment was not meant for you sm
I meant it for the person who didn't understand work in amusement--like they didn't speak English well.
post such a comment
I am beginning to think that mental illness is rampant amongst MTs????? This board should not be used for putdowns, criticisms, etc. From the sounds of you, you must be a supervisor yourself. Maybe these folks don't ask you because you never can answer any of their other questions or you just ignore them. They may as well ask someone that works for Waste Management. Now how does that feel??

I can believe that as well. Hence my comment about exceptions. Always are I know. nm
Here's what that comment means.
Current supervisor = not needing a decent line count and not caring what filling in demographics means for the MTs.
Don't know about your sister, but try it yourself, then comment.
Don't know about your sister, try it yourself, then comment.
only limited comment
I applied to USAMedical. I have over 15 years of experience and they were only offering 7 cpl with that! Have no idea of whether or not they are a good company to work for though.
Now what was silly about my comment?

I just wanted to make sure that the company was being plugged by an ACTUAL employee.  I'm glad you are happy there at Axolotl. 

comment on holidays
I'm not sure that's a completely accurate blanket statement about the holidays. I was told that I was expected to work holidays unless I had asked/made arrangements to be off ahead of time.

Otherwise, I totally agree with you.
Why do you insult me with that comment?

 youre funny, if you only knew..................

Comment on Spheris
The will tell you they care about their MTs.....Don't believe it!
Your right on with that comment - Personally I'm

The comment was directed at
the 0.075 cpl, not the clinic note MT.  Get over yourself already.
MTHeaded's Comment
Please tell us the name of the company you work for and how much you get paid (per line?, per hour?, per page? ) as I have never heard of anyone making between $50 and $70 an hour routinely. Do you have a lot of normals? What's the secret?

Re Quig's comment

I think that Quig meant get out of their company not literally get out of town.  I would offer nothing because you have already said you are about square with the money end and expect not to be paid as they will hold back your money.  This sort of thing makes me crazy .. you owe your allegiance to yourself.  Be your own advocate and get away from this toxic work place and don't look back.  To those of you who say that others can do it for less .. why in heaven's name do you think the industry is in the miserable shape it is in .. we let it get that way!!

I have learned that the only person I can be responsible for is me and I plan that for the rest of the days I have to work I am going to see to it that I get a fair deal for what is expected of me .. take control of your situation and take Quig's advice.  Leave and don't feel badly about it for one minute or that is just more time you have wasted on unappreciative people who are too incompetent to value a good employee.


This comment annoyed me...sm
Our transcriptionists do not work from home. We believe medical transcription is a serious business that demands professionalism.

They make it sound like MTs that work from home are not professional as opposed to those that work in an office. I don't think so, darlings. I much prefer working from home rather than admidst the pecking hens and gossipy environment I used to be in, which felt like high school again.
Thank you -- comment inside to MTs
Thank you, Moderator, for posting this.

Guys/gals, always, always, always take caution when responding to a job post where the return e-mail is through yahoo, hotmail, any of those free e-mail services. Err on the side of caution and do a THOROUGH check.

I'm not saying all of these companies who use Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., are unscrupulous. Just be very, very careful and make sure you post here. I have found some of the MTs on here, whom I have asked for advice in the past, to have some good instincts and gut feelings.

Love to all my fellow USA MTs!!!

p.s. The name Olyphant was odd to me---sounds like a twist to elephant.

Anyone with DSG that can comment on QA and Qasar and how they are
with that.  It seems like some QA need to pick about anything.
Comment by 'Regroup'
Moderator! Why was the comment of 'Regroup' to which I could answer, although the 'quick reply feature' was temporarily taken away, deleted?
I would really like to know!
Here is the comment that got the whole ball of wax
All the difficult jobs and bad dictators only make you stronger. You can't have perfect jobs everyday, so just get over it. Also, to MTs who refuse to do OP reports - you are only keeping yourself from being the best MT you can be. I've been an MT for sooooo long and I wouldn't even notice or care if someone was cherry picking. I certainly wouldn't waste my time checking. The jobs have to get done and I'm good enough to do them. If I have to leave some blanks, oh well, move on! You guys act like little kids wondering if someone got the bigger piece of candy. Good grief!

We don't need to say anything in OUR defense. This is unacceptable.
This is the most pathetic comment
I have ever read. Thanks for re-posting to see what sorry pathetic attitude that Pacific is defending. Pacific and sm are probably cherry-picking supervisors' pets anyway.
I was not offended by the comment
I have a child who stutters, and I know the problems faced with that difficulty.  For her it hasn't been a disability so much    I have had stuttering dictators.  Some were great  -  one I had on a clinic I LOVED b/c he took his time and didn't get rushed.  However, I have one on my account now who slurs, whispers, never corrects and is nearly impossible to understand.  I know there are issues w/ stuttering and I admire those who have overcome them to become doctors.  However, I don't think that gives them any more leeway to be bad dictators than those who don't stutter.  As far as being offended, I wasn't - i totally understand the frustration!
That is another common comment
I spent years, since 1973 to 2002 working outside the home, yes never got to work at home until outsourced. Why would I not be really happy now- plus the fact I no longer have to work long, long hours, 60 plus an hour when I had family I had to provide for and not working the rest of my life away in itself is a very big plus.
The above comment is for MT30+....nm
In answer to your first comment--SM

 Re. sending only the lines that need changing, it was meant as a joke--sorry you didn't catch on.

As for the labor boards, all 50 states have regulations regarding paying at least the MINIMUM wage to which EVERY employee is entitled.  Kind of dificult to do this at 3-4 cents a line on VR -- or having to spend 12-14 hours a day to accomplish 8 hours of work..We'd also be interested in knowing their position on, as employee, being made to do more & more UNPAID work, doing hospital's or MTSO's demographic work, cc'ing, e-mails -- and BEST OF ALL, teaching (also unpaid) the VR machines to take our jobs. 


OMG, this is really a nasty comment....
I, too, paid for rent and food when I lived at home, after I graduated from highschool. But my mother was already then a widow, so understandable and justified.
smart comment......nm
cute comment....nm
Just a side comment
Sorry,can't answer your question about Diskriter. Just found it interesting that you refer to OP notes as crap. I was just thinking today that I would feel like I had died and gone to heaven if I could do nothing but OP notes all day. I've been cranky today because I keep getting crap consults and clinic notes. OP notes are what I love to do more than anything.
My comment is about posters in general.
I've never worked for KS and know nothing about them.

Nothing on this board tells me anything about them either. That is my point.

What is on this board is completely anonymous and we have no way to know who is actually posting and if there is any truth to it.

That is honestly a silly comment now on top of the

other mess. You do it, not the cents per line? Honestly, its just fact that if one were making 10 cpl versus 7 cpl there would be a difference. This is too weird.

Only comment I've ever seen is that your pay will never go up from what you're
This may be a joke to your, Jen, but it is not, please comment when you have some constructive to sh
I worked for the flavor of the month last month after waiting 3 months to get on and found it no different than the last 2 nationals. I used to make 60,000 in this profession and now have not had a raise in 5 years and am certainly not making 60,000 and haven't in 6 years. I have listened to mothers who could not buy Christmas presents for their kids when Spheris reassessed all the hospitals at Christmas time several years ago and everyone took a 200-300 a month decrease in pay, myself included, and cars were being repossessed and electricity shut off.

Another national I was working for lost the account I had been on for 2 years and did not even tell use for 5 days although they knew, and then threw me onto a very established account they had that had gone VR and I had never done VR and my paycheck dropped in half.

Another company I worked for recently (the last flavor of the month)did not tell me they were Federal expressing my first pay check and not automatic depositing it (I bank out of town and would have remembered something like that)and did not even put my apartment # on it. This was this Christmas and it took a week to find where it was after my rent could not be paid, automatic withdrawals for car insurance, phone, etc bounced and my daughter had to help me so I could eat. They said they would cover those charges but they didn't.

If you think some of these stories are funny and would put a comment like you just did about flavor of the month, then you may just be a sociopath. There are middle of the road in speed Transcriptionist who are accurate and deserve a place in transcriptionist, and very fast transcriptionists who are accurate too. Many, many very good transcriptionists with lots of experience have gotten out of this profession because of the untruths these companies will tell you to get you to come with them, they don't care if you last 2 months and make no money, they got some typing done, and they just keep putting ads out.

I wish I had read this months posts about a certain company a few months ago when as you say it was a flavor of the month, and I would not have waited 3 months to get on with them, then had Christmas ruined and finally having to quit because again it was no different than the last national I had worked for. i don't care if the people are nice to me if I cannot pay my rent, pay my car insurance (maybe you think having a car is an extravagance for transcriptionists). I even did without a car for 3 years until last summer and when I got some stability on the account with Transcend (I was on it for 2 years)and they lost it, and thrown into VR with their horrible VR program, my pay checks decreased to half. These are reality stories lady.

Keystrokes is not flavor of the month, I have not been lied to by them, and although this is not a perfect world, it is the difference in night and day between some other companies I have been associated with.

Comment not addressed to you but to "whoa"
Sorry - thought I posted directly as a response to dial it back jack! I was not commenting to you at all - we are on the same side!!
I agree on the management comment
very much so! Everything that the poster put in the post was totally right on! If anything, I think it is more disappointing that DRC would allow themselves to be smooth talked by a company, in my personal opinion, who holds values that are the totally opposite of what I feel DRC has been. I have a nice mouse pad that I was given when I was hired on in the shape of an apple and it says that MTs are the core of DRC. Change the MTs part to money, money, money.
The comment on tech support....sm
In over 9 years with one company I can count on one hand how many times I have called tech support. I cannot even fathom calling them 4 times a month, let alone 4 times per day!! I know the OP was just making a point, and I'd have to agree that if you're calling tech support more than a few times after the initial glitches of setup, RUN.