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Received mine on Saturday 2/2/08

Posted By: XxX on 2008-02-02
In Reply to: Did Medware send out their W2s yet? No msg - Just me


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I got mine on Saturday
I got my stub in the mail on Saturday and it was availabe direct deposited into my bank and this was my first check! Hope this helps.
Mine has always been in on Saturday and not before. Since payday is not until
TT has it's faults but they've never been a single day late on a paycheck and have paid early for holidays many times. I don't think they can be blamed for not paying us early.
Paid every other Monday. Mine is usually in the bank on Saturday. nm
I received mine.....
I had my computer before the phone call.  I had to set it up before training. 
I haven't received mine yet either but considering
the information posted on here, I'd say it is favorable. I think a few things people have been complaining about have been addressed and given:

1) Universal treatment. Sounds like the entire company is now under one plan of hours/production/base tiers/benefits/status. No one will be able to say they get a raw deal because of the office they are in. Everyone will get the same treatment in those areas.

2) A method of control for the workload -- in answer to those who complained about the SEs and others who jump on at the end of the payperiod to hog the work (not my words -- others, mind you): Now everyone has to adhere to a "firm schedule". OT only at supervisor's approval. Set number of hours. These things add up to more control over distribution of work and coverage for their accounts that they can count on.

3) The ability to move up in tier -- you can test and move up to another tier if you want to. Equates to you having an option on your base rate.

4) The ability to keep your incentive on a daily basis; and it sounds like it adds up to more than the incentive we are currently getting. Especially with so many plans floating around for incentive/production/bonuses, etc.

5) Time to make a decision. This is October 2nd. Sounds like you have a month to decide what you want to commit to and 3 months to get yourself prepared to start your new commitment in January. Time to analyze and think through what is best for your situation.

We knew that there was no way everyone was going to be happy about this plan because everyone's needs are different. Everyone has their own idea of what they want from their job. However, it sounds like a positive step in the right direction. Many of the bottom-line complaints have been resolved with this plan.

I'm satisfied with it. Making mock schedules right now so I can be ready to go FT at 39 hours!

My best wishes to all on making their decisions!
I just received mine today.
I received mine about an hour ago. They told me they are less than
1/5 of the way through the resumes and responses and it will take a few days to get through them. Call their office if you want to move to the front of the list.
Drop them an email. Mine was stolen. I received a nice empty envelope.
Saturday work

IC looking for Saturday work with a few hours during the week possible.  I have 8+ years clinic transcription.  Would be possibly willing to do ER notes. Thanks.

You should receive it Saturday. Sometimes
It IS Saturday. You might not here back from anyone until
YES, they do, all day Saturday and Sund
Saturday banking
Banks generally do not post anything (debits or credits) on Saturdays but if they do at all it would be debits not credits (they would make money this way). My bank is open on Saturday too for convenience but nothing is worked up until Monday morning as the 'main corporate' bank is the one that actually does the work.
It is DD and usually in my bank on Saturday before
They think if they post on a Saturday, we won't
got my check on Saturday
I am not worried--
Looking for a Saturday position
Does anyone know of a company that might take on an MT for Saturday work?  I have a 40 hour job, but I would like to pick up some extra work PT for Saturdays as an IC.   Thanks
Saturday a.m. Anyone at TT have work?
Is it just me, or are there others out there without work this morning?  Trying to get paycheck in because system goes down tomorrow night last day of payperiod again, and wanting to get lines.  Is it just me?  Thanks for letting me know either way... getting paranoid over here.
I work for every Saturday

I'm an IC, split shifts morning and evening hours during the weekdays. I have off Fridays and Sundays. I work third shift hours every Saturday for 8 hours, ending usually around 8 a.m. (or later if I choose to keep working). I earn a weekend differential when I reach 800 lines on Saturday and I don't have to share the work with any other MT, be micromanaged or interrupted.

With my regular cpl rate (which is above the norm offered by many MTSOs) plus weekend differential, it is well worth it to me to work overnight every Saturday morning.

The rest of Saturday is mine to spend with my kids as I please. I have been doing this for 2 years now and I actually prefer third shift hours.

I felt the same as you did about weekends and family. I had worked many years in a corporate setting prior to transitioning to MT over a decade ago. I always had weekends off. I wasn't about to sacrifice my weekend family time for any job, even if it is a job that allows me to work at home.

Trust me, it's not an easy schedule to keep and I do get tired come 7 p.m. Saturday, but being a single mother and sole supporter of 2 pre-teen boys, it works well for me. I have to do what I have to do to provide for the 3 of us. Saturdays allow me to earn more and seeing my earnings for that 1 day makes it well worth it for me to wake up at midnight every Saturday for work.

Best of luck to you. I hope you can find a position that allows you weekends off to spend with your family. I, like many other MTs, had to create a situation that would allow for both.
I bet you 1 million $$ you won't find one on mine. Mine is
2 years old and it does not have a 9-pin serial port, nor does it have a game port.   I have used both ports on other computers so I know what both ports look like.  I also have a company provided computer and it does have the ports on it. 
No - I had worked Saturday through Wednesday
took Thursday/Friday off and tried to get back onto system Saturday and found myself totally locked out.  I know there is a way to take your ID from the work queues and just give you access to your lines and completed work so this was totally unnecessary in my view.  I seriously doubt it is legal to withhold that information from an MT.
PS This was Saturday the 15th, payday
It Saturday a.m. and still not working, anybody called it in?(nm)
My check from TransTech has never been on SATURDAY !
Something is definitely going on.  I'll bet the new payroll person inhouse is doing payroll this pay period.  The outsourcing company did such a good job for us MT's.  Had to see it go.
Wasn't on Saturday, but some might be happy SM
to know that Enterprise has been upgraded a number of times over the past year alone, and the clunkiness has pretty much been nicely smoothed out. It's a good platform.
oops! should be "transcribing"..it's Saturday!! nm

if the paydate falls on Saturday
we got paid friday. if it fell on Sunday, we got paid on Monday. that's how it was where I worked. That is also how our bank takes our mortgage payment. If the due date is Saturday, they take it on Friday. If the due date is a Sunday, they take it on Monday.
Considering you initiated the process on a Saturday -- sm
...and there's often a somewhat implicit business hours (or days) when talking about turnaround times, personally I'd wait and if I didn't hear something tomorrow (Tues.) I'd give them a call on Wednesday. But that's just me.
KS just TODAY (Saturday) lost an sm
account. Very very hard account and all of a sudden we are not doing it anymore.

I have never had them call on my days off or anything and I am an older veteran MT. This account was stressful though.
I work both Saturday and Sunday...
every single weekend.  I have for many years.  I have 1 child at home.  How do I do it?  I just do it.  I do a lot of things in life that aren't easy, but I get by.  I knew when I became an MT that I was entering the medical field, which does, contrary to what some people may believe, operate on a 24/7/365 schedule in most instances.  People do get sick/injured on weekends.   If you aren't satisfied with working weekends, your best bet is to find clinic work.  Then, your only complaint may be the pay, which is generally lower than acute care because the work is considered easier.  Oh, well, I guess you can't win.
$13 an hour IC - but working both Saturday

Contact Person/Company:
Premier Office Technologies, Inc.
E-mail Only: recruiter@premierofficetech.com

Location of Job: Remote

Req. Experience: 3 years
Req. Hardware/Software: Windows based PC, sound card, USB footpedal, headset. No Vista 64 bit.

Method of Sending/Receiving files: Internet

Job Description: This is very specialized position for a MT who has psychiatric transcription experience. MT will be required to process the work in client's own electronic health record system under the direction and supervision of Premier. This will include some data entry, drop down menu selecting as well as some transcribing -- very different from what we all know medical transcription to have been in the past. Candidate must be flexible with learning a new system and must be self-motivated and able to work independently once trained. THIS IS OPEN FOR ONLY SERIOIUS CANDIDATES. The position is FT, Wednesday through Sunday preferred with additional hours and days if client desires. This is an Independent Contractor position.

If you are interested, please forward your resume to recruiter@premierofficetech.com. In the Subject line, enter posting #082609. Any emails received without that posting number will not be accepted.

Pay/Benefits: $13.00 hour


shift diff after 5 pm weekdays and all day Saturday nm
If my payday falls on Saturday we are usually paid
on Friday, if Sunday, then we are paid on Monday. We also have a pay schedule that is published at the first of the year so we know when our paydates are.
Patient = Patience Thank goodness it is Saturday.
Wow - are you the same mtMom I talked to Saturday on Gab board? sm
Either way - good for you! You have to take a break from this job sometimes. It has a way of making you lock yourself into your own little self-imposed prison without realizing it. I have taken breaks and I am back at it for a year now and I do get bored but not burned out yet ;-) I'm sure I will have to take another break some day. Email me if you want an email buddy ;-)
Getting afraid of waking up on Friday/Saturday
Every weekend now, a flurry of e mails how we better work the weekend or find something else. I am downright weary. What about all those times we did not have any work, or when there is no work when we are scheduled. Double standard here but not for the MT. When you say jump I need to ask how high. Sorry about this, but I am wanting to avoid my e mail come the weekend. The threats are just too much for my stomach.
No email of any kind here. Was off Friday and Saturday
not sure if I should stay up all night waiting for something or get some extra sleep!!
Looks like they require everyone to work Saturday also. Not an issue for me but maybe for some.

Work schedules:

Full time:           1) Tuesday - Saturday     

                        2) Monday-Thursday, and Saturday   


Part time:          To be determined but must include Friday or Saturday


As you can see from the above schedules, the transcription work increases at the end of each week. 

Monday is our slowest day, and Friday and Saturday are our busiest days. 

under new hire plan, Saturday/Sunday all day, 1cent more
I received one of those once-sm
I read through the whole thing before realizing what the heck this applicant was doing. At first, I thought she accidentally sent me some patient's report!
Yup, you definitely should have received it. It's on 2/29 at 2 PM CST
I would contact Vicky in the office if you never received the e-mail because it is a mandatory conference.
I received from
the old payroll company but not the new.
Any MDI-MD MTs received W2's?
I had mine by this time last year, just wondering if anyone else has rec'd theirs yet, and if I should check into it...
No. The only letter I have received is the
September 2nd letter announcing the upcoming Rewards Plan.

Yes, if ASR pay is being reduced that is a pay cut. It is A pay cut. The above post made implication that there was a pay cut across the board, "... the pay cut ...".

I just don't see a need to be careless with that kind of assumption.

I have received nothing about the ASR reduction. However, I do not do ASR and it may have only gone to those MTs.

At least you received a reply! SM
I tested almost two weeks ago and still no word.  I find a lot of the companies just don't ever get in touch anymore.  That's just rude! 
You already received 3 answers below .. maybe that's all there is? nm
received the email, nm
received the email
I received the e-cards as well - sm
I'll bet we have the same liason! I really like her and thought it was very thoughtful of her to take the time to do this.
I have never really received more money for it BUT if you want to do
it for yourself, do it! I have been able to get other jobs other than MT just by having it because whether or not it means anything to other MTs, it always looks good to have a professional credential after your name if you are in any kind of mentoring position, QA, or management. I wanted it because I wanted to expand what I did and even though it might not have been required, it looks credible. Nothing wrong with doing it for yourself for no reason at all. It is a difficult test and to take it and pass it makes you feel good inside. Some companies do pay a differential per line or for doing QA can reap you more per hour. Again it is a personal choice and no it does not make you a better MT but it certainly makes you feel like you have accomplished something. We need things like feelings of accomplishment in what we do for a living. It's the only credential our field offers and I see nothing wrong with wanting to get it. Go for it and good luck.
I also received a computer

today and will be starting soon. I am really looking forward to it.  So far, everyone has been very professional and kind.  I like the fact that they take the time and go through the expense of mailing a professionally done packet of new hire paperwork and then providing the means for you to send it back to them via fed ex.  Most companies email you tons of attachments that you have to use up a ton of ink to print out...then they expect you to fax it all back...which if you don't own a fax, you have to pay lots to fax 10-20 pages.  The company seems very organized.  They even sent FedEx labels for me to keep just in case I have to return the equipment for any reason.  I hope that things continue to go well and hopefully, I have found my home.

I know that Spheris offshores however, I feel that US MTs will always be in high demand, because there will always be hospitals/docs who refuse to have their work done by overseas MTs. 

Has anyone who received the mass
emailing from Keystrokes received the promised phone call yet?  I have not and am just wondering