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Posted By: JULIE on 2009-07-31
In Reply to: Southscribe Scam - VinceD

I also worked for Southscribe out of Georgia.  He is quite the scam artist.  I worked for him from September through November 2006.  The first 2 checks came on time and were correct, but were personal checks.  Then, I received a money order for payment and he stated that he was waiting on more checks to come in from the bank.  Then, nothing.  He kept saying he mailed them and they must have gotten lost in the mail.  I kept working giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Still nothing.  A month later I began to get pissed.  I called him several times and got excuse after excuse.  Finally, I told him that if I did not have payment that day I would quit.  He promised he would Western Union a payment.  He even called me and said it was sent.  I lived about 30-45 minutes away from the next town.  I drove in for it not to be there.  Several phone calls later he says he sent it, but it was not sent.  My husband called and got very verbal with him and told him he would hear from our lawyer.  The owner called me telling me he did not appreciate my husband calling him when this is between us. I told him I did not appreciate him not paying me for a month.  He assured me the payment was now sent.  At this point, I had spent 3 hours in town waiting for payment.  I went to Western Union again to find out he only sent $150 out of the $650 he owed me.  To this day, we have not seen another penny.  WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE!  It is really a sad shame for those who want to stay home with their kids and still work when someone like this comes along. We have not been able to contact him since this has happened.  I have been told there is not company by this name any longer, but who knows if he is scamming under another company name.  LET'S HOPE NOT!!!!!

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Southscribe Scam

DO NOT WORK FOR SOUTHSCRIBE in Atlanta Georgia!!! My wife started working for Sandy Edelman (apparently the owner of the company) in October. After the 2nd week, he promised she would receive a check for her work thus far. She never received this check but he made excuses and said he would mail it the next day. After working for a month, when the contract she was working on for him was over, he again promised he would send a check for the entire amount that he owed her (over $200). We still received nothing. Finally, I called him personally and he told me that he sent a check out on 11/5/05. We did not receive this check. I have left 4 voice messages on 2 different numbers that he has and emailed him at the address that he used to contact my wife through and have heard nothing from him. You can also find at least 4 other similar complaints on this website by searching for Southscribe. If you want to avoid the grief, stay clear of this company!

scam..scam..thank ya maam..
I wholeheartedly agree - i am totally digusted by the audacity of these people who assume that everyone is dumb as a rock and will send them money..I have heard reports that some people HAVE sent them money, and it just amazes me that some people actually believe them!
Vince, thank you so much for posting and with specific details. I worked for a similar company and had a great deal of trouble getting paid. I wished then that I had known about a board like this and been warned! Now I research any prospective jobs/companies on these boards before I accept. Again, thank you for the warning!:)
They did, but it was a SCAM!!
Their scam was hiring at $15 an hour and then not having any work, trying to starve you away, and then firing you for no reason because you confronted them on cutting your time-sheet hours in half. Thats right!!! Went in and changed the total amount of hours each day and put in half of it, so that sounds like a SCAM to me!
I got the same exact thing. I just deleted it because I smell a big SCAM too.
If they ask you for money!
Ditto -- Or if they ask you to work off a setup fee. You'll be setup alright!
They most certainly are a scam, they just try
to hide behind an MT business and software business.   With all the complaints with the BBB and even articles in magazines and work at home sites warning about them.  They didn't get all that from being an upstanding company. 
I read an article about a mortgage scam operator. He would post job ads for engineers with great benefits, salary, etc. And then call them and get info like SS# and salary etc. Because the people thought they were applying for jobs they told him everything. Then he applied for credit and mortgages in their names and got milliions of $. It was sad because people are so desperate for a good job they just don't think to be cautiuous.

Maybe anybody who sent in a resume should keep an eye on their credit reports.
Would you believe that I posted the response below about it being a SCAM to not only get the same email message from this company. Something sounds very fishy here! Don't you love the hourly range they give you without even testing you or nothing.
Got one too! Definitely a scam - nm
scam definitely

Out of curiosity, I too applied.  That has scam written all over it, and you will notice that it is gone off the board now.  NEVER, NEVER do anything that involves you opening an account for someone else, giving them your personal information, etc.  My husband is a VP for a bank and he says every day he gets people who come in with checks that they want to cash from these internet lottery winnings where they just have to cash the check and then send them so much of the check but they can keep $1200 of the money just for their time.  Then they will receive their big payment, but the reality is in the meantime, they have cashed a bad check and now they are out the money they sent in a cashier's check to the scam artist and they have to cover the amount of the bad check which is most often $5000 dollars or so.  Funny enough when my husband explains this to most people, they get mad at him for not cashing the check, because they soooooo want to believe they really won the lottery not to mention they sooooo want the $1200 they could get right away.  Never mind the fact that he just actually saved them $5000 + money in NSF fees.  At any rate, be careful out there, the world is FULL of scam artists just waiting to steal your hard earned money!!  Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas All!!

NOT a scam
I did do my research. Ameriplan has a terrific rating with the BBB. Just where did you get your info??
What's the scam? nm

A man contacted me saying he had a job opening. Used my information, falsified my resume (i am a new mt), set up an interview with a company, wanted me to lie about my experience, and wanted ALL contact to go through him.  He had set up a fake yahoo account and was communicating with this company as me, I had no knowledge of it. He would only communicate with me through yahoo messenger. Come to find out he is from Nigeria, not sure how he was going to make money off of me, but very fishy. Be very careful, it is amazing that people can do things like this.
Are they a scam?
Part of being a good MT is doing your research. Start here, research past posts, Google them, call the BBB in your areas, call local hospitals and ask if they would hire anyone with their so-called education, which is about as worthless as something that fell out of a Cracker Jack box. RUN!
I tried it and it is a scam. After about a week, they sent 2 fake money orders for $950 each for petty cash and then want you to take $1500 to Western Union.
Stay away from J at MedTrans of America!   Many posts in the archives about her not paying her MTs or having checks from her bounce. 
AIM Scam? sm
In May of this year, I paid for an internship at the AIM Program. The lady seems very nice, but she e-mailed me and said she could not get enough mentors after saying I was # this or #that (always going down but nothing else, just promises).

I paid with a credit card, but there is a clause in her contract that says that no matter if she trains or not the money is nonrefundable. Is there anything I can do?
Bet it is a scam to "teach" MT sm

For a cost, of course.

Sounds like a scam
I would not send them a thing until I verbally confirmed the company you name actually sent the literature.
AAMT is a scam - everybody knows that.
One word - scam!


This is the scenario--Company advertises what sounds like a really nice position.  Resume is submitted.  Information and test is received with message to urgently return it, for the first one who passes the test will be hired.  Some time passes, so applicant decides to not continue with test, as someone probably already passed and was hired.  Recruiter is notified that applicant will not continue.  Then, recruiter contacts applicant to encourage her to complete the test anyway, because no real decisions will be made for a couple of days!! 

Question:  Does this sound like one of those recruitment situations where the recruiter is using applicants as workers, to get some reports done?


You betcha it's a scam
and many hospital administrators, HR directors, and heads of large nationals and smaller services know it. Their credential has about as much validity than something that you get out of a Cracker Jack box. Maybe if its officers had been thinking more about working class MTs and less about their own executive (I use the word advisedly here) positions, it would be different, but the AAMT veered off course waaaay back when it was still the AAMT and most people now recognize it for what it is.....or isn't.
Sounds like a scam (sm)
Doesn't it sound a bit like they're trying to get a month's worth of work done for free, going through as many MTs as possible and never paying for the work done? Maybe they're doing overflow from Webmedx? Maybe I'm misunderstanding this, but I would run, run, run away from this company and never look back. Scams come in all shapes and sizes and this sure looks like one to me.
What do you mean by "is it a scam?"
It is probably just a mistake by whoever designed and maintains their website, but I don't understand what you mean by asking if it is scam.
SCAM in my opinion anyway
READ the contract they send you! The person running the ad called me and *sounded* good on the phone. Then came the contract and I could quickly see they have it worded so that they can withhold pay - but vague as to when they would actually do so. When I asked for clarification, more details about this, communication stopped. When I asked again, I was told can we talk next week? And of course no further contact.

A straight-forward service does not look for creative ways to justify withholding pay... Once you have done the work you are at their mercy to decide if you have defaulted and good luck getting your money then.

Hope the recruiter reads this - not that it would change anything. Just looks like I'm not the only one on to you...

Gateway possible scam
I have an interview with his company in the morning. Several odd things I have noticed about this company. They have assigned me a supervisor before the interview. The interview isn't over the phone. Not horrible English like some scammers, but some alarming misuse of the language by someone who is in a supervisory position, e.g., staffs with a plural and the misspelling of once ones. Their website has a street address in California, but when I googled the address it is to an RV campsite in the redwoods in CA. Unusual business headquarters if you ask me. Lots of red flags here. I am too smart to fall for a scam...to give my personal account information, etc. I may just play with these people a bit and frustrate the hell of them and lead them on for my own amusement.

Gateway SCAM JOB
For anyone that was wondering about Gateway Business LLC and whether or not it was a scam, I traced the IP address and it came back as Warsaw Poland. I think that pretty much gives us our answer.
It was an offshore ad, a scam - I believe. sm
I removed it. The group posting it keeps returning and I keep working to delete and ban them.

Never, ever pay for an interview, background check, etc., in order to work for a company. The only time you should ever be out money up front is if you need to make a deposit for equipment to be sent to you, etc.


Brenda, probably a scam
companies who charge you for their platform, their system, etc are scams - plain and simple! I am sorry you went through all that, but so glad you didn't pony up the money!

RE: United Trans Scam
They are a scam. Run for your life. Don't give them a dime.
any company that requires YOU to pay THEM is a scam
never ever would you have to pay a STAFFING AGENCY to keep you on a list. The only time you should pay for work is if you are hiring a headhunter to do the search for you.

P.S. I'm not yelling - ... just in case anyone feels that they need to jump down my throat.
Red Flag: If they dont ask for a W9 thats a scam.
nuff said
This is a scam - they don't hire newbies.nm
SCAM agreed, another happy DR. nm.
skim scam scum lol
This RC place sounds like a scam.
That is why resumes and references should be checked and verified.  Hiring inexperienced MTs is not an excuse to pay low.  5 cpl is a rip-off and RC knows it.  Good luck to those who want to work for that low rate, but these kinds of MTSOs bring the rate down for everyone.  Furthermore, usually an MTSO representative does not go on this message board, posting defending the company, no matter how big or how small.  They have better things to do.

To all of our posters on MTStars:  We have experienced an individual who is apparently running a scam.  We want to make you aware of this situation and urge you to be discerning in any e-mails you receive regarding this and diligent to report any contact with this person or other similar situations with us immediately:

Name: Sherry Robinson
Email: s_robinson28714@yahoo.com
Phone: 828 675 2119
Location : Burnsville, NC  28714
She is asking for $100-200 for work at home jobs.  Once payment is sent via PayPal or check, she vanishes and later (after repeated emails and calls) sends a mail with links (mostly broken) to Work at Home Job sites, which any MT can find by simply using Google.  Her scam is via telephone!   The emails she sends out contain only the following information:  Call Sherry Robinson 828-675-2119

MTStars Team


Sounds more like a Nigerian scam than

I think I recall Gateway as a SCAM
There was a company advertised with pretty much the same details/info in the last year. I went to their website and it was linked to a small company here in Oregon, so I phoned the company. This sham company had hacked into the Oregon company and was bilking them of LOTS of money.

What sounds the same is the $30 per hour and the virtual assistant/representatives in customer service...

RUN FAST in the opposite direction.

Hearsay Transcription is an individual that contacts applicants late at night (9PM) to complete transcripts tests THAT evening, when she is behind in her transcripition.

It is a SCAM, and if you tested for her, send her a bill for your services.  Or better yet, contact the spoken word folks in her transcript and let them know how she gets her transcription done by others by alleging to be testing, when she is in fact just utilizing applicants to complete her work for her late in the evening when behind.

Sounds like they have found a way to scam money.
1. Skim off the line count.

2. Scam the clients into believing all work is done in the US and not sent offshore.

3. Scum. Relatives and buddy's galore with all the gravy charts. Junk charts for everybody else.

WHOA! Could this be a scam to steal personal ID???? nm
Sounds like a new Nigerian scam tactic.

Will these people stop at nothing to scam people. I am so sick of the daily emails about Mr. Buckingham this or not has inherited millions but cannot get the money himself and will pay you millions to collect the money on his behalf. What is wrong with this country. I assume these people are so desperate that they not yet figured out we are not as dumb as they are. We do have televisions here and we're onto them.

I would if somehow this person was going to get a job using your identity because otherwise he could not make money being outside of the US. If he were an US MT, aka YOU..then he could work, and have his employers wire him the money via Paypal or some other means. I would be very leary having had someone scam my identity. I'd watch your credit report too. You don't know what he may have done with this information. Scammer!!!!

No personal info, no money, no scam.

Someone is definitely not pleased with the show of solidarity. 

No personal info, no money, no scam.  Nothing but MTs helping one another to regain self-respect, and industry respect.

This has been in the works for 2 years, finally come to fruition.  Service owners, get used to it.

More Gateway Scam Info for you guys
If anybody read my previous post about this Gateway thing, I promised you guys I would keep you informed on everything that happened, so here it goes.(continued from yesterday). Well, the whole phone number thing was fishy so I sent my so-called supervisor an email asking for an alternative number to reach her since the other one was temporarily disabled. She responded back saying that the The numbers will be active later, we are changing the phone carrier to include multiple extensions. This is exactly from the email she sent. Well what I noticed that was weird about the email was that it no longer had her full name and phone and fax number on it like before. When I replied to her all I did was click the reply button. Now I have worked at a company where we have our business emails and my husband is a supervisor so the name, phone number and any info that is in the signature will always be there. When she replied back with the changing carriers response her signature was just her first name in a really big font size. So that threw up yet another flag becuz the info should have still be there with her signature. If not the number, her email and fax should have stayed there. So today I open my email saying that my resume has been accepted and I quote from the email sent,You are required to start up with assignment from Monday 13th July 2009 Alright you MTs out there, this doesnt even make sense. They want me to start from Monday. Hello! Wouldnt it be start on Monday. At least thats how I speak. Another red flag is that the phone number has changed. So I called it, of course, and there was a recording which sounds very generic, pretty much just stating stuff from the website. They give you 3 people to chose from. Only 3 extensions. What happened to them changing carriers to add multiple extensions? What kind of business that helps many companies only has 3 people you can speak with. They didnt even give you options to speak to anybody for additional assistance. So if customers have issues with this place, they only have 3 people to talk to, and one of which is the human resources guy who originally sent me my email talking about my supervisor getting in contact with me. Strange! And finally the website. the phone number has changed on the website, but the address has stayed the changed. In case you guys didnt know this, the address that they give is to a state park. My husband googled the address and got a different phone number and spoke with someone there to see if there were any businesses in the area and she flat out said no. She had no idea what we were talking about. But the website has weird things about it as well. They have things that you are supposed to be able to click on, but when you do, it does nothing. It stays on the same page. And there are weird signs and numbers throughout it too. Also, the website states they are a debt collect agency. Shouldn't that be debt collection. Last funny thiing for you guys. When I called the number the recording said something that was funny as well. They stated something about the services and helping the customers more better. What the world. More better, that doesnt even sound right. So hopefully someone reads this and realizes that this place is bogus and doesnt fall for any of their stuff. My acceptance email that they sent me today had a form to view or download. I will not be clicking on that. They will be added to my spam. Hope this helps someone out. They just dont add up. And I think they knew people were getting suspicious so they tried to cover up there tracks but they are still messing up. Be blessed everyone.