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Posted By: IA MT on 2008-11-27
In Reply to: Any new info on ScribeRight? - mt

I currently work for ScribeRight. Email me with any questions----would be happy to answer. :)

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Wonderful lady to work for! You won't be sorry.
there was a posting about 3 weeks ago on someone asking the same thing. about 2 responses came back positive about the company being great with a great boss, but dont remember other specifics like insurance, etc.
You need to type at least 800 lines a day plus 1000 lines on Saturday (they are strict about this) and submit a schedule and stick to it pretty tightly.  If you can do that, I think it is a pretty good company.  Not sure on benefits--dont' think there are any--IC status.
Any recent information on ScribeRight Transcription?
Can anyone tell me anything about this company?  Do you like it there?  What platform do they use?  Do they pay on time? 
The owner is very controlling, very picky, and often very nasty.  Do a search on this forum by splitting the word into scribe right and you get more hits.
Lisa is a wonderful person to work for. She is very honest, always pays on time. She has high standards, but she is fair.

I worked with them last year, and quite frankly, I wouldn't suggest it to anyone!  Granted, I learned a lot, but the owner and QAs attitudes really stink!  It's mandatory you work Saturday's.  The pay isn't what it should be for what you have to put up with....sorry. 


My contact with ScribeRight was limited;I didn't get past the contract phase, and my friend found that their line counts were way below what she got with her line-counting software.

So, my advice:  Don't even try to make any changes to the contract.  That sends L into a real tailspin.  Be sure to use your own line counting software and compare it to what the company is determining the line count to be.

Anyone familiar with a company called ScribeRight located in Washington?  Pros and cons please.

Anyone with any info on Scriberight?

Does anyone have info on Scriberight?
ScribeRight- good, bad? sm
The last posts in the archives are from Feb. 2005.  Anything new since then?  TIA.
Anything to share about ScribeRight?
How are they?  Any info appreciated!
Need a contact for ScribeRight..sm
All I have is a fax number for ScribeRight.....does anyone have a contact number for this company?  Thank you for any info.
ScribeRight-Any information on
this company? I see they have an ad on MT Daily. Anyone ever work for them or work for them now?
ScribeRight - Potato-
Thanks for the information. I appreciate it! Lucy
ScribeRight info
Does anyone have any information on what it is like to be an Editor at ScribeRight? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Any new info on ScribeRight?
How are the benefits for employee status? How is the pay? Thanks for any info.
Looking for any info on ScribeRight out of WA.
ScribeRight, good, bad or indifferent...
Can anyone tell me about ScribeRight? I checked the archives. Seems some like the company and others don't. Can anyone who works for them or has worked for them expand on this a bit? Is the owner really that picky?
Looking for e-mail address for ScribeRight - sm

Can anyone post it for me if you have it?



Softscript, M2comsys. scriberight
One more company (sigh) ScribeRight?

Well, I have been looking and looking.  I have interviews scheduled with Transcend and also Softscript.  I did research here on the boards about Softscript, and didn't like much of what I heard. 

I also had a very nice woman from the boards here contact me and offer to refer me on to her company, and gave me numbers for contacts there.

So...today I was contacted by Scriberight.  They seemed very nice and the testing was quite easy. 


Anyone know anything about them?  I'm sorry to keep posting these, but I have had to change jobs twice in the past two years due to lack of work, unstable companies, bad pay, etc....I would just like to stay put for a while and I value your opinions.



Current ScribeRight Info?
Can anyone give me current info on ScribeRight? Employee or IC status? What type of Expander do they offer? What are the production incentives? You can e-mail me if you want. :)
Any info on ScribeRight out of Alabama? sm
I can't find anything recent.  IC versus employee?  Benefits?  cpl range?  Anything would be great.  Thanks.
Any current info on Scriberight?
Just wondering how they are to work with, pay on time, what is scheduling like? Any major down sides? I see some very negative posts from awhile back, wondering if anything has changed. Thanks!
Does anyone work for ScribeRight? Any info? no msg


ScribeRight Transcription out of Washington...any info on this company?