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Speaking of selling QT to the Indian company. NM

Posted By: Helper on 2007-08-15
In Reply to: Selling MQ?? - donna


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Probably not - I believe they are Indian run or Indian based company. nm
what company are you speaking about? nm
I removed the posts after speaking directly to the owner of the company. If
you have questions or concerns you need to take it up with her.  There is one specific person causing most of this grief.  I have CHOSEN to remove the posts, I was not forced to. 
Indian company (nm)
indian company
i bet it's an Indian company
They are not an Indian company - they are in NY
but they were offshoring A LOT of their transcription work. In fact, they lost quite a few clients about a year ago because the quality of the transcripts was just AWFUL!
I don't know name of company, but there is an Indian
company with at least a store front in MA.  Tech people could possibly be in MA, but are probably in India. 
It is an Indian run company.
Indian Company, are you sure??? nm
Indian company........nm
they are an Indian Company
Yes and no. They are an Indian company so

$$ not bad if you live in India, but they only hire US editors to clean up the junk tha comes back from India and that is no where near enough money.   Because of them my company went out of business. 

They are an Indian company. May have a
store front office in the U.S. 
Did you not know they are an Indian-based company?
That is a well-known fact in this MT industry. I tried it anyway, and lo and behold, hated it! Prefer working for Americans as I am an American.
Nothing good about them. Indian company. nm

No Indian company would offer
They have ties to an Indian company
I don't know how they have it set up exactly but they are absolutely in cahoots with a company from India that has an office in Tampa,Florida.
Think they are an Indian run company if that matters to you.
They are an excellent company if you are an Indian
Isn't ABCTranscription an Indian company? sm
or maybe they have an American front door so to speak?
I would rather work for an Indian-run company..just
They are an Indian company with a US storefront. If
you look through archives loves of bad comments.
It was recent, they are still an Indian company
and the last month they have been discussed almost daily. 
Moderator - Indian company
advertising for clients on the Job Board. 
This is an Indian-owned and run company and they do
outsource. From what I've heard pay is also on the low side.
Maybe it is an Indian company with a US contact
That's GOTTA be an Indian company - no
If they charge a lousy 6 cpl to the client, WTH are they paying the MT? Half a rupee per page? Assinine. Totally assinine.
Superior global and Indian company
yes...they owe the Indian guy $90000 for working on some radiology account. Anyone approaching them, please be careful.
Laidoff Swat/OC from that Indian Company/sm
Did most of you accept their offers or decide to move on?
First of all, the CEO of Focus is the same Indian guy who started the company... sm

He may have sold out to Nuance in March of 2007, but he still runs the show!  Second of all they are absolutely NOT bringing any accounts whatsoever back to the U.S.  That's just plain fabrication, deceit, lies, BS -- whatever you prefer to call it.  It just ain't true!  They just recently laid off the majority of the American QA staff and have forced the skeleton American crew they have left to go to production.

The lie that they are bringing work back to the U.S. was started and perpetuated in January of this year as a negotiating tactic to get the Indians to continue to work for peanuts instead of giving them more money.  When the Indians called their bluff, they hired a bunch of American QA people only to fire them at the end of April, beginning of May when the Indians caved.

And finally, they are an Indian run company and their QA and MT staff is 80% Indian.  I have the actual figures given to me by the Director of US Operations at Focus.  Focus employs 3800 Indians!  Does that sound like a U.S. company to you?

Oh, and the Director of Recruitment posted that 90% of their operation is in the U.S.!!!!!  He flat out lies.  He also says everyone laid off got a nice severance package.  Total BS!  Half of those laid off had to call the company and scream bloody murder when their checks were deposited as promised.  The other half will be calling tomorrow!

Indian company on job seeker's board

MT Work Needed - Happy Singh

I don't know how else to contact admins about this, so can someone look into this?



Possibly a new Indian company. They've never been mentioned here before. nm
It is an Indian run company. If you'll check the archives they
have been asked about several times the last month or so.  There has been nothing good said about them. 
If you don't mind working for a completely Indian-run company
Been there, done that 3 years ago...never again.
It is an Indian run company with a store front office in the US. If you are
working without a contract you're asking for trouble.  They have no obligation to pay you if there is no contract. 
The new Sr. Director of Recruitment is insinuating they are not an indian company...
by posting on another site that 90% of Focus' operations were onshore in the U.S.  Totally false.  And you are perpetuating the fallacy by saying there is change in the wind.  The truth is there will never be change at Focus.  It is an Indian based and run company!
Focus has always had a bad reputation as an Indian company to name a few issues
so my belief is that they include that so it sounds like a more creditable company. JMO
eSkribe claims to be based in Ohio, but is an Indian company
Check out their website at eSkribe.com.
Not to open a can of worms, but is Meditrans of Norcross, GA an Indian company? nm
My experience with quality/quantity with an Indian owned company

I worked for an offshore owned company where it was all about quantity.  Company even kept a HORRIBLE MT just because she cranked out the lines.  Didn't matter her quality was crap and was considered a joke by middle managment.  India did most typing but with US edit.  Typists changed regularly so it wasn't like they learned to do better.  Quality would improve slightly and then would notice, after couple of months, that quality was crap again so we knew we were dealing with a new batch of typists. Even so, the push was always on to get the jobs off US edit and send Indian work straight to client.  Of course, the clients never knew they were not getting US editing anymore, as they got no price reduction when they no longer had that level of work being done on their jobs.  The problem is the facilities accept the crap work so why should the companies change.  It took a while but I finally found a US owned company where quality matters.  Now one of the first questions I would ask a prospective employer is if they are US owned.

Is it true Dictaphone is now owned by Nuance (an Indian company)? (sm)

that explains why the downhill slide.

Focus doesn't offshore to India, they are an Indian company
that offshores to the U.S.  They have an office front in MA, I think.  
Indian company. If you'll search the archives lots of info
on them.
Didn't they partner up with an Indian company? Expect downhill from Dictaphone.
I agree! I just can't imagine a company speaking such negativity! I just can't imagine that.
Surely this is not a manager or anyone big time important at SS.  I just thought maybe it is a mad MT or something.  I have never seen such postings from a manager.  I was just curious.  I think it is very unprofessional if this is management.
Focus is Indian run and you'll be editing Indian
work, so seriously doubt you'll make a bunch of $$ on editing.  99% of the MTs love KS.  If you'll just scroll down the page you'll see dozens of posts about them. 
Go to their Indian website or other Indian websites
selling biz
pls email me more details about your service and clients (type of transcription), etc.
Selling MQ??
Sold to who? I don't know what you're referring to. Thanks in advance for clarifying.
Not sure who they are selling to but...sm
another national has offered us jobs with them and I don't think they are the right fit for me.
medquist selling

Has anyone out there heard anything about medquist selling the company??

Thanks for any info.