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Posted By: Always a way to cut lines on 2007-11-13
In Reply to: MDI line counts - cj

This is from the Bayscribe site, Cyber Cowboys.  Note that repeat spaces or tabs (like all those you put in after periods and colons) are only counted as 1 space. 

penny a line?

Our pricing is very simple and it's based on a 65-character line of text. What do we mean by 65 characters? When a report is typed on BayScribe, the characters that make up that report are counted. Spaces and tabs are counted as characters, repeating spaces or tabs are counted as a singe character. The character count of the completed document that becomes the final approved record, where the headers, report, footers, and demographics are totaled. For each 65 characters (what we call a line), we charge 1 cent ($.01). With BayScribe, you pay as you go. No big upfront costs. No small upfront costs! For customers who do not type on BayScribe but wish to use the system in dictation-only mode, we calculate a minute of dictation as equivalent to 10 lines. The optimal use of our system, that is - the biggest bang for the buck, is realized by using our complete system.

Use BayScribe for free?

Our typical customer is a TSO (Transcription Service Organization) or a hospital's in-house transcription department. Our customer will charge their customer an amount based on the total character count of a finalized document. Also, our customer will typically pay their employed transcriptionists based on what the Transcriptionist actually types. BayScribe keeps track of that character count also, and that is what the transcriptionist sees in their productivity reports. This count will often differ by four to six lines in a typical report. When they use BayScribe, the TSO can bill their customer on the completed document character count and pay their transcriptionists based on their production character count (what they actually typed). Many of our customers find that when they switch to BayScribe, they actually are using our service essentially for free! That is, their immediately-realized increased profits offset per-line fee charged to use the system. Of course our payroll and billing module, which is included with our service, can be customized to other billing scenarios.

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