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Tell it sistah!

Posted By: nm on 2007-10-24
In Reply to: MTSO and client responsible here. - Older-n-dirt


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You said it, sistah!
Amen Sistah!
Amen Sistah!!!!!
I totally agree with everything you stated above, way to go about putting the right word out there. I just do not understand dysgruntled employees working for a great company, after I personally have worked with some of the worst!
Well, little sistah, here's the deal.
I am paid for a 40-hour week. I spend 12 hours a day, and am on and off every weekend watching the recruiting software. I handle all applicants within hours of their application 24/7. So don't lump ME into your dreamland. However, when I check the boards and I see three do-do birds from Aslamabad, Illinois and five peep-heads with 2 years of experience typing IN SCHOOL, I do not feel that I am obligated to give them my time. Would you? Tell my FAMILY that I do NOTHING, you....you.....DOO-DOO BRAIN! Oh, and as a side note, when my recruiting director makes 30-day follow calls to my hires to check on the outcome, they LOVE me. Deal with that, dreary one.
Amen, sistah !!! (nm)
Amen, Sistah!!

Not only that, but you have to meet an hourly requirement in addition to a line count requirement, which stinks if you're a high producer and can get your lines in before 8 hours. 

Amen, sistah!!
Haven't had a raise since Rodeer.